“This thing will handle everything you throw at it” DOUBT
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  • Eli Saunders
    Eli Saunders

    Park in a small parking garage but who would do that

  • Terry Reeves
    Terry Reeves

    Wait a minute!!! Did the window come back?

  • o k
    o k

    u really just smash windows like that bruh

  • Caleb McGee
    Caleb McGee

    Man I hate seeing that truck being destroyed shit, I know it’s the purpose of the video but fucking hell man it was such a nice looking truck.

  • shaun moore
    shaun moore

    Lmfao that window punch was funny af

  • Terran Talsma
    Terran Talsma

    Destroying rangers.......yes

  • Micah Wilson
    Micah Wilson

    Okay, I know it wasn’t impressive, but it looked like you had fun driving that thing Edit: Something you can do in a ranger but not in a full sized truck is go through narrow washes/trails in the desert without bending your frame

  • srt _cole392
    srt _cole392

    That window punch was pretty sick😂

  • Badass TrapBass
    Badass TrapBass

    Power levels are off the charts

  • Kris Jakubowski
    Kris Jakubowski

    Lift it put 32s on it also put train horn

  • Kris Jakubowski
    Kris Jakubowski

    Hoping he fucking gets what he deserves one day.

  • Kris Jakubowski
    Kris Jakubowski

    What the fuck are you gonna ruin a perfectly good truck???????????? He can go fuck him self.

  • Zeph Gage
    Zeph Gage

    watching you destroy shitty trucks is way more fun to watch

  • Logan fixes and vlogs
    Logan fixes and vlogs

    What truck do you Daly truck

  • Matthew Hurren
    Matthew Hurren

    That Window Broke Because It Was A Cheap A** Window

  • Antonio Perez
    Antonio Perez

    Could you send me the link how I can buy the shirt” “far from stooped ““ please?? Cuz I need get a couples!!!;:-).

  • Gravestone 9
    Gravestone 9

    I sure cudv used that truck

  • Aiden Link
    Aiden Link

    At the point I believe he Tokyo drifted once he hit the ground

  • __

    These trucks have open differentials. They don't go through mud whatsoever. Turning them into jacked up mudders is retarded.. But for light duty work trucks they can't be beat, aside from the fact people charge way too much for them.

  • tazbt

    Yk these trucks are for like high schoolers or college guys that can’t afford big trucks so might be biased statement it’s solid good on gas and at the end of day is still a truck

    • _jacobdyck_42

      Facts, I’m broke af just graduated hs, perfect truck for me so far

  • tazbt

    Why hate on rangers so much

  • Raymond Nucuta
    Raymond Nucuta

    My only question is which app this guy is using to buy such cheap cars

  • Donald Brown
    Donald Brown

    A Toyota bobcat is better than a ranger.

  • flonksh

    as a gay fan of yours, i love this lol

  • Shahzeb Noorani
    Shahzeb Noorani

    How tf do people find this entertaining, I just see pure stupidity

  • J W
    J W

    This is me in gta 😂

  • Eagle Pride
    Eagle Pride

    Damn didn’t know how much ford rangers sucked ass

  • aidan whitney
    aidan whitney

    this is one of the first vids of his I have actually laughed at

  • Thetyler ochs
    Thetyler ochs

    All I’m saying, it’s a good first truck, easy to mod and work on.

  • Joe F
    Joe F

    This guy must be from Iowa

  • Nathan Sharp
    Nathan Sharp

    Right after he punched the window, I got a "built Ford tough" ad lmao

  • Kevin Caruso
    Kevin Caruso

    Felt so strong when he broke that window lol

  • Buffy Harris
    Buffy Harris

    It will fly higher than a full size truck when it blows up

  • 6ty8stang

    Go 60mph and crash it into a wall while your in it.

  • Johnny Mirabal
    Johnny Mirabal


  • longshlong 42
    longshlong 42

    I just wanna see him demolish a dakota

  • Colton Denmark
    Colton Denmark

    Plz make a new episode of this series it’s hilarious next time u should do a 90s Nissan Frontier bc thier absolutely dogshit

  • Jackie Griffith
    Jackie Griffith

    Holy shit he just punched right through that window lmao

  • Bahram Rafiee
    Bahram Rafiee

    Lmao 😂 man impressed by the punch 😅🤣🤣 U got a nee fan 😅😅

  • Fazed philip
    Fazed philip

    He 🤜 that window bc fords shit

  • Neil Whitmore
    Neil Whitmore

    I got a Ford commercial for this😂😂

  • Pippoose14

    What the fuck was that noise at the beginning

  • WheelinDixie

    Favorite video yet 😂😂

  • Will L.
    Will L.

    this man just disrespected the king of the hill...HANK HiLL. Cmon he had a ford ranger

  • Alex Decker
    Alex Decker

    Cummins engine swap But i actully just bought a 2003 ford rangers it was my wife grandfather's who passed

  • Evan Olsen
    Evan Olsen

    You suck

  • Kyle Smith
    Kyle Smith

    You get but hurt over comments a lot. You punch the window and it breaks.. lol u got em so good. Maybe cut back on the meth bro.


      Like you look any better lmfao

  • Frank Akbaba
    Frank Akbaba

    Roasted me so hard man its not my fault my dad gave me a ranger... Lmao thats the only shit I could afford anyways

  • Yeti Eddie
    Yeti Eddie

    That window punch was lit

  • Dingo

    Impressive window punch and slam that ranger

  • Jeff S
    Jeff S


  • tyler dunkin
    tyler dunkin

    Immediately liked this when you pulled out a gun and shot the truck. Fuck yeah.

  • LostKTM

    That was pretty good ranger marketing too bad it was only 2 wheel

  • SomethingOutOf1984

    Feeling a little sensitive hey?

  • James Thompson
    James Thompson

    Got to say beats 90% of the chevys

  • Colt Talbot
    Colt Talbot

    With the CAR you should haul a gooseneck😂🤣

  • Caleb Gray
    Caleb Gray

    You should run it over with a tank cause i mean that looks smashable

  • Truck U2
    Truck U2

    Must be the off spring of a red haired devil.

  • Rhyen Boyer
    Rhyen Boyer

    Dodge Dakota next

  • Ghillie Squad
    Ghillie Squad

    Fuck, i own a ranger and they pieces of shit but my first truck i bought when i was 15 and still saving for a Duramax. No Hate live it up

  • Patrick Honeycutt
    Patrick Honeycutt

    That's why you didnt break the window from the inside. Weak punk.

  • Brodie McMichael
    Brodie McMichael

    3:29 that blood though

  • Chris TVB
    Chris TVB

    Jump it over your scrapyard

  • Tai Martin
    Tai Martin

    so we ain’t gon talk bout how he literally just punched that window bare handed💀😭😭

  • Richard Dwyer
    Richard Dwyer

    I think meth and generations of inbreeding when I watch this video.

  • matt smith
    matt smith

    Damn a guy that can punch out a side window is pretty badass

    • Russel Miera
      Russel Miera

      Especially cuz he hit it relatively in the middle of the window

  • camsac

    Hah found the first guy on instagram, williammckinley3, it's even more laughable.

  • Jesse Johnson
    Jesse Johnson

    Have you seen the Ranger wave...it's like Miss America does

  • Bill Clinton
    Bill Clinton

    Why does this guy look like a level 1 animorph?

  • dosHalfandHalf

    who else saw the truck drop a shit at 7:17

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