10 Puzzles That Look Hard But Are Actually Easy!
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Hello Friends! Today is all about trying puzzle that may look hard, but they're actually super easy! Join us as we go back in time and revisit the good ol' Matthias Channel days! We will still be uploading our usual DOPE or NOPE videos along with some Matthias channel styled videos! Grab a snacc and buckle in because today's video is a hilarious one! Let us know if you have ever tried to solve some of these crazy puzzles!

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  • Josh ian Miranda
    Josh ian Miranda

    I no that its easy

  • Peyton Laing
    Peyton Laing

    My friend has like five of the same products and I can solve All of them

  • LooksOfCass

    “None of you have jobs” boy what, I’m watching this on my break

  • Claudia Mencshelyi
    Claudia Mencshelyi

    in Australia we can't go close to koalas or kangaroos because they will attack us

  • Amber Nightcorse
    Amber Nightcorse

    Hanayama Han-I-ya-ma

  • SX-Nova

    Idk why but the second puzzle (wooden crate) is trippy af

  • Crazy_clay 78
    Crazy_clay 78

    19:58 i had just gotten into my room from the shower and he said that lol

  • Ba Co
    Ba Co

    De box in de titel? Looks the same as the box of hellraiser

  • white winter
    white winter

    me mate 🇦🇺🇦🇺

  • Ms. Tiya
    Ms. Tiya


  • SimplyAlex Sowell
    SimplyAlex Sowell

    The second one I have so when I saw it I knew how to solve it

  • CooP OmegA
    CooP OmegA

    the hellraiser box isnt an actual puzzle, its a replica movie prop. in the film its a puzzle but is impossible to recrete in real life. the used lots of diffarent boxs that each moved in a differant way to show all the moves the 1 box in the film could make.

  • Aspynn


  • Tea Tom
    Tea Tom

    Him: I will give this a nope but that’s just me Hinja: I’m sorry that you freaking suck at origami Me looking at this product: 10/10

  • Doggo stuffz : Gaming and more!
    Doggo stuffz : Gaming and more!


  • arkangel

    i Australia recommend it to me it did to because. thank you

  • Athena Pacheco
    Athena Pacheco

    Don't worry Matt I'm also dyslexic, so your not alone

  • Prophet Gaming
    Prophet Gaming

    I have like LVL 10 puzzles

  • Katrina bean
    Katrina bean

    I really love the banjo kazooie sound effects

  • Laurits Henriksen
    Laurits Henriksen

    I have one

  • Wonky

    If I have children, I'll shove their PS4 controller in the puzzle boxes.. (big ones that fits controllers) and make them spend their time working it out it'll increase their IQ ;)

  • yeah yeah
    yeah yeah

    The second puzzle I have that puzzle and I prank my friends by putting $200 in and say they have 20 seconds no one out of 10 could solve it

  • Kaitlyn Guidry
    Kaitlyn Guidry

    Anybody noticed that all their vids is 24 mins exactly

  • SoThisExists

    They should put the instructions on how to solve it in the box

  • debbytr1

    Who else actually wasn’t wearing pants 😒

  • Logicle G
    Logicle G

    Only watched this for the hellraiser box


    The round glasses makes me wanna unsubscribe

  • A guy that likes YouTube AKA G.W.
    A guy that likes YouTube AKA G.W.


  • Eric Ostrowski
    Eric Ostrowski

    I don't think I'd want to figure out the hellraiser box in thumb nail lol😂😰

  • ? Playes
    ? Playes

    I solfed the secend Box in 20sec

  • Dumolaye Isaiah
    Dumolaye Isaiah


  • Louis_The_Lion 2
    Louis_The_Lion 2


  • Louis_The_Lion 2
    Louis_The_Lion 2

    Oh I know

  • JDI_Melvin

    No one Actually no one Matt how many Australian's live inside an kangaroo pouch

  • Yohann Audio books and vlogs and gaming
    Yohann Audio books and vlogs and gaming

    Hagrid: yer a puzzle solver yohann Me: I’m a what Hagrid: a puzzle solver , a very smart person who can solve any puzzle Me: so I can solve them fast? Hagrid: yeah you can Me:I’m gonna beat the world record of 4.22 by feliks zemdegs yay

  • Logic Λόγος
    Logic Λόγος

    It's great that you can amuse yourself; I wonder if you can amuse anyone else? Also, nice ring; does it come in men's?

  • Astin Obs
    Astin Obs

    I New

  • Tyler Jeffries
    Tyler Jeffries

    anyone like this style better

  • idris mohammed
    idris mohammed


  • king king
    king king

    3:12 that looks like a pubg crate when anyone dies but its a bit too dark

  • Kennedy this is my favorite song Williams i love it
    Kennedy this is my favorite song Williams i love it

    i have the fisst item i never saw it befor. opend in five sec.

  • Adrian Katic
    Adrian Katic

    Do not joke about Australia you a fended me

  • Glace Glace
    Glace Glace

    I was confused

  • Bryan Eshbaugh
    Bryan Eshbaugh

    I miss this format sometimes. But like the couch format as well

  • Boof Aloof
    Boof Aloof

    We don’t sleep in kangaroos we only ride them to the servo and to work

  • nevin herren
    nevin herren

    He says put you pants back on as I lay in bed in my underwear trying not to melt in California weather.

  • brad robbery
    brad robbery

    This guy reminds me of squidward

  • Zoe Yzabell
    Zoe Yzabell

    Matt is a profesional he aint know it he solves it faster than the other youtuber i watch

  • DejeGotLit PartyHard
    DejeGotLit PartyHard

    I only pass 5 and not pass the other 5

  • Paul

    The hanayama, soon as it was sideways I seen the solution. Youre either braindead or are acting that way since most of your subs are teenyboppers and kids that find it funny.

  • MeetYourDemise

    Rather break unyielding basically means you would rather "die fighting" instead of running away. You will face your problems and not hide from them.

  • Sergio Gudink jr
    Sergio Gudink jr

    I like they used Banjo and Kazooie noises

  • Carver 5.56
    Carver 5.56

    Bobby is cousin ?

  • Eillish Gang_21
    Eillish Gang_21


  • Wacko5407 _
    Wacko5407 _

    Chris Ramsay has entered the chat

  • Hello 1234
    Hello 1234

    your box is broken

  • xxxunloveyouxxx

    3:36 thats where i subbed😂😂😂😂

  • S S
    S S

    I already knew because I have off of those

  • maverickolo maveracka
    maverickolo maveracka


  • GameHunter !!!
    GameHunter !!!

    I didn’t know :/

  • OmppuPlayS

    When i was like 10 years old my grandpa had a puzzle that he had tried to solve for a long time and he told me to solve it for 20€ and i solved it in under 10 minutes.

  • PewDiePie Hack3r
    PewDiePie Hack3r

    matthias: i'm basically a genius also matthias: tries to eat snickers bar with wrapper still on it

  • Genji Shimada
    Genji Shimada

    I solved the sea urchin puzzle in less then a minute....

  • Septic Stache
    Septic Stache

    Feel the banjo kazooie nostalgia of when it was good

  • fork knife music
    fork knife music

    0:57 give the man some slack

  • Stephanie Cheney
    Stephanie Cheney

    I love the Hellraiser movies

  • ross0930 ross0930
    ross0930 ross0930

    my friend has puzzle 2

  • Ethan Martinez
    Ethan Martinez

    I dont like Australia, but now I found a couple new reasons to hate it!

  • Fernando Rabell
    Fernando Rabell

    paul eating pual

  • maressa *-*
    maressa *-*

    4:58 i did :D i know how to solve it since i was a child

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