10 Scariest Horror Movie Clowns
No clowning around: these entertainers are terrifying.
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  • 123WakaLaka123

    Although not from a horror film, Twisty the clown from American Horror Story is definitely an honourable mention. He is down right terrifying.

  • bbsy1

    Sadly I just realized that the “Batman Who Laughs” is also a reference to the movie Joker is lol.

  • Martin Fairclough
    Martin Fairclough

    I hate clowns.

  • Parloso

    She has to have the worst sound mixing in What Culture

  • 1960's Clint Eastwood
    1960's Clint Eastwood

    The dummy clown from Hell House LLC. is one really fucking messed up clown as well.

  • shayx lovex
    shayx lovex

    The clown from the movie Spawn is really scary too once you’re watching the movie he’s so wicked and haunting

    • priyanath pradhan
      priyanath pradhan

      I 4

  • Ron Sabol
    Ron Sabol

    Ash is a VN-my goddess.

  • strangulator42

    I finally decided to watch Terrifier after seeing this video, and I would like my 1 hour and 25 minutes back... That may be one of the most boring "horror" movies I've ever seen!

  • lavigne777619

    Rip sid/captain spaulding🖤

  • Matthew Conrad
    Matthew Conrad

    It’s illegal to dress up as a clown unless you are going to a gig in Connecticut, USA. I keep wanting to test this law but my kids won’t let me.


    How IT is number 2? (i prefer the old version)

  • Aflac God
    Aflac God

    You forgot Denzel Curry from the CLOUT COBAIN music video!!!

  • Alfonzo Campos
    Alfonzo Campos

    How did you know that I was on the toilet well at least you know what I'm watching whatculture

  • datsweetsansabooty

    Ash, when are you going to stop clowning around and let me take you out to a nice steak dinner?

  • Rebel Scum
    Rebel Scum


  • Rafiel Rosario
    Rafiel Rosario

    Glad Art was number 1. That mf was VILE

  • Vern Fields
    Vern Fields

    What about that clown that's in the US Office right now? He is the worse!

  • Dewey Eaves
    Dewey Eaves

    You talk way too much.

  • Uncertain Subscriber
    Uncertain Subscriber

    What about the Happy clown or Sad clown from The Last Circus?

  • Pat Dion
    Pat Dion

    For once I was not on the toilet

  • Karen Eastman
    Karen Eastman

    I hope the dog that went into the spaceship tent is safe somewhere,And the man who walked in after his dog.:-(:-O:-O:-) Krampus has a Clown Killer pal?:-O:-O:-(:-( I love The Man Who Laughs.:-O:-):-(:-(:-D That The Poltergeist clown freaked me out when I saw it.:-O:-O:-(

  • Peter Krom
    Peter Krom

    U very beautiful cute smile

  • Iwatched138

    I mean your not wrong... I am on the toilet

  • The Queen
    The Queen

    Art the Clown deserves a director and producer that could direct well and put a high budget to make him known like Pennywise because hell if as much as I like IT if people know about Art they'll all think he's the scarier one of the two.

  • KinkyTails

    Lmao... I completely agree about Art. Every aspect of the films he is in are absolutely awful... apart from him. He is incredibly well played and he is just profoundly creepy.

  • Mario mario
    Mario mario

    Ash is so beautiful!

  • Jacob Crosby
    Jacob Crosby

    The two clowns from "The Last Circus" a great foreign yet tragic film.

    • priyanath pradhan
      priyanath pradhan

      Bio g go jv,

  • Justin Williams
    Justin Williams

    Go to the VN-my channel called The Horror Room for good Horror content

  • Steven Edwards
    Steven Edwards

    Nice "neckwear" Ashleigh.

  • David Coates
    David Coates

    How dare you call Terrifier trash!!!

  • Ingrid St Pierre
    Ingrid St Pierre

    I thought the killer klowns from outer space were cute...in their own very special way. Call me crazy.

  • King 4_$$hole
    King 4_$$hole

    I love that my boy Art is number one! The Terrifier is an absolutely hardcore balls to the wall thrill ride, everyone who loves Slasher Movies should check it out.

  • Jack Myoff
    Jack Myoff

    I thought Ash was on The list... ;)

  • Brian Mather
    Brian Mather

    Flag on the play Das Clownie is a huge toy .. granted a clown faced Jack N' the box but still a toy !!! It's like saying Black Christmas is a great G rated movie ... And what about the Demonic Clown franchise of Kill Joy ?

  • Seth Hirsch
    Seth Hirsch

    Join THE HORROR CIRCLE! link below

  • Inculcated Frankenbean
    Inculcated Frankenbean

    Such a chav, love this bird...

  • Phoenix Rayne
    Phoenix Rayne

    Art is terrifying... brutal and pure evil.

  • Douglas Arthur
    Douglas Arthur

    You were very harsh on Terrifier (trash....?). It is a memorable character brilliantly portrayed, that's why it's No1 ! However I think Terrifier is a fantastic film as it is............(wait for it) genuinely frightening. How many better known or big budget films can truly claim that monicker?

  • TALL MAN Long Description
    TALL MAN Long Description

    Terrifier is most Terrifierest Clown of All Time

  • jz35

    im sure no3 is really about what it must feel like to be trans gender a womans soul trapped under sweaty man flesh . you call yourselves liberals and didnt even notice the truth of that movie , shame on you guys SHAAAAMMMEEE!!!

  • ewmerrick82

    If you want to see Ronald McDonald tear families apart then check out Racka Racka.

  • Ordonity

    Go back to the way you guys used to make videos where you would only talk about the topic and show clips from movies/shows and you didn't try so hard to be funny and dance around on screen.

  • Steezus Christ
    Steezus Christ

    Captain Spaulding was an ICP fan

  • Fabian Roberts
    Fabian Roberts

    More clips of the clowns and less footage of you talking would be so much better.

  • Im RockndRoll
    Im RockndRoll

    If ash's pants get any higher she won't have to wear a shirt lmfao

  • M3tal B3rzerker
    M3tal B3rzerker

    She said bitch and it wasn’t bleeped yes best video ever loving the content P.s SUP JUNKIES

  • obsession with mel
    obsession with mel

    Forgot the one from Scary Movie 2

  • brenda 467
    brenda 467

    I went to Halloween horror nights and the clown from house of a thousand corpses was terrifying

  • kyle wallace
    kyle wallace

    Did anyone else hear Halloreen

  • JusticeGraceful

    Dark knight much? What about heath ledgers joker! The OG killer clown!

  • JusticeGraceful

    There's a scene in Clown that will make you never let your kids go in the McDonald's playplace ever again. So much blood and childrens limbs falling down the slide, the screaming and running, how did McDonald's ever sign off on that? Cuz you're suppose to have permission to record in there on your phone, let alone an actual movie.

  • slojoe58

    Art the Clown wasn't scary, he was gross and disgusting. Hey, whatever sells movies!

  • Lucien86

    Killer Clowns, maybe not the scariest but I definitely love their creepiness. Especially on the ship when the clown 'drinks' one of their catch with a straw.

  • moth

    Nooooooo I'm not watching this on the toilet why would you say that

  • Jacob Lofthus
    Jacob Lofthus

    Some honorable mentions: Billy the Puppet (Saw) The Laugh (Amusement) Horny the Clown (Drive Thru)

  • Ace

    I know neither the Time Burton Batman or Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight are horror movies, but...the Joker, anyone?

    • Skrub Tre
      Skrub Tre

      The Man Who Laughs, which inspired the Joker, isn't a horror movie either and Gwynplaine is in fact the hero of that movie, so if he counts then the Joker should count as well

  • ChucksterOLove

    Art the Clown and Pennywise are the only ones that really matter... 😲🤤😲🤤😲🤤😲🤤😲🤤

  • DJ Yonkyo
    DJ Yonkyo

    Eh, clowns have never bothered me but I can’t believe Art the clown got first place. He was noooottt scary. Those movies were horrible and when he wasn’t much better, although the beginning of the movie did have a creepy atmosphere. Honestly, Pennywise was probably the creepiest on this list.

  • jetplayer77

    I was on the toilet when I watched this, shes good >.>

  • BlackBirdSinging47

    I would have included the Basement Clown from the Hell House LLC franchise as well- that thing scared the heck out of my horror-watching crew!

  • Olaoluwapo Williams
    Olaoluwapo Williams

    Captain Spaulding is a lot creepier WITHOUT the clown makeup😧

  • Radical Rainbow
    Radical Rainbow

    Where’s Twisty

  • Radical Rainbow
    Radical Rainbow

    Stitches is 💩💩💩💩💩

  • Neon_Radd_Catcher

    Quick, get me a shotgun or a flamethrower to kill the clowns.

  • Jabber 1974
    Jabber 1974

    Ok if the toy clown from the original poltergeist isn’t no1 then this list is worthless.

  • sweiland75

    I only watched this to see if you included Captain Spaulding.

  • Silas ofNj
    Silas ofNj

    My Dear Ash, You missed the clown from American Horror Story. But you're so forgiven. :-)

    • Nunya Biznaz
      Nunya Biznaz

      nope, Horror movie specific clowns in this list

  • thedman0310

    Does Shawn Crahan from Slipknot count?

  • Chris Peters
    Chris Peters

    Damn Ash, you really had to call with out with the toilet comment? Better add me to your clown list.

  • Antonio Sarabia
    Antonio Sarabia

    I will say art the clown is pretty scary

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