10 Scariest Horror Movie Clowns
No clowning around: these entertainers are terrifying.
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  • XWYDaniel

    I just got done with art the clown OMFG ITS TOO SCARY

  • Kel girl
    Kel girl

    the day this vid was mad it was my b day no cap


    I'm a Killer Klown finatic

  • rip kenny
    rip kenny

    I only watched this to see if captain spaulding was on it

  • Jisoo turtle Rabbit Kim
    Jisoo turtle Rabbit Kim

    My fear of horror and the pictures and at 1:30 in the morning the comments are making me feel less scared

  • manal.i

    terrifier is the only scary movie that really scared me omg

  • Braaatz X
    Braaatz X

    The terrifier is the best horror movie

  • Joe Freeman
    Joe Freeman

    To be honest the length of a WhatCulture video is the perfect amount of time to spend on the toilet.

  • Haileykitty69

    Clowns don't exactly scare me, but I do find those horror clowns cool.

  • Chad Cognac
    Chad Cognac

    You forgot Pagliacci- Crazy Joe Davola Great list!

  • ok siap
    ok siap

    11. Moms calling you

  • Blah blah Bleh
    Blah blah Bleh

    When i watched Terrifier i didnt feel anything.. Is something wrong inside me?

  • 123WakaLaka123

    Although not from a horror film, Twisty the clown from American Horror Story is definitely an honourable mention. He is down right terrifying.

    • Oscars Realm
      Oscars Realm

      123WakaLaka123 he should be in the top 5

  • bbsy1

    Sadly I just realized that the “Batman Who Laughs” is also a reference to the movie Joker is lol.

  • Martin Fairclough
    Martin Fairclough

    I hate clowns.

  • Parloso

    She has to have the worst sound mixing in What Culture

  • 1960's Clint Eastwood
    1960's Clint Eastwood

    The dummy clown from Hell House LLC. is one really fucking messed up clown as well.

  • shay

    The clown from the movie Spawn is really scary too once you’re watching the movie he’s so wicked and haunting

    • priyanath pradhan
      priyanath pradhan

      I 4

  • Ron Sabol
    Ron Sabol

    Ash is a VN-my goddess.

  • strangulator42

    I finally decided to watch Terrifier after seeing this video, and I would like my 1 hour and 25 minutes back... That may be one of the most boring "horror" movies I've ever seen!

  • lavigne777619

    Rip sid/captain spaulding🖤

  • Matthew Conrad
    Matthew Conrad

    It’s illegal to dress up as a clown unless you are going to a gig in Connecticut, USA. I keep wanting to test this law but my kids won’t let me.

  • Hewe Cadpu
    Hewe Cadpu

    How IT is number 2? (i prefer the old version)

  • Hayden Harvey
    Hayden Harvey

    You forgot Denzel Curry from the CLOUT COBAIN music video!!!

  • Alfonzo Campos
    Alfonzo Campos

    How did you know that I was on the toilet well at least you know what I'm watching whatculture

  • datsweetsansabooty

    Ash, when are you going to stop clowning around and let me take you out to a nice steak dinner?

  • Rebel Scum
    Rebel Scum


  • Rafiel Rosario
    Rafiel Rosario

    Glad Art was number 1. That mf was VILE

  • Vern Fields
    Vern Fields

    What about that clown that's in the US Office right now? He is the worse!

  • Dewey Eaves
    Dewey Eaves

    You talk way too much.

  • Uncertain Subscriber
    Uncertain Subscriber

    What about the Happy clown or Sad clown from The Last Circus?

  • Pat Dion
    Pat Dion

    For once I was not on the toilet

  • Karen Eastman
    Karen Eastman

    I hope the dog that went into the spaceship tent is safe somewhere,And the man who walked in after his dog.:-(:-O:-O:-) Krampus has a Clown Killer pal?:-O:-O:-(:-( I love The Man Who Laughs.:-O:-):-(:-(:-D That The Poltergeist clown freaked me out when I saw it.:-O:-O:-(

  • Peter Krom
    Peter Krom

    U very beautiful cute smile

  • Iwatched138

    I mean your not wrong... I am on the toilet

  • The Queen
    The Queen

    Art the Clown deserves a director and producer that could direct well and put a high budget to make him known like Pennywise because hell if as much as I like IT if people know about Art they'll all think he's the scarier one of the two.

  • KinkyTails

    Lmao... I completely agree about Art. Every aspect of the films he is in are absolutely awful... apart from him. He is incredibly well played and he is just profoundly creepy.

  • Mario mario
    Mario mario

    Ash is so beautiful!

  • Jake Crosby
    Jake Crosby

    The two clowns from "The Last Circus" a great foreign yet tragic film.

    • priyanath pradhan
      priyanath pradhan

      Bio g go jv,

  • Justin Williams
    Justin Williams

    Go to the VN-my channel called The Horror Room for good Horror content

  • Steven Edwards
    Steven Edwards

    Nice "neckwear" Ashleigh.

  • Frederick Kruger
    Frederick Kruger

    How dare you call Terrifier trash!!!

  • Ingrid St Pierre
    Ingrid St Pierre

    I thought the killer klowns from outer space were cute...in their own very special way. Call me crazy.

  • King 4_$$hole
    King 4_$$hole

    I love that my boy Art is number one! The Terrifier is an absolutely hardcore balls to the wall thrill ride, everyone who loves Slasher Movies should check it out.

  • Jack Myoff
    Jack Myoff

    I thought Ash was on The list... ;)

  • Brian Mather
    Brian Mather

    Flag on the play Das Clownie is a huge toy .. granted a clown faced Jack N' the box but still a toy !!! It's like saying Black Christmas is a great G rated movie ... And what about the Demonic Clown franchise of Kill Joy ?

  • Seth Hirsch
    Seth Hirsch

    Join THE HORROR CIRCLE! link below

  • Inculcated Frankenbean
    Inculcated Frankenbean

    Such a chav, love this bird...

  • Phoenix Rayne
    Phoenix Rayne

    Art is terrifying... brutal and pure evil.

  • Douglas Arthur
    Douglas Arthur

    You were very harsh on Terrifier (trash....?). It is a memorable character brilliantly portrayed, that's why it's No1 ! However I think Terrifier is a fantastic film as it is............(wait for it) genuinely frightening. How many better known or big budget films can truly claim that monicker?

  • TALL MAN Long Description
    TALL MAN Long Description

    Terrifier is most Terrifierest Clown of All Time

  • jz35

    im sure no3 is really about what it must feel like to be trans gender a womans soul trapped under sweaty man flesh . you call yourselves liberals and didnt even notice the truth of that movie , shame on you guys SHAAAAMMMEEE!!!

  • maxrevs24

    If you want to see Ronald McDonald tear families apart then check out Racka Racka.

  • Ordonity

    Go back to the way you guys used to make videos where you would only talk about the topic and show clips from movies/shows and you didn't try so hard to be funny and dance around on screen.

  • Steezus Christ
    Steezus Christ

    Captain Spaulding was an ICP fan

  • Fabian Roberts
    Fabian Roberts

    More clips of the clowns and less footage of you talking would be so much better.

  • Im RockndRoll
    Im RockndRoll

    If ash's pants get any higher she won't have to wear a shirt lmfao

  • M3tal B3rzerker
    M3tal B3rzerker

    She said bitch and it wasn’t bleeped yes best video ever loving the content P.s SUP JUNKIES

  • obsession with mel
    obsession with mel

    Forgot the one from Scary Movie 2

  • brenda mariano
    brenda mariano

    I went to Halloween horror nights and the clown from house of a thousand corpses was terrifying

  • kyle wallace
    kyle wallace

    Did anyone else hear Halloreen

  • slojoe58

    Art the Clown wasn't scary, he was gross and disgusting. Hey, whatever sells movies!

  • Lucien86

    Killer Clowns, maybe not the scariest but I definitely love their creepiness. Especially on the ship when the clown 'drinks' one of their catch with a straw.

  • youngdiabetes-_-

    Nooooooo I'm not watching this on the toilet why would you say that

  • Jacob Lofthus
    Jacob Lofthus

    Some honorable mentions: Billy the Puppet (Saw) The Laugh (Amusement) Horny the Clown (Drive Thru)

  • Ace

    I know neither the Time Burton Batman or Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight are horror movies, but...the Joker, anyone?

    • Skrub Tre
      Skrub Tre

      The Man Who Laughs, which inspired the Joker, isn't a horror movie either and Gwynplaine is in fact the hero of that movie, so if he counts then the Joker should count as well

  • ChucksterOLove

    Art the Clown and Pennywise are the only ones that really matter... 😲🤤😲🤤😲🤤😲🤤😲🤤

  • DJ Yonkyo
    DJ Yonkyo

    Eh, clowns have never bothered me but I can’t believe Art the clown got first place. He was noooottt scary. Those movies were horrible and when he wasn’t much better, although the beginning of the movie did have a creepy atmosphere. Honestly, Pennywise was probably the creepiest on this list.

  • jetplayer77

    I was on the toilet when I watched this, shes good >.>

  • BlackBirdSinging47

    I would have included the Basement Clown from the Hell House LLC franchise as well- that thing scared the heck out of my horror-watching crew!

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