14 Details In 'Game Of Thrones' Season 8 Episode 2 You Might Have Missed
“A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms” - Episode 2 in the final season of "Game of Thrones" - has finally arrived. We break down the references and hidden meanings in this second installment of Season 8, including 14 details that even the biggest GOT fans might have missed. Watch out: Spoilers abound.
This latest episode prepares us for the long-awaited confrontation between the White Walkers and the living, a battle that’s set to take place in Episode 3. Until then, we answer some of your most burning questions: Why does Bran forgive Jaime? What is this special relationship between Bran and the Night King? How does Daenerys really feel after learning about Jon’s real parentage? Will the alliance between Starks and Targaryens hold long enough to fend off the army of Whytes? Finally, what was tragic hymn that Podrick sang - and what do the lyrics tell us about the fate of Westeros?
Episode 3 will air next Sunday on April 28, 2019.
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14 Details In 'Game Of Thrones' Season 8 Episode 2 You Might Have Missed

  • ProTim Instrumentalist
    ProTim Instrumentalist

    And now our watch begans

    • ProTim Instrumentalist
      ProTim Instrumentalist


  • Evan Urodovskikh
    Evan Urodovskikh

    If she gets choked by a little brother... Jon Snow is gonna choke her at the end of the war against Cersei

  • Balsology

    The Plot Armor is strong with this one.

  • Johannes Stach
    Johannes Stach

    Ser Alte Filemju.

  • Johannes Stach
    Johannes Stach

    Nou Aruya Starg Mesi Wilems Filem Dreiju Games of Trones it Shugli Regen Anja Sterklov Oreginalju Oktrisju Nou Lügju.

  • Ishita Bagchi
    Ishita Bagchi

    One more thing. When the Starks found the direwolves, just like Jon, Ghost was the odd one out and was not in the pack. And the only direwolf to survive till the end is Ghost.

  • wino0000006

    When you try to find second meaning from random shots... It's like looking for human faces among rocks or clouds.

  • Ringo Bingo
    Ringo Bingo


  • barbara Swingle
    barbara Swingle

    N keep it to the show nothing more

  • barbara Swingle
    barbara Swingle

    Who cares about the weapons?

  • Egosho

    Nice ! but what a shitty background music

  • jonathan Stafford
    jonathan Stafford

    Also the book a knight of the seven kingdoms really has a lot of interesting things in it in one they show the prep of commoners for war which is showed in the episode of villagers practicing stabbing straw men, the fact that any knight can knight a knight and that sir Duncan the tall was actually the knight that took on egg Targaryen as his squire the grandfather of dany. Interesting thing about him is he is more responsible for the ascension of areys Targaryen then anyone else bec he initiated a trial of 7 combat where the king took his side and died in combat for his innocence he actually died from his own brothers mace the brother was the father off egg and aemon Targaryen

  • jonathan Stafford
    jonathan Stafford

    Jamie is actually the younger twin and it’s theorized that both are actually areys bastard children from joana Lannister meaning that Tyrion isn’t actually their true brother and Tyrion is the only Lannister

  • Kmangod

    White Walker sacrificial war in Winterfell. The real war will be the Night King going into Kings Landing and raising a new dead army from those Cersei killed. She will die at the hands of her undead son. Also, the Crypt in Winterfell is not the safest place, the dead will rise and kill those inside, thus why Daenerys says they are already here in the preview.

  • Hamid Efika
    Hamid Efika

    Did anyone see that Sansa was wearing a maester's chain when she was talking to Danaerys?

  • persoenuh

    A knight of the seven kingdoms is this .... Omg HAHAHHA

  • Aryan Bhaskar
    Aryan Bhaskar

    @INSIDER, the fact that the night king was not shown in the end. This could really mean he's on his way to King's Landing with a few whites to kill all of them and get the entire army as his army back to Winterfell. Just a prediction?

  • Zero Given
    Zero Given

    like and sub to my channel for link to season8 full episodes..cheers

  • Noureddine Hafaiedh
    Noureddine Hafaiedh

    During Jaime scene, when he says that he would not apologize, Bran says: "The things we do for love" which is a direct reference to S01 E01 when Jaime, just before pushing Bran, told Cersei: "The things I do for love."

  • Charlie Goins
    Charlie Goins

    Maybe Tommen is the younger brother

  • Tyler Willoughby
    Tyler Willoughby

    I think a lot of people forget that Jamie is also younger than Cersei. The prophecy could point to him as well. Tyrion killing her would just play into her view of him.

    • C J
      C J

      Tyler Willoughby I thought they were twins.

  • Francesco Cabiddu
    Francesco Cabiddu

    details we missed...I mean, If you haven't watched the episode you missed them...

  • less kiss
    less kiss

    4:51 season 2*

  • Cos mos
    Cos mos

    Arya ass kinda cute

  • Para Dox
    Para Dox

    I was hoping the Stark's would get the swords made for their family sword back.

  • homer555552

    there will be a great battle and all of the dyneries soldiers will be killed ?? leaving little to take back from cersie who has the iron banks army? game over

  • homer555552

    all those in front of the fire will die ?

  • homer555552

    LONGCLAW IS NOW IN TWO and one is in ROBS hand BRIENNE HOLD HALF so SHE will be KEY she is the perfect KNIGHT from the fabled round circle of saxon age ??? who found the holy grail? GALAHAD this is where the author steals his stories from archaic history

  • Connor Chase 'student'
    Connor Chase 'student'

    Knight king and the ice dragon didn’t pull up to winterfell, they’re going around to wipe out Kong’s landing then coming back up to attack winterfell from both sides

  • Aseem Shrivastav
    Aseem Shrivastav

    U just made a video with obvious fact , what is the point

  • Chris Kacso
    Chris Kacso

    You owe me 7 minutes and 26 seconds of my life

  • Nick King Televised
    Nick King Televised

    Arya just banged her #1 enemy Cersei's own flesh and blood Son. The 'Brown haired beauty' who was stripped away from her shortly after birth. I think Jaime had that done because he was jelous it was Robert's Son and not his. Robert would be off whoring and hunting, not by his Wife's bed during birth so he'd have no idea. Gendry very well might be Cersei's Son. He's the right age, supposed to be 15 in the books upon entering which would make him a little older than Joffrey

  • karthik shankar
    karthik shankar

    More comments about arya... ha ha ha

  • diffain produk
    diffain produk


  • Carolina Franco
    Carolina Franco

    Theon and Sansa!

  • screamingmimi90

    The things we do for love.

  • Ricardo Antunes
    Ricardo Antunes

    That little girl with Scalamis is Melisandre, she used the weakest poind of Ser Davos to enter in the crypts, wright in his face, hahahaha, you can notice the hands gestures and the way she speaks, she is not a poor girl without education and manners. You can't see the necklace because of the scarf. Princess Shireen was a rare case of cure, his father had pay a lot to a Maester if I remember for her cure. And last, but not less important, the Red Woman said to Arya, in season 3 ou 4 I think, we will meet again, Arya will see something strange with that girl, I bet.

  • papaspaulding

    I think its been pretty obvious for a few years now that the little brother who kills cersi is in fact jamie. Also the only thing i learned via this video was actually nothing to do with the episode, more that Briane is a decedent of Sir Dunc, which is pretty cool

  • David Eats
    David Eats

    You need to get a de-esser on your voice before your next video.

  • Mehmet öztürk
    Mehmet öztürk

    If you missed these obvious scenes dont watch this show

  • John Marshall
    John Marshall

    yeah sex

  • Michael Kaba
    Michael Kaba

    She spoke as slow as she could and still couldn't drag it out to ten minutes. Felt like a damn year to me though.

  • Cristian Popa
    Cristian Popa

    4:51 season 2*

  • Cemre Raikko
    Cemre Raikko

    Yes you missed Sam gşving his ancestral sword heartsbane to Jorah. That was more important than all of the things you just explained.

  • hellojello

    Iron Man and Black Widow die in End Game

  • Zac D
    Zac D

    I’m just waiting for the spiders big and hounds!?!?

  • M Malone
    M Malone

    The opening theme music is also in a lower, more ominous key.

  • Fahim Jaowad
    Fahim Jaowad

    Arya will get pregnant and give birth to the king of the kings "Hot Pie"

  • Andrew Lloyd
    Andrew Lloyd

    Properly, the Blackfish held Riverrun and the Freys were laying siege to it. The Blackfish was not laying seige.

  • Adriána

    Gendry is NOT a Baratheon, just a Baratheon bastard.

    • Sarah Coulter
      Sarah Coulter

      Adriána unless he’s Cersei’s “black haired beauty” she thought she lost. That would make him not a bastard.

  • Daniel Theisen
    Daniel Theisen

    #3 feels like a stretch. I mean why would they have Daenerys' dialogue subtly hint at Cersei's paranoia regarding Tyrion, when the prophecy that created that paranoia and the paranoia itself are things Dany is probably not aware of? I do like #10 though. I didn't even think about that, that's cool.

  • SerDankalot96

    If there's not a Theodan style speech before this battle... I shall be very disappointed..

  • Edurne Ace
    Edurne Ace

    - OH, BLEEP LOYALTY!! - Bleep loyalty???

  • Myke Myers
    Myke Myers

    Jamie kills Cersi, It talks about she was born 1st and Jamie came out grasping her ankle after he is her little brother.

  • Tsepo Dladla
    Tsepo Dladla

    Read an article about how each of the starks named their dire wolves is a hint leading to their fates. Robb and Grey Wind died at the hands of house Freya with a grey flag (a bit of a stretch), Sansa and Lady and she is now the lady of winterfell, Arya and Nymeria named her after Nymeria of Dorne, the warrior-queen of the Rhoynar who lived a thousand years ago so she might take the throne, Bran and Summer he might bring an end to the long winter, Rickon and Shaggydog not sure here, and Jon and Ghost referring to his death and subsequent resurrection.

  • danny blackhorse
    danny blackhorse

    I think Samwell will try to take revenge on Dani for killing his father and brother

  • Ricardo Pinzon
    Ricardo Pinzon

    So the faceless man was not having sex with Aria after all

  • Sky Walker
    Sky Walker

    Speaking of missing things, does anyone know what happened to sweet Robin (Aunt Lysa Aryn son)?

  • Elisha Crow
    Elisha Crow

    There's only 6 episodes, why are they wasting our time, I don't care what they all need to do the night before, I don't need nor want to see it/hear about it, get some balls and deal with it, let's do this, what if I was terminal and this shit is the last thing I get, fyou HBO!!

  • Elisha Crow
    Elisha Crow


  • Elisha Crow
    Elisha Crow

    I'm pissed, the show better get it going or I'm done!! Don't tell me they hooked us for 7 years to crap all over us with BS plot, dialogue and character devleopment. Hate the new intro, shows nothing needed or interesting!! BTW, I'm gay and I was pissed arya's tits didn't get a full frontal view, really, this show holds that back, after all the gratuitous T&A, c'mon....I just see it going to shit, just like the Sopranos finale!! Only time will tell!!!

  • Walter Harris
    Walter Harris

    Where is the Night King he is at every battle, he is on his way the get Cersei and her baby, he is going to make her his Night Queen and have an heir. Oh, by the way. Why did they not just use Wild Fire to end this, there is a lot left. Oh yeah if the story line is true, the Dragon Queen is in for any other shock, some one else maybe related to her.

  • Ryan Kenny
    Ryan Kenny

    Cersie will die at childbirth, giving birth to what would be her little brother.

  • Security First
    Security First

    Among my predictions: Arya didn't spend time in Braavos for nothing. 📌 *I know death. It's got many faces. I look forward to seeing this one.* ―Arya Stark📌 Look for a major plot twist in (well, HBO likes to keep us hooked and in turmoil, so...lt's say) Episode 4, end of 8:3 (this Sunday)...Or even 8:5. I think she'll be instrumental in killing the Night King. Single-handedly or Valar Morghulis pops up at just the right time.

  • Cal Cugedhion
    Cal Cugedhion

    Melisandre; priestess to the Lord of light, defo gonna show up and become a nice queen... Sorry ice queen..

  • Dave Schonfeld
    Dave Schonfeld

    Yeah you missed a major part of podrick singing "Jenny of Oldstones". In S7E5 22:35 after samwell tries convincing the archmaesters to heed Brans warning and he leaves one of the maesters references Jenny of Oldstones.

  • Yandhi Ray Destilas
    Yandhi Ray Destilas

    Nymeria will join the battle!!!

  • Spottsswood

    I hate to be "this guy", but there are an incredible amount of mistakes in this video. Jaime will kill Cersei, not Tyrion. And the swords of Ice weren't even melted down until season 4 Episode 1 as the opener to the season. I'm not an elitist, I just hate when channels are cash grabbing for views for whatever is popular at the moment. It's obvious you just googled and plagiarized your way into a half-assed video. Shame. Shame. Shame.

  • zomgbat

    Why would the witch say a Valyrian word to Cersei?

  • Nathan Landolt
    Nathan Landolt

    Here's what you missed. Arya was playing the game of faces when she was asking gendry if he was a virgin. And, after Jaime's "trial", Jon ditches his Stark breastplate which is a big change

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