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  • BJ73thatsme

    My favourite creeper was the ore Creeper

  • You’re You’re
    You’re You’re

    The creeper was a pig in development it is a glich

  • the game bomb
    the game bomb

    I like the pet creeper

  • Zachariah Bush
    Zachariah Bush

    I want a ore creeper

  • Natasha Holmes
    Natasha Holmes

    hey unspeakable I'm a big fan and I watch your vids every day also this vid is so cool

  • Vicky Leadbetter
    Vicky Leadbetter

    I love the ore creeper Ps: I did leave a like on this video

  • Yanto Hartono
    Yanto Hartono

    with me

  • Steve Hannon
    Steve Hannon

    I like the ore creeper

  • Rekha Singh
    Rekha Singh

    Ligting creeper

  • tornado siren roubik
    tornado siren roubik

    I LIKE THE pet creeper

  • Milo Saskiw
    Milo Saskiw

    My fav is the ore creeper like if agree

  • Pawel Pruski
    Pawel Pruski

    6 blocks no blow 5 blocks explode

  • BaBy DasHeL0404
    BaBy DasHeL0404

    Ore creeper

  • 342626 Yupp
    342626 Yupp

    Hello, how are you unspeakable?

  • Reni Myers
    Reni Myers


  • Callum Brown
    Callum Brown

    You need to fight the 🦇 creeper

  • Cookie19

    I just downloaded this mod, I don’t know if it has all of these creepers showed but I definitely recognise some of them.

  • Christopher Humber
    Christopher Humber

    The bit at the start rhymed. Like if you heard Don't freak out hewon't explode Ya boi unspeakable is in creative mode

  • Zachary Amos
    Zachary Amos

    The cake creeper is a lie lol 😃

  • Adriana Holowko
    Adriana Holowko

    Ore you get emeralds so much easier

  • Eclipse Da Wolf
    Eclipse Da Wolf

    *"Aww man..."*

  • Spider 09
    Spider 09

    I would actually like it if I had a zombie pigman as a pet

  • Spider 09
    Spider 09

    Hehe lol

  • Spider 09
    Spider 09

    Cakes are sweet

  • Spider 09
    Spider 09

    Unspeakable: He takes his sweet time to. Me: Of course he does, he’s the CAKE creeper

  • Tiffany Henry
    Tiffany Henry

    I like the ore ceeper

  • Jessica Morales
    Jessica Morales

    Make the reverse creeper make you a bunker.😉😉

  • Rei-Mika Arozado
    Rei-Mika Arozado

    The bolt creeper looks like the flash because the lightning in his ears

  • Rei-Mika Arozado
    Rei-Mika Arozado

    Me i already know what it looks like if the rivers creeper blows up

  • Rei-Mika Arozado
    Rei-Mika Arozado

    I thinking you say you won't a mess with it

  • Anthony Crawford
    Anthony Crawford

    the bat creeper is dumbo

  • George Poynter
    George Poynter

    Me Me Me Me

  • Dis-Troy

    This is how many times Nathan say creeper awww man

  • DragonMaster 1124
    DragonMaster 1124

    The fire creeper is Preston so y does he want to blow u up and burn?

  • Twilight Envoy
    Twilight Envoy

    I like Ore creeper Aww man So we back in the mine Gotta pickaxe swingin from Side to side side side to side Heads up

  • Twilight Envoy
    Twilight Envoy

    Ore creeper i like him hes so helpful to find diamonds fast

  • Priscillia Teck
    Priscillia Teck

    the reverse creeper is inverted white is black green is purple

  • Dawn Hoffman
    Dawn Hoffman

    Its so creepy Well unspeakable that’s why it’s called a creeper

  • Kevin Waters
    Kevin Waters


  • Sara Garner
    Sara Garner

    The ore Creeper

  • Dan Brearley
    Dan Brearley

    Bedwars please I sub and liked

  • Tammy Waguespack
    Tammy Waguespack

    The ore creeper.

  • Lovely Repique-Moldez
    Lovely Repique-Moldez


  • it’s-Marie- Gacha
    it’s-Marie- Gacha

    The ore creeper because when I need a big start on ores then it gives me that

  • Melyzza Buezo
    Melyzza Buezo

    Ore creeper

  • Otto Grimm
    Otto Grimm

    Can you play minecraft with me and subscribe to my chanall callad ottogrimm and in minecraft my name is called ottogrimm

  • surungi magar
    surungi magar

    Pet creeper!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Alexis Cabrera
    Alexis Cabrera

    How We Get It in a IPad

  • Pinkwolfowo

    I like the goodcreepers also the petcreeper,and it's also funny that none of the creepers like the wither creeper,HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • Maria Ferreira
    Maria Ferreira

    I liked the pet creeper

  • Felix Reyes Fun & Games
    Felix Reyes Fun & Games

    Creeper I don’t like creeper but I like you unspeakable 😎

  • Elsa Cook
    Elsa Cook

    Creeper......aww man!

  • Grind Daily
    Grind Daily


  • Grind Daily
    Grind Daily


  • ben son wu
    ben son wu

    wo w

  • Fid TGS
    Fid TGS

    My fav Bad Creeper is probably the Reversed Creeper My fav good creeper is the cake

  • Mhalou Stewart
    Mhalou Stewart

    unspeakable if its the opposite of explode its called imploding

  • Kevin Burns
    Kevin Burns

    whats the mod pack?

  • Christian Stevens
    Christian Stevens

    Use Flint and steal

  • Maraxous Keld
    Maraxous Keld

    I want the water creeper

  • Nicolette Leung
    Nicolette Leung

    I like the pet, ore, lightning and all of them!!!! Those might be the top three because there’s too many creepers to choose from so those might be the top three. SUB TO UNSPEAKABLE AND LIKE HIS VIDS!!!!!!!!! Reply to this comment if you are a true unspeakable fan!!!!

  • Purple Flame
    Purple Flame

    Why is it on UnspeakableGaming and not UnspeakablePlays? Because it's on pocket edition

  • Kayley Burgess
    Kayley Burgess

    why creepers:(

  • Lois plays games
    Lois plays games

    I hope they add these creepers to Minecraft cuz it would be awesome to see them even if they annoy you lol

  • MadeMan Corleone
    MadeMan Corleone

    all of them exept the wither creeper,

  • Meaghan Hayward
    Meaghan Hayward

    Sorry about the last comment you are always good

  • Eliann Abulafia
    Eliann Abulafia

    Unspeakable: "And it is the fire creeper" me: Preston!!!

    • dark_flames22 gacha
      dark_flames22 gacha


    • Jo Oswald
      Jo Oswald

      Make more videos like this my faviriot creeper is the ore creeper

  • Paul Gordon
    Paul Gordon

    Creepers are my fav hostile mob in MINECRAFT!!!!!! P.S I got a creeper in minecraft and called it David!!!😂

  • Jojo Benzinger
    Jojo Benzinger

    “Your boy Unspeakable is in creative mode!” rhymes

    • WE ATTACK HATERS Gacha_Cat 645
      WE ATTACK HATERS Gacha_Cat 645


  • Matthew Gacha
    Matthew Gacha

    The Ore Creeper seems the most useful

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