2020 Democratic Debate - SNL
Saturday Night Live
Presidential candidates Andrew Yang (Bowen Yang), Pete Buttigieg (Colin Jost), Cory Booker (Chris Redd), Elizabeth Warren (Kate McKinnon), Amy Klobuchar (Rachel Dratch), Tom Steyer (Will Ferrell), Michael Bloomberg (Fred Armisen), Tulsi Gabbard (Cecily Strong) Bernie Sanders (Larry David), Joe Biden (Woody Harrelson) and Kamala Harris (Maya Rudolph) speak at MSNBC’s 2020 Democratic Debate.
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  • Joe Anello
    Joe Anello

    I think I need Tulsi to stay around just so I can get more Cecily Strong in these skits.

  • ASMR Junkie
    ASMR Junkie

    Man, nobody was excited that Will Ferrell was there.

    • B R
      B R

      He might be the best part of this whole skit.

  • Wendi Chiquirio
    Wendi Chiquirio

    Rachel kind of looks like Masha Gessen without the one sided earrings

  • JS The Operator
    JS The Operator

    Idk why but that Ermagard killed me

  • Exodite Dragon
    Exodite Dragon

    Ahhhhhh this country's fucked

  • theflowerhead

    Wow they got Bernie and Joe at the same time? And maybe even Elizabeth Warren? I can't tell. 🤔

  • George Hensley
    George Hensley

    Han Ji ! Tulsi scares both Liberals and Conservatives , because She can actually win!

    • B R
      B R

      Too bad she ain't gonna be the Nominee though.

  • Paul Veilleux
    Paul Veilleux

    Absolute Vintage SNL!!

  • Nominay

    I'm ready for some Andrew Yang gang bangs!!

  • Thucydides

    Kate McKinnon kills it with the Warren voice.

  • joseph kanga
    joseph kanga

    Sen. Sanders character killed it

  • jkjkhardcore666

    Hollywood can't have any asian men playing andrew yang, they are going to white wash him with will smith.

  • gucchistudies

    “rehearsed joke” 😭😭😭😭

  • gucchistudies

    these are so accurate i’m crying

  • Ben Shepard
    Ben Shepard

    Yang gang bang...that did not age well

    • B R
      B R

      I would say it's aged well.

  • Gerson Anton
    Gerson Anton

    This is the best thing I have seen in you tube!!! EVER


    9:07 Me on average.

  • Zachary Waters
    Zachary Waters

    This is the first time I’ve really laughed at an SNL skit in years

  • john madison
    john madison

    Just say NO to Pete Buttplug.

  • Magneticitist

    I like how we can all laugh at the ridiculous sham that is our political system.

  • Shiny Beedrill
    Shiny Beedrill

    I like that they make fun out of everyone instead of orange bad man

  • Benzies Cha
    Benzies Cha

    Harrelson and Larry David aside wtf were those people getting the WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPS??

  • jthomasaustin

    Maya Rudolph💞

  • Jeremy Muther
    Jeremy Muther

    Larry David is hilarious!!

  • Ignacio C. Dela Cruz
    Ignacio C. Dela Cruz

    what is the meme reference with the cowboy hat and fist pumping?

  • Adam Panzica
    Adam Panzica

    Bernie is the best part of this sketch

    • Randy Randalman
      Randy Randalman

      Yeah Larry David is a legend

  • Lucy Baumann
    Lucy Baumann

    Kate McKinnon is a perfect Elizabeth Warren.

  • RāMBō

    tulsi and bernie are the only ones worth voting for

  • Arjangaming 123
    Arjangaming 123

    Lol did you see Andrew Yang had a math sticker 😂😂😂😂🙏

  • Jonathan Stanford
    Jonathan Stanford

    I see Larry David and forget what Bernie Sanders really looks like

  • cheyenne tremolada
    cheyenne tremolada

    Am I the only one who clicked only because I saw THE GUDGE? Really? Ok...😢

  • esotericVideos

    This is the best written of these debate videos for this election cycle.

  • John Smith
    John Smith

    _"let me tell you a story from my youth... or maybe from a movie or cartoons...."_

  • Grey Wolf
    Grey Wolf

    SNL thank you for making the connection that sen Kamala does look like Maya Rudolf

  • Jack Braddell
    Jack Braddell

    SNL needs a Bloomberg skit with him having duffle bag full of cash.

  • Jean Dziadosz
    Jean Dziadosz

    Best SNL I've seen! I grew up with them. Bout time they be funny again;)

  • Stanley Mach
    Stanley Mach

    Which season/episode was this

  • Katie Weisenburger
    Katie Weisenburger

    Bernie was on POINT

  • František Zvěřina
    František Zvěřina

    I totally fucking lost it when Warren lost to Sanders on that healthcare buzzer xD

  • Jeka E Franco
    Jeka E Franco

    Kate is so so good lmao. She says Warren so well!

  • Kyle Dechau
    Kyle Dechau

    10:58-11:04 Jason Garrett

  • jimmy buffet
    jimmy buffet

    Epic! Great job SNL

  • Punkish Pink
    Punkish Pink

    Its cuffing season 😂

  • WhatistheMatrix?

    And I learned... about cockroaches and kids... sitting on mi lap... and I love that... the roaches.. I mean the kids... I can do more pushups

  • Dedra Kuhn
    Dedra Kuhn

    These actors sound way too bright to pass off as the real idiots that are actually running.

  • Vidyut Krishnasrinivas
    Vidyut Krishnasrinivas

    Warren is my favorite SNL spoof of this election cycle 😂 Pocahontas!

  • Jasmine Santana
    Jasmine Santana

    The Steyer impersonation is the BEST thing ever. I couldnt hold in my laughter during the debate today every time Tom spoke, I couldn't stop thinking about Will Ferrell ahhahahha. Loved the Tulsi impersonation too.

  • Jerry James
    Jerry James

    Good Job on the Clowns that r running for president, if they weren't seriously running for president they would be as funny as the 3 Stooges; Instead this is more like an episode of the Twilight Zone___da-da-de-da___da-da-de-da-(lol) Matthew 15:14]- (KJV) Let them alone: they be blind leaders of the blind. And if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch...

  • KoreaMojo

    Isn't funny that when the top 2% want to take advantage of your high productivity and not pay you decently to get bigger bonuses...they can? I'm dead laughing over that 😖

  • Trista & The Edibles
    Trista & The Edibles


  • Amrtvideo

    FUCK SNL didn't even give Andrew a chance to make a closing statement. Never watch ever again. You SNL are part of the problem. Just get off the airwaves. Your show will fail from this point on. HO

    • -park-

      It’s a parody...

  • HailMe

    Finally! You guys write something funny.

  • Penny Klen
    Penny Klen

    Looks nothing like Corey Brooke

  • TokyoTraveller

    Oh my God, that's a GREAT Joe Biden!

    • soberpunk

      I'd vote for this Joe Biden, lol.

  • sak lee
    sak lee

    i cant find anyone i wanna vote for 2020. trump will obviously win the primaries for the rightists so theres no point checking out the other rightists running and i dont like trump (i dont hate him an insane amount like the leftists do tho). and i hate what the all the leftist candidates want to do. the stuff they wanna do is all just either racist, sexist, cultlike, to brainwash kids, destroy the 1st amendment (free speech), useless, encourage segregation (but not on race. on a certain something that starts with t), or against religious ppl. im an independent not left or right. i know for many of u on the left might not understand what im talking about and say that its the exact opposite but sense i’ll probably get banned if i say what i mean let me say this. think how all the different types of ppl feel and think.

    • B R
      B R

      Thank You!

  • Josh McSwain
    Josh McSwain

    This is the least negative portrayal of Tulsi in the media we've seen yet

  • Alex Najera
    Alex Najera

    Alright lets get Bernie! Feel the Bern! #PresidentSanders

    • Retrowave 3D
      Retrowave 3D


  • B R
    B R

    Cory Booker dropping out brought me back here.

    • Dantheman 2214
      Dantheman 2214

      B R you and me both

  • Lia Cusumano
    Lia Cusumano

    yes bernie

  • myMelody4life

    Let me tell you a story from my youth, or...maybe from a movie or cartoon. lmao!

  • Revolutionary Thinking
    Revolutionary Thinking

    The real Andrew Yang is a lot more funny and a lot less cringe than the actor playing him.

  • Niyira Ward
    Niyira Ward

    Put a ring o. It 🤣😂

  • Kevin Jones
    Kevin Jones

    I think I have to just come out and say it, Tom scares me much more than tulsi

  • jama warsame
    jama warsame

    Americans are not capable of having an Asian president, the cant

  • TeamLISkateboarding

    I hate that they made Tulsi a villain

  • TheBorderlineStonedGuitarist

    9:00 It's a really shitty whoa... and a half ass fortnite dance? by Kamala

  • Chloride Soul
    Chloride Soul

    Why didn't they show Gabbard nuking Harris over her record as a prosecutor? It was great TV. I guess SNL just likes having Maya Rudolph around but they're shafting Gabbard just like the rest of the media

  • maria a
    maria a

    The food of her (Liz Warren) ancestors: maize.

  • Silas Wilson
    Silas Wilson

    "Either everybody has a clapper, or nobody has a clapper" is the new slogan of the socialists.


    The cool fun aunt joke took me a while to figure out

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