#562 GRETA THUNBERG'S NOBEL PRIZE SCAM! | HodgeTwins Guest | Louder with Crowder
Talking all things Bernie Sanders heart condition, Nickelback's sudden surge, the whistleblower's real identity, and all the ways Greta Thunberg is the pits. The always hilarious HodgeTwins guest!
Show Guide:
Bernie Screaming Instability Open: :53
Joke Segment: 5:00
Greta Thunberg/Nobel Prize Meat Segment: 20:20
Commercial 1: 51:55
HodgeTwins: 53:30
Commercial 2: 1:08:15
Closing Segment: 1:11:00

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  • StevenCrowder

    Do you pay much attention to who gets awarded the Nobel Peace Prize? Has it ever occurred to you that it’s a SHAM?

    • Charles Peterson
      Charles Peterson

      Make sure you copyright that song before 311 tries to make a "comeback"

    • maxerica69

      Mother Theresa actually was NOT a nice lady, nor did she do any good things. Do some research please. She built churches and death houses where she could watch the sick and infirm suffer and die. She did not permit her nuns to help the people in any way.

    • weeral1

      I don't know when it turned to a scam.. but it clearly has been compromised.

    • Angry Peanut
      Angry Peanut

      StevenCrowder Ay boss, can you do a CROWDER CLOSES for this video? This is a great speech

    • Shane

      the intro to this is awesome I laughed my ass off. you should do more of this you guys are great.

  • paulyjam25

    Gretas parents look like evil, failed humans, that would take advantage of her symptoms to stop any form of dissent whatsoever. If you disagree you hate little girls with disabilities. They should be in jail. The same jail Epstein didn't kill himself in.

  • Kevin Dean
    Kevin Dean

    I love this fucking show. god bless greter

  • Andrew Harrison
    Andrew Harrison

    Every couple of weeks I watch some Crowder videos and he is getting more insane and stupid as time passes. Everything the guys said about the whistleblower was 100% wrong. How are Americans so fucking stupid? Please, I want some explanation.

  • cowtippa


  • snoogans 1984
    snoogans 1984

    Greta might be the most cringe person of 2019.

  • LeadingThePack

    @StevenCrowder, Thanks for the show and what you guys do. Just want to insert some commentary regarding the Catholic bit. First, McCarrick, et al. have been engaged in adult homosexual abuse, not pederasty. Secondly, to the bald guy whose name I always forget: there is a major fallacy in your position; i.e., that the Catholic Church's policy of priestly celibacy led to child sex abuse. Look at sex abuse committed by married men and you'll see that this is farcical. The discipline of celibacy for priests is to imitate Christ in the closest way possible, and further, men that have a duty to wife and family have something that could keep them from their duty to God and the Church.

  • Trent Garrison
    Trent Garrison

    what I think is cool is when democratic candidate the republicans wish they get better and their thoughts go out to them but if a republican got hurt the dems would celebrate it and wish more

  • Camulus777

    Hey you used my favorite quote for youtube to describe the USA. We are the only nation in world history to never try to conquer the world. Every other nation on earth that got more power than its neighbors tried to conquer them Every single one.

  • DevilChildSteve

    StevenCrowder: make sure to subscribe we don’t exist in suggestions Me: * sees StevenCrowder video in recommendations Also selective mutism exists Flat Earthers suffer from it a lot, they don’t listen to evidence they ignore scientific fact and continuously move the goal post and cherry pick certain facts to suit their narrative. Global Warming believers and Climate Change believers are diagnosed with selective mutism also, even though there’s no difference between global warming and climate change it’s just been renamed to seem relevant. The answer to global warming/climate change: vn-my.com/watchvideo/video-NjlC02NsIt0.html

  • AllMyHeroesHaveFBIFiles!

    Burning Cats alive is worse then Hitler 100%!!!

  • Shandyw5

    Is it just me or do the Hodgetwins look a little bit like Tyler1 but with more hair

  • maggie leyman
    maggie leyman

    the european union sucks the the sweat off a dead mans balls

  • Mr Gribbs
    Mr Gribbs

    Crowder you Sr are without a doubt my favorite. Class A straight up know bullshit guy. Your the best!! Thanks for making my day with laughs and truth built in it.

  • Ingrid Johansson
    Ingrid Johansson

    I really think we need to rename mental illness’s as Monsanto related illnesses I have Swedish cousins and they learned English from Kindergarten. So EASL hmmm very questionable

  • Ingrid Johansson
    Ingrid Johansson

    I thought that celibacy requirement had already been lifted considering .....

  • Ian Simmons
    Ian Simmons

    Alexander Nobel is rolling in his grave...

  • China Moon
    China Moon

    Whenever I see Hodge twins I can't help but visualize pit-bulls

  • olderthangranite

    The Nobel folks had to give the Peace Prize to Greta, the shitty actor, or she might have glared at them. She should make her speeches, in Swedish. She would sound stupid, to fewer people.

  • Saj Tyk
    Saj Tyk

    I like watching your stuff but not this. It's too long

  • Jeffrey Johnson
    Jeffrey Johnson

    Someone needs to be prosecuted for intentionally infecting Greta with climidiocy.

  • Jeffrey Johnson
    Jeffrey Johnson

    Is it the Nobel Peace Prize or the Nobel Piece of Sh*t Prize? The latter seems more appropriate.

  • John Dous
    John Dous

    Oh GOD.....Every time Greta speaks, I want to VOMIT!!! Maybe she will go to China to continue her "work," and she'll wind up in a Chinese prison, along with her douchebag parents.

  • Lindsey Collins
    Lindsey Collins

    Oh my gosh!!! The music video was EPIC!!!😂🤣

  • Nicolai O'Donnell
    Nicolai O'Donnell

    How dare you!

  • Justice Ibezim
    Justice Ibezim

    Nice song bro.

  • Blake Sprouls
    Blake Sprouls

    Love the song! Hahaha! I want to buy that.

  • Trisha M.
    Trisha M.

    Fuck... his singing is good. I would never have guessed.

  • Ernest Dameron
    Ernest Dameron

    Awesome content. The music video was unexpected gold!! Great job to the entire crew!!

  • Aaron P.B.
    Aaron P.B.

    Does Crowder have any kids yet?

  • Thomas Paine
    Thomas Paine

    Thumbs down for click bait title.

  • Someonez Mom
    Someonez Mom

    sigh...Steven is so fuckin' talented

  • Mori Marie
    Mori Marie

    I like your singing voice

  • j. jonah jameson
    j. jonah jameson

    gretta Thunberg might get a nobel peace prize and gandi never got one? am I the only one who thinks this is stupid

  • Amanda Lee
    Amanda Lee

    Crowder at the mic is a good look.

  • Ken Elliott
    Ken Elliott

    gore said we would all be dead by 2012

  • Ken Elliott
    Ken Elliott

    nice laughed my arse off

  • Dave Wesley
    Dave Wesley

    No surprise Crowder , Muslims have been inbreeding for 1400 years now.

  • DRSulik

    Keep your day job, your voice is wrist slitting.

  • simon laurence
    simon laurence

    I was thinking about the British Empire comment and wondering what the English speaking countries would be like today if we did not colonise them, would America and Canada be mainly a French colony, a Spanish colony in the west and a small Dutch colony in the north east? Would there be nobody with British, Irish, German and Italian heritage living there? Would most of North America be in the EU because there capitals would be in Europe? And what about Australia and New Zealand? Maybe Australia could of been Japanese and New Zealand might of ended up being Dutch! Is Puerto Rico still an American colony?


    At least she is recognised in her country,.. well done.,.


      What noble prize she has recived¿

  • TrumpFor UKPM
    TrumpFor UKPM

    The US didn't kick the ass of the British, the French and the Spanish made it uneconomical to keep fighting.

    • Kyle Longjohn
      Kyle Longjohn

      Your talking about a army on soil well rested vs a army who had come off the sea after 3 months of hell, the British got their asses handed to them.

  • MHoppus69

    Dude, Crowder, you could have a career in music with those pipes!

  • Bubba LW
    Bubba LW

    No one wants to talk about the Kurds in the YPG having links to a terrorist group in Turkey that blows themselves up in the name of Marxism

  • Mr T
    Mr T

    is that really Crowders singing voice holy crap lol the mans full of suprise

    • Sebastian Harnett
      Sebastian Harnett

      sounds like it is, but pitch corrected

  • Vidyut Krishnasrinivas
    Vidyut Krishnasrinivas

    That Creed impression 😂

  • The Limited Collector
    The Limited Collector

    So you have time to do all this shit but keep ignoring Sam.

  • Christian Steneram Bibby
    Christian Steneram Bibby

    This is the video that proves Americans have earned all their hate for ignorance and stupidity. It's a fucking shame, I used to like Crowder.

    • orionh3000

      sure you did dumb fuck

  • darnsmall

    let me guess, she speaks in too many paragraphs (AKA: very short sentences), and she needs to define the meaning of the term "hello" This guy is such a fucking fraud. His greatest asset, is he's the only one in this lane...he sounds like he's been trained by the NRA PR dept.

  • nathan olson
    nathan olson

    *vibe check*

  • Buster

    Poor child of vicious self serving parents, very sad. The look on her face, (43:50) tragic.

  • Brody Lawrence
    Brody Lawrence

    Who else thinks he shoulda been a singer

  • Joseph Punley
    Joseph Punley

    A question for bill. While sitting there do you ever calculate how much work one of the bits or skits added?

  • ForkKnifeSux Anon
    ForkKnifeSux Anon

    I don't get why she would even be considered in any way for any award for being a mouth piece for delusional scare tactics about global warming.

  • IcyCrusader

    I am Catholic... But I am not offended by your comment Gerald, just moderatly disappointed in my Pope who represents my denomination.

  • Aiden Furry
    Aiden Furry

    i have Asperger's and can attest that it is not debilitating in any way

    • Jeffrey Johnson
      Jeffrey Johnson

      @David Carson I understand your point and personally, I don't have much faith in psychiatry because it seems that psychiatrists have a "diagnosis" for every person who exhibits any behavior that might be the least bit abnormal. In reality, everyone is a bit "weird" in their own way and there is no such thing as a "completely normal" person. Like you, I'm kind of a loner and can be completely in my own bubble while in the midst of a noisy crowd or I can spend several days at home alone and not speak to a single person. On the other hand, when I'm in the mood for company I can talk for hours with a good friend or I can go out in a crowd and have a blast socializing with a lot of people. I know that I'm not "normal", but I also do not think of myself as weird or debilitated in any way.

    • David Carson
      David Carson

      @Jeffrey Johnson there can be benefits to Aspergers--in high school, I was regularly reading on band bus which most people can't because of the conversations and noise but since I was always a bit of a loner, I never missed being comfortable in crowds

    • Jeffrey Johnson
      Jeffrey Johnson

      If it isn't debilitating in any way, then how is it diagnosed as anything other than "being normal"?

  • DeadShred65

    1/4 Black is getting better little by little but I still miss Not Gay Jared !! Jared was naturally funny like Crowder . 1/4 Black seems to be trying to hard at times ? Big shoes to fill I guess ...

  • DeadShred65

    In TX. we just call them Water Heads LMAO !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Prabhroop Gill
    Prabhroop Gill

    ^o^ aww come on now an autistic girl who has more courage than all of you guys to go on stage.

  • MrCaptainkirk1984

    Mother Teresa was a monster who encouraged suffering. I swear. Crowder is funny but incredible ignorant about anything remotely related to Christianity. Massive blind spot.

  • old man vollox
    old man vollox

    BRUCE SPRINGSTINE--- hey little girl get back on your boat and go back to swedean where bull shit floats mmm mmm your a great big lier woooo wooo wooo the house aint on fire

  • ScoopDogg1867

    WOW Crowder can sing, I'm impressed

  • zeno god of everything
    zeno god of everything

    Highly functional autism ,that's like a retarded dem genius

  • milkwetcookies

    They're trying to get the "whistle blower" to testify with their face blurred and voice distorted? Whatever happened to the accused getting to face their accuser? Or is there some kind of group rate the democrats get when they're trying to get the President and his staff out? There are few circumstances where when someone testifies they should have their identities hidden and even then it is still debatable and this should only be done if without a shadow of a doubt, the persons life is in risk, i.e. someone testifying against the mafia or H.A. because they're both criminal organizations that have been proven to not hesitate in the use of lethal violence when they feel threatened. This is not the case and even if it was Hillary "Hill-Dog" Clinton who was under impeachment investigations and there was a hearing, she still has a right to confront her accuser. Also, I fucking love the Hodge Twins, they're like a pair of "Cole Trains, WWWWOOOOHHHH!"

  • Silent King 555
    Silent King 555

    y r u altright fascist?

    • CMRhexen


  • Torahlite Messi
    Torahlite Messi

    Anyone know, is that Crowder actually singing in the Bernie song? Cause he's actually pretty good.

  • jrcooper83

    could we get that song in its own, separate vid?

  • Jason Brinkley
    Jason Brinkley

    I understand u Gerald

  • Maarek Steele
    Maarek Steele

    I can't hear the word Asperger and not think of that line in the dumb & dumber sequel.

  • Rahul Krishna
    Rahul Krishna

    For anyone searching for Greta Thunsberg part it's at 20:20

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