60 Days In: Abner Confronts a Snitch - Full Episode (S5, E6) | A&E
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David has climbed the ranks in the pod and struggles to remember what side he is on. Abner continues running the Chicanos as the enforcer and is put to the test when one of his own commits an offence in Season 5, Episode 6, "Smells Like A Rat". #60DaysIn
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"60 Days In" offers an unprecedented look at life behind bars as innocent volunteers are sent to live among the general prison population for 60 days without officers, fellow inmates, or staff knowing their secret.
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    Binge all 6 seasons for free here! play.aetv.com/shows/60-days-in/season-1

    • Tiko number 1fan Cote
      Tiko number 1fan Cote


    • wish martinez
      wish martinez

      Someone please sign Willie. We need a Native record to be released main stream.

    • Josh Newman
      Josh Newman

      This looks staged

    • Robert Jones
      Robert Jones

      Black guy dont like spanish co for abuse.apparently moralis flex his muscles to much.must be relentless white racism😀😀😀.whats shocking is how quivk black cop develops inmate mentality.

    • Tye Lindsey
      Tye Lindsey

      I would’ve asked willie to keep singing when he quit

  • Adam Lang
    Adam Lang

    Sterilize all these people,we dont need more of them.

  • HiYa Pal
    HiYa Pal

    It showed that this was a new upload, but they had already uploaded this one before. Smh

  • Naseem Aqel
    Naseem Aqel

    What was the song called that he was singing

  • C.N.

    Seeing those DO step in on dude drumming made me so sad. I"d let Willie keep singing and honestly, I'd probably stop to listen for a bit.

  • upland77

    All COs are like that. They are bullies that let a little power go to their heads.

  • Caleb Wynn
    Caleb Wynn

    The girl one is boring

  • JarJar Austs
    JarJar Austs

    I swear when I watch the women’s pod it just remind me of the kardashians

  • Scarlett Gpe
    Scarlett Gpe

    Looove the way everyone backed up Willie🌙♥️

  • Nick Jameson
    Nick Jameson

    Tbh some of these ppl make me think they belong there😂😂

  • frick

    Willie is G

  • gerald m
    gerald m

    14:58 They lockin people up for being "Right-Wing Conservatives" now? 💀💀💀

  • w t f j o e
    w t f j o e

    The singing was the most uniting part of this episode..listening to that even watching this on my phone was really soothing and almost spiritual. That guard is going to make enemies over acts like that.

  • Rich Ramos
    Rich Ramos

    A bunch of PC's straight comedy

  • Rich Ramos
    Rich Ramos

    Anywhere else you pull stunts like David did I would have got tooken out on the spot super soft facility

  • Rich Ramos
    Rich Ramos

    That is what you call camp Snoopy soft as Cotton candy

  • Yasmine Coulibaly
    Yasmine Coulibaly

    What the

  • Adam Lang
    Adam Lang

    Giovanni is spanish for Fredo.

  • Adam Lang
    Adam Lang

    Her eyebrows are trying to escape prison!

  • Gary Hernandez
    Gary Hernandez

    You could see David change as soon as he got named a leader. So crazy.

  • Robert Morales
    Robert Morales

    Tell me why the big dude look like suge knight

  • Marce&Brian Fi
    Marce&Brian Fi

    Best part "The Native Indian Chanting"*🌾🐊😎😝🙌👍☀👁

  • KHWprogram star
    KHWprogram star

    I like how all the guys banded together to stand up for the Native American singing. His voice was nice and relaxing.

  • Jamie Lee
    Jamie Lee

    How the eff is David a cop? He's *34* years old and speaks like he's 17, knows it all, and is extremely insecure. Perfect for a cop who abuses his power on the job.

  • oil stain
    oil stain

    60 days in prove one thing for sure, jails are full of morons.

  • Glennish B
    Glennish B

    I love when they stood up for Willie & then hugged each other & celebrated.. probably felt like for once they had control of something great.

  • Jules ASMR
    Jules ASMR

    go Willie!

  • Infused

    abner did nothing but escalate racial tensions LOL

  • Sky Love
    Sky Love

    Mark look like a big cry baby

  • Andrew Sharman
    Andrew Sharman


  • sonichuizcool

    This isnt real at all.

  • kiara v.
    kiara v.

    Chicano culture!!

  • big taco
    big taco

    Abner is one crazy puerto rican🤣

  • George Johnson
    George Johnson

    I wonder what happened to the officers that was picking on them two girls..

  • Emily F
    Emily F

    39:40 the guy sleeping on the floor with the pictures on the wall next to him (looks like it could be his girl or sum) that shi is cute 🥺🥺🥺

  • Ulises Valdez
    Ulises Valdez

    Morales watching this when David is talking smack👁️👄👁️

  • Emily F
    Emily F

    the guards and inmates needa switch places bc those guards... just omfg.

  • Citygirl Yani
    Citygirl Yani

    But is he really sitting there calling that man a rat like he not literally Funna report bck to the.....😭 ALRITE

  • Paul Melgosa
    Paul Melgosa

    And David also became delusional pretending to be an inmate ! 😆👏LOL

  • Yoshikage Kira
    Yoshikage Kira

    Guys i think he shouldn’t let him go :/

  • Frank Capone
    Frank Capone

    is this jail or a soap opera?

  • Jimmy Bright
    Jimmy Bright

    Wow how did that let that guy pull people over

  • Russ Lowe
    Russ Lowe

    @35:32. "There's a camera out there....you want to jeopardize our freedom?" Not sure how being in Jail is freedom! The way those dudes think is insane

  • DJ cat popeck
    DJ cat popeck

    Like music good boy

  • vTideLacez-sxvca

    Chicanos dont play

  • mavrick62910

    I bet David is the shadiest cop ever. He is a piece of shut.

  • Lane Mitchell
    Lane Mitchell

    If some of those DO's weren't discharged, then the Sheriff needs fired.

  • Lane Mitchell
    Lane Mitchell

    Did those deputies get discharged?

  • Michael Lejarzar
    Michael Lejarzar

    The Chicano that apologised is a disgrace. What a puss wax. Shamed our race


    Its beautiful, even though some are skinheads, bloods/ gang backgrounds. They all stood by the Native Americans spiritual singing and used their Christianity to combat against the officer who told him to stop singing

  • valerie rodriguez
    valerie rodriguez

    I love abner 😂 he’s a freaking legend On this show

  • hub city
    hub city

    automatic skip when it goes to the womens pod lmao.... just high school drama. im koo on allat

  • Cock Long
    Cock Long

    Funny how these goodie goodies want to be tough guys and girls..

  • Ashley M
    Ashley M

    watching this makes me want to be in jail LMFAO

  • Bulbasaur TV
    Bulbasaur TV

    To be completely fair Gio started swinging, Jordan was just defending himself

  • ¡The freaking Alpha!
    ¡The freaking Alpha!

    This tv show is kinda boring

  • idk idk
    idk idk

    Is it just me or is Vivian fine

  • Owen Roesslet
    Owen Roesslet

    man was just vibin with his jams wtf

  • Aries Diaz
    Aries Diaz

    Legends Have It 69 Was Sent Here🩸🤔

  • I like roblox._.
    I like roblox._.

    I feel like it would be cool to be there

  • Abusive Panda
    Abusive Panda

    The native American singing is amazing, i wish u had a voice like him. I wish i could fall asleep to him singing

  • Grade-A

    Giovanni looks like Ed' from TechSource...

  • Leonassassin3

    How does this show work, cause it just looks like a reality TV show but in prison

  • G

    inmates: NOOO!!!! YOU CANT JUST STEAL OUR STUFF! Gio:haha me go steal

  • Shadow W0lf3_
    Shadow W0lf3_

    How do the inmates not question when the TV crew come in? First it was Steve, now it's the three women? Wasn't this supposed to be **undercover** for the sheriff?

  • A1 Kev
    A1 Kev

    Okay so abner can know a man simply by playing a friendly board game. Noted.

  • daniel johnson
    daniel johnson

    18:25 is why i'll always respect david more than any other cop

  • Titanic

    at some point I thought jail was where good people go so I would tell my mom “ mom lets go to jail” 😂😂😂

  • Andrew McNeely
    Andrew McNeely

    Willie singing shook me everybody in there enjoyed his singing no matter the race,belief,or culture

  • OrganicAir 221
    OrganicAir 221

    Laguna Pueblo here btw

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