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98% OF PEOPLE FAIL Try Not To Laugh CLEAN [Part 8]
Rogue Huckster
🚨🚨RED ALERT🚨🚨 My 7th and 3rd videos have been taken down D: I may reupload them later and take some clips out, I may not. Hopefully the rest of my vids don't go too. If you like this video please like, subscribe, and share the video with your friends! Check out my other videos for more laughs!
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  • Rogue Huckster
    Rogue Huckster

    Ok so things aren't going well for my channel right now. My 7th video, the most popular one, has been blocked worldwide because of the Roxanne ("Rocks") clip. My 3rd video has been removed by kmlkmljkl and a copyright strike has been added to my channel. I don't monetize any of my videos, I never wanted to make any money off these videos. None of the clips I use are mine, I just wanted to make people laugh. I'm not sure if I'm going to make anymore videos, I mean, the clips aren't mine. Thanks for all your support guys, these last couple months have been really fun.

    • Michael Mora
      Michael Mora

      That my have been me

    • Finn Kevany
      Finn Kevany


    • Kayne -The Cat Of Doom-
      Kayne -The Cat Of Doom-

      Please don't ever STOP!! Keep going, no matter what anybody says, just keep going and keep in mind your videos are HYSTERICAL!!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Kayne -The Cat Of Doom-
      Kayne -The Cat Of Doom-

      +Student Kian Gado Yeah, what is wrong with it??? Its my favourite one

    • Random Jurassic world And deltarune fan
      Random Jurassic world And deltarune fan

      Well, maybe on the clips, you could put the original you tubers name in the corner.

  • Minecraft gamer Pros
    Minecraft gamer Pros

    Good job pooping said the little girl

  • Minecraft gamer Pros
    Minecraft gamer Pros

    Josh go put those cornfogs back! You can’t make me do anything

  • Josefina Castaneda
    Josefina Castaneda

    Make 98%into -100%-John

  • forest cat
    forest cat

    0:58 i'm dying LOL i cant even stop laughing

  • Quantum Gamer
    Quantum Gamer

    7:25 makes total sense like if you agree

  • Super whatever gamin'
    Super whatever gamin'

    This one was actually good. Btw, where tf is that "Love's" at? I want one of those helmets. It'd be a bit annoying trying to eat my chips or chug a Mtn. Dew, but yeah.

  • Jodi Thompson
    Jodi Thompson


  • Chris DeFrank
    Chris DeFrank

    Is the snake and the guy ok?

  • Chris DeFrank
    Chris DeFrank

    Are those fish ok lol

  • Commander Cody
    Commander Cody

    the comments are funnnier than the video

  • Mr Nobody
    Mr Nobody

    Only smiled at the flying lawn mower.. 😒😒

  • JayJay 247
    JayJay 247

    Donald duck your so wrong, *Donald: the snow storm can't get us here* *walks away* *And gets blown away*. *:MAN IM DYING!*

  • FLooper

    I didn't grin or laugh until 3:13

  • Hulax

    Im one of the 2%

  • Anastasia ASMR
    Anastasia ASMR

    Haha congratulations on the worst dish in this compition

  • Divine Dragon
    Divine Dragon

    I laughed at the lion king one

  • Carla DuBose
    Carla DuBose

    I laugh so hard and the puppy is so cute.

  • Carla DuBose
    Carla DuBose


  • Chaim Lapin
    Chaim Lapin

    Mad funny 😀😀😀

  • Sonzaida Hoyo-A
    Sonzaida Hoyo-A

    I dont laugh

  • Çimen De Grote
    Çimen De Grote

    I had it victory

  • Thej Dheeren
    Thej Dheeren

    Dog is op

  • Awesomefox 27gaming
    Awesomefox 27gaming

    5:21 my favorite part

  • Rosa Tapia
    Rosa Tapia

    8:44 the puppy was dancing i did not laugh that part

  • Mr snoop 77
    Mr snoop 77

    NOT FUNNY!!!

  • Bigturkey Gamer2
    Bigturkey Gamer2

    Wow definitely funny

  • Ethan Ovsak
    Ethan Ovsak

    Rogue Huckster, you have the only "try not to laugh" challenges that I have absolutely no chance of winning. Thanks for the hilarious videos! 🤣

  • Lazer Cars
    Lazer Cars

    3:22 more than funny this is creepy. 😨

  • Damian Quinn
    Damian Quinn

    Random doesn't equal funny, degenerate

  • Beth Draper
    Beth Draper

    i feel bad for soz bruh ima sub to u

  • Heri Tranggono
    Heri Tranggono

    John cena: u can laugh Me: u can see me #johncena u can see me

  • trinity henry
    trinity henry

    I did not laugh

  • Flamingo Fan
    Flamingo Fan


  • Jeremy las
    Jeremy las

    0:56 Comedy Goal 😂

  • Halie Elam
    Halie Elam

    Finally the fish fight back

  • DianaandJimena Vlogs
    DianaandJimena Vlogs

    Not funny my face was like 😐

  • Wilxx football
    Wilxx football


  • Wilxx football
    Wilxx football


  • Wilxx football
    Wilxx football


  • Emiliano Bernabei
    Emiliano Bernabei

    1:44 I have laught

  • 33cera


  • nicholas ventris
    nicholas ventris


  • The Reaper
    The Reaper

    4:48 kill me

  • The Reaper
    The Reaper


  • Caleb Phoenix
    Caleb Phoenix

    I never laughed. But I did like the guy jumping on a free branch

  • Claire Banks
    Claire Banks

    I was the 2% that didn’t laugh 😬

  • Huong Huynh
    Huong Huynh

    This video is NOT Funny

  • itz_LeilaLol XD
    itz_LeilaLol XD

    This is literally easy for me i din't even laughed i'm not lying

  • darkman 720
    darkman 720

    What happen to part 7?

  • Alex Silva
    Alex Silva

    We also seen a dog with a banana xd

  • Alex Silva
    Alex Silva

    Terkey Terkey terkey lol

  • The forbidden God
    The forbidden God

    8:53 Just walked into the pet store expecting it to be a normal day. *sees dog dancing with a sign next to it “im sold” Me:....*burst out laughing*

  • TheSlimaShady

    3:47 T U R K E Y HA HA HA HA HA

  • Razza Perdana
    Razza Perdana


  • Casiedean Andrews
    Casiedean Andrews

    The was so easy try not to laugh😀

  • Luna Blair
    Luna Blair

    Ok... WAS THIS MEANT TO MAKE ME LAUGH? IF SO... u failed

  • Fany Amaya
    Fany Amaya


  • amber Smith
    amber Smith

    that first one doe omg im dead and the one at 2:04 im done yo😂😂😂

  • Avery Sacra
    Avery Sacra

    I didn't LAUGH so you owe me a lot of pickles

  • Kate Molgren
    Kate Molgren

    I’m that 2% that kept a straight face

  • 679FIRE

    Why so much live chat

  • 679FIRE

    RIP spider

  • funnybunny :p
    funnybunny :p

    I think you mean 2% laugh at this video

  • Antin Nguyen
    Antin Nguyen

    i didn't laugh!that was eazy

  • Mediocre Beats
    Mediocre Beats

    What? 7:26

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    mathew samuel


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    Sophia DiPietro


  • Darius Damian Pulis
    Darius Damian Pulis

    That’s actually no funny like

  • pembe klavyeli oyuncu
    pembe klavyeli oyuncu

    what is 6:50 song

  • it's me memes
    it's me memes

    Failed in first

  • Belem Alvarado Rodriguez
    Belem Alvarado Rodriguez

    4:33 my face when someone says something awkward

    • Belem Alvarado Rodriguez
      Belem Alvarado Rodriguez

      Put this every time it finishes a funny video

  • The Something
    The Something

    That was so easy and boring

  • Afro3arc

    Donald: The storm can't get us here *Runs like a idiot* AHHHHHH This part got me cracking. 0:55

  • Just Laantje
    Just Laantje

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    Lutfur Minu

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    Yuma Bressers

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    Vasil Gergov

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    Alina Zalenski

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    gacha love

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  • Gaming:w/:Charles

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    danny westra

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  • Bob Field
    Bob Field

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  • Sufeyan Ghalib
    Sufeyan Ghalib

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  • Paul robson
    Paul robson

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  • FiGiLU

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    gata_gabeni gaming


  • PiliPIANO

    6:26 when you like to dance if you are bored playing osu

  • blue boy Pakalniskis
    blue boy Pakalniskis

    Ho did u this agri how main people its not 98% people agri then u like this comant \/

  • Wes Films
    Wes Films

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  • Danny Btw
    Danny Btw

    3:56 Scp file breached 😂😱scp breached I repeat scp file 049-ARC has been breached lockdown mode🤯😂

  • Etta Loves Everything
    Etta Loves Everything

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  • Michael Mora
    Michael Mora

    SO EASY!!!!!!!!!!!

  • wea_dea gamer
    wea_dea gamer

    0:58 press f to pay respects

  • XxSourCandyxX gacha, animation, and gaming!
    XxSourCandyxX gacha, animation, and gaming!

    this is the reason the dinos went exctinct, and the reason im about to go cry in the corner of the room.

  • Nato Potato
    Nato Potato

    Donald went Oof 0:58

  • Mario Gonzalez
    Mario Gonzalez

    You’ve been hit by You’ve been struck by Bingobash7

  • ShadowMask God/dess of LGBT, Leader of ShadowRealm
    ShadowMask God/dess of LGBT, Leader of ShadowRealm

    The combat armor one was the one that made me laugh, Percy Jackson and the squad would like them.

  • The XTerrarian
    The XTerrarian

    *I sMeLl pEnNiEs*

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