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In this legendary age, heroes walk the earth. Yet it takes only a single impulsive act to spark a conflict that will shake the world. The Greeks set course for Troy, towards inevitable war and slaughter. For there, on the battlefield before the great city, legends will be born…
TROY is the latest Total War Saga title; inspired by Homer’s Iliad, it focuses on the historical flashpoint of the Trojan War, evolving the series with new period-inspired features.
Through Total War’s unique blend of grand, turn-based empire management and spectacular real-time battles, Troy explores this epic conflict from both the Greek and Trojan perspectives - peeling back the layers of myth and legend to reveal the realities that may have inspired them.

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  • Cabralmb

    What about Medieval 3?

  • Brimsaw

    Pre-order now to unlock Building a wooden horse! Pre-order now to get day one Odysseus missions! Pre order now and get the blood dlc for free! (Even tho its not free cause u still pay for the preorder, ya dipshits.) Be ready for day one realease dlc to unlock naval battles! If you want companies to change, speak with your wallets people, don't give into this BS or we can expect to pay a monthly fee for single player games in the future.

  • Elijah Ruhlman
    Elijah Ruhlman

    Do a total war America’s /aztecs and other tribes

  • TeutonicOrder TeutonicOrder
    TeutonicOrder TeutonicOrder


  • Amonkirax

    Another year passed and still no new Medieval. My hopes are being shattered

  • Zulfiqarlı İgid
    Zulfiqarlı İgid

    Fack greeks !!! Fack Total War Troy !!!

  • The Dragon
    The Dragon

    Silver For Monsters vibe

  • Forbbilion b
    Forbbilion b

    Achille kil hector

  • takethatthomas

    Yea this is badass, but Hector runs away in fear and Achilles has to chase him around the city before the actual fight.

  • gigemo 530
    gigemo 530

    Is it for ps4?

  • Craig Heaney
    Craig Heaney

    "You sack of wine"!!!!!!!! -Achilles

  • جيمز ابن هنتر
    جيمز ابن هنتر

    طروادة 👌

  • PointBlank200

    Damn, even with their games up and downs, CA really know how to make amazing cinematics...

  • Google Sucks
    Google Sucks

    Have you fixed Empire TW yet?

  • ComeSweetDeath

    They keep trying to bullshit their way out of naval battles.

  • Фёдор

    I want to play in Troy.

  • MacX85

    Neebs vs Titanus. An epic fight

  • RiqCrow

    Achilles looks too much like Metro Man from Megamind, can't take this seriously..

  • codeagent47


  • Random Domino
    Random Domino

    Dio: Ooooooooooh. Your approaching me!!

  • GamingReborn

    Didnt we just get a chinese one like couple months ago wtf?

  • Vulpes Inculta
    Vulpes Inculta


  • my name name
    my name name

    Troy will not fall!!

  • Hyper

    When total war game of thrones?

  • Evangelos Paps.
    Evangelos Paps.

    If that's Achilles he looks ridiculously ridiculous

  • Abdülkadir Akkas
    Abdülkadir Akkas

    Stop it please. Stop this mobile game looking bullshit, compare this to the trailer of Shogun 2 and you know what i mean.

  • Kravonix

    Hell YES

  • gene tree
    gene tree

    The Illiad is one of my favorite books of all of time and space 0:56.

  • gene tree
    gene tree

    I can't wait for the game to be release!

  • Michal Dvořák
    Michal Dvořák

    Come on, Medieval 3 or pike and shot...

  • A. P.
    A. P.

    gotta say it, this trailer was not great.

  • ptitschmitt delyon
    ptitschmitt delyon

    médieval 3 ???

  • Afsheenn

    Oh Rome II! Oh how we have been cruel to you...

  • Anh Tuấn Nguyễn
    Anh Tuấn Nguyễn

    I hope the CA team will do a dlc remake of the mongolian invasion campaign in total war shogun 2

  • Tornike Tabatadze
    Tornike Tabatadze

    Kingdom of Colchis

  • NORFSIDE Shorty
    NORFSIDE Shorty

    This is historically inaccurate.. Achilles is not black. Racist game!

  • Yogo Budiarto
    Yogo Budiarto

    maybe next time "Total War" empire of the sea south east asia

  • Stridah's Angels
    Stridah's Angels

    I’m in on this!!!

  • Sufian Rusman
    Sufian Rusman

    Total War Native American please next.

  • morradi10000

    *sigh*. Time to invest in a new computer

  • Louis Presland
    Louis Presland

    Is it on Xbox

  • efan

    Bad bad bad

  • Jonathan Roderick
    Jonathan Roderick

    This is going to be great and I hope CA gives us naval battles and proper siege battles. Three Kingdoms lacked naval battles and even though the siege battles were kind of fun it could've been better. For example that stupid mechanic that units can simply throw ropes to climb over walls and break through gates just hacking it with hand weapons...I mean what's so difficult of implementing siege towers, among other things to make siege battles more realistic and proper.

  • Kronus X
    Kronus X

    Spoiler alert: Hector went out to fight Achilles because of the gate bug :) .

  • Go Maps
    Go Maps

    Когда сделаете Новый мир? После 1492 года. Просьба уделить особое внимание Средней Азии и Малой Азии. А так же Восточную и Западную Европу

  • Sister Fister 69
    Sister Fister 69

    Still waiting on whatever disagreement is keeping them from making a Lord of The Rings Official Total War game to be done. If its about money and royalties they should both understand either way they'll both make alot of money from it so whats the hold up?

  • Sister Fister 69
    Sister Fister 69

    Sadly the reality is that Hector ran from Achillies, going around the entire city 3 times before nutting up and turning to fight. And the fight itself was less awesome. Achillies threw a spear, then Hector threw a spear, and then somehow Achilles throws the same spear he threw the first time, because Athena willed it back into his hands, and it pierced Hector through the chest.

  • A Liberdade vai cantar!
    A Liberdade vai cantar!

    I want a Total War Alexander The Great now!

  • Augustson Seventy
    Augustson Seventy

    "Swept away, the lumber of the land..." is one of my favorite quotes from Iliad. You might think Homer in context was talking about the deforestation that occured to build the Greek armada that sailed to Troy but it is also a metaphor for all the men and boys that would die during the siege/war.

  • Gan G
    Gan G

    Would've been great without fantasy armors

  • Sir Hootsalot
    Sir Hootsalot

    IM DEFFINETELY BUYING THIS GAME, im a big history fan and a fanatic of Total War Games, this is a whole new level of Total War, i suppose they had some help with stuff from Total War Rome, but i cant wait.

  • jk kim
    jk kim

    What are the children of men but as leaves that drop at the wind's breath....

  • Certified Brain Surgeon
    Certified Brain Surgeon

    I just hope they can re-introduce large armies with 8 armies on a map.

  • İlkin Süleymanzadə
    İlkin Süleymanzadə

    Spoiler alert: YOU SACK OF WINE!

  • Circle Of Dao
    Circle Of Dao

    So Achilles will pretty much be the next lu bu right?

  • Plunderkid

    Achilles looks less like Brad Pitt and more like Sean Bean. Which means he gets killed by Hector in this one.😁

  • Camera Guy #1
    Camera Guy #1

    did anybody notice there is no blood on Achilles' spear. probably wont see that until you get the 2.99-5$ blood and effects dlc.

  • ASP

    yaaaaaaaaaaas back to ancient classical antiquity titles looks like its time for me to return :)

  • Ervan Gültas
    Ervan Gültas

    www.instant-gaming.com/igr/gamer-8328b0/ Here you can get all Total War Games and more for almost nothing guys !

  • Bobbito

    The music from 0:26 to 0:36 gave me such strong Witcher 3 vibes.

  • 1467 3684B
    1467 3684B

    Achilles was blonde bro.

  • Loddfafnir

    Another surrealism.....

  • Dark Knight
    Dark Knight

    its good but we need MEDİEVAL 3 AND EMPİRE 2 please :(

  • ρναγυ κροκοδειλε
    ρναγυ κροκοδειλε

    Haven't been so happy for a game since I was 8-10. Plus note that Troy is ELLENIC faction too As it was the city's in today's turkey until Antioch.

  • GarkKahn

    1:08 you thought it was brad pitt, but it was me! ACHILLES!!!


    Don't make CGI if the animation is shitty or if there's no soul.

  • RCHER522 13
    RCHER522 13

    PLEASE do Bronze Age and Crusades next.

  • Knowledgia


  • XD_ Anastasis
    XD_ Anastasis

    What platforms are eligible for that game?? Plz answer

  • Don Vito Cascioferro
    Don Vito Cascioferro

    Sing, goddess, of the anger of Achilleus, son of Peleus, the accursed anger which brought uncounted anguish on the Achaians and hurled down to Hades many mighty souls of heroes, making their bodies the prey to dogs and the birds feasting: and this was the working of Zeus will. Sing from the time of the first quarrel which divided Atreus son, the lord of men and god like Achilleus

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