Adults React To Joker
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Adults React to "Joker." Watch to see their reactions.
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Joker Trailer
Chris Stuckmann Movie Review
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Adults React To Joker

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    • Diego Martinez
      Diego Martinez

      FBE please do this for jojo rabit

    • GSE

      Thank you for including Gotham’s Joker

    • funny cats video
      funny cats video

      Whatch jocker dancing scene

    • David Hacking-Bonilla
      David Hacking-Bonilla

      Here is an old saying about stories. "Everyone thinks that they are the hero in their own story". The Joker film showed that Arthur was a tragic hero of the story. Because after his "ONE BAD DAY". He snapped and the result becoming the Joker.

    • Steve Tong
      Steve Tong

      All these non-offended opinions in this video... is this next level woke?

  • LimeGreenWolf

    I'm happy to say my Joker was Heath Ledger. Me and my best friend at the time went to the midnight premier of The Dark Knight, when we were 15-16 yrs old.

  • Nadine Leleux
    Nadine Leleux

    "People didn't expect it to be as dark as it was..." Hmmm...A origin story about a psychopathic failed comedian known for his sadistic nature, who slowly transcends society rejecting him by slowly becoming a madman... Why on earth would that be dark?! I was expecting a fluffy cartoon.

  • Jaelin Fowler
    Jaelin Fowler

    the really messed up thing about this movie is that it's not like something that couldn't happen, cause people break every single day

  • Ivy Marryl
    Ivy Marryl

    2:12 she predicted it before matpat

  • KG Mann
    KG Mann

    What's the point of making a react video if all the commentators have already watched it? It is less of a react video, and more of a review.

  • DxStormy

    Im sad they havent seen cameron monaghan joker

  • Trazom Solway
    Trazom Solway

    You know the laughter is an actual condition? Crazy stuff.

  • Cool Inquisition
    Cool Inquisition


  • Cavaughn Grace
    Cavaughn Grace

    Jared Leto tried god bless him but it just wasn't meant to be...

  • sanjana Unni
    sanjana Unni

    Mark hamill for life though

  • david trainor
    david trainor

    It didn't need the comic book elements but those elements enhanced the story and message overall

  • Freakin Nadzmi
    Freakin Nadzmi

    if u ever had the same problem as the joker, u know it hurt as hell when u dont wanna laugh but u cant control it. Back then , i had the same condition but not as bad as him.

  • Dakota Dunlavy
    Dakota Dunlavy

    i prefer marvel studios more than dc

  • Asher!!

    This movie makes me cry a lot

  • kyle fredenburg
    kyle fredenburg

    There's no origin story to joker which makes him so mysterious the first use of his name Jack Napier was used in Tim Burton's version of batman very interesting I was sketchy about the movie all because of the name change and all but either way it's a great movie

  • Zeus

    Really Haley? Someone is making a kid laugh, doing something harmless, and you'd make them feel like shit? Yeah, good for you.

  • Chamath Nadeeshan
    Chamath Nadeeshan

    I feel like Kristine don't have much experience of types of movies. I never liked this movie, 2 Reasons, I felt like DC fans got fooled by WB. And movie is too dark and I believe it will influence people in worst ways.

  • Bill Adams
    Bill Adams

    It's very funny to me that what is now affectionately called a "character study" was once known as a "moral treatise." As a film, Joker embodies that; this film points to the different elements which ultimately formed a character that is universally recognized and forces those who watch the movie to feel accountable (in part) for their perception of the character both at the end of the film and beyond the end of the film (extending into stories which appear in the comic books) as well.

  • Dalton Evans
    Dalton Evans

    Joker is the portrayal all around us.

  • Miguel Lucas Magtoto
    Miguel Lucas Magtoto

    I dont have a problem with jared leto as joker he just didnt have enough screen time

  • Sahil Khera
    Sahil Khera

    Why Tori Why 😭😭😭

  • K.Nicole

    The only hero in this movie was that one midget

  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr


  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr

    THIS MOVIE WAS SO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Not Applicable
    Not Applicable

    why is it ALWAYS white boys who say shit like “this movie was clearly about gun violence and mental health” and NEVER mention “CLASS”?? i wonder why?????? lol

  • Not Applicable
    Not Applicable

    what do you know, 100% of you suburban americans think “there is no hero to this movie”. lmao yall so privileged and gross. wait til you personally hear the joke... lololol

  • sleepy- -shadow
    sleepy- -shadow

    She bi for bipolar idk if that is the correct shortened way to say bi is bisexual not bipolar LMAO

  • Teo Pop
    Teo Pop

    I wanna see haley more often. she has something special...

  • Kruppt808

    Jack was my favorite, Heath was great for half the movie till it went dumb, JP is great for a Seven type of Joker, Mark Hamil will be the OG of the animated bad guys that laugh is imo more iconic than Luke Skywalker. CR was ok in a campy sort of way but not my taste,

  • the mountain child
    the mountain child

    I love heath ledger

  • Tremendo Beats
    Tremendo Beats

    Mark Hamill

  • Eli Cervantes
    Eli Cervantes

    Heath Ledgers the best

  • Mohamed Mahmoud
    Mohamed Mahmoud

    I didn't watch the joker

  • Izzy Brandford
    Izzy Brandford

    where's the word "stigmatization"

  • Mr NoBody
    Mr NoBody


  • James Cojay
    James Cojay

    Heath ledger and joaquin phoneix are the best versions of the joker. Change my mind

  • elrenato82

    And that is why actors deserve to be rich. They give so much of themselves to the public and Phoenix is a real artist pur sang. His brother was also very intense.

  • Prashil Bison
    Prashil Bison

    Jared Leto is like 5 minutes. Can we really not include Jared Leto in the history of any Joker portrayals.

  • Vandal438642

    Joker is better than The Avengers: Endgame

  • Drieux Koeppel
    Drieux Koeppel

    Academy Award for Best Performance by an Actor-JOAQUIN PHOENIX, February 2020!! He GOT THE OSCAR!

  • Ai'la Ashworth
    Ai'la Ashworth

    It's so funny that these people relate more to Heath Ledger's Joker, considering that the Joker from the Dark Knight was a straight up psychopath, while Joakim Phoenix's Joker was a person just like you and me....

  • Ai'la Ashworth
    Ai'la Ashworth

    These "adults" don't know anything, do they?

  • Kpkp Kpop
    Kpkp Kpop

    joker movie is a masterpiece it isn't movie it's something that i can't describe i addicted this movie

    • Ai'la Ashworth
      Ai'la Ashworth

      Me too

  • Dacky Lad
    Dacky Lad

    The guy in the blue top kept going so into it 😄

  • FIL MV
    FIL MV

    1:50 but in reality Murray actually never did call him that. It was in his head

  • Eamon Films
    Eamon Films

    Please do generations react to “GOOD BOYS”

  • GrassTypePokemom

    I have loved Joaquin Phoenix since he did Parenthood with Martha Plimpton and Keanu Reeves.

  • Congeste 2
    Congeste 2

    Mark Hamill's Laugh and Heath Ledger's Madness ohhhhhh they make super combo and this movie I had been dying to see his laugh Me after the movie: "hahahaha"

  • Shaggy with 1 000 subscribers
    Shaggy with 1 000 subscribers

    It was boring this joker

  • Joshuel David
    Joshuel David

    That red hair girl is so smart with her opinions❤️

  • Sybil Ramsey
    Sybil Ramsey

  • Fiddle Schtick
    Fiddle Schtick

    “All it takes is one bad day.” One of jokers best quotes and goes perfect with this movie!

    • Ai'la Ashworth
      Ai'la Ashworth

      He had a lifetime of "bad days" though

  • Leon2890

    I watch the movie it was crazy plus it on Blu-ray and DVD

  • Daun Cena
    Daun Cena

    I for one like the Mark Hamill joker from the animated series. Back from the 90’s Batman, the animated show that used to be on Cartoon Network that was my joker

  • Mr. Trying To Be A Good One
    Mr. Trying To Be A Good One

    Made more than 1.070 billion globally. Won 2 Golden Globe awards. Won 2 Oscars.


    The movie just make me wanna UwU

  • Trudy Jones
    Trudy Jones

    I wish the Joker was a real person in real life.

  • AniMus

    I mean like the Joker from Batman, forgot which one. but he got an OSCAR. but this guy. this GUY. deserves one NO CAP

  • Sand Man
    Sand Man

    Mark Hamil will always be the real Joker.

  • morgan rose
    morgan rose

    I think it’s really cool to see all these older generations so disturbed about a villain as the main focus of the movie when younger generations tend to favor the villains because they are always more realistic and littered with flaws we all share

  • Zukile Jam-jam
    Zukile Jam-jam

    Really good movie, I got chills in that scene he says, "You know what's funny? You know what really makes me laugh? I used to think that my life was a tragedy and now I realise, it's a fucking comedy." 😩

  • Brian Haggenmiller
    Brian Haggenmiller

    Shoutout to Jouaquin Phoenix for being an awesome joker

  • Jimi strøm
    Jimi strøm

    Everyone uses “ litterally “ Do people even know what it means?

  • livingtrashcan


  • better late than never
    better late than never

    This film is Awesome!

  • Hay Hay
    Hay Hay

    Heath Ledger 💜

  • Panagiotis Kotridis
    Panagiotis Kotridis

    comic book r rated movies Joker Logan deadpool (kick ass , watchmen ,kingsman , hellboy , sincity , 300 ,blade)

  • dan diego
    dan diego

    Make the version of ledger you cowards

  • Nibsin

    0:48 and he did

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