Ali Gatie - It's You (Official Lyrics Video)
Ali Gatie
Ali Gatie's new single 'It's You' out now. Listen & Follow below!
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  • prabaa Abshara
    prabaa Abshara

    j' adore cette musique like si toi aussi tu aime

  • A & Z
    A & Z


  • douaa :D
    douaa :D

    🌺 انتِ 🌺

  • aung marip07
    aung marip07

    I love this song so much ❤

  • Amelia Crystal
    Amelia Crystal

    I came here cuz of tiktok😂

  • لوكو || LOCO'
    لوكو || LOCO'

    Comment "you" in ur language ill start: أنت❤️.

  • Valery Ximena
    Valery Ximena

    Super linda 🤤

  • waged loves unicorns
    waged loves unicorns

    I'm broken U don't have to like

  • Gyo_xvii

    Someone who has a crush on me sent me this song... unfortunately I don’t love him back but it’s so sad:(

  • Manita Dahal
    Manita Dahal

    Not relatable but still love this masterpiece❤😍 Any single souls?🙌

  • Kateryna Kalashnyk
    Kateryna Kalashnyk

    Like si está canción te recuerda a Cameron

  • Xx Peep
    Xx Peep


  • Lula Tubers
    Lula Tubers

    Esta canción me hace recordar a cameron boyce😭

  • Jammie DuRant
    Jammie DuRant

    everybody: *making memes* Nobody Else: Me: Finding this song through a new Facebook friend.

  • Luca

    met a lot of people but nobody feels like yoooouuu

  • I'm a PotATo
    I'm a PotATo

    I SWEAR TO GOD there was an ad before the video and it was this song or it was in it idk I didn't have time to react

  • Muhammad Faris
    Muhammad Faris

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  • Pxnk.scrunchies X
    Pxnk.scrunchies X

    0:31 is the place ur looking for

  • Loubna Ben
    Loubna Ben


  • Grace Wafer401
    Grace Wafer401

    BEST SONG OF 2019!!!! 💞❤️💝

  • Mohammed Alkaabi
    Mohammed Alkaabi

    ali gatie gets me in the mood :(

  • Sugar rocks Edit
    Sugar rocks Edit

    I like this song

  • Exotic Error
    Exotic Error

    This song reminds me of all the amazing moments i had with my ex who i still love but who has no feeling for me anymore.. everytime i listen to this song i start crying and dying inside bcs of all the good and amazing moments who come back to me..

  • Youdontneedto know
    Youdontneedto know

    Who else is NOT from TikTok

  • Rashida Hankins
    Rashida Hankins

    If it was me you have been here Hassan

  • Moni Mamo
    Moni Mamo


  • Mzf zainer
    Mzf zainer

    More thn 1000000btimess keep repeating😂😂😂

  • Joan Michelle Sonido
    Joan Michelle Sonido

    Lyrics 💖

  • Leyre Perezz
    Leyre Perezz

    Me trasmite tanta paz...

  • Nada El-Tayech
    Nada El-Tayech

    Me over here wishing I had a boyfriend

  • Samte Hau
    Samte Hau

    People:... Me: listining to this song for centuries😔

  • Zlatko Damqnov
    Zlatko Damqnov


  • P A Y T A H
    P A Y T A H

    my girlfriend showed me this song but now I cannot stop listening to it. she's 7 702 km s away and i am not going to see her for 2 monthes. i got her a gift ( a new phone she broke hers and every time i call her the phone stops so she have to restartiteverytime hahha) and i am exited to give it to her because her last birthday we couldn't spend teh day together, her father ruined everything. Good luck guys if you are in a distance relationship or if you arealone or whatever. smile because evryone deserve smiling.

  • Asang Jamir
    Asang Jamir

    I like this song !!!😆😆

  • Rohan Dutta
    Rohan Dutta

    3am and im here

  • yintai vue
    yintai vue

    No one: Absolutely no one: Me: You will fine love ❤👌😊

  • The Moon Star
    The Moon Star

    Who came for tik tok?? 😂🤔😁❤️Me!! 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

  • idk why
    idk why

    nobody: literally not a single soul: tiktik: ah shit here we go again

  • projectmusic

    I did a guitar cover ! Thought you guys might like it :)

  • ahmed saeed
    ahmed saeed

    What a song bro out of word right now ❤️❤️

  • Amanda Tongilava
    Amanda Tongilava


  • Kathleen Hennessy
    Kathleen Hennessy

    Why doesnt this video show up at the bottom of my screen when i hit my home button on my phone but every other one does

  • Rou Roux
    Rou Roux


  • maddie cakes0109
    maddie cakes0109

    Oof I cant wait till I get a Manz this is finna be our song

  • lucia m.
    lucia m.


  • Bts Gacha
    Bts Gacha

    Tik tok people:*people who looked like one of the cartoon character in the show* it's you

  • OurSlicee

    I'm not sad I'm not angry I'm not depressed I just like the song

  • Billy Seven
    Billy Seven

    Lol did you guys watch my videos to get hooked on to this ?

  • Tanqr is da best Lol
    Tanqr is da best Lol

    It’s u my but

  • Vitoria Leandro
    Vitoria Leandro

    Essa msc é maravilhosa caraaa

  • Anniera St-Hubert
    Anniera St-Hubert

    omg love it

  • *Gacha Angel*UwU
    *Gacha Angel*UwU


  • Lana Guisseppi
    Lana Guisseppi

    let's just say I got played .and I did not study it because if you say you was not interested in me 3 yrs so

  • Nivro


  • lost gamer
    lost gamer

    I feel this song was made for me ♥️

  • Lydia Sowles
    Lydia Sowles

    I’ve been broke and I continue to break

  • Naomi_ x392
    Naomi_ x392

    My crush just posted this on his story...I feel it’s aimed but I ain’t saying anything it’s probs for another girl

  • Gacha_ELySE _
    Gacha_ELySE _

    From Mike and Eleven goalsounds edit on tiktok

  • araaxo

    i need an online friend so bad ughhhh 😣.

  • Ser.•

    When u are a single lonely cat but u still listen to this 'couse its so god damn beautiful 😂

  • Soha Sabri
    Soha Sabri

    Tik tok ❤️❤️😍

  • Rawan

    إنبسطت لمن شفت العربي.. شكراً لك🧡

  • Callum Mc keown
    Callum Mc keown

    Hits hard

  • 웃Boi웃웃Hungry웃

    This hits different when you are sad.

  • Lea Kraft
    Lea Kraft

  • Jessica Letellier
    Jessica Letellier

    Qui et la grâce à tik tok perso moi 😌

  • farhana mardhiah
    farhana mardhiah

    this song reminds me to my ex. i know he was broken before knowing me. i loved him so much and ge told me so. then we lived happily. until one day, i made mistake. i said harsh words. and he suddenly told me that his ex never say that kind of word. he telling me that i am bad. He said he missed his ex. while i loved him so much. i cried a lot! ask him to forget his ex. and we stayed. then second time he also told me about his ex. repeat! than, third time... he didnt reply my messages. he said he cant forget her. my heart broke too much. i Cant bear this pain anymore. I was not the one who break his heart.. but he himself.. we was having relationship since 2017. and... last month. june 2019. it was HURT. but its okay. i will move On soon. bcause i wont hurt forever.. begging someone to stay. done! sorry broken english. I am just sharing my shit love story.

    • farhana mardhiah
      farhana mardhiah

      But i enjoy this song! ❤

  • Nayer Ashraf
    Nayer Ashraf

    My ex sent me that song, then cheated, isn’t it ironic? 😂😂

  • Aniyah R
    Aniyah R

    My favorite song

  • Fan Girl
    Fan Girl


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