Am I Pregnant?
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  • Shinali Dutt
    Shinali Dutt

    Flynn is so cute

  • Shinali Dutt
    Shinali Dutt

    That happens to me sometimes

  • Kaitlyn_kait

    -and then I tried- 👀 👃🏻 👄

  • katofrie

    OOoh girl yesss adopting ♥ Totally had the same idea! It sounds amazing helping out children who need a good family like yours

  • Savannah Penn
    Savannah Penn

    You can break out when pregnant

  • Savannah Penn
    Savannah Penn

    They can take your eggs and put them in someone else

  • Audrey Martindale
    Audrey Martindale

    3:36 Flynn’s Lizzo concert!

  • Catherine DeFilippo
    Catherine DeFilippo

    All pregnancy is different

  • Remas Naseer
    Remas Naseer

    Can’t she get a surrogate to have bio kids without getting pregnant

  • Mckenzie Smit
    Mckenzie Smit

    I love your videos hope you feel beter

  • Anne Boleyn
    Anne Boleyn

    not every time she's pregnant it'll be awful

  • Deuel T.
    Deuel T.

    I hope she gets pregnant again!! I want her to have different perspective about pregnancy...

  • Cathy Moses
    Cathy Moses


  • Wayne Hagen
    Wayne Hagen


  • _Scorpiozzz_

    Miranda Sings is normal? I come back after 7 years to find out she is actually a human being from earth? And not an alien from outer space?

  • Stewie Bone
    Stewie Bone

    I’m so confused because in a Twitter post there was two lines and you said look closer so now I’m confused

  • Emily Joly
    Emily Joly

    If your pregnant again I'm going to cry and scream cry for real scream in my head because its 2:16 in the morning I love you guys your the best well see if your pregnant but I'm pretty sure you are because the title but ahhhhhh.

  • Queen of Ravenclaw
    Queen of Ravenclaw

    As I’ve heard by mother and my grandma( who has had 5 kids( 1pair of twins) and my mom who has had 2 kids) that the first pregnancy is a LOT harder than the rest

  • Rachel Rojevsky
    Rachel Rojevsky

    omg totally always

  • Amelie Weber
    Amelie Weber

    OMG!!! Are you ok??!! Try a pregnancy test.

  • googie

    me when my period comes late *and me when I get my period a day after*

  • Michael Karczewski
    Michael Karczewski

    I am 20 and I am 🤰

  • Veronica Rios
    Veronica Rios

    Uhh yes I have allergies I know the feeling it’s hell

  • Lyndy Durst
    Lyndy Durst

    I love that she sang a song about her period! And it was catchy!🤣

  • Jennifer Pouliot
    Jennifer Pouliot

    When my period hasn’t came I just thought it was late an didn’t think to much about it because I am irregular an also was on birth control an just gave it a good few more days see if I got it an I didn’t an I took a test an surprise I was pregnant lol

  • Msra France
    Msra France


  • Cindy Wright
    Cindy Wright

    I’m confused because she said she was pregnant when she was Miranda but she says she isn’t pregnant I’m confused

  • Emily Wright’s Edit Channel
    Emily Wright’s Edit Channel

    0:35 literally me right now xD

  • Ed McGregor
    Ed McGregor

    the coranavirus

  • Little Girls
    Little Girls

    You know full house aswell!!!!!!??????

  • Lisa Morton
    Lisa Morton

    So is she prego she never really answered the question

  • Liam Shine
    Liam Shine

    When will Flynn start School

  • Hannah and Lila wows
    Hannah and Lila wows

    I get it

  • Robyn Story
    Robyn Story

    I can take

  • Roshanda Dean
    Roshanda Dean

    I am not pregnant

  • Estelle Lauzon
    Estelle Lauzon

    all 3 of my pregnancies were different; you can never tell. You never know, you might enjoy the second one! Also, lip balm all over your nose. Just use a different one for your lips LOL

  • E P
    E P

    Colleen, if you are pregnant, my second pregnancy was much easier than my first! I also was miserable and fainting and crying my whole first pregnancy. But my second was a breeze. My second was a surprise, but it was so easy that I had two more and I’m now due for a fifth in august 🥳

  • Aira Coriage
    Aira Coriage

    seeing colleen wearing heart's merch!!! 💕💕💕💕

  • Stephanie Green
    Stephanie Green

    Considering she found out about Flynn in April but didn't tell us until June means we wouldn't know if she was truly pregnant this time until February 2020 just saying

  • Stephanie Church
    Stephanie Church

    I ran my toes over so many times when I was younger

  • Vanessa Osipov
    Vanessa Osipov

    She didn't say if she got her period tho

  • Nico Fan
    Nico Fan

    I love you guys

  • Louise Symonds
    Louise Symonds

    I feel exactly the same but I’m 13 and ik I’m not pregnant aha xx I have the same thing where I have a blocked nose but it’s running 😂🙁❤️

  • A Gan
    A Gan

    I love you

  • Rethinking MyLifeChoices
    Rethinking MyLifeChoices

    Cory is precious I’m sorry if I spelled his name wrong

  • KitKat Katie
    KitKat Katie

    Ik how u feel about the runny/stuffy nose that happens to me sometimes but not that often

  • Mara Guerra Aguirre
    Mara Guerra Aguirre

    I swear if Colleen ends up on the, "I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant" show on TLC, 😑😑😑😑😑😑😑....... I WILL EXPLODE!!!!!😫😫😫😫💖💖💖💖

  • Logan Younts
    Logan Younts

    When you're nose is clogged like that pull your cheek and open your nostril farther

    • Logan Younts
      Logan Younts

      And then blow your nose

  • Holla At The KI D
    Holla At The KI D

    Chap stick on your nose when things like that happens. It HELPS!

  • Chloe White
    Chloe White


  • Macey Novacek
    Macey Novacek

    I would be so happy if she is pregnant but also feel really bad for her because her first pregnancy was so tough

  • chubby donuts
    chubby donuts

    Same thing with the nose has been happening t me for the past 1 week and a half

  • Josephine Aikmus
    Josephine Aikmus

    Same with my nose

  • Lilly Hudson
    Lilly Hudson

    Flynn is sooo cute I love him

  • Pinky_WinkS Winkswinkswinks
    Pinky_WinkS Winkswinkswinks

    When your period doesnt come and your virgin. Thoughts: I AM THE VIRGIN MARY Me:............

    • Galaxy TaNiya
      Galaxy TaNiya

      That was me last year and this year lol

  • Lipstick Lullabies
    Lipstick Lullabies

    I love that she wants to adopt!!

  • Camryn Nicole
    Camryn Nicole

    The bleeding for one day or half a day would be implantation bleeding and is pretty common when first finding out you’re pregnant 😬

  • Leah curtiss
    Leah curtiss

    ....And she never took a Pregnancy test, so we’ll never know.

  • Hehe Its Me
    Hehe Its Me

    5:33 I think is the best part of this whole video. Beautiful singing btw

  • Jaime Burvill
    Jaime Burvill

    Pregnancy can change each time

  • Eilidh Aldridge
    Eilidh Aldridge

    All pregnancies are different don’t be scared to go through it again if you conceive again xx

  • Ashley D.
    Ashley D.

    You should get allergy testing doooode

  • Gary Dimaggio
    Gary Dimaggio

    Why do these people feel the need to video they're life I don't get it

  • Gunther

    But if you think your prego then have be doing the dirty

  • Abby E. Griffith
    Abby E. Griffith

    Your a good mom

  • destiny tomson
    destiny tomson

    Me right now:):):):)

  • Harley Em
    Harley Em

    In the beginning of the video; so I have those also, and it’s your sinuses clogged so make sure you sleep up to prevent your ears from temporarily hear less and don’t blow out, it makes it worse.

  • Elva Reyna
    Elva Reyna

    I hope she does get pregnant again

  • A D
    A D


  • The Roberts Paw Pack
    The Roberts Paw Pack

    If you don’t wanna get pregnant again just get your tubes tied, or maybe Erik should get a vasectomy 🤦🏻‍♀️

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