Ambjaay - Uno (Official Video)
Official video for Ambjaay’s Uno.
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Let’s party holmes
Invite all the bitches
100’s and 50’s, big old bitties , ey

No tres, you hear me?
Ey it cost to live like this, ya hear me


Uno, dos, no tres she a thot tho
We got bitches shaking ass in the lot tho
Big chop knock a nigga out zapatos
Still gettin queso, like nachos

Uno, dos, no tres she a thot tho
We got bitches shaking ass in the lot tho
Big chop knock a nigga out zapatos
Still gettin queso, like nachos

[Verse 1]

Hit it from the back then I tell her no mas
She a freak had to tell a bitch hola
Bend it over, I want your panocha
She call me papi, I hit it with no socks
She like ‘Jay, can I get some dick , por favor?’
I’m like ‘Yeah, check it out, close the door’
Choppa go blocka, yeah I’m finna up the score
It' a peel a nigga back like a fuckin’ orange
She brought dinero, I told her ‘Gracias!’
She gone suck the fuckin’ dick like a lollipop
Chop make em' milly rock, dick make her body drop
Pussy wet like a mop, she call the policía
Hop in the fuckin’ Coupe like ‘Adios!’
I don’t want her no more, tell her ’Vaminos!’
Yeah, I gotta go, you all cap like ponchos
Chop shit a nigga down since he macho
I tell her pull up on the kid, mañana
I beat the pussy up like a piñana
I tell her work that thing like Rihanna
Hit her from the back she gone call me papa
Bend it over, yeah
Make it clap quick
Dunk in her pussy, yeah I’m on that Shaq shit
So fly, post a pic with no caption
My Mexican bitch got an English

She wanna fuck , I tell her ‘Si, tap in’
She gone blow my pito, with no hands
Hop in the fuckin cupta, blow bands
Lookin’ like a fuckin’ bag when I roll in
Glock with a beam, make a nigga cha-cha
Bust on her face, she look like horchata
Yeah, say hello to my chappa
I’ve been the shit since I came out my mama


Uno, dos, no tres she a thot tho
We got bitches shaking ass in the lot tho
Big chop knock a nigga out zapatos
Still gettin queso, like nachos

Uno, dos, no tres she a thot tho
We got bitches shaking ass in the lot tho
Big chop knock a nigga out zapatos
Still gettin queso, like nachos

[Verse 2]

Ayy, bitch
I need my pesos
Put a hole in his ass like a bagel
Niggas putos, chopped, leave it case closed
Bust down, I got Cubans and Francos
Shout out Ralo, that’s my migo
Pockets on big show, she got a deep throat
Bitch I’m the plug, El Chapo
I put meat in her shell like a taco
Bitch, I’m Gasoliiina
Y’ardy goin’ up like arriba
Big chop, knock him out his Reeboks
You cant see me, feel like John Cena
Ride with mops like we cleant up
Bitch I bleed the scene, should’ve seen us
I get cheese, quesadilla
You niggas bitch made like Madea
We up
Y’all can’t keep up
She like ‘Jay you on that mean stuff’
She a bad mamasita
Bust down, she gone hold the nina
Shake that ass like a seizure
I don’t want that bitch, imma bleed her
To be honest, you can keep her
My Mexican bitch drive a Beamer
Director - Abraham Recio (Mu$ty BoYz)
Producer - Ryland Burns (
Commissioner - Saul Levitz
Cinematographer - Russ Fraser
Steadicam - Bill Hunt
1st AC - Set Gallager
Gaffer - Dimitri Christoforidis
1st AD - Ryan Pratt
2nd AD - Joshua Powell
Stylist - Amira Vee
Stylist - Rhyan Santos
Production Design - Jade Spiers
Set Dresser - Steele O'Neal
Hair Dresser - Cielo Guzman
Casting - Jonny Problem
PA - Anthony Ochoa
Colorist - Asa Fox
Special thanks to Columbia Records, Fernington Coat Factory, Winos Only Car Club, Tacos Mexico, and everyone th

  • prince eyoy
    prince eyoy

    now this needs subtitles


    when y pass spanish class

  • J.A S
    J.A S

    I swear I thought it was Young M.A with this banger 🤣🤣👍🔥

  • Damian Tomlinson
    Damian Tomlinson


  • sophiaฯ

    me being half Hispanic and black 🤩

  • ElenvenzYT

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  • Mike Jones
    Mike Jones

    His is the man i listen all my spinish music from him

  • Jaidden Willman
    Jaidden Willman

    I love this song

  • Yolanda Orozco
    Yolanda Orozco

    635k likes but where the subs?

  • Wildgamer 912
    Wildgamer 912

    Is this all the spanish words he only learned from only Spanish 1/2??

  • Tee TwoTimes
    Tee TwoTimes

    Song go hard but we're all just gonna ignore the fact that he sounds JUST like Young M.A. ? Sound biting if you ask me 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • lil_ Juan
    lil_ Juan

    0:57 acaso dijo amo tu panocha 😂😂😂😩

  • Enric0

    He looks like lil baby

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    smoke over

    Lil pump eres tú? XD Like si viniste por lupom

  • thinkblue 310
    thinkblue 310

    This straight trash.

  • Geeza Offical
    Geeza Offical

    When your Spain said “make a song for Spanish, she didn’t mean this

  • William Speakman
    William Speakman

    Your Are dum dum dum dum stu pud

  • R188 7 Train Guy, NYY fans
    R188 7 Train Guy, NYY fans

    My classmates always sing this and I wonder what's the song called.

    • R188 7 Train Guy, NYY fans
      R188 7 Train Guy, NYY fans

      But definitely, I don't know why are they singing for. Pero no manches wey.

  • Crystal Currichi
    Crystal Currichi


  • Mrs.Jendeuk

    Berkcan güvenin dansından gelmeyende ne bilm

  • amirthewarrior

    Lil Nas x I am going to blow up Ambjaay hold my chonkla



  • Junior Frederic
    Junior Frederic

    This guy French is Terrible I couldn’t understand none of the words

  • Jay Stuckey
    Jay Stuckey

    I love this song

  • Brandon Espinoza
    Brandon Espinoza

    Uno, dos, tres y el taco.. del pastor.

  • Dankor

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    If duolingo was a rapper

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  • Langston,s World
    Langston,s World

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  • Michael Jenkins
    Michael Jenkins

    uno you are the best

  • Michael Santos
    Michael Santos

    Literally one of the worst songs I've ever heard in my life. Holy shit this dude just seems like he was just born dumb. The video somehow makes the entire thing worse though, shit blows my mind.

  • Goblin Gameplay
    Goblin Gameplay

    parece funk BR com beat da bahia

  • Joseph Fernandez
    Joseph Fernandez


  • Mike Smith
    Mike Smith

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    Mudcreek Outlaw

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  • Pat Landers
    Pat Landers

    The OG’s of rap need to put an end to this shit this is getting out-of-control this ugly mf needs to get beat for making this ...And for those of you who like this and approve of this you’re obviously part of this new goofball/pussy generation

  • ImOnTop X
    ImOnTop X

    lil Baby? Lmao

  • Miller QŠ
    Miller QŠ

    los uno to los te y los tatos :v :v :v

  • Andre Mottley
    Andre Mottley

    My best friend just pmo this song last night & I been jamming ever since. 😂😂

  • Veronica Maria Lopez
    Veronica Maria Lopez

    Love it! He put cumbia and hip hop together 🔥🔥 his Spanish is good too

  • ツdecii

    This song is just repeating it's so baad

  • Karen Marezz
    Karen Marezz

    LMAO ʅ(´⊙◞⊱◟⊙`)ʃ

  • Yesh uwah
    Yesh uwah

    The fact that homie rhymed the English word with the Spanish word and still made sense... is true art. Salute to this pochismo Pachuco!

  • christopher von Memes
    christopher von Memes

    Ahuevo, phince rola mamalona

  • Knee Ger
    Knee Ger

    This dude looks like Pennywise when he smiles

  • Bianca Carrillo
    Bianca Carrillo

    I just can't hear "she a thot tho", as much as I listen to it, it just sounds like he's trying to say something in Spanish but don't know how or what 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️😂

  • iAMVertix

    Whoever likes this song probably has autism.

  • ahn00bus510

    This a giddy music

  • TSFY_Acyd_Gawd2

    Holy shit I was there when they were filming that video

  • pinche Aqua
    pinche Aqua

    How to end recism

  • emilio scher
    emilio scher

    I thought this guy was actually Mexican

  • Supreme why not
    Supreme why not

    Has anyooone notices the beat at like 40 sounds alot like the begining beat of the song jesus is the one


    0:31 didn't even hang up :(

  • Jordyn’s World
    Jordyn’s World

    Me when I pass dulingo

  • Verium

    I have a problem with a black individual trying to talk Spanish or using a typical Mexican styled beat (I’m Puerto Rican) why y’all niggas think it’s okay to act like victims against the whites and shit when y’all doin wack ass shit like this? Trash music.

  • thatoneguywhokeepslookingatyou lol
    thatoneguywhokeepslookingatyou lol

    I lowkey thought this was from blueface lol

  • The Last Virgin Stifler
    The Last Virgin Stifler

    muy good

  • Socorro Vicencio
    Socorro Vicencio

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    Spiider Sabiich

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  • Fortnite Trash
    Fortnite Trash

    Me an intellectual who goes to Spanish class, Veintiuno, veintidos, veintitres shes a prostitute though.

  • XxGamerBossPlayzYTxX -ROBLOX-
    XxGamerBossPlayzYTxX -ROBLOX-

    We have a bad Lil Naz X

  • BGM Geek
    BGM Geek

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    Brittany Kuhl

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    tony montana

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    Ay la taco moment

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    Wendy Castro

    I like uno dos los tres y el teatro my family like that music

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    Kate Steele

    No one: Ambjaay: thinks he’s Mexican so he wears a cowboy hat

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