Ambjaay - Uno (Official Video)
Official video for Ambjaay’s Uno.
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Let’s party holmes
Invite all the bitches
100’s and 50’s, big old bitties , ey

No tres, you hear me?
Ey it cost to live like this, ya hear me


Uno, dos, no tres she a thot tho
We got bitches shaking ass in the lot tho
Big chop knock a nigga out zapatos
Still gettin queso, like nachos

Uno, dos, no tres she a thot tho
We got bitches shaking ass in the lot tho
Big chop knock a nigga out zapatos
Still gettin queso, like nachos

[Verse 1]

Hit it from the back then I tell her no mas
She a freak had to tell a bitch hola
Bend it over, I want your panocha
She call me papi, I hit it with no socks
She like ‘Jay, can I get some dick , por favor?’
I’m like ‘Yeah, check it out, close the door’
Choppa go blocka, yeah I’m finna up the score
It' a peel a nigga back like a fuckin’ orange
She brought dinero, I told her ‘Gracias!’
She gone suck the fuckin’ dick like a lollipop
Chop make em' milly rock, dick make her body drop
Pussy wet like a mop, she call the policía
Hop in the fuckin’ Coupe like ‘Adios!’
I don’t want her no more, tell her ’Vaminos!’
Yeah, I gotta go, you all cap like ponchos
Chop shit a nigga down since he macho
I tell her pull up on the kid, mañana
I beat the pussy up like a piñana
I tell her work that thing like Rihanna
Hit her from the back she gone call me papa
Bend it over, yeah
Make it clap quick
Dunk in her pussy, yeah I’m on that Shaq shit
So fly, post a pic with no caption
My Mexican bitch got an English

She wanna fuck , I tell her ‘Si, tap in’
She gone blow my pito, with no hands
Hop in the fuckin cupta, blow bands
Lookin’ like a fuckin’ bag when I roll in
Glock with a beam, make a nigga cha-cha
Bust on her face, she look like horchata
Yeah, say hello to my chappa
I’ve been the shit since I came out my mama


Uno, dos, no tres she a thot tho
We got bitches shaking ass in the lot tho
Big chop knock a nigga out zapatos
Still gettin queso, like nachos

Uno, dos, no tres she a thot tho
We got bitches shaking ass in the lot tho
Big chop knock a nigga out zapatos
Still gettin queso, like nachos

[Verse 2]

Ayy, bitch
I need my pesos
Put a hole in his ass like a bagel
Niggas putos, chopped, leave it case closed
Bust down, I got Cubans and Francos
Shout out Ralo, that’s my migo
Pockets on big show, she got a deep throat
Bitch I’m the plug, El Chapo
I put meat in her shell like a taco
Bitch, I’m Gasoliiina
Y’ardy goin’ up like arriba
Big chop, knock him out his Reeboks
You cant see me, feel like John Cena
Ride with mops like we cleant up
Bitch I bleed the scene, should’ve seen us
I get cheese, quesadilla
You niggas bitch made like Madea
We up
Y’all can’t keep up
She like ‘Jay you on that mean stuff’
She a bad mamasita
Bust down, she gone hold the nina
Shake that ass like a seizure
I don’t want that bitch, imma bleed her
To be honest, you can keep her
My Mexican bitch drive a Beamer
Director - Abraham Recio (Mu$ty BoYz)
Producer - Ryland Burns (
Commissioner - Saul Levitz
Cinematographer - Russ Fraser
Steadicam - Bill Hunt
1st AC - Set Gallager
Gaffer - Dimitri Christoforidis
1st AD - Ryan Pratt
2nd AD - Joshua Powell
Stylist - Amira Vee
Stylist - Rhyan Santos
Production Design - Jade Spiers
Set Dresser - Steele O'Neal
Hair Dresser - Cielo Guzman
Casting - Jonny Problem
PA - Anthony Ochoa
Colorist - Asa Fox
Special thanks to Columbia Records, Fernington Coat Factory, Winos Only Car Club, Tacos Mexico, and everyone th

  • Ezapata

    Damn bruh he don’t even identify as Latino or Afro-Latino but killed it better than any current Latino rappers out here rn, I feel mad ashamed xD

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    I AM D.E.E.P


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    Yofavv Morgan

    When you get your keys to your teachers classroom 0:18

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    Estefania Ramirez

    Wtf happen to music now a days seriously 😐 lol music was way lit back in the days 90’s

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    • Chito chito
      Chito chito

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    That shit is funny I like it

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    0:18 when you sneaky wit stuff😂

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    Jay Rich

    When ur spanish teacher says u get a A for the rest of the year if you do a spanish rap

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    James Lee

    Damn thisis trash

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    Roy Dunn

    This nigga black 😱😱😱

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    gacha wolf123

    Still getting cash on like nachos.dude I cant stop hearing that

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    Jacob Dominique

    Boy he copied Lil nas x look

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    Selfish Stockton

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    This shit is sad AF..... Gotta be 18 and under to even listen to this shit. Lmfao, music industry is lost.

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    John Doe

    Hm. As Atlanta has prophesied - There really is a black Justin Beiber.

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    Selfish Stockton

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    Ron McDon

    its sad cause YG and Ambjaay using their rhythm but make better beats than 98% of the chicano rappers. Why didn't sadboy or king g think of something like this? I bet they will now.

    • Ron McDon
      Ron McDon

      @Anthony Hernandez shit was HORRIBLE. they got no flow.

    • Anthony Hernandez
      Anthony Hernandez


    • Anthony Hernandez
      Anthony Hernandez

      they had twins doing this i forgot their names but they took BANDA beats and made it hiphopish

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      Anthony Hernandez

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