America's wilderness is for sale
We need more copper. Is it worth destroying this place?
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The Trump administration has opened up America's public lands to mining and fossil fuel companies on an unprecedented scale, lifting decades-long protections from millions of acres of wilderness across the country. In Minnesota, one proposed copper mine is pitting neighbors against each other as they weigh the benefits of new mining jobs against the environmental consequences of new mines. It’s an old American debate that’s been further complicated here by an unforgiving reality: We need copper, and there are not that many places to get it. is a news website that helps you cut through the noise and understand what's really driving the events in the headlines. Check out
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  • Mustaffa Ukshin
    Mustaffa Ukshin

    Get obama back

  • P.W.Geethika Isuru Sampath
    P.W.Geethika Isuru Sampath

    Time to think seriously

  • james Dudge
    james Dudge

    Roosevelt is actually a bit of a contradiction. He was one of the most impactful early big game hunters in Africa, killing thousands of animals for trophy/gain. He did make the national parks but it needs a full picture!

  • Plants Tho
    Plants Tho

    Communal housing would solve the copper crisis, I'm guessing.

  • Bernardo Cunha
    Bernardo Cunha

    Funny how the left that’s against the mining uses theodore Roosevelt name to defend the forest but that same left took down his monument.

  • Pigeon

    Why dont they collect all the heavy metal and sell it?

  • Alice Pooper
    Alice Pooper

    cant be found anywhere else in the world???? guess you've never been to Canada

  • Jeff Archer
    Jeff Archer

    So much Copper in our dumps. Always thought about mining landfills. Mines need to clean up the waste. Extract the lead and arsenic and sell them. Add it to the cost of the product. Drying it and storing it is not a solution.

  • Michael

    White peoples perspective is that teddy saved American land . While natives perspective is that president who is hunting them saves and kick them out of thier land and destroy the rest

  • BungHolio Bro
    BungHolio Bro

    ... and China is buying

  • Sinuous

    It's too late, we are already on a downward spiral that we can't reverse. We've opened Pandora's box with plastic, combined with everything else we are doing to this planet, we are doomed. The ocean is slowly turning acidic, by 2045 there may no longer be fish in the ocean, phytoplankton, responsible for half the earth's oxygen will end up dying, the other half of our oxygen comes from plants and we are already destroying that. We are adding 80 million people to the world every year, that's the country of Germany every year. We have killed half of the animals on the planet already. We can't focus on specific problems, we have to focus on the destruction of the earth and eventual extinction of humans.

  • GordonLLC

    Miners to be paid $90,000 .... let me know I’ll book my one way ticket 🎫

  • Ale Her
    Ale Her

    I hate it here

  • kartik adhia
    kartik adhia

    I don't know how they call themselves "conservatives".. ? Ever thought about the meaning of that word ?

  • Alpha zen
    Alpha zen

    Making America great, for the corporations.

  • Sanon ymous
    Sanon ymous

    Vox - Seasonal workers make less than All Year workers. Maf.... Awesome Job Vox.

  • Donald Nguyen
    Donald Nguyen

    Im pretty sure we could find an alternative that could be even better than copper

  • Michael Winslow
    Michael Winslow

    Don’t mine the copper and stop making wind turbines because they only last 20 years max, stop making solar panels because they don’t last very long either and electric cars are literally a catastrophic environmental disaster. Of course stop using copper to make phones by cannibalize old phones and stop upgrading.

  • Ayaz Tutla
    Ayaz Tutla

    Anyone know the beautiful background music?

  • Chase Hall
    Chase Hall

    American land has always been for sale and that’s what national and state parks are for, they are so posed to be reserves not for sale

  • Warrior J
    Warrior J

    stop buying electronics then

  • camazotzz

    does anyone honestly think Biden is gonna do anything about this if he's elected? these people all have the same owners

    • Deniz Tekalp
      Deniz Tekalp

      Biden's presidency will probably be a continuation of Obama's & the Obama administration (where Biden was VP) blocked opening of the mine.

  • Francisco Juarez
    Francisco Juarez

    It's a great video, thanks for the information about our forests.

  • Zander Rehberg
    Zander Rehberg

    I support the mining and expansion of the economy.

  • Kevin Bos
    Kevin Bos

    This happens because of our demand for more copper

  • Alpha Wiley
    Alpha Wiley

    Yes there are many places to get copper, all the endless equipment getting thrown out instead of recycled, the world throws out 4 trillion dollars worth of things they mined out of the ground and made into things instead of recycling them and making more money out of them.

  • Sam’schannel531

    Why not just put the tailings underground and fill in the tunnels with them? Easy storage and reduces risk of collapse and release.

  • That Dope Dude
    That Dope Dude

    mining that copper is more important then that lake

  • Spliff Sensei Roe Jogan
    Spliff Sensei Roe Jogan

    Stop issuing pennies and repurpose for reuse

  • Tom Cassidy
    Tom Cassidy

    Profit, profit, profit.

  • ggamer77


  • BryceLovesTech

    So sad what we are doing to the earth

  • pl 48
    pl 48

    The price of copper is on a record low anyhow

  • Rabbit Black
    Rabbit Black

    I don’t know what to say 😔 it is so heart breaking 💔 this is very hard hitting for me and my family 😔 it’s a very hard choice for us to choose a cell phone or a tree.. we all got updated phones 🤷‍♂️

  • Bob Snipes
    Bob Snipes

    Good! More for you and me!

  • Kilroy88

    Why do we allow the ignorant few to ruin life for the majority???

  • John Dunbar
    John Dunbar

    Copper is more important than clean water. Thats why democrats give poor black people lead in their water.

  • Michael Schaller
    Michael Schaller

    This is where trump is wrong !!!!!?you dont shot where you eat

  • sinister1

    why not use the waste to make geo-ploymer concrete the slus from it would be great for more natural concrete and a stronger formulation also

  • sanjuansteve

    America - land of the fear-filled, home of the greedy (fear-filled). It's a disease.

  • dutchgala

    I like this station.

  • coky coky
    coky coky

    Thanks to trumpt and his administration America is all for sale.

  • Maunster!

    0:05, whoa, no, no, no you do not want to drink water like that it could have nasty amoebas in it.

  • Davida Fenderson
    Davida Fenderson

    Wow, that was a powerfully put together.

  • Dreamcee

    What a beautiful looking place such a shame


    0:24 looks like Finland. Save it. Nothing is more important!

  • Daniel Jones
    Daniel Jones

    We need lorax

  • RollCake Cookie
    RollCake Cookie

    They do know that without those trees the air will turn into deadly gas right?

  • d jack
    d jack

    I gotta go here and drink that water b4 trump F%$KS it up !!!!! Something like this should be protected as a NATIONAL TREASURE

  • Star Gazer
    Star Gazer

    Madness!!!!! Worldwide drinking water is in jeopardy! We can't live without drinking water!!!!

  • Andrew

    Right now the benefits of electric cars aren’t that great. Cobalt mining has a much worse impact on the environment than this does. I believe from a materials breakdown of a Tesla Model 3, it’s about a 7 year payoff before the model 3 becomes more environmentally friendly versus a gas or diesel car. Said batteries only last about 10 years. Oil drilling really isn’t that bad for the environment, it’s really only the spills that are. We need investment into better batteries that last longer and use fewer scarce resources. Once we do that I feel electric vehicles will take over for passenger cars, and once we get batteries that can charge quicker and hold more energy, then we’ll see a turnover to electric trucks for goods.

  • Jon Forrest
    Jon Forrest

    Personally, I don’t think ANY products should be manufactured if there is not a clear and approved recycling plan that is followed. We can keep mining, manufacturing using and throwing in a land fill..THAT is not sustainable.

  • Lance Huffstutler
    Lance Huffstutler

    The resources aren’t worth the damage

  • Inter Flash
    Inter Flash

    Just go mine some asteroids lol

  • Travis Thacker
    Travis Thacker

    It's not like it's 1850............................( We can mine Copper or Gold safely with out hurting to much of the environment.) Man has been doing this for years and eons. A wise old guys once said that if you can't take it out of the ground, grow it in the ground, or on a tree it does not exist. Plain and simple we have to farm and mine to have society and right now American Society is suffering badly because the elite wealthy and rich have their money and always have. They have their play grounds..................the bought them and preserved them. We new peeps got nothing...................if we don't mine or farm we don't grow. So #2 Solutions........................either keep up with the rest of the world and mine stuff or start culling the population off by 25% or 35% or even 50% That's the only 2 solutions and right now option #2 is what is going on in effect.................population control is going on rather then public growth.

  • Tom Bystander
    Tom Bystander

    Teddy Roosevelt's life work did more for most Americans than any other president. And each and every presidential term it gets chipped away

  • fg

    No more copper piping, let's go full stainless. It's the better choice.

  • Eric Wilson
    Eric Wilson

    This is absolutely madness...people are mining themselves as they mine our earth home . Their are greedy people in charge of out political powers . We all need to stop running the routine. Stop and listen...

  • Rowan A
    Rowan A

    I wish the conservatives would conserve

  • Brant Fredrickson
    Brant Fredrickson

    I didn't see anything about America's wilderness for sale, but ok.

  • MilesB

    Do mining companies have the equivalent of an "Organic" label --- something that actually allows them to charge more for the product while ensuring some level of sustainability?

  • Andrew Phillips
    Andrew Phillips

    now these dorks are tying to cancel teddy lol

  • K3lp Can
    K3lp Can

    In bristish columbia there 135 million acres of undeveloped forest so the old guy is wrong by a looooong shot He said this at 3:10

  • Rivera Robert
    Rivera Robert

    Karen ready to send her husband in to the mines

  • Oscar M.
    Oscar M.

    Great we humans at it again thinking we own planet earth

  • R B
    R B

    Eco tourism is the way!

  • Pavel Lagun
    Pavel Lagun

    When will the land your home is built on be reclaimed, what happen'd to the to the plants and animal that used to call "your" land home.

  • That Flippin Guy
    That Flippin Guy

    In all fairness, you shouldn’t fly a drone in any national park or forest.

  • Desde El Monte
    Desde El Monte

    Mine the Moon and asteroids

  • Eric Jones
    Eric Jones

    Trump is a business man.. People like him will always be Business minded remember it..

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