• Lillith8810

    I am confused why, if you have always felt male, you would get breast implants, and body shaping done. That just seems to counter what you are saying now. Why would someone who feels male want to make their body look more feminine.

  • Strawberry TallCake
    Strawberry TallCake

    I dunno guys I think this might be real

  • Jasmin Mora
    Jasmin Mora

    Has anyone actually finished this video?

  • carissa Carissas
    carissa Carissas

    Trisha I really think you need help. If you are already seeking help fire that person because they suck. I think your lonely and you have a hard time either loving yourself and someone else. You seek out the wrong partners. I feel that you need to take a long break, find out who Trisha really is. Find yourself and you will find love. I find this heartbreaking that you constantly have strife and issues in your life. Whether you or someone else causes it. Screw VN-my and get yourself together.

  • Kayleigh Mendes 17
    Kayleigh Mendes 17

    Wait is this recent or is this from awhile ago

  • Roxie Jodi
    Roxie Jodi

    On behalf of the entire LGBTQIA+ imma say we offended

  • Nick Torok
    Nick Torok

    Patric Star is a drag queen, not trans so you're not missing out on the transgender community by reading into his comment. You are going to loose a lot of people in your life being trans but it's worth it to be honest with yourself and to be yourself. 💜

  • Naͣfiͥsaͣhͪ Oury Bah
    Naͣfiͥsaͣhͪ Oury Bah

    Hmm 🤔

  • michelle bussiere
    michelle bussiere

    Just an act


    Nobody believers you......... BRO 🤔🧐

  • J E
    J E

    Instead of making an ass of yourself on social media, you could be cleaning your nasty ass dirty house. There’s some serious therapy right there!

  • 0 0
    0 0

    We need a content cop on this

  • Morgan Houston
    Morgan Houston

    This is the fakest cry breakdown or whatever you want to call it. The in n out of crying to then trying to validate. How is this an apology. It’s not. All this sniffling. With no tears. Girl. When you’re apologizing there’s no buts its accepting responsibility for something. You’re “upset” that people didn’t believe your concocted bullshit. 33 yrs old n this is the “career choice” you have chosen for yourself. You’ve been a nugget, a lesbian, a black Woman, now a TRANSGENDER n many more. IM NOT EVEN APART OF THE LGBT COMMUNITY N IM OFFENDED THAT YOU WOULD DO THIS. You need to see more than a therapist. Maybe a doctor or a PRIEST hunny. HOW R U FULLY NOT EDUCATED ON SOMETHING BUT CLAIMING THAT THATS WHAT YOU ARE. You’re making money off of issues that people go through and making a mockery off it. You’re pretending to be ignorant which is sad in itself. You’ve trolled since day one and never apologized for anything. You’re never gonna stop are you smh you’re absolutely ridiculous.

  • Mia Bawden
    Mia Bawden

    i honestly don’t believe she didn’t realise she was offending people

  • Michaela Minton
    Michaela Minton

    She put ad on this video cause she needs money to "transition"

  • Hey Lauren
    Hey Lauren

    Also, how have you managed to see a gender therapist for 6 months and stayed uneducated about being trans?

  • Syversen Syversen
    Syversen Syversen

    Trish: as a child i hated my breasts Also trish: **gets huge implants**

  • Layla Slater
    Layla Slater

    Ok I just want to say that she can identity how ever she wants, and honestly, whether she is trans or not I support it, because I can respect being confused or not really getting it. I respect her, even she expresses as a Women, she could be male, or vice versa.

  • Jamee

    Get it together hunnayy.. Be whatever you wanna be, how you wanna be it, but stop being dramatic about it. If you don't wanna explain it, don't explain. Be unapologetically you!!

  • Michaela Minton
    Michaela Minton

    So I see your not over Jason

  • Hey Lauren
    Hey Lauren

    "I just don't get how people can think that I can choose this" but in your previous video, you were using choice to describe how you identify over and over again. being trans is not a choice.

  • Mara BlackHeart
    Mara BlackHeart

    When I was little I hated my breasts *gets a boob job* “I’m so happy with my results” You’re such a liar stop deciding to do something new for the clout once a month, you’re disgusting

    • Renso Jiménez
      Renso Jiménez

      Mara BlackHeart musica


    Baby, you need help. Please take time off.

  • sammy dekay
    sammy dekay

    if she hated her boobs then why did she get so many boob jobs🤔

  • Mrs Monkeybean
    Mrs Monkeybean

    I truly think she’s just soooooo sexually open she is genuinely confused 🤷‍♀️

  • Arianna Bacon
    Arianna Bacon

    well dang, didn’t know it did that

  • Jeri Paulson
    Jeri Paulson

    Trisha if ur uncomfortable with your boobs and vagina that can be considered gender dysphoria and its true u dont have to transition to be trans but ull never be comfortable with them if ur trans. But u cant choose to be trans and u saying that u can is why so many people are angry. Do i think ur trans? Idk i dont know u only u can know that, but i think u need to do more research on trans terminology and what makes people trans and what will and wont offend the community. Personally I think that if u don’t try to be perceived as a man in ir day to day life u aren’t trans, but u dont need to have surgery or to go on T to be fully valid. Maybe try dressing like a boy, binding, packing stuff that trans people do to feel comfortable in their bodies and see how it makes u feel. Do it for a longer period if time then just for a role and see how it feels. If it makes u uncomfortable then ur probably not a guy but maybe ur nonbi idk. If they them confuses u look up neo pronouns. Neo pronouns were used before they them and people still use them. But u need to experiment and research more than you have been

  • Opp Sutton
    Opp Sutton

    We all say things we don't mean💯 Let's all just support her and be here for her💪

  • Mckenna Dowell
    Mckenna Dowell

    Your Demi girl do your research before assuming your gender there are more then 3 genders there are 58 look them up and maybe that would help you figure it out

  • Mckenna Dowell
    Mckenna Dowell

    Trishas weekly routine Makes a stupid video Apology Should I quit? Repeat

  • Alyssa Hebert
    Alyssa Hebert

    y’all all supportive for someone to explore their selves and their gender until trisha does it. fuck off

  • {{{{KÉ SiNGS}}}}
    {{{{KÉ SiNGS}}}}


  • sweet peaches
    sweet peaches

    i think she has issues like honeslty pretending you are trans, then bi, i don’t know what she is saying lately. there’s a problem get some help plzz

  • Majadi Patterson
    Majadi Patterson

    She has the money to transition so I smell major bullshit


    What is wrong with this woman or...Man!? Or idk even what the hell it is

  • Brandon VanHoozier
    Brandon VanHoozier

    Honestly i thought she was the chick that eats food while naked for money lol

  • Grey 0415
    Grey 0415

    Screw everyone if people in the LGBTQIA+ community is acting negatively towards you then they are not part of the community. We are constantly spreading positivity towards each other and respect everyone even if they are not sure who they are. And if they come out and later down the road realize they were wrong we support them anyway because thats what we are here for. After seeing your video I almost cried because every single thing you said I have been feeling for the past 2 years. Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation and not being non-binary but identifying as a male but looking like a women and not knowing how to explain yourself. There are people out there who support you so just keep looking. Ignore the negativity and I know that’s difficult but I have been called “Dike” and “fag” my whole life, but you just have to get through it. We are here for you, and some day people will see you for who you are.

  • Scott Anderson
    Scott Anderson

    It’s no ones business, the only issue with your video is articulating yourself. It’s peoples choice to be offended as opposed to open a conversation to find out more. Patrick Star true colours shown. Be yourself and when you discover how to express it, come back and rephrase. Word choice is very triggering in LGBTQ etc I think you’re confused in how to express yourself, it’s not as simple as “I didn’t have to brush my hair so I’m a boy,”... You need a Shane talk, Patrick Star isn’t the font of all things lgbt idiot how horrible and not a true friend if that’s his immediate reaction

  • Payton St. Jean
    Payton St. Jean

    “I posted that video and I didn’t think I would get so much backlash” “I’ve never talked about these things to anyone before because of the backlash”

  • Sage James
    Sage James

    She says she never liked her boobs, or vagina, but then she goes and gets enhancements and fucks pretty much everything that moves. Also you can “admire” the trans community but that doesn’t mean you’re a part of it.

  • Amber Nicole
    Amber Nicole

    This is what's wrong with the world. You cant identify as whatever you want. And it's just going to get worse. Trish and gigi I can't anymore this is wrong. And it's not called being ignorant.

  • Jamilla Elizabeth
    Jamilla Elizabeth

    When is this bitch not crying

  • Eden Rodriguez
    Eden Rodriguez

    “I never liked the attention, especially attention to my breasts” oh ok, nice shirt btw

  • Cannonmannon

    Bro. You’ve literally got your tits out. No one with issues with their body and think they’re a man would fucking do that. You’re not transgender. You don’t like masculine men. A lot of woman don’t. Doesn’t mean you’re a man.

  • Adventure Time
    Adventure Time


  • Sura S
    Sura S

    You contradicted yourself in your "coming out" video multiple times. You literally sounded like a parody on someone actually coming out. Your reasons for thinking your trans were actually ridiculous. No one will take the trans community seriously with your come out video if your video happens to be the first video someone will watch on transgender. You sounded like you were having an identity crises someone who is confused and someone who needs help because you attached a real issue to your unhealthy desire for attention. With your large platform you have successfully set the trans community back.

  • Miles Zarick
    Miles Zarick

    Lmao the dislikes are icing on the cake

  • Shelby Williams
    Shelby Williams

    People need to acknowledge that Trisha is just human. For everyone who hates her yet still watches you’re the one who need help because you watch just to comment nasty comments so how about you go out and sort ourself out. You need to remember people find it difficult coming out/ defining them self or are dealing with mental health. Ye she’s said she’s a few things but that doesn’t mean you have to judge her for EVERYTHING

  • kelsey horn
    kelsey horn

    Is it really so hard to be nice to someone who is going through something? I mean come on, you guys cannot act like you have never been confused before. Imagine having this much spotlight on you and everyone is hating on you. Everyone deserves to be treated kindly no matter how they choose to identify even if they are still figuring it out!!

  • Lex ferreira
    Lex ferreira

    Obviously she’s confused so why come at her ur mad when people hate on gays and all that but hate on her when she’s confused by what she is ?

  • Olivia Thompson
    Olivia Thompson

    feels like a man since 5 or 6 but is always saying how girly and feminine she is...

  • Anime-Watching-Weeb

    yeah its all cool and good to struggle with your gender but the way its said in the video invalidates so many parts of the lgbtq community

  • lou lou
    lou lou


  • first name last name
    first name last name

    First off, I don't watch your videos, so I don't know you personally. I do however know all the weird shit you've done in the past for attention. Maybe you're lying about this too, I don't know. What I do know is you're having some sort of identity crisis. Seek help. Get off the internet. Because all this apologizing and shit does nothing for the people you hurt. Secondly, FUCK Jeffree Star. He's a racist cunt. Fuck his makeup, fuck his money, and fuck him as a person. He's pathetic. Get help, seek therapy, and stop saying stupid shit.

  • crazybean101_

    Damn I know everyone thinks your faking for all I know you could be but I just wanna give you a big hug and I may or may not know what your going through but I hope you feel better about yourself😘❤

  • Michelle Is here
    Michelle Is here

    So I am lost. She thinks she identifies as a man? If I were her I would just keep this out of the public until she is mentally healthy. Her credibility is non existent. Sadly it’s like the little boy who cried wolf I can’t help but wonder if her therapist watches her on VN-my. If he did I would hope he would tell her to stop but that’s just my opinion

  • Melany Chávez
    Melany Chávez

    Girl what did you thing you were going to get positive comments that video was so offensive

  • Lauren Miller
    Lauren Miller

    I've never cried without tears before. It's creeping me out.

  • Heath Mills
    Heath Mills

    i honestly don’t think she’s transgender. i just think she’s bored

  • galaxxy

    You're making revenue off from you crying. Like seriously, you're digging yourself in a deeper hole. I'm so disappointed that you have no control, your ignorance is terrible. Listen, I'm sympathetic for all but the moment you keep fucking up and don't stop that's when people leave. You can't apologize over and over again, if you're really sorry, change. Not your gender, not your looks, change the way you portray yourself! You're putting yourself out there and not thinking of the consequences. The things you say and do, stick and people won't forget what you've done. You've known this too, because you've fucked up before, so don't think apologizing can get you away from this. You've done this to yourself, you know better but at the same time you continously do the same fucking shit. You get hate for it (of course) and then you make the most fake apology video ever. You're a 100% a manipulative psychopath that just wants people to forget and move on. Bruh, you did this to yourself, you're going to feel like shit. But in all honesty you need to stop being present on the internet. You've completely forgotten that what you say impacts the internet. Leave if you're going to continuously make the same choices and then cry about it. It's better on you and on us. I'm sorry your in pain but also, you've completely hurt a whole community and I'm not really sure if you're truly sorry for what you've done.

  • Sims With Ebony
    Sims With Ebony

    Trisha you do this all the time! It’s fucking boring now, maybe once or twice a year you go massively off the rails. Making a video on VN-my is honestly not going to make anything any better, talk to your friends talk to your family when it comes to this serious and controversial shit. If you truly think your trans or whatever label you want to call it that is something you need to think about and talk to the people closest to you before your reckless actions and words hurt people and huge communities. People don’t take you seriously because you are constantly up and down. As a long time fan along with many other, we just want you to fucking seek help because your behaviour isn’t normal, we accept you whatever you want to do but how you go about announcing things is honestly so bizarre I just don’t even want to watch your videos anymore because I know something insane is going to be said. Fucking sort yourself out and come back and tell us in a way that doesn’t look like some click bait shitshow.

  • Novin Torabi
    Novin Torabi

    She pisses me off but I’m worried about her. Like go sort ur shit out OFF the internet and stop constantly adding onto ur own problems

  • Constantinos

    This is what happens when society enables delusion.

  • Arryn the gay
    Arryn the gay

    Trish if you're new to it fucking educate yourself Google is free stop being ignorant -also putting ads and fake crying doesn't help you out-

  • Gemma Cook
    Gemma Cook

    Trisha you just sound lost. I think the drama is finally turning and you don't like it. I genuinely think you're alone and you're sad surrounded by designer clothes and make up because you've used everyone for drama. I think you need to stop making impulse videos, go see a therapist and do some research. The people who are trans are telling you what it actually means to hate the way you look because you're not the gender you were born. You, however have never shown any sign you're transgender. You've had surgery to make yourself more feminine, not masculine, someone with genuine dysphoria would have gotten them removed, not enhanced. See a therapist, I think you're so lost and confused you don't know where you belong. This is what happens when you put your entire life as a drama tv show. Take a break from social media. Get some help and come back. Keep it private because you are damaging the lgbt community even if you don't mean to.

  • Moon Br0ken
    Moon Br0ken

    Get your boobs removed then. Get the hormones and cut your hair. If you want to be a male I’ll support you!

  • Maria Jose Fenton
    Maria Jose Fenton

    She needs freaking help she has no idea who she is

  • Andrea hurtado
    Andrea hurtado

    Give it a rest your straining your "brain"

  • Alex Ross
    Alex Ross

    just because you are masculine doesn’t mean you’re trans. if you don’t have dysphoria then you aren’t trans

  • I am Concerned
    I am Concerned

    THE THREE ADS SUDJSJ she really monetized her apology video-

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