ARIN CAN'T SPELL | Wheel of Fortune #1
Go dop some cookies in milk while you enjoy this one!
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  • Strawberry Red
    Strawberry Red


  • Muna Karshe
    Muna Karshe

    When he said "salted CAMELS" i snorted my chocolate milk

  • kawaii anime lover
    kawaii anime lover

    Is it just me or does the AI looks like Amy from House Party? Just me, alright

  • Cedric Kerg
    Cedric Kerg

    Dans character with glasses looks like that snitch from Polar Express

  • Trevor Random
    Trevor Random

    Dan made a Chadtronic avatar!

  • Hello There
    Hello There

    Salted Harambes

  • Fandom POS
    Fandom POS

    6:25 Me: *looks over to my shar pei named Kat* *nervously sweats*

  • Seth Morrow
    Seth Morrow

    My name is pretty rare in generic generators-- I looooove hearing the grumps say it XP

  • starwarslover015

    For the million dollars, you have to win the round. Not get a bankrupt for the rest of the game. Win the game. Spin it in the Bonus round, and solve the bonus round puzzle,

  • Flaming Shadow
    Flaming Shadow

    I was eating pretzels... With ketchup.... Don't judge me

  • MrLuc12367

    2:56 "Tim Tebow lookin motherfucker" Dan im dead please

  • Viktor!!! Виктор!!! VIKINIKFIKI
    Viktor!!! Виктор!!! VIKINIKFIKI

    *PeE Pee COMpLeTiON!*

  • FoxySpartan

    mustard dippings killed me T_T xD

  • Agent S
    Agent S


  • MasterofMuppets

    P r e t z e l s d i p p e d i n m u s t a r d

  • yomanglo

    Everytime I watch a game grumps video this is the next in queue in autoplay. WHY?! I have already watched it! Been doing this for months now.

  • AtomicToni

    Danny's avatar, if you give him the spiked hair and glasses, look just like Mr. Smart-Alek from Polar Express.

  • Ace G
    Ace G

    Arin's laugh sometimes sounds like Elmo's.

  • christian yauger
    christian yauger

    10:35 mega funny

  • LuckyStorm750

    1 million dollars dont count towards your score its just a prize. You really do suck at video games, and in life arin

  • Sam Flower
    Sam Flower

    I can never get Dan saying “WHEEL. OF. FOR-TOON-AY”

  • Wolfe 7000
    Wolfe 7000

    When Aron said it's like calling your dog cat or something I just thought to how my neighbors dog is named kitty....

  • Pyropath

    Oh my gosh, that character looks like the grown up version of that snobby kid from Polar Express!

  • babyvagabond

    seth is trans and hasn’t legally changed her name yet but had to sign up for the show with her legal name

  • Katy Lee
    Katy Lee


  • Steuts

    Why does denim-on-denim look like ellen degeneres?

  • BeantownHooligan

    When Dan tries to create a custom character and builds Ellen DeGeneres by accident 🤣👏

  • yarrgoronohobolonodo

    After playing this game for myself and landing on Lose a Turn or Bankrupt 6 times in a row, I can confirm that this game is indeed rigged.

  • Joey Collins
    Joey Collins

    Happy thoughts... All game grumps old stuff probably won't be 100% censored because... omg that would take forever even if they got like 100 people working on editing all of it...

  • hal barnes
    hal barnes

    E W E “EYE”

  • Misaki Animations
    Misaki Animations

    Why does Seth look like Amy from their house party play through 🆂Ⓣ🅰Ⓡ🆃Ⓢ 🆂Ⓦ🅴Ⓐ🆃Ⓘ🅽Ⓖ

  • Noah Ingram
    Noah Ingram

    Salted 1/2 car-amels

  • Astro Wolvez
    Astro Wolvez

    Food and drink: Placenta!

  • Nick Furby
    Nick Furby

    Um they got the 2nd puzzle wrong it was supposed to be "Salted Pretzels"

  • cshill

    thats not a guy. thats ellen degeneres

  • cris rodriguez
    cris rodriguez

    Is this where Franklin started?!?

  • maybeaoife

    arin can't spell arin can't spell arin cannot spell he only plays games cuz he cannot spell even if he plays a how to spell game sorry i just thot that as soon as i read the title

  • Seth Slaton
    Seth Slaton

    *i didn’t consent to this*

  • Abryn

    I thought Scorpion Inspection as well. :v

  • jennifer goodman
    jennifer goodman

    Here's a fun game Every time they hit bankrupt, drink. Every time you know a solution before the grumps, drink. When Dan speaks, drink. Be drunk and watch game grumps

    • killer panda
      killer panda

      @TheGaymer 9969 its either alcohol poisoning or lung cancer. No regerts

    • TheGaymer 9969
      TheGaymer 9969

      Or smoke weed so you don't get alcohol poisoning and everything is 100x funnier

  • Faith S
    Faith S

    Me: *reads title* me: I thought we figured this out already with ewe.

  • Eight Bit Trip
    Eight Bit Trip

    Dan's character he created was oddly Aryan race of him, especially when he went to a different skin color. Who knew a jew would be so picky these days.

  • mike holmes
    mike holmes

    Can we get dan and arin on the real wheel of fortune

  • ImDaBest

    I love that the logo pic has danny sexbang

  • Antique Coffin
    Antique Coffin

    the AI's name: SETH is that short for sethany?

  • Michael Anthony
    Michael Anthony

    pinealles a pper on mnster

  • TopDown

    We already knew Arin couldnt spell, ewe know?

  • Butters the DoppelDragon
    Butters the DoppelDragon

    oh my god the base guy for dan's character looks like the kid from the polar express

  • Michael Anthony
    Michael Anthony

    you guys are crazy you guys are crazy......uuuhh....

  • nut joan
    nut joan

    I think I’m the only one who gets the “What kind of guy are you are” reference. I hope nobody enters this room!

  • a bc
    a bc

    this is my first ever game grumps video wowza

  • kyoyameganebereznoff

    2:43 Looks like annoying Polar Express kid grew up.

  • Fudge Fudge
    Fudge Fudge

    Nobody: Arin: That’s a look right there!

  • soule187

    It's obviously pineapple.

  • QuadrupleJane

    I feel like no one but a Grumps fan could understand why I love watching a letsplay of Wheel of Fortune more than any other game in existence.

  • I just love gamers
    I just love gamers



    6:24 the body clipping bothers me

  • AJolie _17
    AJolie _17

    that moment of silence in 7:51

  • Ed. N
    Ed. N

    "Awww.... At least I got $1.000.000" -Arin 2019

  • Stephen Mahilum
    Stephen Mahilum

    "You can't spell pineapple!"

  • Stephen Mahilum
    Stephen Mahilum

    E. Y. E

  • Bristlefurr

    In a moment on unintentional solidarity, Arin and I burped at the same time.

  • Lazy Lion
    Lazy Lion

    Ahh.. we return... to this...

  • Seth Logo
    Seth Logo

    I was only half listening to this while playing games and heard "Seth" and got tripped up cuz my name is Seth

  • Saffie Love
    Saffie Love

    Dan: "It's not a real million dollars" Arin: "WHAT DO YOU MEAN ITS NOT REAL"

  • Raven Lua
    Raven Lua

    did anyone notice vana’s reflection in the floor has no head

  • Ashton Freeman
    Ashton Freeman

    2:56 doesnt he lowkey look like tim heidecker??

  • Kalghe meisner
    Kalghe meisner

    I'm so stoned that it was 3 minutes and 50 seconds in until I realized that they were playing wheel of fortune and not Jeopardy..

  • Cryguana YT
    Cryguana YT

    *There are 12 P's* Dan: Is it ppepppeeppeeppppep?

  • Mariah W
    Mariah W


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