Avengers Endgame MISSING EASTER EGG Search! (Endgame Rewatch)
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Avengers Endgame Easter Egg Rewatch! What is the "important" mystery Easter Egg that remains hidden in Endgame, according to the Russo brothers? Thanks to Skillshare for sponsoring this video. Receive a 2 month free trial by clicking here: skl.sh/newrockstars13
Avengers Endgame gets another in-depth scene by scene rewatch for dozens of new details revealed for the first time ever! Erik Voss explains what more visual clues you might have missed -- the true identity of NoobMaster69, the possibility that Tony Stark could have been adopted by Howard Stark, Loki sightings after his disappearance with the Tesseract, and even more hidden jokes about Thor and Hulk!
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  • Machai Arcanum
    Machai Arcanum

    6-900? Wasn’t that from the first avengers movie about Peppers pay check or floor space or something? I remember Tony saying that somewhere else I’m sure.

  • ZuGgy Gaming
    ZuGgy Gaming

    Here's the one thing about this movie I have concerns about tho: Why does Peggy from the 70's not look a year older than Peggy from the 40's?

  • Suq Madiq
    Suq Madiq

    I hope the creators of this video get cancer

  • vMH6

    The earthquake under the ocean could be mysterios crew practicing with the elementals

  • David Witter
    David Witter

    It’s Bi-Beast!!

  • Gareth Thomas
    Gareth Thomas

    Howard the duck was in endgame

  • Raaghav RR
    Raaghav RR

    Another Easter egg the tesseract is like the Kevin the cube

  • Ricardo Gonzales
    Ricardo Gonzales


  • Chris Fisher
    Chris Fisher

    Woo! Hoo?

  • Alex G. Blanco
    Alex G. Blanco

    Clint isn't wearing Nat's stinger, it's his own mini-crossbow

  • somu. 22
    somu. 22

    Actually video starts from - 1:48

  • Omar Duran
    Omar Duran

    April 7 is my birthday!!!!

  • mobious orgone
    mobious orgone

    3 6 9 Tesla

  • feh meh
    feh meh

    ...... follow the sandwich cutting, people. That rabbit hole goes DEEP.

  • Matthew Phillips
    Matthew Phillips

    Why is Tony’s mums pregnancy wierd, it lunes up with his birthday

  • BigGameHunter _11
    BigGameHunter _11

    i have that headset...5:26 i’m using it right now....

  • Dennis Lopez
    Dennis Lopez

    Kevin Feige should play the One Above All in the MCU.

  • xXNIGHTFOKSXx alavin
    xXNIGHTFOKSXx alavin

    You talk soo fast. Wtf?

  • Ruben Jacobs
    Ruben Jacobs

    13:38 he could have shoved the leviathan half way through and then let docter strange or wong close the portal so it would be cut in half

  • Vandith Krishna
    Vandith Krishna

    I just found an easter egg right now!! during the scene where black widow is speaking to captain marvel and rocket and the rest of the group through holograms, black widow cuts the sandwich diagonally!!!!

  • Harry lay
    Harry lay


  • Gaming Apex
    Gaming Apex

    #9 we will never if Tony is Noobmaster69 cz he not with us anymore 😭

  • Chris

    damn cap runs in the Carter family



  • Forbes Corey
    Forbes Corey

    rocket's origin was done in a cartoon Disney XD did

  • leftyplayz yt
    leftyplayz yt

    If the universe created a reverse big bang, would you think that time would still be going but the universe shrunk, or do u think that time would end comment ⬇below⬇

  • Dhriti Markam
    Dhriti Markam

    See #21 there is a duck With the avengers how u can see clearly

  • Jack Mazzina
    Jack Mazzina

    3:41 i saw that too!

  • Leo Callo
    Leo Callo

    Scott Lang's name is not on the shrines when he is searching them until they change to the close-up of his name.

  • Natalia Diaz
    Natalia Diaz

    My birthday is April seventh too omg

  • Wild Side
    Wild Side

    I just feel like the MCU is setting up a young Avengers movie or series on Disney plus. With Tony's daughter being the MCU version of Riri Williams.

  • Hacker_ YT
    Hacker_ YT

    Is it tardis from dr who?(14:51)

  • Piggy Piggy
    Piggy Piggy

    When everybody comes back in the final battle Winter soldier says "on your left" like cap kept saying in Captain America the winter soldier

  • Sacocaf Games
    Sacocaf Games

    yo April 7th is my birthday aswell

  • William Ayele
    William Ayele

    You are smart

  • Grip Side
    Grip Side

    How was Scott able to shrink at will when they are so low on Pym Particles?

  • Jesus Arriaga
    Jesus Arriaga

    I am still confused as to why some of the asgardians are still alive in the endgame movie? In the end credit scene of Thor Rangnorak, Thor and Loki are having a conversation inside a space ship, that "supposedly" had the rest of the asgardians, when an unexpected space ship arrives. In the opening scene of Avengers: Infinity War we come to realize that the ship belongs to Thanos and his army. Within the first 20 mins of the movie Thanos blows up the ship, making us think he blew everyone up in it as well. When the Guardians of the Galaxy respond to the distress signal, they find Thor floating in space and we can see that there are a few bodies floating as well. What I don't understand is that in Avengers: Endgame, 5 years after the snap, Thor is seen in a small village on earth with some of the same aliens and Asgardians that were "supposedly" blown up by Thanos and the Power stone in Avengers: Infinity War. How are they alive and how did they get saved?? Someone please answer this question.

  • CaiTGB

    11:32 I’m diying 😂😂

  • Arathagon :/
    Arathagon :/


  • Gold Bender
    Gold Bender

    When they said yes it is a nod to the iconic”I love you 3000” because Y=1000 E=2000 S=3000

  • Daniel Mathis
    Daniel Mathis

    These are not easter eggs

  • Raghav Varma
    Raghav Varma

    the howard the duck easter egg is the important one. he will join the avemgers

    • Raghav Varma
      Raghav Varma


  • Lullez

    U havent mentioned how in the final battle when Wasp, Shuri and Pepper Potts shot a Thanos together how that is a parallel image of when papa Tony, lebowski thor and Vision shot at ultron together in "Avenger age of ultron" :)

  • Larry Long
    Larry Long

    How did cap summon lightning if Thor’s hammer just held the lighting

  • Reza Rhodes
    Reza Rhodes

    I love you guys. Great content, great product

  • Meadows

    Not much of an easter egg but when Cap goes back in time with Tony, the rank insignia on his cap (the cap on his head, that is) and uniform, is that of captain.

  • Jeremy Beyer
    Jeremy Beyer

    The helicopter wasn't a part of the movie. It was a real helicopter doing an actual transport that ended up in the shot by accident.

  • Hope_Diamond GamerTV
    Hope_Diamond GamerTV

    i just thougth what if none of them are it

  • Goo Voo
    Goo Voo

    How about 2988 ? What it's that means ? 😵

  • Ranosian

    In Endgame - theres a scene with Deadpool in background

  • Akram Alonizi
    Akram Alonizi

    for some reason whene the video ended i forgot everything he just sayed

  • Das Borke
    Das Borke

    What about Gamora's Blood Spot on the ground beside Natasha on Vormir?

  • Domenik Debert
    Domenik Debert

    Were kinda stretching it arent we

  • TF4D 150
    TF4D 150

    It’s not loki, it’s none other than Bucky in the background

  • klizzard5166

    1:15 that could be Matt Mercer

  • Matt Simunovich
    Matt Simunovich

    Anyone else notice the Easter Egg he forgot and that’s when Hawkeye is fighting the Japanese gang and the last person he kills is the same actor who played Shingen Yashida so it showing that Wolverine is/was SHIELD agent and he and Captain America worked together during WWII and that there’s talks about X-men vs Avengers movie.

  • J-man 1017
    J-man 1017

    He really just talked about books on Thors shelves for a minute that I didn't even notice I don't Kno if they really put certain books in there for Easter eggs or were they the books just sittin around and have no connection

  • Royal Ace
    Royal Ace

    Where did Cpt America return the soul stone and if he returned to Red Skull that’s a soul for Black Widow’s soul so basically Natasha could be coming back

  • Alex Karim
    Alex Karim

    I just miss stark. =(

  • Seawolf

    Shit we have the same birthday

  • Ari Williams
    Ari Williams

    Stan Lee’s wife’s name was actually on the gold thing that has all the names

  • Nat Gar
    Nat Gar

    It think I seen Nova

  • Kevin Slater
    Kevin Slater

    The kids appearing in the Basketball game is also a continuity error. Thanos' original snap occurred during the day in Africa when those kids would have originally been asleep. Hulk's re-snap snap would have popped them back in bed.

  • privacy occurs
    privacy occurs

    I bet the heli is a reference to JP

  • Borderline Floorcracker
    Borderline Floorcracker

    Tell me this shit is a joke

  • Tyler Dwyer
    Tyler Dwyer

    I have a theory myself on Howard Stark is actually Howard the duck 🦆 why the same name maybe it’s future Howard and he went into space and then got his brain 🧠 put in this duck and said “my name is Howard “

  • Caleb Leach
    Caleb Leach

    Ooook soo all of the VN-my videos i have watched like NONE OF THEM and i watched alot, have mentioned not once thee RANDOM BOI AT TONY FUNERAL plz if u kno what im talking about and the answer explain to me i dont even like commenting on yt videos

  • HaXs Gaming
    HaXs Gaming

    Nobody gonna address the fact that captain America took Thor’s hammer with him when he returned the stones

  • Chris

    what if it's an easter egg you won't understand until next movie

  • Peter Parker
    Peter Parker

    Was that captain America's kids at Tony's funeral?

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