Avengers: Endgame - Movie Review
Jeremy Jahns
After Thanos snapped 1/2 of life out of existence, the surviving Avengers move toward the Endgame. It's been building for 11 years, so here's my review for AVENGERS: ENDGAME!
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  • Autistic Alcoholic
    Autistic Alcoholic

    Holy fuck endgames only $7M behind avatar atm! It’s gonna surpass it in a few days from now I guarantee it!

  • Hamdi Ali Hassan
    Hamdi Ali Hassan

    That other movie... is it Deathly Hallows part 2? That’s the one I saw Endgame as.

  • إنه_البنز

    As always, overrated movie by marvel fanboys

  • Mr youtuber
    Mr youtuber

    I thought this movie was ok. Not great, not bad , just ok.

  • john doe
    john doe

    Ironman and captain america die.

  • Kunisake

    Eleven years; shit!

  • G Richard Yamagata
    G Richard Yamagata

    Great spoiler free review! Loved the pipe and glasses! LOL Thumbs up!


    Very fun to watch, but if you cant stand plotholes it isnt for you. Thinking about it for 3 seconds makes the plot weird. Character development is great. But thanod is pretty bad this time. Plotholes anmoy me a lot but i can tolerate them, as in they would still make me like the film less, but i wouldnt automatically hate the film.

  • heros battel
    heros battel


  • fvillag1

    The thing is with the Avengers until now I have been sorely disappointed, I am sorry but I am still rooting for JLA.


    All these movies and still no Mickey Mouse cameo?

  • Michael Roche
    Michael Roche

    Nah. 6/10. Pacing and comedy were bad. I thought Infinity War was perfect. Im no hater. Just not a good movie. Force yourself to like it. I like jeremy, but theres reasons i prefer other critics to him. Cmon man. How can u think this movie is awesometacular? You know better.

  • Assassin 16
    Assassin 16

    I need to see the movie again

  • Ryan Leadbitter
    Ryan Leadbitter

    Now that the spoiler ban has lifted can someone explain what he was referring to at 4:05?

  • AmazinChrisplayer

    Iron Man: Awesometacular The Incredible Hulk: A good time no alcohol required Iron Man 2: A good time no alcohol required. Thor: I'd buy it on blu-ray Captain America - The First Avenger: Is definitely worth buying on Blu-ray The Avengers: Awesometacular Iron Man 3: A good time if you're drunk Thor - The Dark World: Would have been a better time, if you're drunk. Captain America - The Winter Soldier: Awesometacular Guardians Of The Galaxy: Awesometacular Avengers - Age Of Ultron: Awesometacular Ant-Man: I'd buy it on blu-ray Captain America - Civil War: Awesometacular Doctor Strange - Awesometacular Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2: Is definitely worth buying on Blu-ray Spider-Man Homecoming: Awesometacular Thor Ragnarok: A good time no alcohol required Black Panther: Awesometacular Avengers - Infinity War: A good time no alcohol required Ant-Man And The Wasp: A good time no alcohol required Captain Marvel: A good time no alcohol required Avengers - Endgame: Awesometacular Spider-Man - Far From Home: ...


    It’s technically not episode 22 it’s more like episode 7 Avengers 1 Avengers 2 Guardians 1 Civil war Guardians 2 Infinity war Endgame

    • BAT-TALK!

      Video Home oh no actually I think that movie is pointless haha but yeaa the end credit scene sure Stupid rat saves the world! Haha I wish it was a mouse at least so people would say it was Mickey

    • Video Home
      Video Home

      U are forgetting antman 2 though

  • The Professional
    The Professional

    Avengers Endgame is Ass

    • Arnold Patterson
      Arnold Patterson

      The Professional Yep....Badass

  • Nico

    This was possibly the worst superhero movie I’ve seen in my life....

  • M I L K Y W A Y S O N G S
    M I L K Y W A Y S O N G S

    There was a nomad reference.

  • Dasan Jebashaker
    Dasan Jebashaker

    Honestly I'd give Endgame Blu Ray and Infinity War an Awesometacular

  • Butter Ras
    Butter Ras

    What movie was he comparing it to?

  • Akzork

    Are we not gonna talk about how noobmaster69 is Deadpool?

  • Chief Beef
    Chief Beef

    I hope they will step off these giant LOTR battles in every mcu movie almost . without that these movies are perfect . if you catch my drift

  • Joyce Bishop
    Joyce Bishop

    mr. stark, I don't feel so good

  • Amit Assasson
    Amit Assasson

    you liked captain marvel because she was in it for less the 10 minutes

  • MrHaganenoEdward

    Saw this movie a bit late :(. Loved it 3000.

  • Edgar Inthapany
    Edgar Inthapany

    How does your rating system work?

    • Arnold Patterson
      Arnold Patterson

      Awesometacular: A/A+ Worth buying on Blu-Ray: A-/B+ Good time, no alcohol required: B/B-/C+ Better time when drunk: C/C- You're gonna forget it in T-MInus [Insert time]: D+/D Dogshit: F This is how I like to see it.

  • Dayton J Vlogs
    Dayton J Vlogs

    3:54 can you tell me that movie now

  • Damius Rodriguez
    Damius Rodriguez

    I absolutely disagree with the captain marvel stuff. She was the worst part. She came in wenever it was convenient for the storyline, was ridiculously overpowered, and then disappeared randomly

  • Daniel O'Rourke
    Daniel O'Rourke

    It sure bored me. Those first 2 hours are boring as ever.

  • Tactix88

    End game was probably the worst movie ive seen since the last jedi and The force awakens

  • georgina wildschut
    georgina wildschut

    To think that dr strange saved toni in infiniti knowing he's gonna die in endgame.lets just chew on that for a while😑

  • Candra Adi Putra
    Candra Adi Putra

    You know what... Captain america is worthy ...if you know what i mean

  • wellwhatthen10101

    Thank god he's no a film critic, cant stick him for more than 30 seconds

  • cptamazing12

    Captain Marvel is gay.

  • OriginalOrigins

    Last 40 mins was really good... First 2 hours felt generic in a way

  • Ali Jaffri
    Ali Jaffri

    Infinity War > Endgame. All day everyday. Those who say otherwise are brain dead.

  • jordan dapsis
    jordan dapsis

    It was garbage super slow only good action is the the last 30 minutes character development was dumb as well this movie was way to predictable

  • Sp8man00


    • Tangible Mammal
      Tangible Mammal

      So what move do you think is not overrated? What movie this year was better or the year before?

  • Rafael Lopez
    Rafael Lopez

    Captain America fights alternate version Hydra traitor Captain America who then uses the mind stone to manipulate him.

  • joergen #1
    joergen #1

    Spoiler! Batman dies in endgame

  • mia mama
    mia mama

    This movie nothing special

    • Tangible Mammal
      Tangible Mammal

      What movie this year was special?

  • Suns Geek
    Suns Geek

    You are one my hero's Jeremy! Love your videos!

  • Suns Geek
    Suns Geek

    NO SPOILER: I feel you have to go see this movie twice. Weather you have seen EVERY MCU film or only a couple, go see it twice. I had a few issues with this movie, but it had some great moments. Final act is awesome. We are spoiled by superhero/comicbook movies and this one is great. Is it my favorite Avengers movie? No, but its good!

  • Gabriella Krucia-Brown
    Gabriella Krucia-Brown

    I agree with you on the three hour long movie and I never got bored!!!

  • Austin Santiago-Edenfield
    Austin Santiago-Edenfield

    My rating is a good time no alcohol required, I didn't dig it as much as the other marvel movies. I'm a DC fan so what do I know. Our movies are all dog shit, except the animated ones.

  • Arvid Paulin
    Arvid Paulin

    It suckt ass and i was ether pistoff ore just laughing at how stupid things where, ore laughing at the peps in the crowd that was crying. It was just a bad superhero movie.

  • Yanis Kaps
    Yanis Kaps

    I love Avengers: Endgame 3000

  • MrBenevolentNigga

    Bro you’ve come a long way wow. I still haven’t seen it yet lol.

  • Otakucris

    Dude, first and last video here. Just, please, stop shouting! and ffs take a breath! stop talking for at least ONE second! Listening to you is a constant loud mass of noise!

  • 007VitaminD

    Garbage 3 hour movie that uses cheap answers as solutions. Only good thing are the fight cinematic.

    • 007VitaminD

      @Tangible Mammal Time travel in 2019.

    • Tangible Mammal
      Tangible Mammal

      What answer did u not like?

  • kaustubh kulkarni
    kaustubh kulkarni

    It's okay you can trust me Hail hydra

  • Atlas

    I wanna see your tier ranking of all the MCU movies now that Endgame is out and you can look back on all the movies.

  • Manufan909 1
    Manufan909 1

    Captain Marvel and Shazam get dual-decapitated.

  • flof

    imo it was funnier than gotg and bore ragnarok

  • Daryl V.
    Daryl V.

    It's a great ending for the MCU, and will be the last MCU movie I watch. Loved it.

    • sudha bhatt
      sudha bhatt

      Why ??

  • Ethan Starbuck
    Ethan Starbuck

    I’ve seen the movie and I don’t know why Jeremy made the mouth popping sound lol

  • Crisanto Rivera
    Crisanto Rivera

    I think Endgame should be directed by Joel Schumacher and not the Russo Brothers.☺

  • Markus Klemm
    Markus Klemm

    They earned every bit of payoff in that movie. They earned it.

  • yonatan lopez
    yonatan lopez

    This movie 👎

    • sudha bhatt
      sudha bhatt

      Haha u didn't even get the attention u wanted

  • Mass Debate
    Mass Debate

    Most of this movie was spoilt for me so I didn't enjoy it as much as everyone else did. Left feeling a little disappointed, tbh

  • РябTV

    boring movie. More melodrama, then enything else.

    • sudha bhatt
      sudha bhatt

      @РябTV lol nope

    • РябTV

      @sudha bhatt you right. It's not melodrama. Just a boring videomontage

    • sudha bhatt
      sudha bhatt

      Lol nope

  • Mexicanadiense79

    Love the arthouse critic persona, keep him coming!

  • Alex Rome
    Alex Rome

    Am I the only one who thought the movie was corny and mediocre compared to previous Avenger movies. Half of the movie felt like filler and a quarter of it felt like a corny comedy. There was some cool action scenes like Capt. America wielding Thor's hammer vs Thanos and the whole CGI war but come on this movie did not deserve to be three hours long. The writing was probably worse than Episode 8 and I don't think its coincidence since well you know.... Disney.

    • sudha bhatt
      sudha bhatt

      Probably yeah.

  • Karl Lagman
    Karl Lagman

    Cant believe Wolverine made a cameo!!

  • mehtab bandesha
    mehtab bandesha

    want to loose your money, go see the movie its shit. Those whove seen the movie know.

  • mehtab bandesha
    mehtab bandesha

    lier, ofcourse it bored him. he's paid off good to say good stuff. The movie is below average.

    • sudha bhatt
      sudha bhatt

      @mehtab bandesha YOU ARE SO SALTY !!!!

    • mehtab bandesha
      mehtab bandesha

      @sudha bhatt no bland

    • sudha bhatt
      sudha bhatt


  • MC R-Techz
    MC R-Techz

    Oh how I want Captain Marvel in my bed

  • King Prime
    King Prime

    *SPOILER ALERT* The Avengers are in the movie.

    • 1c3manBG


  • K20civicsirturbo

    Infinity war is the better movie The hype for end game was through the roof and the movie was boring for the first 2 hrs the final battle was awesome but infinity war was perfectly balanced

    • sudha bhatt
      sudha bhatt

      1st act Character development 2nd act In the past with really cool stuff 3rd act Fan service with gr8 action. 10 out of 10. I enjoyed it better than infinity war. But my best is still The Avengers

    • chris sonofpear1
      chris sonofpear1

      Eh, I liked the character moments. There were maybe too many of them, and Thor's is a bit of rough trajectory. The second half was awesome. I liked the time-travel/heist thread also.

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