Avengers Endgame : The Worst Movie?
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  • Alex Mcclinchey
    Alex Mcclinchey

    Bruh how's you know I get three tacos Every time I get taco bell

  • hitman fan
    hitman fan

    This si so retarted I love it gonna like the video

  • Benny Gold
    Benny Gold

    “Endgame really makes you FEEL like a taco.” 7/10 -IGN

    • vbddfy euuyt
      vbddfy euuyt

      Someone calling out my favorate actor for 4:20 min straight because hes only eating one taco... I like it.

  • crfierro99

    You sound like sketch Yt

    • Sonic Xtreme99
      Sonic Xtreme99

      You mean a sketch youtuber?

    • Sonic Xtreme99
      Sonic Xtreme99

      A what?

  • pfeldspar

    I work at a preschool and today we didn’t have enough taco shells for lunch. So, while the 4 year olds had two tacos I only had one. A travesty! I’m glad you recognize how horrible the situation was.

    • vbddfy euuyt
      vbddfy euuyt

      would once again become futile as it would once again equal the energy of one taco.

  • AlmondsO

    This wasn't even about the movie its about tacos and Paul Rudd

  • Luka Petrovic
    Luka Petrovic

    Avengers : EndTako

  • Mr spiderr avage
    Mr spiderr avage

    tacos make you diarrhea especially taco bell but i like tacos sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.idk

  • Charles 12
    Charles 12

    well i don't eat tacos so i like this movie

  • Aidan Dennehy
    Aidan Dennehy

    This isn’t a movie dumbass otherwise it would’ve said avenger endmovie

  • Owen Jellatt
    Owen Jellatt

    Still waiting on the funny video

  • That one guy
    That one guy

    this video hurts me

    • Sonic Xtreme99
      Sonic Xtreme99


  • Murdock Frankestein
    Murdock Frankestein

    Turkısh Sublititles Please

  • NickIs Tired
    NickIs Tired

    You know, somebody out there took one look at the title and disliked, not even watching Dunkey's incredibly well thought out and meticulously crafted review of the dumpster fire of a movie that was Avengers Endgame, they should have called it Amateur Endgame because of how incompetent these actors are

  • Ethan Frigerio
    Ethan Frigerio

    wow great review dunkin donut you really captured a lot of emotion and taco

  • Haechan's Full Son
    Haechan's Full Son

    finally someone agress with me!!

  • Griffin Oehlke
    Griffin Oehlke

    best video ever

  • EvanG.

    morgan gordy

  • Xample

    although i completely agree with your whole ideologi about eating multiple tacos rather than just one, i couldn't help but to be bothered just a tad by your statement at the end of the video about antman being able to shrink down and eat a whole taco. This is because of how physics work. You see in my theory antman shrinks and so does his internall organs and cells with him. So if he were to eat the taco while being small it would without a doubt give him enough energy to sustain him for the rest of the day, but when he has finished the taco and is ready to go back to his regular size again everything would become enlarged and the energy that would be enough to sustain him when he was small, would once again become futile as it would once again equal the energy of one taco.

  • Fnaf fan
    Fnaf fan

    Someone calling out my favorate actor for 4:20 min straight because hes only eating one taco... I like it.

  • Refreshed Broccoli
    Refreshed Broccoli

    POV: you’re looking for triggered MCU fan

  • Jared Ho
    Jared Ho

    I just sat here and watched Dunkey hyper-analyze a Taco for 3 minutes and 44 seconds

  • Radin V
    Radin V

    "Avengers endgame: the worst movie?" is a video about tacos. Wait what?

    • Radin V
      Radin V

      @Sonic Xtreme99 not at all

    • Sonic Xtreme99
      Sonic Xtreme99

      Is there a problem?

  • Subscribe to me and I will subscribe back
    Subscribe to me and I will subscribe back

    Spoiler alert: yes. It is the worst movie ever made. No need to watch the vid now bye bye!

  • Ryan Claussen
    Ryan Claussen

    Imagine watching this without context and no sound

  • JunK

    i hated Endgame as well. but for other reasons

  • Thlulunator

    I hear that Starfox adventures music in here dunko

  • GEM4sta

    Look how many fixings paul has on the wrapper. I reckon for that much to have fallen off of the tacos, he must have had atleast 2 tacos previously.

  • goldyn playz
    goldyn playz

    I'm in a car with blasting music watching this and all what I can hear is little mubles of him complaning about a taco lol

  • Tea & Clickbait
    Tea & Clickbait

    If you're reading this, I hope you'll have an amazing day!

  • Mr Kratos
    Mr Kratos

    F-Zero theme at the end?

  • josh aldon
    josh aldon


  • The Maughan
    The Maughan

    Tacos are sacred. A real man knows the value of the taco. Thank you Dunkey, I agree 100% with your taco rant.

  • AMS

    When he talked about avenger endgame I knew he meant the taco scene

  • Erkinus

    1% talking about the film content 5% Trash talking Paul Rudd 94% philosophy about Tacos

  • Rebecca White
    Rebecca White

    This is the best movie ever

  • Kevin Ennis
    Kevin Ennis

    To be fair, I doubt the whole quote only buy three tacos. Also his hands are larger than human ends, fucker could palm like 12 tacos probably.

    • Kevin Ennis
      Kevin Ennis

      LOL holy typos. Don't rely on voice to text 😶😶😶

  • Phi Moreno
    Phi Moreno

    Could we get the script for this video as a copy pasta? Love you dunk

  • Just Another Person
    Just Another Person

    Hold up. This just shows you how good of an actor Mark Ruffalo is. He knows Hulk gets his power by being angry. Giving two of his three tacos to antman because of antmans own taco incompetence is a sure fire way to breed resentment every time he looks at him. So that way the Hulk can Hulk out more every time he looks at that taco abusing jerk.

  • John Lime
    John Lime

    I think this amount of obsession for tacos is a bit unhealthy

  • Papa Davis
    Papa Davis

    Only primeval beings can recognize the super rub a dub theme in the background

  • Top Craft
    Top Craft

    Literally talking about one character... LOL

  • Connzoo


  • Traveling Ken
    Traveling Ken

    Tacos...they have a little something for everyone.

  • Jordan Persad-Tirone
    Jordan Persad-Tirone


  • Missing apollo
    Missing apollo

    Yes- Tim hanks

  • Rajeev Singh
    Rajeev Singh

    Taco review.

  • Reko Vainio
    Reko Vainio

    Nope, you are nit-picking and biased, I win, bye-bye.

  • That1happy Boi
    That1happy Boi

    As a person with a official taco card,I’m very disappointed in this

  • Boi

    Nope you're wrong bye bye

  • br4nd0nh347

    Hulk gives him TWO tacos, but in the next image he's only receiving ONE.

  • MrMaskedMan

    Imagine if Adrien Brody is in the MCU

  • J.R. Vasquez
    J.R. Vasquez

    Tacos, are the basis of a healthy diet. The worst Taco Bell taco is superior to the joke that is Avengers: Endgame...

  • Cat Cyborg
    Cat Cyborg

    That's why I love Dunkey's Reviews they are the funniest reviews ever made in the our universe

  • Joaquin Aguirre
    Joaquin Aguirre

    What if he already ate the other 2 tacos?

  • Machine Spirit Miami
    Machine Spirit Miami

    Shoutout to that smooth jazzy remix of F-Zero theme at the end

  • Late Night
    Late Night

    I imagine dunkey being a bit overweight 🤔

  • NewfieNewbie

    Saxophone F-Zero music!

  • Mr. Obunga
    Mr. Obunga

    Jason Yevgeniy Gastrow[1] (born January 30, 1991), known by his internet pseudonymVideogamedunkey or simply Dunkey, is an American VN-myr known for his VN-myskits and video essays that blend crude humor with video game criticism. By January 2020, Gastrow's VN-my channel had over six million subscribers, and his videos have collectively generated over two billion views

  • A.R.W

    superhero movies sucks

  • The Mario Kid
    The Mario Kid

    Why should I care what he thinks? It's not like this guy has the same record for Bowser's big bean burrito.

  • Alexander LP
    Alexander LP

    Don’t you fucking talk about Paul Rudd that way.

  • An enemy stand
    An enemy stand

    It was at the 1 minute mark that I realized the whole video was going to be about the taco

  • Camdenandroid

    Seriously though, I liked both Guardians movies but when I watched this three hour mess of contrived bad writing, I was just glad when it was finally over. Avengers End it Already isn't fit to be used as toilet paper. It never should have been made and I hope the people who wrote it either have a Damascus road experience or else never write another film again.

  • Jacob Cliborn
    Jacob Cliborn

    Can we all appreciate that this vid is exactly 4 minutes 20 seconds

  • Mykhaylo

    But he eating 1 taco with chips and dip tho so like it's all good.

  • Christopher Lara
    Christopher Lara

    1:35 gets me everytime! Lmao!

  • Ryan Ingram
    Ryan Ingram

    Shouldn't the screenwriters be trashed vs. the actors?

  • SmittyToo

    5.4k people don’t respect the integrity of a good taco

  • MuToiDMaN

    When you look at the time bar @ 3/4 and realize that we're never moving on from the taco issue XD

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