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All hands on deck - this is a new portion of the craziest pranks on your friends! Brutal fanta prank on Vicky, funny balloon prank on Olivia and a bunch of other hilarious tricks you can make on your bestie!
You'll learn how to pull a shampoo prank on the beach and eat all you friend's fries with a realy clever trick🤣
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00:05 Soda prank
00:20 Rubber prank with soda drink
02:26 Baloon prank
06:02 Swimming pool prank
09:00 Fries fast food prank on friends
09:51 Plastic wrap prank to have fun with friends
10:13 Funny bloopers
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    • Ryuzuki Kunuy3lyyo
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    Amy: Who did that? Me: How did you not see Vicky? She couldn't have run that fast! No offence!

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    Ummmm I saw vicky was squeezing the bottle and I tried it and it didn't work so that's not a prank it's wasting do you love washing stuff save the earth 123 go!!!😡

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