Awkward Dating Show (pt. 3)
Cody Ko
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  • Kasii L
    Kasii L

    Cody with a mustache is just Sam Rockwell.

  • M R
    M R

    Why did no one roast Cody for being a Mario looking ass during this mustache phase

  • GoRogue CauseMayhem
    GoRogue CauseMayhem

    I think that there is a person on the other side of that button that is just screwing off. And it just makes her voice sound robotic. Cuz in the last one that you did the part 2 video where they were like okay where did we go and then they were like do I push the button like no don't touch me like this button seems to have a sense of humor of some sort and it just asks the weirdest thing so I think there's a person on the other side that's just saying things that they think a robot would say

  • parmiss ghahremani qajar
    parmiss ghahremani qajar

    Cody looks like ... HIM so stop with these bullshits

  • Yung Choice
    Yung Choice

    “What’s it like having herpes”😂😂

  • Kaitlyn Clarke
    Kaitlyn Clarke

    lose the stache

  • Alaina Beaudoin
    Alaina Beaudoin

    Cody looks like that dad that says " Ready to rock and roll kiddo?"

  • Lucas The Emperor
    Lucas The Emperor

    Ah cmon, u didnt even had a propher moustache :(( and didnt kept him for too long

  • Hentendo

    Cody looks like he says "Yahoo!" when he comes out of his room in the morning and exclusively eats Italian food with mushrooms. He's also probably friends with mushroom people and probably has a nearly identical brother.

    • Zytonic Zuck
      Zytonic Zuck


  • I’m Bored
    I’m Bored

    im happy the first girl got regected 👁👁

  • Cassandra Mitchell
    Cassandra Mitchell

    "How metal would that be?" "Seriously how metal would that be?"

  • Its_NateAgain

    Cody your frat boy is showing

  • Christian C
    Christian C

    Cody doing his best impersonation of Ellis from left 4 dead 2

  • Shoe Can
    Shoe Can

    like two people be totally vibing and the button say some shit like "tom jerked off in the bathroom and didnt wash his hands before this date" and highkey expect to be pressed

  • Selah Davis
    Selah Davis

    did they tell the cast their personal information just so the button can make them look bad in front of their date?? 🤔😂

  • Renee Capetola
    Renee Capetola

    damn he really riled up in this video lolol

  • Isabel Salcedo
    Isabel Salcedo


  • Bruh Moment
    Bruh Moment

    5:50 atleast jimmy has a neck,unlike her.

  • Town of Tawiah
    Town of Tawiah

    Jasmine reminds me of Rico Nasty

  • Madmase 08
    Madmase 08

    From 6:12 to 6:35 kody brings out his 7 year old self I love it

  • KD

    His robot voice KILLS me.

  • PortalGeek

    Shoutout to the Berm Peak music at 10:43

  • Makenzie Garrido
    Makenzie Garrido

    thought this was joe dirt

  • Setareh Sabti
    Setareh Sabti

    I was trying to figure out who he looks like with the mustache... David Spade!

  • pineapple pizza
    pineapple pizza

    Cody looks like Justin Bieber during his hobo phase

  • A mildly Disappointing Salad
    A mildly Disappointing Salad

    Brook was actually really pretty and nice

  • Maeve Robertson
    Maeve Robertson

    Does anyone else think that Tyson looks like princess Lydia from tik tok

  • Mr__Southern

    The video started and that stache made me think Bieber was in the video

  • Sophia Francis
    Sophia Francis

    Can cody please be on the button

  • Sophia Francis
    Sophia Francis

    AHAHAHAHA a magician?

  • Lexcia

    Unpopular opinion: magic tricks are cool and not super nerdy

  • talia

    why does cody look like the dad from inside out

  • Arif Alsaboori
    Arif Alsaboori

    Yo Cody u look like that boomer that smokes crack lol. Sorry btw

  • Matt garey-hendricks
    Matt garey-hendricks

    I'm gonna go onto this game show just to make the other person very guilty to press the button

  • Heysauce Mikehere
    Heysauce Mikehere

    9:32 the way she just stares her down while she slowly goes to press the button _kills_ me

  • Hyla Owen
    Hyla Owen

    cody looks like he would push his kid out of the way to catch a baseball

  • Sydney Meza
    Sydney Meza


  • Elle Best
    Elle Best

    Cody’s mustache makes him look like he calls everyone “bud”.

  • Brooklyn _
    Brooklyn _

    shave ❤️

  • Katie Williams
    Katie Williams

    his sweater looks like a chick fil a sweater

  • Paulina Kate
    Paulina Kate

    we need more videos with noel :(

  • Mitchell Brown
    Mitchell Brown

    That mustache got me on rock... sorry, not sorry

  • Rays Wrld
    Rays Wrld

    Cody looks like a Pizza man 😭

  • Maria

    cody kinda looks like chris wood in this and it's doing something to me

  • Keenan Paterson
    Keenan Paterson

    Imagine you're about to win a court case and the judge bring the button out as the last witness

  • Doug Henry
    Doug Henry

    How ironic, he became the thing he swore to destroy

  • Jazmin Torres
    Jazmin Torres

    Cody- I just wanted to say you make my day so much happier because everybody calls me fat at school and sports and anything you just cheer me up

  • Ben Retzlaff
    Ben Retzlaff

    Codys officially a love guru with that mustache

  • miel ruckman
    miel ruckman

    I love how all the comments are either annihilating Cody’s mustache or talking about how the button sabotages the dates

  • Fabian Munoz
    Fabian Munoz

    Can someone pls tell me what hoodie Cody the cat man is wearing

  • Elisabeth Mapann
    Elisabeth Mapann

    Cody wearing the exact same mustache as the one who won last time made me laugh so much ! 😂😂

  • Jack Reacts
    Jack Reacts

    Wats the music at 12:03

  • Random Guy
    Random Guy

    I need to read this comment section while watching this, to not go crazy.

  • narissa x
    narissa x

    cody: makes fun of thurston’s mustache from the last episode also cody: grows a mustache for the next episode

  • Kaitlyn Bishop
    Kaitlyn Bishop

    aww he turned to magic to combat bullying because maybe he was lonely so he picked up a hobby

  • fem wynn
    fem wynn

    those two chicks are cute.

  • M D
    M D

    I am a straight guy but Jim is fucking attractive man. What an attractive dude.

  • Vanessa Andrus
    Vanessa Andrus

    I didn’t know they added a white Mario to the new Mario Kart

  • Joe Lewis
    Joe Lewis

    Cody looks like he'd yell at the referee at his kid's soccer game

  • Aviators

    I hate the first girl more than the Button

  • Aviators

    If i was the magic man i would've left THE SECOND she hit the button

  • Rania Arafa
    Rania Arafa

    Your mustache is.

  • julia vanree
    julia vanree

    Cody’s mustache reminds me of Thurston

  • nour b
    nour b

    why do you have a porn stache

  • nour b
    nour b

    why does he have a porn stache

  • Lunar eclipse
    Lunar eclipse

    Can someone buy me a snickers

    • Lunar eclipse
      Lunar eclipse

      For my b day pls I’m hungry

  • Reesepoopypants B
    Reesepoopypants B

    I came from the other video and said oh god as soon as I saw the stache

  • Ben Twehous
    Ben Twehous

    I had to stop watching cuz i was laughing too fucking hard at work.. cody u r 1 of a kind

  • Craig Forster
    Craig Forster

    Woah where'd the porn stache come from Cody

  • Hey

    imagine if when some said,"Tell me about yourself," they just say well i am straight then they press the button

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