BAT CAT - Halloween Special!
Simon's Cat
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Will Simon’s Cat come to the rescue of a terrified Simon?
Watch our Halloween Special Bat Cat and share your stories of any time your cat has protected you against any creepy critters?
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Curiosity finally sends Simon’s Cat over to the bark side! (Woof, Woof)
Director: Simon Tofield
Animation Director/Animator: Rachel Thorn
Animator: Rachel Thorn
Designer: Trevor Philips
Art Director: Liza Nechaeva
Music: Shrooty
Foley: Fonic
Associate Producer: Edwin Eckford
Production Manager: Matthias Sundberg / Phoebe Lane
Executive Producer: Mike Bell
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  • BugExtraExtra

    That's a freaking moth.

  • Michael Buehler
    Michael Buehler

    The moth did nothing wrong.

  • Connor Thompson
    Connor Thompson

    The fact that the bat flew in the window and flew circles around the room, then brining its friends hit a little too close to home.

  • Matthias Gossen
    Matthias Gossen

    Simon is such a pantywaist 😂

  • Ірина Кошкіна
    Ірина Кошкіна

    Та іщо хазяїн баїца бабачку

  • Ірина Кошкіна
    Ірина Кошкіна

    Капец етат кот загнал в дом столыко летучіх мишей

  • pssywagn

    Lol he threw the poor cat at it LOL

  • Blue Sheep Beep Beep Mareep
    Blue Sheep Beep Beep Mareep

    Realy afraid of butterflies? And bats? Bat is the third cutest animal I know

  • Erika Ekman
    Erika Ekman

    Hi! I love your videos and sometimes use them in my Swedish language classes :) Students make "voice overs" live to the clips!

  • John

    Rofl. Don't get a cat for pest control. :)

  • Andrea Hudíková
    Andrea Hudíková


  • ALQUIMIA 666
    ALQUIMIA 666

    Ese gato es bien gandalla

  • Aura

    what's name of this cute cat ? 😋🤨😍😍😍 Its so fluffy and cuttti

  • 2listening1

    Bats in the house are so annoying.

  • 2listening1

    His name is Simon! And he likes to do drawrings!

  • Athena Snow White
    Athena Snow White


  • Dennis Forcier
    Dennis Forcier

    Simon is such a weener!

  • Jose Uriel Robles
    Jose Uriel Robles

    Dracula and her friends from the Transylvania Hotel Bla Bla Bla arrived 🦇🦇🦇😜

  • mange de la merde
    mange de la merde

    the cat should be ended.

  • Oak Tree
    Oak Tree

    431👎🏼 from people who sore they can’t draw.

  • Liorah Golomb
    Liorah Golomb

    Loved this and it's exactly how I try to get my cat to kill something. However, are you aware that the ad that proceeded your video was telling falsehoods about Hillary Clinton and repeating the completely debunked story about her email? If you're in support of the current U.S. president, please let me know so I can unsubscribe from your channel.

  • velkyn1

    perfect depiction of a bat in the house.

  • Ragdoll

    I'm scared of insects but I always try to save them from my cat. 3 AM, apartment building, front door open for the quick release of the insect (obviously, duh), cat safely behind a closed door. I'm in my apartment trying to catch a moth like insect but instead of successfully catching the bug it flies towards my mouth... A veeery loud SCREAM. Thankfully neither of my neighbours heard it 😆

  • Annie Clark
    Annie Clark

    y u scared of a MOTH, of all bugs?

  • ResidentEvilShrill

    Who the heck is scared of moths??? They can't hurt you and they're delicate. I could understand if it was a fly or bee, but why a moth? When I was in middle school, a boy bully actually tried to scare me by ripping a moth in half and throwing it at me. I became enraged on the moth's behalf instead of being creeped out and I had him cowering against a tree with his buddies laughing at him. What is so scary or gross about a nocturnal butterfly????

  • Sandra Martins
    Sandra Martins

    Adorei o episódio.... Muito engraçado!!😍😍

  • Vanora Moon
    Vanora Moon

    This looks a bit familiar without the bats. I tell my cat, "Get the buggy." She just looks at me. I thought cats were buggy-catcher. Who knew?

  • Lucia Anna
    Lucia Anna

    Little bats are cute!!

  • daverage47

    Lost it when the window slid shut. Lmao! Poor Simon.

  • AL K
    AL K

    Very good !! :)

  • Justin Wilson
    Justin Wilson

    Who is afraid of moths? I mean honestly... spiders I get, but cute little flappy moths?

  • Henry Windsor Rurikovich
    Henry Windsor Rurikovich

    I am so grateful to have the membership 💓 and support you.

  • The Green Bee
    The Green Bee

    A bat flew into our kitchen/dining room once - it got disorientated by the lights so I had to get a broom and sheppard it to the door!

  • dasos1863

    Bats need friends too!

  • iby502 derpXD
    iby502 derpXD

    .R.I.P. no ad reveno sorry dont know how to spell it

  • Elli Senfsaat
    Elli Senfsaat

    Damn those pesky Zubats

  • vic b
    vic b

    Why would anyone give this a thumbs down?!?

  • Slaytheday1 Echo
    Slaytheday1 Echo

    I've done the bug patrol with kitties but never tried to hit the bug with the kitty itself. When I could walk I also would catch the bug (or mouse) & put them outside, making the kitty cry & had to try to find a satisfactory toy substitute. The bat thing. I've never had one in my house but I've heard of it happening. My kitties have all been strictly indoor kitties unless there was an escape, and both situations are great reasons for getting an indoor kitty its rabies shot. BTW, this is another hilarious Simon's Cat adventure. 😽

  • Alan Ueye
    Alan Ueye

    Its K O N T OL

  • Marjan Naderi
    Marjan Naderi


  • 96AnalDestroyer96

    he he

  • Chez Hall
    Chez Hall

    Oh no! Bats are amazing and precious babies.

  • MentalPasient

    MentalPasient likes this..

  • Антон Добрый Семенов
    Антон Добрый Семенов

    Happy Halloween Simon and your cat! 🎃🎃🎃

  • Mark Anthony
    Mark Anthony

    That was awesome, I'm gonna watch some more. 👍

  • Norma Harrington
    Norma Harrington

    If a cat owns you, then you well love Simons cat.

  • Cortana best friend Apetawakeesic
    Cortana best friend Apetawakeesic

    I subscribed

  • Richard Corbett
    Richard Corbett

    Cats are c***s !

  • T. Burgess
    T. Burgess



    Los gatos son de contentillo, solo cuando les da la gana hacen las cosas, no cuando uno quiera 🤣

  • Marie


  • Stefany Azevedo
    Stefany Azevedo


  • rhonda90402

    My cat only goes after bugs when I don't want her too. Spiders I catch and put outside or leave alone but she always wants to go after them and they are good to have in a house. He is a bit of a wuss at first though with the moth...I know most bats are not dangerous but they would scare me in my house I think. This is a good one though...Thanks, Simon!

  • Stacy Floyd
    Stacy Floyd

    I lol’d so hard!

  • Delia P
    Delia P

    Lord what a pussy

  • Sub to Godofmemes2000 pw
    Sub to Godofmemes2000 pw

    A long time ago i didn’t want pets but after my first time seeing this i wanted one so bad

  • Sarah Strong
    Sarah Strong

    Ahh. Poor Simon! Lol. Thankyou for sharing.

  • alex200882

    R. I. P. I-PAD

  • PixiePrincess501

    Why are you afraid of a little moth? At least it's not a...*COCKROACH!!!* Dun-dun-duuuun! XD BUAHAHAHAHAAA! Lol, my dog actually eats moths. ^_^0

  • Chyanne Alice
    Chyanne Alice

    Omg that was hilarious xxx

  • Cuppa

    I haven't watched Simon's Cat for years... I used to watch it with my older sister about 4 or 5 years ago and laugh like maniacs. It's nice to see that it's still going strong and that even the younger kids are watching it just like me and other people

  • Даний Антип
    Даний Антип


  • StormBlaze Pegasus
    StormBlaze Pegasus

    I love bats!

  • svhecjb

    A bat broke into our house 3 weeks ago. Our cat tried to get it but she couldn’t.

  • Laura Mac Lean
    Laura Mac Lean


  • MischiefHowlVA

    I now need tiny moth and bat plushes because you drew them so cute

  • Александр Павлович
    Александр Павлович

    Саймон уж больно ссыкливый какой-то. Перебор.

  • Christine Duncan
    Christine Duncan

    That was so funny! Thank you!

  • wildomar1987

    I have a cat that thought it might be a good idea to try to catch a wild turkey!

  • seren cheriton-mason
    seren cheriton-mason

    i love them

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