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Batwoman | First Look Trailer | The CW

  • Hashi

    Dc has truly let me down here

  • Hashi

    I think she’s a woman lol

  • Steven Morris
    Steven Morris

    Somewhere in past life I remember women with long hair, hourglass figures and a sweet voice. Now we get stick figure butch manhaters. MGTOW FTW

  • The Pop Culture Guy
    The Pop Culture Guy

    I think, if they do this right, Batwoman could be quite good. *lol just kidding*

  • furyfreddo 123
    furyfreddo 123

    This is aids in a jar

  • fernan trexx
    fernan trexx

    Please CW cancell this shiet

  • Mon P.
    Mon P.

    CW, this is horrible!!

  • Ramieverse !
    Ramieverse !

    Ruby rose, you didnt deserve to be in a bad show like this.

  • Mr. Rhodes
    Mr. Rhodes


  • daniel jackson
    daniel jackson

    Go women!

  • Team K Driving
    Team K Driving

    Sorry it just seems like it's going to suck. All lesbian stuff takes the seriousness out of a could have been good character. Batwoman is as serious as Batman in the true fiction. This just seems like gay pandering a series made for Alphabet people . Not going to watch more than first episode when comes to netflix, hulu or something.

  • ms. X
    ms. X

    How much fake patriarchy and forced feminist messages do you want? Bhatwahman creators: yes

    • ms. X
      ms. X

      @RightReverend BubbaBullfrog lol🤣🤣🤣💕cheers

    • RightReverend BubbaBullfrog
      RightReverend BubbaBullfrog

      @ms. X 😱 if I did that I'd be dead in 4 hours, 😆 😂 Even with beer I'd be sloshed by the end of this trailer, so I raise a respectful glass to you, instead! 🍻

    • ms. X
      ms. X

      @RightReverend BubbaBullfrog just for fun try taking a shot of vodka every time you spot forced inclusiveness, forced feminism and forced patriarchy in this trailer... 😹

    • ms. X
      ms. X

      @RightReverend BubbaBullfrog lol thank you. I'm a woman, a black woman but still this just felt so forced and is an insult to women... Not empowering just cringey and down right awful. Batwoman is so unlikable, you just want to punch her in the face🙄😰🤦

    • RightReverend BubbaBullfrog
      RightReverend BubbaBullfrog

      It won't take long for the priveleged fake-progressives who complain about privilege and who've never had a non anglo gal-pal to snark-whine at you for having your own opinion, here. So I'm applauding you before they arrive. 👏

  • Alfred Poe
    Alfred Poe


  • Ryan Harper
    Ryan Harper

    Did you just assume this trailer?

  • Epic Energy
    Epic Energy

    can't wait to see the housewives of gotham

  • Jay Jello
    Jay Jello

    "im not about to let a man take credit for a womans work." *proceeds to rob bruce's mansion*

  • Julian Christrnsen
    Julian Christrnsen

    Is Catwoman a guy now

  • Julian Christrnsen
    Julian Christrnsen

    We know what happend to Batman but what about the joker

  • Jack Empire
    Jack Empire

    Let me level with the trailer for a sec and why it flopped so hard. I honestly think the trailer (with some exceptions) are good it starts off good and i love the design of the batwomen outfit at the end i didn't mind the younger looking lushes (likely spelled wrong) because dc has this thing with multiverse and characters acting or looking different. The problem i have however is the fact the try to force an agenda onto the trailer,

  • jaco kruger
    jaco kruger

    ok wtf at 2:18, are they gona change the meaning of the word HANDSOME now also?!?!? how can the word HANDSOME be used to describe a woman? whatever, just take it and change it as you want, pretty soon woman wont need men anymore to even reproduce even, they are becoming hermaphrodite

  • Aaron Hernandez
    Aaron Hernandez

    Look how they massacred my girl!

  • Doug Raddi
    Doug Raddi

    Is she gay? Really a gay superhero.

  • H.R.

    Please tell me this is not in DC canon

  • Orlando Martínez
    Orlando Martínez

    I'm only see this because it's like cw has make a Batman live series & by ✂. XD

  • Tactical Plays
    Tactical Plays

    This is tactical plays here reporting for hate comment duty Incase these idiots delete another. Btw bat Whamen is the disgrace of CW

  • KusamaSage

    bro id rather them add static shock or blue beetle to like the black lighting verse or add it to the arrowverse not batwoman but i will have an open mind and watch the show plus when it comes out i should be done with flash arrow and supergirl so id have nothing to watch i still dont know about dc legends cuz the last season ending blowed me

  • Kaush Kumar
    Kaush Kumar

    Wtf I'm surprised to see the dislikes 😂😂

  • Eoin Doyle
    Eoin Doyle

    they went full retard!

    • Barone 888
      Barone 888

      As a wise black Tony Stark once said: <<Never go full retard>>

  • Century CZX
    Century CZX

    Where did.. How did... Why did batman leave?

  • Nox Lupa
    Nox Lupa

    2:44 “I’m not about to let a man take credit for what I’ve done.” Well your sorta leaching off your cousin by dressing like him. If you really want to be your own hero, get your own costume and your own name, cause when you take a male super hero’s name and just slap a big’ol “girl” at the end, they don’t think of you, they just think of Batman, but a girl.

  • Braden Martin
    Braden Martin

    This looks so good. I can not wait for it to come out!!!

  • CoolBlue

    marvel fans: marvel writes their female characters better than dc! dc fans: not true! dc: agreed! also dc:

  • bruh bruh
    bruh bruh

    Bro you just posted cringe, Your gonna lose subscriber

  • sherwin soares
    sherwin soares

    People like this are probably why condoms were invented

  • HamsterK1977

    She was the worst part of John Wick 2

  • Red Fall
    Red Fall

    Lesbians, gays etc. In every single comic tv series... Retard...

  • ManOfMainstreet

    This is atrocious. Who greenlit this crap?

  • Oh Baka
    Oh Baka

    I’ve never like so many comments before in my life

  • henkkaah joo
    henkkaah joo

    She must be dank making the sandwiches, did she get lost on the way to the kitchen?

  • Lance

    So DC cancelled Swamp Thing for this?

  • Beppan


  • gabrielle lin
    gabrielle lin

    some of you males aren't familiar with the comics and it shows. A quick little wikipedia search could have helped but anyways my 'misandry' side is enjoying the male tears

    • RightReverend BubbaBullfrog
      RightReverend BubbaBullfrog

      +gabrielle lin apparently some of the pseudo-progressives aren't familiar with the comments here by women who read the comics, and a quick little read of those comments - made by women - would have revealed to any non-dimwit that there are no tears here, male or otherwise, only chortling laughter over bad scripting/cinematography etc., as hundreds of WOMEN here have stated. But hey, the dimwits always have twitter ;)

    • Barone 888
      Barone 888

      Funny you would say that. I am not a comic book reader. But i did do some wiki research. And apparently...Luke Fox in the comic books isnt a nerdy butler as shown in this trailer. In the comic books he is a skilled martial artist. So whats your response to that?

    • Juicy Smellit
      Juicy Smellit

      These salty thots and their 'muh misogyny'..

    • CoreMitsi

      Because all the 400K dislikes are men. Not a single woman disliked this abomination. And that is because all men are sexist and all women are not. And all men hate movies with female protagonists because that way they can't objectify them.

    • Pokémon Trainer Max -NintendoPlushWorld-
      Pokémon Trainer Max -NintendoPlushWorld-

      gabrielle lin they aren’t complaining that batwoman exists they are complaining about how Blatant and obnoxious the trailer is being that she’s a woman

  • UB productions
    UB productions

    Ah yes it’s bat girl Villains Manspreading man Misgender man Man man Basically any man

  • Adam Whitelock
    Adam Whitelock

    Why would they pick one of the worst actresses in the world to play the main role?

    • RightReverend BubbaBullfrog
      RightReverend BubbaBullfrog

      she's a darling of the reality TV industry (and NOT an actress). 2nd rate ex-model, 3rd rate Aussie v-jay for Australian MTV. NON-actresses are cheaper to hire than real [lesbian] actresses. There's more to my answer, but I'm sure you catch my drift. Just like I'm sure Mr. B - head boss of this show - enjoys reality tv crap while relaxing at home more than he enjoys anything theatrically 'worthwhile'.

  • The Filthy Casual
    The Filthy Casual

    I don't get it, why is this getting so much hate?

    • RightReverend BubbaBullfrog
      RightReverend BubbaBullfrog

      @The Filthy Casual But you won't bother to look into it, will you? That requires *work*. Like the work Sarah Waters put into her novels and the work that the creative team put into the 2006 Batwoman comics. You don't get to abuse semantics to justify your personal LACK of work ethic. And you will never have the opportunity to misrepresent the previous sentence as an 'attack', considering the amount of work-ethic which is required for *every* decent episode of *every* barely-passable TV show.

    • RightReverend BubbaBullfrog
      RightReverend BubbaBullfrog

      @The Filthy Casual That would be a fair reply except for the fact that this trailer (and all trailers 'representing what the show is 'about) is - in effect - reprimanding gender-based 'problems'. Furthermore, the show is an adaptation of a comicbook series which was never a 'simple-response'. On top of that, challenging the contextual essence of your question does NOT qualify as 'attacking', nor shall it ever *will*. And you KNOW that. Beyond that, you said "it was the first time seeing the trailer and it didn't look too bad at first glance." Well, if you want to question why the trailers for the show are receiving so many salty replies, it behooves you to look into the history of the character and the people listed in the imdb whom are responsible for bringing this travesty of the character extant since 2006 to the 'small screen'.

    • The Filthy Casual
      The Filthy Casual

      @RightReverend BubbaBullfrog I only asked why it got so much hate, didn't ask or deserve to be reprimanded. You could have given me a simple response rather than attack me. I asked because it was the first time seeing the trailer and it didn't look too bad at first glance.

    • RightReverend BubbaBullfrog
      RightReverend BubbaBullfrog

      1: critique is not 'hate', despite what the Slate/Huffpo/Buzzfeed/VICE like to present, which is ironic, since all sites like them have been critiquing Chappelle's latest netflix show. 2: This show is touting itself as a lesbian show and a feminist show. And using that 'touting' as a barricade against a lack of scripting/cinematic quality, which is again ironic, since so many feminist/lesbian pop-culture shows are REPLETE* with quality in those areas, such as Jessica Jones, Agent Carter, etc. 3: Lesbian shows deserve the best actresses and directors and screenwriters; the main people behind *this* show are alumni** of the Vampire Diaries, and lesbians/feminists deserve BETTER. *If you don't know what this word means without using an app to look it up, you have no right to ask the question you asked, considering Lesbian Authors such as Sarah Waters. **If you don't know what 'alumni' means without looking it up, you should not be publicly typing anything at ALL.

  • Justinio2

    “I’m not about to let a man take credit for a woman’s work”, says the woman that broke into Bruce Wayne’s Bat-cave that he spent time, money, and dedication on to steal his billion dollar equipment and play “Batman”, oh, I’m sorry, “BatWOMAN.” Get your OWN life girl. She not only couldn’t come up with her own gig, but takes another’s hard work and then the writers push even more unwanted SJW agenda to trigger a mini-war that’s slowly separating us instead of uniting us? What a load of garbage Hollywood has become... This is a joke, right? Why all the propaganda? They want us to hate each other...? Why? ✌️❤️🤝

    • Voight Kampff
      Voight Kampff

      Check out the coudenhove-kalergi plan, for the beginning of your answers as to why and who.

  • Gobblers Nob
    Gobblers Nob

    Ooh! Because there's a Superman there has to be a Superwoman. Because there's a Batman there has to be a Batwoman. I can't find the word's to describe how stupid this is.

    • CoreMitsi

      It's as if they can't create new female characters and they have to be related to male characters.

  • The Hero Shade
    The Hero Shade

    Bat woman actress should have been replaced with the angry GameStop customer and rename the show BatMA’AM.

  • FTLAUD 911
    FTLAUD 911

    Wow!!! This is horrible. The best part was that it ended finally. Good luck. CW should bring on the new 007 as a guest character...LOL

  • Jorge Delucas
    Jorge Delucas

    I would rather watch paint dry than watch this trash

  • Elyon Kunda
    Elyon Kunda

    Who came up with this crap?

  • Jeremy Smith
    Jeremy Smith

    #Save the show swamp thing!

  • Jeremy Smith
    Jeremy Smith

    Omg cancel this, swamp thing deserves to be a show not this. I am not investing money in buying batwoman episodes on my Xbox .

  • 413dan

    Waiting for black widower to empower men

  • Kent Keller
    Kent Keller

    So woke.

  • White Candle
    White Candle

    Criticize away, SJWhiners, it doesn't change one second of this terribly acted, terribly scripted, terrible terribleness that is the Batwoman Trailer. Check any of the 50,000+ carefully worded critiques of this Trailer that are spot on. You are, as they say, trying to defend the indefensible.

  • Pokémon Trainer Max -NintendoPlushWorld-
    Pokémon Trainer Max -NintendoPlushWorld-

    No DC don’t stoop to the level of marvel

  • War Zone
    War Zone

    BULLSHIT series. I'm not gonna watch this

  • War Zone
    War Zone

    Dislikes are higher than likes :p

  • Kermit Muppet
    Kermit Muppet

    *😂you guys don't even realize what really going on* *on this earth aka earth 1 Bruce Wayne lets just say "missing" ok not really but that what im assuming the red death is Bruce Wayne fused with barry on a another earth also "kate" just want to sound tough so im assuming there well be a episode of batwoman vs red death i know it sounds stupid what you expect 😂

  • Henry Adams
    Henry Adams

    Lol are nerds so butthurt about women superheroes because of their own personal rejection?? Please tell

    • Matti Ace
      Matti Ace

      @RightReverend BubbaBullfrog Thank you!

    • RightReverend BubbaBullfrog
      RightReverend BubbaBullfrog

      Are you a teenager trying to get an internship at the Slate or Huffpo or Buzzfeed or VIce? *Why* are you disregarding the hundreds of comments by women (including queer women) which only reference the lousy choreography/dialogue/etc., things which have *nothing* to do with gender? Do you think you'll score instagram points by going after the low-hanging-fruit, while only offering low-hanging-fruit of your own, cerebrally-speaking? Do you think if you don't reply to real questions over real problems with the TV show ANYONE will consider your comment above to be... 'real'?

  • Nina W
    Nina W

    i cant wait to watch 😄

    • Matti Ace
      Matti Ace


  • Venom

    So now not only marvel is sjw garbage, but dc also... rip american comics, time to switch to manga/anime

  • Starhunter

    *Look at all those hate comments.* 🤣

  • Carl Mannerheim
    Carl Mannerheim

    Batdyke at the barber: Just gimme the "I find everything problematic" look Barber: Say no more I gotchu

  • Carl Mannerheim
    Carl Mannerheim

    This is a parody right? No1 could make something this bad and cringe on purpose lmfao

  • Savant

    Alfred: “Master Bruce, do you remember your Cousin Kate, she’s coming back to Gotham!” Bruce: “Ight Imma Head Out“

  • ReysExtremeCinema

    I can not wait to not see this!

    • Matti Ace
      Matti Ace

      I can not wait for it to get cancelled

  • Vincent Chavez
    Vincent Chavez

    It would've worked way much better if they chose a black woman (a straight woman, that is) as Batwoman. But no, they chose a lesbian who looks like Justin Beaver instead.

  • Mondo patrick657
    Mondo patrick657

    this SUCKS Then again I’m just a casual fan

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