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  • anurag chouhan
    anurag chouhan

    accha hua kabir singh ke sath release nhi ki varna lag jati teri

  • Technical Phone Rader
    Technical Phone Rader

    Love u salman bhai

  • Accounting Coach
    Accounting Coach

    Who thinks this movie will break the previous records hit like.

  • Shivam Aggrawal
    Shivam Aggrawal

    All time blockbuster on the way 1000cr confirmed

  • Ninja gamer
    Ninja gamer

    Yes bhai like karo India ke liya

  • Md Nadeem
    Md Nadeem

    45 m dekhlo

  • Moral Heart Aheer
    Moral Heart Aheer

    Kon kon ye treller 45m view ke baad dekh rha hai

  • JOHN cena
    JOHN cena

    Kon Kon Views Check Krne Bar Bar A Rha Hai

  • Shady

    Salman is present in every timeline .Therefore he was present at the incident which happened on 28,september,2002.

  • Saqib Raza
    Saqib Raza

    World best hero is sulman Khan

  • Firojalam Alam
    Firojalam Alam


  • Maya T
    Maya T

    Katrina ruins every movie...she just cant act

  • Bikash Sunuwar
    Bikash Sunuwar

    Super action

  • Utkarsh Sharma
    Utkarsh Sharma

    Lagta hai christopher nolan ne banai hai 😂😂

  • Mustafa Siddiqui
    Mustafa Siddiqui

    Such a fuckin trailer 😂😂😂😂

  • Jvnm Chaitanya
    Jvnm Chaitanya

    Editor : What parts should we reveal in the trailer Lead : everything... Editor : but... Lead : The entire fkin thing

  • Sha Shi
    Sha Shi

    bhai Island trailer hai bhai

  • life nature
    life nature

    Anything innacted by Salman n Katrina together creates a wonderful epic film

  • THANK YOU SPJ Vishwakarma
    THANK YOU SPJ Vishwakarma

    Chutyapa है बे जिसको इतिहास नहीं पता परफेक्ट की बात कर रहा है

  • ahmad iftekhar
    ahmad iftekhar

    Bjp jyaa

  • 8905455386 Alibhuai
    8905455386 Alibhuai

    Out standing talr bhai jaan i very excited i very very like this amazing

  • Mukesh Kumar Rana
    Mukesh Kumar Rana

    Bhai Ka film h

  • Aayushi Yadav
    Aayushi Yadav

    I love Salman

  • Intzar Gujjar
    Intzar Gujjar

    Kon kon ye trailer 44 m ke bad dekh ra h thoko like

  • Intzar Gujjar
    Intzar Gujjar


  • Moris Rehman.ms5
    Moris Rehman.ms5


  • Md Kamrudeen
    Md Kamrudeen


  • Md Kamrudeen
    Md Kamrudeen


  • Md Kamrudeen
    Md Kamrudeen


  • Arghya Ghosh
    Arghya Ghosh

    My God! He is everything in this movie. This is just the thing Bollywood needs to revitalize itself. Infact I am surprised why he is not the Defence Minister, doctor, teacher, shopkeeper, PA, etc also. That would have made it sure that this movie would become the biggest success of the year.

  • Indian Bhabhi masti videos with msp Rathore
    Indian Bhabhi masti videos with msp Rathore


  • Rehan Hussain Siddiqui
    Rehan Hussain Siddiqui

    Kaon Kaon Ye trailer 45million ke baad dekh raha hai... 👍

  • faraz azeem
    faraz azeem

    Ali Abbas film gonna blockbuster again I could be under 1000cr.

  • Papa Palaniappan
    Papa Palaniappan

    Which one will go to see in first day show. I am surely going to watch this flim

  • Papa Palaniappan
    Papa Palaniappan

    Movie kati jeher hai


    Very nice v movie

  • Suruj Ali
    Suruj Ali


  • Shraddha Sharma
    Shraddha Sharma

    It's nothing in front of Kabir Singh

  • Choklang Langpo
    Choklang Langpo

    Nice trailer

  • Rahul Malhotra
    Rahul Malhotra

    Please help me with a mental asylum after watching this horrible trailer.....what has world come to

  • Salman Md
    Salman Md

    Supper Bhai

  • Kapil Sharma
    Kapil Sharma

    Iski filmey pitney ka time najdik aa raha hai

  • entertainment yara
    entertainment yara

    Who is watching after 45 million?

  • Rohit Kataria
    Rohit Kataria

    Good job

  • Mohammad Nawajis
    Mohammad Nawajis

    SKF supper dupper hitt hogi film bharat

  • Rahimuddin Raheem
    Rahimuddin Raheem

    Kabir singh Bharat..comment. Which is best to watch

  • Mudasar Ali
    Mudasar Ali

    Hit like

  • Amaan khan
    Amaan khan

    Kaun kaun ye trailer 45 million views ke baad Dekh raha he

  • Fiyaj Chopda
    Fiyaj Chopda

    I love salman sar

  • Sohil Khan
    Sohil Khan

    Nice movie

  • Malik Munawar
    Malik Munawar

    Salman Khan all time blockbuster movie

  • Sunilgoud Sunilgoud
    Sunilgoud Sunilgoud

    Bharat mata ki jai, superb trailer

  • Zeeshan Zeesho
    Zeeshan Zeesho

    Salman khan is the king of bollywood And my favourite actor also

  • sadaf ashraf
    sadaf ashraf

    Awesome 😍😘😍😘 mind blowing 😘😘 outstanding 😍😍😍😍 this eid watching Bharat 😘😘😘😘

  • Mazhar Kazi
    Mazhar Kazi

    Super Hit.

  • CaptaiN DhRuV
    CaptaiN DhRuV

    Sallu fans love

  • Joshi Om
    Joshi Om


  • Neha Sing Cute
    Neha Sing Cute

    Kon 1000 million ke bad dekh raga h

  • Neha Sing Cute
    Neha Sing Cute

    Kon kon Salu bahi se Love krta he

  • Neha Sing Cute
    Neha Sing Cute


  • Asif Ahamed
    Asif Ahamed

    Amazing movie ❤

  • Siddik Ali
    Siddik Ali

    Super Bhai

  • Pranoy Bose
    Pranoy Bose

    I loved Salman Khans bike stunt, I bet nobody can do that in Bollywood, not even anyone in Hollywood 😂😂😂😂

  • sidharth dhaka
    sidharth dhaka

    Kabir singh ka half bhi nhi 🤣

  • Afroj Khan
    Afroj Khan


  • Lovekush Sharma
    Lovekush Sharma

    Gadar 2 bhi aa rahi h

  • Elias Ahamad
    Elias Ahamad

    Hit like

  • Ayush Sharma
    Ayush Sharma

    Kon Kon yeh Trailer 45 Million Ke baad Dekh Raha hai..

  • Bhakta Hari Singh
    Bhakta Hari Singh


  • Yo Man
    Yo Man


  • Priyanka Panday
    Priyanka Panday

    Sab picture ka BAAP hai yeh pixture

  • Shruti Supal
    Shruti Supal

    Faltu hai yar

  • Kmf 7951
    Kmf 7951

    Don't see his movies. This guy is arrogant.

  • Techno channel
    Techno channel

    This one will be very good movie ......we all love salman actions....

  • Vishal Juneja
    Vishal Juneja

    I think the story line is unique and really good. But as usual salman and katrina ka acting tatti ka tatti hi rahega..🤣🤣🤣

  • Sachin Kale
    Sachin Kale

    Salman iam ur biggest fan thanks for realising ur movie on my birthday !!!! Eid Mubarak 👍👍👍😀

  • Magical Films World
    Magical Films World

    Who loves the slow motion music track in trailor hit like.....regards to salman and fans, Magical Films

  • Aman Debnath
    Aman Debnath

    Another stupid Bollywood movie.

  • bhat shakir
    bhat shakir

    Bollywood will never advance look the south indian bharat movie how good was that and look at this i think south bharat is 80%better than this

  • Som Prakash
    Som Prakash

    Salman ka double role h isme..

  • Mohit Shah
    Mohit Shah

    If US has Captain America, India has BHARAT..

  • shaik tippu saheb
    shaik tippu saheb

    Yeh sunil grover kya cheez hai phataka mae toh kamaal ka action kiya😂

  • Future Observation
    Future Observation

    Starting me thoda ghost rider movie ki jhalak dikhayi di

  • 11 Seconds
    11 Seconds

    Kon kon excited hai movie dekhne ko 💕😎😎

  • Salman Khan
    Salman Khan

    Kat,s acting is amazing her expressions are perfect huge slap for hater,s who says kat can,t act

  • Faisal Dahelus
    Faisal Dahelus

    Hit like for Salman 🇮🇳 Yeh trailer kon kon baar baar dekh rahe hai🇮🇳

  • apoorv vallabh
    apoorv vallabh

    I honestly wasn't able to watch the complete trailer

  • 414MrMilwaukee


  • Lokesh Khatri
    Lokesh Khatri

    Wanted and bodyguard are few good movies of Salman of recent Anything after that were decent fims He is a much hyped by fans and Media 90s era is good hit and etc My views , what's yours?

  • خالد الهاشمي
    خالد الهاشمي

    The best so far I had ever seen

  • Ashraf ali Ashraf ali
    Ashraf ali Ashraf ali


  • shehryar iqbal
    shehryar iqbal

    Kabir best

    PRAMOD SAINI Comedy audition

  • mohammed issack
    mohammed issack

    Watched it over 60times.. can't wait for June 5th.. even though it will be during Ramadan, I am going for 1st day 1st show..

  • Baban Fans
    Baban Fans

    Kaun Kaun Ye Trailer 44M ke baad bhi dekh raha hain ?

  • rana Hussain
    rana Hussain

    Which actor is best Sallu bi like Ranveer coment

  • Sanju Khan
    Sanju Khan

    Who is Here...? After 45M Views🙌

  • Chetan Kumar
    Chetan Kumar

    Awesome trailer

  • Sarwar Mirkar
    Sarwar Mirkar

    Super salu Bhai

  • Naved Khan
    Naved Khan

    Nice salman bhai supR

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