BOYFRIEND SHOPPING CHALLENGE!! Swimsuit Edition w/ Niki and Gabi
Niki and Gabi take on the shopping challenge with their boyfriends...swimsuit edition! Join them on set of the new season of Niki and Gabi Summer Break! Niki & Gabi's Summer Break starts Saturday, September 2nd at 12 PM PST!
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Music provided by Extreme Music.

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    Niki & Gabi's Summer Break starts Saturday, September 2nd at 12 PM PST!

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  • Moonlightvibes

    there is literally a hickey in gabis arm.

  • Hazel Murphy
    Hazel Murphy

    No one notices the hickey on Gabi's arm?

  • Lizzy Starkk
    Lizzy Starkk

    Is it just me or does Niki seem like really annoying to be around? Like I’m just watching her in videos I can’t imagine how needy she is irl..

  • carys hall
    carys hall

    Did anyone else notice gabi hickey

  • Jaylee Boyd
    Jaylee Boyd

    How old are y’all

  • Rubyeloise Dawson
    Rubyeloise Dawson

    Gabi and Nikki are sooooo pretty

    • Rubyeloise Dawson
      Rubyeloise Dawson

      Awwww so pretty 💛

  • S C
    S C

    Gabi you look so dikkerant

  • Kiara Perry-Wilson
    Kiara Perry-Wilson

    The purple swimsuit was my favorite and I don't like the pink, floral, black swimsuit!

  • sara vlogs.
    sara vlogs.

    2019 anyone?!

  • Holly McDermott
    Holly McDermott

    Anyone else see what's on Gabi's arm

  • The pink unicorn
    The pink unicorn

    I love yall so much Anda all ways Watch your challenge

  • CxC Xo
    CxC Xo

    Niki what happened to your finger?!?

  • Lilly Hogan
    Lilly Hogan

    Am I the only one who heard niki say so cute Collin. In the beginning 🤭🤭

  • Clif Augusto
    Clif Augusto

    i love all but not that pink one Collin bot for Gabby (wasn't the right size) / (UGLY) / (shhhhhhhhhhhhh)

  • Roro Life’s
    Roro Life’s

    At 3:21 gabi touched Nate and just. See it

  • Alexis McIntosh
    Alexis McIntosh

    Can you please come to Australia I want to see you so bad

  • Nel La
    Nel La


  • Valeria Di Vicenzo Villalba
    Valeria Di Vicenzo Villalba

    Omg he said to gabi I found it ok the bride section and I was like😱😱😱he is gonna propuse and then Nate said what you trying to say than gabi’s boyfriend said is cute

  • Robinmakes Dumbvideos22
    Robinmakes Dumbvideos22

    Does gabi have a hickey on her arm

  • Haily Bee
    Haily Bee

    I actually think gabby does zans lol she look so slow.

  • felicity Ducommun
    felicity Ducommun

    Yo!! Does gabi have a hickey on her arm

  • Maryann McCormack
    Maryann McCormack

    Give me alike please the highest amount of likes I ever had is 2

  • danesha chantel
    danesha chantel

    nate:”what are u trying to say”😂

  • zoe quastel
    zoe quastel

    I see that hicky on your arm gabi

  • alissa bickling
    alissa bickling

    Gabi has something on her arm (it look like a hicky)

  • Amanda Campbell
    Amanda Campbell

    Anyone else notice gabby has a hickey on her arm

  • Madylin Roascio
    Madylin Roascio

    Umm What happen to Niki's Finger and they suck up on tv

  • Abby Robinson
    Abby Robinson

    Nikis finger LOL

  • Gizzem Albayrak
    Gizzem Albayrak

    Gabi have a hickey on her arm lel

  • e w
    e w

    Thy look nice

  • Ella Sutherland
    Ella Sutherland

    Nicky I’m so sorry about your finger

  • Azura Kliegl
    Azura Kliegl

    The hook

  • sammy cat
    sammy cat

    did nobody see the hickey on gabby arm?!😂😂💗

    • Dark Knight
      Dark Knight

      I did

  • Karrington Higgins
    Karrington Higgins

    Did anybody know that Niki is older than Gabi?

  • Maria Ruiz
    Maria Ruiz

    Season 2

  • Unicornlover Amy
    Unicornlover Amy

    Niki's hook

  • Maddison Burns
    Maddison Burns

    Gabi Is so quite n morbid

  • Arreid Sprowl
    Arreid Sprowl

    I liked the blue and pink flor el one the Nate got for Niki. But I wish they would of tried them on and they would of been more cute.

  • Jennelle Dohan
    Jennelle Dohan

    I like gabi and Collin soooo. Much

  • Shauna Kapoor
    Shauna Kapoor

    Okay gabi’s outfit is so cute 🙌🏾😍

  • Gloria Sullivan
    Gloria Sullivan

    gab's hickey lmao

  • Cxctus


  • Kids Argonza
    Kids Argonza

    They are so cute 😍😘

  • ally rodriguez
    ally rodriguez

    I love niki claw 😂😂😂

  • PrincessArianaGrandeVIP msp
    PrincessArianaGrandeVIP msp

    0:13 oml who noticed gabi's hand

  • saoirse& Rub
    saoirse& Rub

    Niki what happend to your finger

  • sMaRtIgUaNa123


  • Amy Brood
    Amy Brood

    Love u guys

  • Glitzer Einhorn
    Glitzer Einhorn

    Does Gab have her pereod? She looks so uncomfortably and doesn't seem happy..😮😢💗 or is something wrongggg!?🤨😘

  • x’s smile
    x’s smile


  • Ashlyn Schwartz
    Ashlyn Schwartz

    Nate and Nikki are acting so happy but actually in the show they were pissed at each other

  • It's Just Jac Jac
    It's Just Jac Jac

    1:16 nose in a place it shouldn’t be (Collin btw) 😂

  • Leah Marshall
    Leah Marshall

    I love that suit that Niki gave the 3/10 rating. I think I would look great with niki’s hair

  • Jess Maria
    Jess Maria

    Is that a hickey gabi!!!😉😜😎

  • serenity bug
    serenity bug

    Nikis boyfriend is wearing the same shirt when he was on the pic of the video emergency

  • Emily Dahl
    Emily Dahl


  • Ivan the flying squirrel
    Ivan the flying squirrel

    Gabby why haven’t you married Collin yet?

  • Jay Cee
    Jay Cee

    Lol u guys are harsh

  • Glam Vlogs with McKayla
    Glam Vlogs with McKayla

    Nate and Nikki are perfect for each other!😭❤️

  • Emily-Elisabeth Charles
    Emily-Elisabeth Charles

    What is wrong with your finger Niki?

  • Kate Fransisco
    Kate Fransisco

    I’m sorry Niki but I like Gabi’s style more...I’m really sorry

  • Zuleika Ramirez
    Zuleika Ramirez

    Doesn't anyone else hate that they always have to stick to "there" color like they always wanna we're that color no hate tho it's just my opinion

  • Sara Poslusnic
    Sara Poslusnic

    What happen to to your finger

  • Yue Qi
    Yue Qi

    Who else knows what happened to Niki's nail?𗀯

  • Marlise del Real
    Marlise del Real

    you should make your boyfriends wear girls swimsuits

  • Ayana Williams
    Ayana Williams

    It would be so cool if Niki and gabi would model their swimsuits

  • Isabelle_lilyxoxo

    I was waiting to see what they looked like once they were on

  • sarnima’s Roblox
    sarnima’s Roblox

    Nate you’re the best boyfriend for Niki I bet Niki loves you very much

  • Ariel The Girl
    Ariel The Girl

    1:06 tho what are u trying to say

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