BOYFRIEND SHOPPING CHALLENGE!! Swimsuit Edition w/ Niki and Gabi
Niki and Gabi take on the shopping challenge with their boyfriends...swimsuit edition! Join them on set of the new season of Niki and Gabi Summer Break! Niki & Gabi's Summer Break starts Saturday, September 2nd at 12 PM PST!
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Music provided by Extreme Music.

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    Niki & Gabi's Summer Break starts Saturday, September 2nd at 12 PM PST!

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      Amanda Bryant-Friedrich

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      Marine Martin

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      Nicole Gao

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      Triple S

      The video is too short

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      Katelyn Buchanan

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  • Hayden Z
    Hayden Z

    Is it just me or when they are explaining the vid at the beginning niki looks drunck

  • Tushar Sethi
    Tushar Sethi

    why is Gabi yawning so much?

  • Paige freeman
    Paige freeman

    love it

  • Nancie Bluebell
    Nancie Bluebell

    2020 anyone??😂

  • Shannon Ellacott
    Shannon Ellacott

    Hi NIKI and GABI U should Do A Bake Off Where Ur Boyfriends bake U 3 things Of desserts and ur going to be blind folded and u have to guess what they made and what flavours

  • Katie Ortiz
    Katie Ortiz


  • Florence Marlin
    Florence Marlin

    I love that Collin is so affectionate 🤗


    anyone here in quarentine , 2020

  • flex demon
    flex demon

    Gabi looks so nice blond

  • Lichel Mae
    Lichel Mae

    NIKI: I don't like pink also nike *wearing pink shirt

  • Amy Johnson
    Amy Johnson

    gabi looks SO different

  • Kayleigh Severino
    Kayleigh Severino

    Do a swap niki n Collin n nate n Gabi

  • Jenna Hotz
    Jenna Hotz

    What is that one that niki bought a blues clues striped shirt for nate

  • Maddie Graves
    Maddie Graves

    Is it me or does Babi have a hickey on her arm 😂❤️

  • Allison Lindner
    Allison Lindner

    you look so cute with your boys

  • Scarlett Carter
    Scarlett Carter

    It's so funny

  • kierat tung
    kierat tung

    The bridal section. I thought they were getting married, it's 2020 now and they're still dating.

  • Indu J Nair
    Indu J Nair

    Not to be weird but nate is really cute

  • Amiyah Hoskins
    Amiyah Hoskins

    Why was nate just starting at the camera🤔🤔🤔

  • ashley marissa
    ashley marissa

    You can see on Gabi’s face whether or not she likes something 😂

  • Amal Ashkar Breish
    Amal Ashkar Breish

    Is this a new channel or what ???

  • Gacha Gummy bear
    Gacha Gummy bear

    Wow Gabi looks so different-

  • Radina Stoyanova
    Radina Stoyanova

    Look how collin looks Nikki hes inlove with her

  • queen mari
    queen mari

    "HoNeY bEaR wHaT sIzE"

  • Moonlightvibes

    there is literally a hickey in gabis arm.

  • Hazel Murphy
    Hazel Murphy

    No one notices the hickey on Gabi's arm?

  • Lizzy Starkk
    Lizzy Starkk

    Is it just me or does Niki seem like really annoying to be around? Like I’m just watching her in videos I can’t imagine how needy she is irl..

  • carys hall
    carys hall

    Did anyone else notice gabi hickey

  • Jaylee Boyd
    Jaylee Boyd

    How old are y’all

  • Ruby D & Eloise D
    Ruby D & Eloise D

    Gabi and Nikki are sooooo pretty

    • Ruby D & Eloise D
      Ruby D & Eloise D

      Awwww so pretty 💛

  • S C
    S C

    Gabi you look so dikkerant

  • Kiara Perry-Wilson
    Kiara Perry-Wilson

    The purple swimsuit was my favorite and I don't like the pink, floral, black swimsuit!

  • sara vlogs
    sara vlogs

    2019 anyone?!

  • Holly McDermott
    Holly McDermott

    Anyone else see what's on Gabi's arm

  • The pink unicorn
    The pink unicorn

    I love yall so much Anda all ways Watch your challenge

  • CxC Xo
    CxC Xo

    Niki what happened to your finger?!?

  • Lilly Hogan
    Lilly Hogan

    Am I the only one who heard niki say so cute Collin. In the beginning 🤭🤭

  • Purple queen plays
    Purple queen plays

    At 3:21 gabi touched Nate and just. See it

  • Alexis McIntosh
    Alexis McIntosh

    Can you please come to Australia I want to see you so bad

  • Nel La
    Nel La


  • Valeria Di Vicenzo Villalba
    Valeria Di Vicenzo Villalba

    Omg he said to gabi I found it ok the bride section and I was like😱😱😱he is gonna propuse and then Nate said what you trying to say than gabi’s boyfriend said is cute

  • Robinmakesdumbvideos22

    Does gabi have a hickey on her arm

  • Ava Bee
    Ava Bee

    I actually think gabby does zans lol she look so slow.

  • felicity Ducommun
    felicity Ducommun

    Yo!! Does gabi have a hickey on her arm

  • Maryann McCormack
    Maryann McCormack

    Give me alike please the highest amount of likes I ever had is 2

  • danesha c. gonzales
    danesha c. gonzales

    nate:”what are u trying to say”😂

  • zoe quastel
    zoe quastel

    I see that hicky on your arm gabi

  • alissa bickling
    alissa bickling

    Gabi has something on her arm (it look like a hicky)

  • Amanda Campbell
    Amanda Campbell

    Anyone else notice gabby has a hickey on her arm

  • Madylin Roascio
    Madylin Roascio

    Umm What happen to Niki's Finger and they suck up on tv

  • Abby Robinson
    Abby Robinson

    Nikis finger LOL

  • Gizzem Albayrak
    Gizzem Albayrak

    Gabi have a hickey on her arm lel

  • e w
    e w

    Thy look nice

  • Ella Sutherland
    Ella Sutherland

    Nicky I’m so sorry about your finger

  • Azura Kliegl
    Azura Kliegl

    The hook

  • sammy cat
    sammy cat

    did nobody see the hickey on gabby arm?!😂😂💗

    • Stephanie S
      Stephanie S

      I did

  • Karrington Higgins
    Karrington Higgins

    Did anybody know that Niki is older than Gabi?

  • Maria Ruiz
    Maria Ruiz

    Season 2

  • Unicornlover Amy
    Unicornlover Amy

    Niki's hook

  • Maddison Burns
    Maddison Burns

    Gabi Is so quite n morbid

  • Arreid Sprowl
    Arreid Sprowl

    I liked the blue and pink flor el one the Nate got for Niki. But I wish they would of tried them on and they would of been more cute.

  • Jennelle Dohan
    Jennelle Dohan

    I like gabi and Collin soooo. Much

  • Shauna Kapoor
    Shauna Kapoor

    Okay gabi’s outfit is so cute 🙌🏾😍

  • Gloria Sullivan
    Gloria Sullivan

    gab's hickey lmao

  • Cxctus


  • Kids Argonza
    Kids Argonza

    They are so cute 😍😘

  • ally rodriguez
    ally rodriguez

    I love niki claw 😂😂😂

  • ur.mum.45 ur.mum.45
    ur.mum.45 ur.mum.45

    Niki what happend to your finger

  • sMaRtIgUaNa123


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