Boyfriend Swap Shopping Challenge
Niki and Gabi
This is the boyfriend swap shopping challenge, where us twins swap boyfriends, and let eachothers' boyfriends shop for the opposite twin that ISN'T their girlfriend. So this is the reverse of a boyfriend shopping challenge. Instead of our boyfriends shopping for us, our boyfriends shop for the OTHER sister. Watch to see what they bought the twin that isn't their girlfriend!
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Nate and Collin for being such good boyfriends, and filming these videos with us!
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If you see this, comment "Collin liked shopping for Niki too much.."
only those who watch up to that point will know what this means ;)
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We’re Niki and Gabi! We hope you enjoyed our boyfriend swap shopping challenge video! We’re twin sisters who are different with opposite fashion and styles, but we come together to make videos like challenges, drive thru challenges, boyfriend swaps, pranks, twin swaps, shopping challenges 24 hour challenges, diy, style, beauty, lifestyle, life swaps, fashion, comedy, types of girls, music, and more!

  • Sally hubins
    Sally hubins

    You should do a telepathy video

  • Hasna Khairunnisa
    Hasna Khairunnisa

    2:11 what song is this? Help

  • Kiera Thomas
    Kiera Thomas

    Nate: "brown"

  • Kestas Guzulaitis
    Kestas Guzulaitis

    How also realised the mackeup stane on Gabi’s crewneck at 1:15 ?🤪😂

  • Çøøkíë Gãćhä 5
    Çøøkíë Gãćhä 5

    Awwww the first shop they went to is my nameeee ❤️❤️❤️ I dunno why I’m so exited! 😊😊😊❤️🦄💩

  • CJ and Lexi esgiti
    CJ and Lexi esgiti

    so good you are so good youtubes

  • Veerle Van De Laar
    Veerle Van De Laar

    Anyone else noticed the stain on gabi's shirt? It really bucked me...

  • alanna

    when niki said colon wishes gabi dressed like her.. that made me uncomfortable

  • essence arielle
    essence arielle

    I LOVE the way niki and Nate look at each other omg so cute. 2020 please give me this lol

  • Kimberly Garcia
    Kimberly Garcia

    Gabi’s make up🤢🤢 2:03

  • Laila Baptiste
    Laila Baptiste

    For some reason at the very first start of this video i was like " DID GABI BECOME CARDI B?!" but for me she looked more like cardi b, skintone and hair i dont know why

  • luna sanchez
    luna sanchez


  • Fiona Urquhart
    Fiona Urquhart

    Nathalie got me Gucci.....😂😂😂

  • Fiona Urquhart
    Fiona Urquhart

    This video is so shady... Literally*

  • Addyson Raianna
    Addyson Raianna

    Why gabi so dark

  • AJ Art
    AJ Art


  • Emma Bumann
    Emma Bumann

    Niki is so easily impressed

  • R & A Squad
    R & A Squad

    And girls wonder why boyfriends fall in love with other sisters bc stuff like this 😒😶😩 jk I’m just talking I love u too

  • Ava Grottis
    Ava Grottis

    does anyone think Nikis second look makes her look like a minion 😂😂😂

  • Adventures with TeeTee
    Adventures with TeeTee

    it should have been easy for Nate because Gabby likes girly Pinky princess stuff it is very easy to get girly girl girly stuff

  • Claire Orban
    Claire Orban

    Niki and Colin for life sorry gabi

  • The Rae’s
    The Rae’s

    I love how close Nate and Collin are💖💖💖

  • Kaidy

    I ship Collin and niki tbh

  • Tania Cox
    Tania Cox

    anyone else think that they are weird by watching all the old vids instead of the new ones

  • Yeet

    XD pause at 5:31 and look at collin

  • {im}perfect •
    {im}perfect •

    What language is that background music though?

  • Ana Clara
    Ana Clara

    The stain on gabis pink blue shirt said nonononononono 😂

  • Triple O
    Triple O

    You guys are my favourite VN-myrs 🥰🥰😍😍🦄🐬🥀🌷🌹🦋

  • Hodlaunicorn !
    Hodlaunicorn !

    Oof if my bf went shopping for me I would freak

  • JustABakedPotato

    Okay Okay Okay We All Know The REAL Couple Is Nate & Collin 😂🤣

  • Navia B
    Navia B

    TP means tres petite or extra small in French

  • ツAdaptation

    You could tell that gabby was the one more jealous by the way she kept grabbing Collin and touching him. You could also tell by her face.

  • katie_xx

    tillys employees rise up

  • angela scott
    angela scott

    Awww when Nate said “he didn’t know fashion but he tried anyway” was so adorable also cause the face he made lol

    • cinderella gulf
      cinderella gulf angela scott

  • Maria Lopez
    Maria Lopez

    niki head=🕷

  • Isabella Juarez
    Isabella Juarez

    Niki is trying to steal Collins from gaby Niki: Collins likes me better in a (bratty way) Gaby: me and Collins will always be together Collins: I’m your favorite

    • Isabella Juarez
      Isabella Juarez

      Please leave nice replys

  • Abbey Vaughn
    Abbey Vaughn

    Niki and Gabi are getting so jealous but they literally came up with this video?? you signed up for this!!

  • paige

    Idk why I just feel Gabi is so much more authentic then Nikki

  • Ayi Felicisimo
    Ayi Felicisimo


  • Madison drake
    Madison drake

    Okay but nick is gay

  • Patrick Star
    Patrick Star

    The way gabi looked at niki at 2:01 💀

  • Moriah Spence
    Moriah Spence

    Gabi & niki are so beautiful

  • Andrea Gonzalez
    Andrea Gonzalez

    She looks like Sofía Castro

  • Calvin Luke Pico
    Calvin Luke Pico

    32:3 nikki salty af xD

  • Yariela Ballesteros
    Yariela Ballesteros

    You girls should shop for each other’s boyfriends

  • Lucía González - Villamil Silva
    Lucía González - Villamil Silva

    You should do a challenge video that u have to shop on the budget of £10, £40 and £400 for 3 different categories xx ly guys xxx

  • Osheni •D
    Osheni •D

    I love how Collin and Nicky put in effort

  • anan mustafa
    anan mustafa

    I feel niki and Collin together and gabi and Nate

  • Kakak Bell
    Kakak Bell

    so funny gabi and nate

  • Kakak Bell
    Kakak Bell

    i like gabi and nate

  • Daniela castro
    Daniela castro


  • Sofia Galindo
    Sofia Galindo

    Niki face :o

  • Sara Alnaimi
    Sara Alnaimi

    Do a part two please 🥺❤️

  • Eva Tomasiello
    Eva Tomasiello

    Me: Mum! Can I be a member of Niki and Gabi’s channel. Mum: how much is it. Me: $4.99 Mum: if you earn it. Me: Uhhh...

  • Queen Shopaholic
    Queen Shopaholic

    The guys are so happy throughout this where as the girls don't seem to happy. Sorry not sorry it's what I see and the vibe I feel.

  • Lexi Scott
    Lexi Scott

    When they said acsess i thought they were gonna sya free disney plus

  • bayden lit
    bayden lit

    Now a days you can just stick your phone in the air and it will tell you what song it is 8:06

  • Sienna's Channel
    Sienna's Channel

    It says I need to pay to be a member which is fine but I don't think it should be like!?

  • CarlaQ VRooyen
    CarlaQ VRooyen

    Why they getting so jealous tho? 😂😂😂 Loved the video❤️

  • Navya Manganellore
    Navya Manganellore

    Niki you were rolling your eyes on Nate when Gabi said the short was Sooo cute 😜😜

  • Hailey Tucker
    Hailey Tucker

    this was awesome!! they both did so good

  • Izzy.Federico

    Is it just me or does Gabi look pissed in every video??!!!

  • Gautam Sallan
    Gautam Sallan

    for a sec i that gabi was going to say thx babe

  • vanessa lopez
    vanessa lopez

    Please do more shopping challenges we live them!!!

  • Zara Vettiankal
    Zara Vettiankal

    I would join the group or that but I’m too young

  • Tiffany Brown
    Tiffany Brown

    why does Niki always act off when they do couple videos? am i the only one who peeps

  • Meh

    10:33 this was unnecessary tho wtf

    • Diana's Life
      Diana's Life


  • Nica Jeon
    Nica Jeon

    They both looked so proud of how well their boyfriends knew their sisters

  • Alajah Holmes
    Alajah Holmes

    One Question why are you so dark

  • Tala Zahdeh
    Tala Zahdeh

    Niki is gonna look like a minion😂😂

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