Fernie Mac
He has Reacted to my #EMOHAIR and so I have retaliated with a Reaction to his REACTION. Ya Were fighting, We have real beef, But no Offense BRAD ( I Still Love You ) And is it too much to ask if you would personally cut my emohair since you are a hairstylist. HELP ME END THIS CRINGE PHASE BRAD

  • Zhanay Rose
    Zhanay Rose

    When all 3 spinned around😹😹😹

  • Rabbit Feet 🐰
    Rabbit Feet 🐰

    bruh i just found my new favorite youtuber wish i could pull of scene hair

  • Luiza Living In The Gray
    Luiza Living In The Gray

    I like you Fernie. Leaving it at that ^^

  • Australia Duel Masters
    Australia Duel Masters

    I’ve always loved your hair Fernie, don’t listen to the haterz

  • Jared Rodriguez
    Jared Rodriguez

    Aww I luv ur hair

  • J4zz1 D1s4st3rr
    J4zz1 D1s4st3rr

    I have always been a scene kiddo on the inside but this year I finally just go AHHH and style as a scene kiddddd

  • Robbie Capps
    Robbie Capps

    I love the dreads

  • Vannah Rose
    Vannah Rose

    You seem offended bro

  • Jessica Wolfe
    Jessica Wolfe

    I just love this 😂😂 needed a laugh ps you’re adorable 💕💕💕

    • Fernie Mac
      Fernie Mac

      Faaanks you 💓glad u liked it

  • Saa Kii
    Saa Kii

    dude I went from Brad Mondo’s video and I’m impressed how chill you are

  • jupiter jones
    jupiter jones

    I love brad, I love you, I love all of this. That you are such a good sport, that your friend is so protective over you, and that if you and brad get to collaborate it would be so sick.

  • Angelina Castellano
    Angelina Castellano

    Love this video. I need more. Subscribed. I love brad but he seemed too salty. Maybe he’s sad he never had the hair you have.

  • Gaby

    I came from Brad’s channel But stayed cuz you bring back memories of my scene phase and your type was who i wished to date at the time lol. I kinda miss this whole look for me

  • Hafsa Aamer
    Hafsa Aamer

    I came from Brad's channel🤣😂👍

  • Miss Mausoleum
    Miss Mausoleum

    "He came for me" I'll see my gutter mind self out my house now 😂

  • Miss Mausoleum
    Miss Mausoleum

    "It's My Chemical Romance" I stan...

  • Miss Mausoleum
    Miss Mausoleum

    I stopped watching Brad's video just so I can watch this 😂

    • Miss Mausoleum
      Miss Mausoleum

      @Fernie Mac I enjoyed the video greatly ☺️ The humor throughout was amazing 😂 I'm gonna try to binge some videos 😬

    • Fernie Mac
      Fernie Mac

      Haha nice . Welcome to my channel :) hope u enjoy

  • Courtney Melcher
    Courtney Melcher

    y’all are sooo mad 😂

  • Ana Lívia Aquino
    Ana Lívia Aquino

    Totally disgusting.

  • haruno21

    I'm here for Brad lol

  • Brandi Bones
    Brandi Bones

    Here because of Brad.

  • Tee S
    Tee S

    You stink

  • wtf lilbois
    wtf lilbois

    Kind of vid reaction you'd expect. The attitude is so pretentious

  • Cassandra Dominguez
    Cassandra Dominguez

    The way he pronounces Mondo 😆😆😆😆 "Mun-DEUX" lololol

  • Samantha Smiles
    Samantha Smiles

    I fucking love you❤❤❤🥰🥵🥵🥵can you be mine already damn

  • Mimi Pain Warrior
    Mimi Pain Warrior

    Also here from brad's channel

    • Fernie Mac
      Fernie Mac

      welcome :)

  • Mimi Pain Warrior
    Mimi Pain Warrior

    One thing led to another, love it 🤣

  • abbeywelchmusic

    “We stan Aaron Carter” 😂😂😂

    • Fernie Mac
      Fernie Mac

      and his frosted tips

  • Akira Young
    Akira Young

    def coming from Brads channel. You guys should collab!

  • Cassie Marie
    Cassie Marie

    Why is everyone so fucking attractive & cutee in this video omgggg. You all could do my hair i don't careee c:

  • Jenna Bateman
    Jenna Bateman

    Fernies hair is god awful but he seems like a sweet guy.

  • KeeKee Bizarre
    KeeKee Bizarre

    From Brads page✨

  • thatsepicification

    Okay, but amazing shirt. Anybody know the band or brand?

    • thatsepicification

      @Fernie Mac thank you!

    • Fernie Mac
      Fernie Mac

      Its Dakota wints brand. Stay happy stay weird

  • Esther Castro
    Esther Castro


  • Destinee Bell
    Destinee Bell

    From brad's channel you too should totally do a vid together

  • Devin Croft
    Devin Croft

    WHHHHY am i just now seeing this !!!!!! personally love brads channel but you make me smile soooo big during this.

    • Fernie Mac
      Fernie Mac

      aye glad to spread the smiles and joy. cheers have a good day

  • Rhett Rossos
    Rhett Rossos


  • lexi

    A guy with a noose hanging on his wall being scene in 2019 calling brad cringey is the peak of the internet

  • amanda schilling
    amanda schilling

    I honestly still use body razors to cut my hair and hair scissors... Just cause theyre in my house... LMFAO if he saw me doing that hed SHIT at how much hair i cut off lmfaoo

  • Aaron Monroe
    Aaron Monroe

    Your comments were gold!

  • Tenneshia Martin
    Tenneshia Martin

    Here from Brads channel and honestly the bad quality and lighting and just how you look and the guy in the back ew it’s just disgusting. How do people watch this??? Imagine making fun of Brad too 💀 honestly LOOK AT YOURSELVES

  • Tina Cameron
    Tina Cameron

    Dude you're so cute i love your personality... :) you earned a subscribe

    • Fernie Mac
      Fernie Mac

      Aww thank u sm =3 ♡

  • Skinwalker

    This is meta cringe

  • Team Cunningham
    Team Cunningham

    “Brad mundo “ It’s mondo !!!!

  • Emilea Earnest
    Emilea Earnest

    Came from Mondo, stayed for Fernie 😎

  • LostXBoyz Productionz!
    LostXBoyz Productionz!

    I used the razor trick too! I feel like anyone in the “Emo/Scene” world would have at some point!

  • Berry

    oof cringe.

  • Emily Merkley
    Emily Merkley

    Be still my heart 😭🖤

  • Gemma Mackie
    Gemma Mackie

    You seem so sweet! Here from brads channel :) subscribed

  • Bettie Davis
    Bettie Davis

    I know I'm way late. But I'm here from Brad's channel. Love your hair styles! I too just throw on loads of colors and see what happens. Even my friends are having me do their's they like my crazy hair so much! Keep being you!

  • shadow flower
    shadow flower

    TBH I actually like fernies scene hair, the shades of blue weren't that bad

  • Kate S
    Kate S

    ppl rlly wanting brad to do your hair and saying that you guys should be friends.... like this whole video wasnt just making fun of brad

  • tito bernardino
    tito bernardino

    god damn it you're a fucking puss

  • Alana Dyer
    Alana Dyer

    Brad reacts to Fernie who reacts to Brad...can their collab happen?

  • Arijana Bavcic
    Arijana Bavcic

    I'm here from Brad's channel and I don't really appreciate the way you talk about him -.-

    • Fernie Mac
      Fernie Mac

      Rar.jpg were ina fite

  • Leli Benn
    Leli Benn

    I thought this was gonna be funny and was gonna support brad fixing his hair but this dude is so bitter you’re mad he’s a million times more successful than you’ll ever be


    We love a brutal Brad


    Dude in the back is irritating

  • taking back yesterday
    taking back yesterday

    i love you Fernie

  • ✨Radish Alex✨
    ✨Radish Alex✨

    I came from Brad's video and seriously Fernie.... You are the chillest person in the world.... Dude... Mad respect for being so chill about Brad calling your hair a nest. Mad respect dude xD

    • ✨Radish Alex✨
      ✨Radish Alex✨

      @Fernie Mac no problem fam. Have an awesome day! ^^

    • Fernie Mac
      Fernie Mac

      Hahah thank u !! I appreciate the positive comment 💚 have a nice day

  • Kayla Ice
    Kayla Ice

    The dudes name from n’sync - Aaron carter 😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣

  • devi

    *Oh no its retarted*

  • 777 aizawa
    777 aizawa

    Idk why but u looked so damn cute seeing u side by side like that makes me think that you're different ppl no hate ilysm

    • 777 aizawa
      777 aizawa

      @Fernie Mac omg i didnt think that u would reply ilysm im sorry❤

    • Fernie Mac
      Fernie Mac

      Yeea were good homies :):)

  • Princess Violet
    Princess Violet

    Aaron carter was in backstreet boys, Justin timberlake was in nsync, GET IT TOGETHER.

  • Channy 2Sweet
    Channy 2Sweet

    I love this guys personality tho 🖤

  • thebxsketcxse

    The only thing Brad’s video taught me was that you’re gorgeous & that I’m not as out of my emo/scene days as I thought I was.

    • thebxsketcxse

      Also definitely gonna follow your ig now

  • Dannii

    Why do I feel like this is gentle trolling? And I’m here for it. From Mondo’s video .


    0:10 Rip headphone ears are hurting currently

  • Paputsza

    how dare you little shts say that aaron carter was in the best boy band of the last ten years of the twentieth century, nsync? aaron carter is trisha paytas ex, that's how trash he is.


    Loved this..✌😋

    • Fernie Mac
      Fernie Mac

      Thank u :)

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