Brie Larson & Scarlett Johansson on First Kisses, Fan Tattoos, and 'Avengers: Endgame'
Brie Larson admitted to Ellen she doesn’t remember her first kiss, while her “Avengers: Endgame” co-star Scarlett revealed she made an active choice to have a do-over with hers. Plus, Scarlett helped Brie remember the first time they met each other, and chatted about their first acting gigs as kids. The Marvel stars also have a lot of dedicated superfans in the comic book world, and they didn’t hold back their reactions when Ellen showed them real tattoos of their superhero alter egos on fans’ bodies.

  • AlotTome234

    Brie throws those mugs at your face

  • Riddhi Dey
    Riddhi Dey

    Am I the only one thinking that brie is wearing the Chris Evans knives out sweater.?

  • Edgardo Martínez Gallegos
    Edgardo Martínez Gallegos

    Scarlett is so cute and nice person, Brie on the other hand is so forced, hahahaha such a different personalities.

  • mahesh jadhav
    mahesh jadhav

    I like Scarlett johansson ❤

  • Aiden Snyder
    Aiden Snyder

    One of my mother's cousins has actually met Scarlett Johansson. They did a movie together called "Marriage Story."

    • Michael Brand
      Michael Brand


  • K A
    K A

    SJ is a star. The other one is just there. A lump on a sofa. Who wears a long cabled sweater with sweat pants. Embarrassing.

  • thangaraj keith
    thangaraj keith

    Pleasure and joyful both beautiful girl

  • Ekaterina Kobashevskaya
    Ekaterina Kobashevskaya

    0:20 that *"nOo!"* was so cute

  • Grace Hal
    Grace Hal

    This is the best my 2 favourite actors 💖💖💖

  • Shaurya Bahl
    Shaurya Bahl

    Menwhile, Brie Larson to Scarlett Johansson: *Where is fury?*

  • D E
    D E

    I love bri and scarlett hurt that other actors are idiots

  • Pranav Patki
    Pranav Patki

    0:41 what was that position for?

  • TBC PsychIC
    TBC PsychIC

    03:32 😂😂😂

  • Julia Welsch
    Julia Welsch

    Am i the only one that hasn’t kissed anyone and is 15

    • Daniel Cohen
      Daniel Cohen

      There's now 2 in the bus

  • Giant-killer Beast
    Giant-killer Beast

    Ellen cares about our eyes so much, she turned on the Reading Mode in the video itself.

  • Edelvise Requilme
    Edelvise Requilme

    probably watched this like a billion times now (and will definitely watch it again) THEY ARE SO CUTE AF❤️ScarJo and Brie the chemistry is lit🥺 (🏳️‍🌈) shh

  • Sujan ____J D
    Sujan ____J D

    Brie Larson cutest avenger and Scarlett Johansson hottest avenger...wait's like two in one..🤞😘❤️

  • Sohan Jain
    Sohan Jain

    Love you scarllet johnasson biggest fan from india

  • BreadCrumb

    I love them both especially brie

  • Sanjana Sharma
    Sanjana Sharma

    Jonasson somewhat looks like halsey

  • Woah Man
    Woah Man

    Their reactions to the tattoos where hilarious

  • Sierra Clark
    Sierra Clark

    I do not remember my first kiss either... lol I was really young

  • Bootybvlue


  • Abhinandan Routray
    Abhinandan Routray

    cool shows na these are all same boring shows

  • Shruti Chatterjee
    Shruti Chatterjee

    I think I found two similarities between the two marvel captains , that is.... 1)They both are good friends of scarlett johansson 2) They both are super funny😂😂

  • Joseph Parado
    Joseph Parado

    brie larson is wearing the same exact sweater with Ransom drysdale

  • bentley amor
    bentley amor

    I love Scarlett Johansson! She's too perfect! ❤️😍

  • Saheli Sen
    Saheli Sen

    I low-key ship them ❤️

  • Yoda

    Envy Adams

  • United Navy
    United Navy

    She actually seems like a nice personality. I used to think she was awful. Mostly because the awkwardness in interviews with the Marvel cast.

  • Mimi May
    Mimi May

    I'm still waiting for the black widow sequel tho 😠 Covid ruins it 🙁

  • 5 sop
    5 sop

    Is ellen...?

  • Amelia Brough
    Amelia Brough

    more interviews with these two pleaseeee

  • ØP NinJa
    ØP NinJa

    An Introvert needs an Extrovert to balance themselves.

  • D Arsenal
    D Arsenal

    I can’t stand Brie Lawson

  • Agem Chakma
    Agem Chakma

    You will not get bored when 3 cats together

  • Sydnie Guevara
    Sydnie Guevara

    I'm the Scarlett in my friend group, Brie is my friends

  • قوڵپەی ئـاگرین
    قوڵپەی ئـاگرین

    Katy perry clone

  • Rebeca Marte
    Rebeca Marte

    ellen is so mean

  • Heartland Horses
    Heartland Horses

    Brie is literally me... 😆

  • Grace Songa
    Grace Songa

    "I don't know if it was a joke or not. I can never tell with comedians." THE SHADEEEEE MAN. The shade is worth a billion dollars.

  • aki1431

    Bree Larson looks so unsexy

  • Gabriel Rose
    Gabriel Rose

    She didn’t deserve the role for Captain marvel

  • Czarina Garcia
    Czarina Garcia

    I ship it

  • MrNikkimaxine

    Say that do my best I can

  • Felicity Love
    Felicity Love

    6:52 Her laugh is so great (ScarJo)

  • Pankhuri Bhatnagar
    Pankhuri Bhatnagar

    So Brie got it much before Scarlett at 6:45 😅😅😅

  • Hasan Kaiser
    Hasan Kaiser

    4:02 just when I was warming up to brie

    • lucyk310

      because she corrected Ellen, you didn't like it? LOL

  • Hasan Kaiser
    Hasan Kaiser

    Elen: "Captain america" Brie:" Captain marvel- thank you veeery much"

  • Suphal Tudu
    Suphal Tudu

    Scarlett is looking like female version of chris evans

  • Eryka Sabean
    Eryka Sabean

    I would love to be on Ellen but I can't sit still at all

  • Typhon

    hold up so captain marvel made 1 billion dollars, and Brie was only paid 5m🥴 she should’ve gotten like 100m😂

  • Jimson229

    Brie is so fit

  • Eryka Sabean
    Eryka Sabean

    This is depressing I'm 12 and still haven't kissed anyone! 😭

    • H2Odrew

      well... youre still a kid. im almost 18 and I haven’t kissed anyone

    • Султанбек Арзыханов
      Султанбек Арзыханов

      I first kissed in the lips when i was 20

    • Sky River
      Sky River

      14 and haven't had a first kiss

    • Eryka Sabean
      Eryka Sabean

      @B corner what

    • B corner
      B corner

      I have 21 still baby

  • Vivian Dasmond
    Vivian Dasmond

    I am only here for scarlett Johansson

  • Kunal Shergil
    Kunal Shergil

    One of the rare videos of Brie Larson with so many more likes than dislikes.. I know its because of ScarJo but still

  • M A
    M A

    I love Brie's pants

  • Joe Dirt
    Joe Dirt

    I'd like to plop down between brie and Scarlett 🙄🥒😁😝

  • Krzysztof Czermiński
    Krzysztof Czermiński

    I got a strange feeling that Brie is completly different person than The one we see during the auto wire interview something xd

  • ruby King
    ruby King

    I love Brie Larson at 7:02

  • Madness Arcade
    Madness Arcade

    Who knew that Brie filmed endgame first

  • Ricardo Figuera
    Ricardo Figuera

    I'd like to be in Ellen's head at that moment 😜

  • Евгений Козлов
    Евгений Козлов

    Практически ничего не понял, но было интересно. 😄

    • Султанбек Арзыханов
      Султанбек Арзыханов

      Да ничего толково и не было сказано

  • Balminas Dzulkarnain
    Balminas Dzulkarnain

    And as always, Ellen puts her guests in an awkward spot by whipping out the sarcastic “Thanks for inviting me, card” when they didn’t.

  • Aydin Eyikan
    Aydin Eyikan

    They are so inspiring!

  • Ben Davies
    Ben Davies

    The last tattoo shown here looks like Kristen Bell

  • Ms. Red Tery
    Ms. Red Tery

    I read comments.... WHAT'S WRONG BEING AN INTROVERT. It's a good thing for us during this pandemic extroverts!

  • Leigha McGarrity
    Leigha McGarrity

    They just make a video of all of the female avengers hanging out and just chillin' But not their characters like the actresses Because I would watch that

  • Sanam Singh
    Sanam Singh

    Omg i forgot they acted together on Don Jon

  • D'Niel Hugo
    D'Niel Hugo

    2:45 no it mean your a hater and a b***h

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