Britney Spears Speaks Out
The Wendy Williams Show
People magazine is out with their most beautiful issue and Jennifer Garner is gracing the cover!
Then, Diddy opens up about being a full-time dad to his kids since the tragic death of Kim Porter.
Plus, Britney Spears spoke out to dispel rumors that she is being held against her will at a mental health facility.
And, a Destiny's Child musical is in the works and Wendy is done with Taylor Swift! Get all the tea in Hot Topics!
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  • jheng nazal
    jheng nazal

    I love brithney .may God bless n guided her give her strength n courage. And I pray sam is the God sent for her .I also feel the same that sam love and adore her .❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Fabricio Nunes
    Fabricio Nunes

    I love this show thank you Wendy!!!! Brazil loves you!!!

  • king

    I don’t care if Britney ever comes back to the stage I just want her safe, healthy, INDEPENDENT, and with her family. Happy.

  • Jesus Will Return!
    Jesus Will Return!

    Britney Spears is in trouble again right now and someone needs to help her!

  • george jason
    george jason

    Fakest and stupidest audience i have ever seen lol

  • Moleviolence

    Powerball is not a scratcher. Damn do some research.

  • Moleviolence

    She had a denim handbag and you do not know if her jacket was pink denim. They definitely come in a lot of colors. You can't talk about people wanting attention when you changed everything about you.

  • tomasworld18

    Queen Britney will be fine, God bless her and her family 🙏🏾

  • Anon Person
    Anon Person

    Poor Britney.

  • mj Rotondi
    mj Rotondi

    You r awful for showing that picture of Spears. We all know damn well she is being drugged and that's her handler.

  • Cavsome

    "Like you and me" Wendy we are not like you when it comes to affordability.🤔

  • Jodie McGowan
    Jodie McGowan

    Wendy is a vile person,,, who is she to call anyone !!! 😆😆🙈

  • Beauty Neytiri
    Beauty Neytiri

    how can she still peerform while there are also artists like lady gaga ?

  • Beauty Neytiri
    Beauty Neytiri

    the way she performs... oh my god, i dont understand how on earth she is still allowed to do that... its not even a performance, its incribly bad in every way... she is not an artist anymore

  • Bella N
    Bella N

    for those who came to see what she had to say about britney 9:16

  • NinJ Ba
    NinJ Ba

    Anyone else think the boyfriend is drugging Britney?!

  • cielo514

    Where does she say yup yup yup? 😭 Edit: Oh wait nvm it's at 13:20 yw

    • Amber C
      Amber C

      cielo514 🤣🤣 ty

  • Bee

    I don't doubt her Father loves her but he loves himself and that dollar sign way more.

  • Luca

    You clearly never read anything about Britney’s family history.

  • Anna Sichla
    Anna Sichla

    The T-Shirt 🇩🇪😂 black-red-golden🇩🇪 thumps up from GERMANY!

  • 陳彥曦的主要頻道 Kyle Tan's Main Channel
    陳彥曦的主要頻道 Kyle Tan's Main Channel

    13:25 for my remembrance

  • Venla

    "I really do think that Britney is in a bad state of mental affairs right now. And I wonder whether she'll ever go back and absolutely perform for you the way you want her to." "--Britney might not be freeable now or ever." There. Heart breaking truth. We don't know what happened to her and will she ever come back to herself. In the time of For the Record she was better, she had suffered but she was still herself. In 2010-2011 something happened and she changed. After that she's been better and worse but she hasn't been herself. She is mentally ill and may be gone forever.

  • Blair W.
    Blair W.

    Wendy you are so wrong, it's her family, it's hard to be believe. But sometimes you need space from your own family.

  • idkwhyiam

    you dont scratch powerball, its a draw game

  • Roman Berry
    Roman Berry

    I want what she’s taking

  • Don’t Piss me off
    Don’t Piss me off

    He won the powerball Wendy. He wasn’t scratchin girl.

  • Omolara Ojo
    Omolara Ojo

    13:22 YUP YUP YUP lol you're welcome

    • Knock Knock PENNY
      Knock Knock PENNY

      I LOVE YOU

    • Shakur Key
      Shakur Key

      Omolara Ojo THANK YOU

  • Miss Mischievous
    Miss Mischievous

    From Wisconsin here, I would leave it behind if I could win the lottery also.

  • mary huhnke
    mary huhnke

    Wendy lay off the plastic surgery/botox..You are looking more and more like Michael Jackson!!

  • P La
    P La

    The most annoying... BIG mouthed hypocrite on television

  • Sophronia Mason
    Sophronia Mason

    Britney is going to be 38 years old in less than 2 months, and yet if you hear her speak, she still sounds like a 16 year old girl. Why? Because that's were they have her set and stuck at! She has developed a strong case of agorophobia and anxiety about being in public, and why wouldn't she? If she steps foot in the world, she is stripped bare, flashing camera bulbs, mobs of people, confusion, pushing and shoving, yelling questions right in her face. It's insane! I question this " severe mental illness or bi-polar" diagnosis. How can anybody that impaired by a mental issue continue to perform, dance her high energy routines and show up to her gigs? They couldn't possibly do it! I also question Sam, the wonder handler. Britt wants to be a grown up woman and in love. She craves a loving, non using partner, she's never had anybody in her life that's wasn't draining her! She is worth over 100 MILLION DOLLARS, but can't buy a dune buggy without Daddy's ok. She cannot get in her car, and take a drive along the coast to clear her mind, she's not allowed to drive or leave her estate. 24/7 body guards surround her, reporting to Alcoholic and family validated abusive, Daddy Jamie. Why would your colon burst, drink much? She needs to leave the industry and leave Hollywood/California. Go back to the South, in the country and be a regular girl. Walk barefooted in the creek, ride horses and have lots of dogs and chickens. A quiet, small town girl with a country life. She deserves it. Why is she still working? Because she is being forced to! Her entire clan lives off of her, even her ex husband uses her to take care of his other 4 children and wife. It's so unfair. Her last doctor was not even qualified to be in charge of her, and upon being subpoenaed (not that the courts are neutral either, everybody is getting a cut of her money. Bribes..) he drops dead at 48 years old. So sad, she used to have a desire to live, raise her kids and find a real love. She is paralyzed with fear over her son's being close to the evil beings that run her industry, and she fears God and his judgement for sins that she has been involved in, but she was forced. MK ultra is REAL and she has been a sex kitten to the upper echelon. If anybody truly loved her, they would get her out of this industry! Your fans are rooting for you Britney, go home!! LIVE, and be a mom and get back to nurturing your spiritual needs. Conservatorships are for brain injured, comatose or Alzheimer's patients, not this lady!! Remove the chemicals you force on her for compliance!!

  • chris georgallis
    chris georgallis

    Finally people realize ITS WHATS ON THE INSIDE!! ONLY NATURAL.

  • Callum Sinclair
    Callum Sinclair

    Y’all really mad Taylor didn’t wear denim?

  • Shawn P
    Shawn P

    Lol,wendy is a silly crack head and you all follow here....

  • Sue B
    Sue B

    Sam ... yeah right .. is an Arab .. a Muslim.

  • Sue B
    Sue B

    What? No cars .. like Oprah?? LOL

  • Sue B
    Sue B

    I love Jennifer Garner! She is not a diva.


    makes fun of mental health

  • Kirk Moore
    Kirk Moore

    A gossipy fishwife making a fortune on the reputation of others. Not a lot of truth, lots of opinion. And all you members of her "cult" are equally ugly!

  • Jackie Carli
    Jackie Carli

    Seems like a show for judging people on their lives and what they wear and don't

  • Lily Cortes
    Lily Cortes

    9:19 to actually get to britney

  • glacier8

    Wendy you're so wrong. Britney does not need medication. She is a complete slave.

    • Blair W.
      Blair W.

      She is brainwashing all her life from family and music industry. All what she was need is space and stay far away from these people. That's sad

  • Eltercero

    What is this vapid bullshit?

  • Eliazar Bastidas Cueto
    Eliazar Bastidas Cueto


  • The Jam and Berries
    The Jam and Berries

    Beyonce mom looks like she would beat the sh!t out of you😲

  • ChuckS481

    Wendy reminds us of Jennifer Garner. They both are gorgeous and great people! WE LOVE YA, Wendy! God bless!

  • Andrea Fields
    Andrea Fields

    I don't like Taylor Swift but at her defense she was carrying a denim bag!!! LOL

    • Otaku Swiftie
      Otaku Swiftie

      She was promoting her album with that dress

  • Hope Dinardo
    Hope Dinardo

    i feel you on Taylor swift 100% Wendy *

  • aimee glatt
    aimee glatt

    I’m gay and jenn Gardner is NOT attractive

  • The Truth
    The Truth


  • njackson74

    But she IS beautiful.

  • Fernando Rafael Saucedo
    Fernando Rafael Saucedo

    Bridney spears do you know or heard of Vicente De Los Santos from Dallas at 214-579-4345 petra campos well im djneedles DMX PHYNX Fernando Rafael Saucedo when can I get paid for womanizer , 4p9 in products like clothes and DJ equipment and studio house equipment.

  • Wonky Donkey
    Wonky Donkey

    What a terrible host... full of 'itself' with nasty undertones... Wendy, Wendy, Wendy... Fabricated and fake and that's just the audience. Clap on que, ohhh, ahhh etc. Oh goodness. Really (can people not see this??)

  • Rachel Aboh Cheng
    Rachel Aboh Cheng

    britney has a handler not a boyfriend

  • Xgirltunes

    I love Britney Spears she is the come back Queen her team is good get well soon Britney 😘😘

  • Angel McCutcheon
    Angel McCutcheon

    I just love the "New" Wendy!!!! You are POPPIN BAAAAAABAAAAYYY!!!!!!!!!

  • Radia Radi
    Radia Radi

    For you all blac are beautiful all white are not Raciste!!!

  • Kelli Leigh Mua
    Kelli Leigh Mua

    Get it right Windy!! This was Brittanys last day leaving the mental hospital that she was forced to go in to. They wasn’t going out for Easter Sunday. If you’re going to report on something make sure it’s right before airing it.

  • Stellar Baker
    Stellar Baker

    But tswift had a denim bag 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • Peaceful Mountain
    Peaceful Mountain

    Didn't Jennifer Garner cheat on her ex to be with Ben Affleck and wasn't she caught up in other affairs also? Who finds that beautiful? Not me. That's not what a beautiful person on the inside does...

  • Emmilee Novello
    Emmilee Novello

    I got busy with school so I missed a while of the show online and that makes me so sad that she doesnt do the after show anymore

  • CC McGee
    CC McGee

    I think that people that are on shows and talk poorly about britney make her feel like she needs to do these things. Poor Britney. Prayers for peace in her head and heart.

  • J. Arias
    J. Arias

    Wendy has a lot of energy and more freely now that she's separated. An observation.

  • Fallwinterrain Summer
    Fallwinterrain Summer

    stay strong britney get well please ❤❤❤

  • Rose🌹Red

    U scratch powerball tickets???

  • Rose🌹Red

    I feel so bad for Britney. Her mind is a bad neighborhood.

    • Lis !
      Lis !

      It's not her mind that's bad for her it's her family

  • Vanessa Ralston
    Vanessa Ralston

    Jennifer Garner is one of the most naturally beautiful ladies that always looks the same no matter the age. I love her.

  • Nor Cal Y
    Nor Cal Y

    Poor Thing is Mentally Ill

  • alexander mark
    alexander mark

    Whatever it is I like it

  • alexander mark
    alexander mark

    Wendy’s gotten new medication

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