Built 150FT MEGA SLIP N SLIDE into NEW POND! ($25,000 Backyard Project)
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  • Olivia White
    Olivia White

    Your in a video on the Top5channel and they have 4.28 million subscribers and they also said this was one of the best backyard slides ever

  • S Wilkinson
    S Wilkinson

    You should get a tarzan swing for next year.

  • cathryn thompson
    cathryn thompson

    Don't say oh my god but say oh my gosh

  • shadow pawz
    shadow pawz

    I wish I was there friends and related

  • Fortnite OG G
    Fortnite OG G

    Add a rope swing

  • Peter Bedard
    Peter Bedard

    The only thing I think you should add to the pond is me 😁

  • Heather Grasser
    Heather Grasser

    i wish that i could have so much fun like them i start school in 2 days to.

    • Pickleskitty HD
      Pickleskitty HD

      Hello fellow australian

  • Духи майрф
    Духи майрф


  • Mr_ Awesome053
    Mr_ Awesome053

    Your making me won’t to make a pond in my back yard.

  • Franklin Kulošprd
    Franklin Kulošprd

    You know how the slide on the sides is put down by those sandbags? You can put tarp on the sandbags. It will be safer and under the tarp you can connect like a little water cabel or a watersystem that would make wet the tarp and you dont have to worry about water when you go there. When ever you want to use the slide you can just turn the water on and GOOOO. I study ecological and watersystems so if you want to ask anything than just write me. You guys are so amazing a i watch you for like a 3 years. Keep on this and you will get a influencer of the year trophy. Love you guys

  • Hunter_flips Warmouth
    Hunter_flips Warmouth


  • aaron Bryce
    aaron Bryce

    Screw California

  • Andrew Clark
    Andrew Clark

    I wish I was there😢😦😥

  • Andrew Clark
    Andrew Clark

    I can't do that because I don't have millions of dollars like you

  • Nehorai Shuaa
    Nehorai Shuaa

    nice like and suab

  • Dawson Sjolander
    Dawson Sjolander

    Ireland Boys Productions, wassup fam?

  • Jade Jones
    Jade Jones

    Who else is here after the pond was taking down

  • James Freddy
    James Freddy

    Both of my dogs died this summer

  • DontCryKid

    You are amazing guys

  • nicholai augustine
    nicholai augustine

    Y'all know IBP

  • Ryan Hubbard
    Ryan Hubbard

    Who's tanners new gf?

  • Bentendo316

    2:17. Corey: “you can do and be anything you want.” Weird people/Criminals: “cool I now have consent to rob a bank.

  • howisosijboiy21 Goswell
    howisosijboiy21 Goswell

    0:01 Thats what she said

  • Minnie Hutchison
    Minnie Hutchison

    You should put a trampoline next to it

  • Jacko83

    I am so sad that it had to get taken down 😓

  • Beast bros 1000 1000
    Beast bros 1000 1000

    Build a rope swing!

  • Stephanie Thomas
    Stephanie Thomas

    My sister has a big crush on you😆😆😆😆

  • Alperen Sahin
    Alperen Sahin

    Soup on your body

  • Carter Hackworth
    Carter Hackworth

    do you ever see Cory and say WO

  • Crystal Klaas
    Crystal Klaas

    No word can describe how cool that is

  • kawaiipotatoez

    You guys should add a little house area in the pond

  • Arkadiusz Stanisławski
    Arkadiusz Stanisławski

    My birthey

  • Yuki 123
    Yuki 123

    I so want try to do a front flip on that

  • Catalin Diconi
    Catalin Diconi

    that’s the kind of future I want

  • Daan Beekman
    Daan Beekman

    Pls ad Some sand to make iT longer and higher

  • Beverly Southern-Warburton
    Beverly Southern-Warburton

    I LOve you

  • Fake Panda
    Fake Panda

    Add swing???? That would be great u swing u release!!!

  • Liam Finley
    Liam Finley

    Take your skorter down it

  • RadicalRuYT

    That little white boi with a play boy tee is hilarious he’s never had any puss

  • Bailei Doucet
    Bailei Doucet

    I wish I had the money to do this to have for the summer in Louisiana. Like bro, I want this!

  • Julian Ortiz
    Julian Ortiz

    Put a zep line to the pond😝

  • Emma Hairsine
    Emma Hairsine

    they did this on my birthday

  • Zachary van Huystee
    Zachary van Huystee

    9 days after my b-day


    Oh my god

  • Damien Peirce
    Damien Peirce

    Do a underwater fort

  • Ramiro Magana
    Ramiro Magana

    A ramp

  • Nukerane Vlogger
    Nukerane Vlogger

    Who else came from top 10 biggest backyard waterslide?

  • Chris Irons
    Chris Irons

    I wish I lived with them. This looks sooo awesome

  • Heather DeJean
    Heather DeJean

    How about a high dive that is 100 feet in the air

  • Brayden Thompson
    Brayden Thompson

    Were are the other boys at

  • Jason Kruithoff
    Jason Kruithoff

    yo asome videos love you funk bros

  • Chris Hood
    Chris Hood

    Funk bros

  • Chaniya Shaw
    Chaniya Shaw

    that is so cool i wish that i had a slip ni slide😮😮😮 like that i love you guy so much my is a big fin of them♥♥😂😂😋😋☺☺😇😇

  • Doofy Vlogs And Gaming
    Doofy Vlogs And Gaming

    3 hoses + Water = fun?

  • Oliver Paterno
    Oliver Paterno

    Put a trampoline next to the pond

  • mccoy man 547
    mccoy man 547

    Belly flop contest

  • Tyleigh Heath
    Tyleigh Heath

    You should do silly putty in u-Haul for 24 hours

  • Kevin Hernandez gari
    Kevin Hernandez gari

    Want to go see you

  • Hudson Bishop
    Hudson Bishop

    How long did it take you guys

  • Barbie Marie
    Barbie Marie

    A super duper high slide with a really soapy water slide with a a bunch of floaty animals Bengals super high up in the air then land in a big pool

  • Connor Roossien
    Connor Roossien

    They are awesome


    Wait.... what are you going to do when it becomes cold? 0_0

  • Brayden Dichard
    Brayden Dichard

    You need to put a full on scooter ramp beside the slip n slide and skate in the pond

  • BellaDonna Martinez
    BellaDonna Martinez

    i love your vidoe

  • Updates With Noah
    Updates With Noah



    Lol everyone’s splash big and Charlie’s splash was small lol

  • Hajer Sayedahmed
    Hajer Sayedahmed

    you guys are the est youtubers i have ever seen

  • Alannah Attard
    Alannah Attard

    Hi I’m a huge fan and you inspire me to start doing trampoline tricks

  • [Alexthekittycat 1]
    [Alexthekittycat 1]

    4 flips not 3

  • Samuel Magers
    Samuel Magers

    when your bored over the summer and you just go off the deep end

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