Buying Every Item From The 99 Cents Store!
FaZe Rug
My cousin Nour and I decided to buy every single item from the 99 cents store, and the ending to this video was emotional and great.
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If you read this far down the description I love you

  • FaZe Rug
    FaZe Rug

    Next video: Buying Every Item From Gucci Jk jk but watch the video till the end for an emotional surprise

    • Lydia Prado
      Lydia Prado

      FaZe Rug I know it’s just like that one and then they don’t know how to make them and the people and their parents do the

    • Lydia Prado
      Lydia Prado

      Hi faze rug I love your video

    • Cellssy -_-
      Cellssy -_-

      Reverse Card buy things

    • Rihanna Mozeb
      Rihanna Mozeb

      I ain’t that rich.sorry I forget to mention that in the other comment😂

  • Amelia Drayton
    Amelia Drayton

    I enjoyed this video....

  • Jack Wagg
    Jack Wagg


  • Jose Trejo
    Jose Trejo

    Mrbeast bought the whole store

  • Ashanti Mino
    Ashanti Mino

    1,500 - 2,000

  • Maylyn Patterson
    Maylyn Patterson


  • Adil ahmed
    Adil ahmed

    I love the phease thingi

  • Adil ahmed
    Adil ahmed

    Oh that would be fun watching the video

  • Juliana Soto
    Juliana Soto

    I love you so much that I sub liked the video and hit the bell. you are the best you tuber

  • King of the hill K
    King of the hill K

    1738 things

  • Philip L
    Philip L


  • Vsco Life
    Vsco Life


  • Vsco Life
    Vsco Life


  • y100

    dude youre a KING

  • Edina Omanovic
    Edina Omanovic


  • Abhijit Khatu
    Abhijit Khatu


  • Abhijit Khatu
    Abhijit Khatu

    2500 itam

  • speacheless and other aladdin
    speacheless and other aladdin

    789 or 750

  • Aesthetic Lavendur
    Aesthetic Lavendur

    The cashier: am I a joke to you??

  • FutbolESvida89

    This was my favorite video of urs!!

  • Mike Reyes
    Mike Reyes

    My wife and I went to check out that store awhile back and saw alot of stuff was pretty cheap and like oh wow! then we checked the expiration dates found out everything there was expired, by nearly a month, we walked out LOL

  • Crazymangos 09
    Crazymangos 09


  • Crazymangos 09
    Crazymangos 09


  • Susan Diaz
    Susan Diaz

    Man, I felt like crying. I want to be like FazeRug

  • Tav Gerst
    Tav Gerst

    whoeverhis friend was got a nice asss

  • HunterBDeadshot 2594
    HunterBDeadshot 2594

    Bring a u hall

  • HunterBDeadshot 2594
    HunterBDeadshot 2594


    • HunterBDeadshot 2594
      HunterBDeadshot 2594

      Actually 900

  • Emmanuel Aryee
    Emmanuel Aryee


  • Pranks Media
    Pranks Media

    Keylen was hiding without facing to the camera

  • Lamees Elsheikh
    Lamees Elsheikh


  • Gerald Roble
    Gerald Roble

    Great job

  • Emme Vincent
    Emme Vincent

    Rug is such a good person you are the best person

  • || Lavender The Crystal Fox
    || Lavender The Crystal Fox

    That's Where Liza Koshy Goes :D

  • Maggie Eaton
    Maggie Eaton

    Wow! What an original idea!

  • Fortnite squad
    Fortnite squad


  • Weird funny people 86
    Weird funny people 86


  • Getting to 100k With no vids Challenge
    Getting to 100k With no vids Challenge

    I think one thousand to two thousand

  • Trice H
    Trice H

    This made me cry!! You guys are awesome 🌟 great video FaZe Rug Mama and Papa Rug definitely raised you right! I am a new subscriber love your channel so far. 💣❤️💯

  • Chai 10ya
    Chai 10ya

    VN-my is getting a little to comfortable with the 2 ads thing

  • meme king
    meme king


  • Jazmin Michel
    Jazmin Michel


  • Skully

    When Ur Tryna Copy Mr.Beast But On A Budget

    • Skully

      Chai 10ya shut up fuckin faze rug fan girl it’s a joke dumbass

    • Chai 10ya
      Chai 10ya

      Shutup they are buying this to donate to people this comment is so wrong

  • Jan Kolitsch
    Jan Kolitsch


  • nadim zreika
    nadim zreika


  • rogelio #fitnessmotivation
    rogelio #fitnessmotivation

    I really like and love this videos they do inspire people I wish I u can make more videos like this

  • Logann Sway
    Logann Sway

    They didn’t do the things by the cashier

  • Gaming with Lizzie Liz
    Gaming with Lizzie Liz


  • Sulma Orellana
    Sulma Orellana

    Love this!!!!

  • kcop j
    kcop j

    My mom was wit she won the bet she wants 100$ so send me Bank please NOW HEHE

  • Janet Torres pelagio
    Janet Torres pelagio

    1,000 thru 2,000

  • Janet Torres pelagio
    Janet Torres pelagio


  • kaydence lewis
    kaydence lewis


  • Karen Lopez
    Karen Lopez

    You will never see the stingy ass ACE FAMiLY do something like what faze rug always does, the ace wanna be family is so money hungry af!!!

  • Poppa Love
    Poppa Love

    Love ya rug

  • Poppa Love
    Poppa Love

    No hate it's a joke

  • Poppa Love
    Poppa Love

    Rug: buys 1 of everything in a store Mr beast: hold my receipt

  • Official illMell
    Official illMell

    8:58 why she sitting in the back seat tho 😭

  • Super Kid gaming123
    Super Kid gaming123

    whers mike

  • Night_lyne


  • S4KURA

    I'm from Russia, I watch your videos, and I really like your content

  • N khan
    N khan

    my mom would shop for way more than 2 hours and 30 mins

  • Zoe Sohail
    Zoe Sohail


  • lyllian pilcher
    lyllian pilcher

    I so love your family Faze ,y'all are blessed by Jesus. God please bless the Rug family.

  • lyllian pilcher
    lyllian pilcher

    Faze is not going win . Lol.

  • iTzmE? Jimenezdiaz
    iTzmE? Jimenezdiaz

    Next video. :Buying faze all mearch:D

  • Bailee & Ashleigh Flynn
    Bailee & Ashleigh Flynn


  • Canadian Viewer
    Canadian Viewer

    In Canada it’s the dollar store where everything just ends in the word dollar lol

  • omg really
    omg really

    Not everything 99cents in that store anymore so they need change there name its a joke.i hate the 99cent store its nasty and not clean and not low prices are high on dollar stuff that a scam someone should do sumthing its bull crap but this why i stick to doller tree they go by there name doller and its clean.goverment always wants money thats what we stay poor and things cost more.this world suck on human kindness just want money.were are the goid times like before.

  • Tamishe Bryant
    Tamishe Bryant

    Live your video I watch it every day and like your page

  • Susan Wang
    Susan Wang

    This was such a nice thing you guys did and it will surely help a lot of people. You are amazing!!

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