Can You Solve These Tricky Riddles?
Craig Thompson
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  • Poops Dick
    Poops Dick

    U ever wonder wat size someones dick be when u meet them?

  • Poops Dick
    Poops Dick

    My dick?

  • Ty 7689
    Ty 7689

    Find more riddles plzzzz

  • Joah Calvert
    Joah Calvert

    13:00 every man for themselves

  • ridwaan Ahmed
    ridwaan Ahmed

    8:00 I thought it was self esteem

  • FNB DerivedStatue91
    FNB DerivedStatue91

    Dame I thought it was ego

  • Joshua Binkley
    Joshua Binkley


  • Jaybird9876

    5:23 Erection

  • alpha ra
    alpha ra


  • Meagan Wilson
    Meagan Wilson

    As soon as I watched this video I subscribed

  • TheJege12

    7:02 apology accepted, you can do it Mini XD

  • Golumgel

    8:00 He got there!!! *claps*

  • xd_Veyy .-.
    xd_Veyy .-.

    I got age instantly

    • PartyPlayz

      *Probably not..*

  • Mauro Gaming
    Mauro Gaming

    Lol instead of age I thought puberty

  • Travis Wagstaff
    Travis Wagstaff

    I like minis version of this cause he dont edit out his thinking

  • P2 Gaming
    P2 Gaming

    It was age

  • Gumball Fusion
    Gumball Fusion

    6:45 it’s gender

  • your casual studios TM
    your casual studios TM

    my mans forgot to censor like 7 times he said gun

  • artestichnii filin
    artestichnii filin

    atoms wouldn't work cos it would either be god, big bang or virtual particles

  • April Ford
    April Ford

    I thought age was confidence :(

  • Logan Nelson
    Logan Nelson

    That's an L my friend

  • Darth Zayder X
    Darth Zayder X

    Please do more of these, its honestly awesome seeing you solve them.

  • Minecraft Cosmose
    Minecraft Cosmose

    3:51 Count Dukoo

  • Brady Odom
    Brady Odom

    That age one took way to long for him!

  • Awesomeflipper Gamer
    Awesomeflipper Gamer

    I feel like 7:50 that riddle could be happiness too.

  • DR FOX
    DR FOX

    Furry dosen't count creg


    2:07 I'm sorry Mini what!?! XD Wednesday Tuesday Monday Sunday? I don't think that's how it goes.😅

    • PartyPlayz

      It goes backwards..So count backwards from Wednesday..You get Tuesday, Monday, Sunday.. *I don't know why I had to explain that lol*

  • Rafael Harta Baboe
    Rafael Harta Baboe

    5:05 i like this riddle i don’t know why

  • Space Bro
    Space Bro


  • The British Gamer
    The British Gamer

    Mini: bleeps out Gun and dead Also Mini: *suicide*

  • Carissa Graft
    Carissa Graft

    Please do more riddles! I love solving them with you!💙😊

  • Ais Wallenstein
    Ais Wallenstein

    Ted-ed can give major challenge

  • Emanuhel S.
    Emanuhel S.

    i did not think of that 7:40

  • Kanons 51
    Kanons 51

    8:00 I thought it was standards

  • Joe Alonzo
    Joe Alonzo

    16:11 hes walking

  • Jack Harris
    Jack Harris

    I remember telling e it's e

  • jkinfe S
    jkinfe S

    Dead ass thought it was self esteem

  • Ezra Hyde
    Ezra Hyde

    its e, man, its e

  • Blue Dragon
    Blue Dragon

    Me at 8:00: E E spEve Mini: age Riddle: correct Me: sh*t

  • the boi oof
    the boi oof

    I got cancer by you explaining math

    • PartyPlayz

      Atleast he was right

  • sarah

    8:08 why did i think it was confidence 😂

  • JamieBuz

    5:15 I kept thinking it was alcohol, I blame Dad Ladd, but then it said "people take care of themselves" and I was like ehhhh

  • Ace Todoroki
    Ace Todoroki

    I thought it was karma then i got it

  • Boomjet 77
    Boomjet 77

    Riddle :If people take care them selves I grow Me: BILLS

  • If I Was Young Music
    If I Was Young Music

    can't say "dead", can't say "gun", but you sure as hell can say "Suicide" 10/10 Ad Censoring

  • Kael Brennan
    Kael Brennan

    I had this in science class

  • Flashfire

    That Patrick impression was spot on.

  • GRIZZLY -BEAR -1K24 Miles
    GRIZZLY -BEAR -1K24 Miles

    I thought it was IQ

  • Jesse Hatton
    Jesse Hatton

    can you really not say gun on VN-my that dumb

  • Codenamesaitama

    I got age withing 5 seconds of you reading it

  • Adam Kwarren
    Adam Kwarren

    That Patrick impression was really spot on

  • h2o Apex
    h2o Apex

    Mini: Riddles are fun! Me: OK BOOMER.

  • not riley
    not riley


  • Paloma Chavez
    Paloma Chavez

    2:42 My mind immediately thought “Amazon Prime messed up big time”😂

  • Ash Philosophy
    Ash Philosophy

    Me over here thinking it was self esteem...7:39

  • skyfire 05
    skyfire 05

    My entire class in math took 2 days to get it so you are smarter than me and my entire class

  • Devon

    on age i was thinking self esteem

  • Yumdrum

    $69 one.

  • Judge Druss
    Judge Druss

    Space: Is air there?

  • wolf hunter
    wolf hunter

    6:42 feelings?

  • imleoandiknowit games
    imleoandiknowit games

    5:20 I was thinking ego or self confidence

  • Khijk

    3:10 those captions made me cry XD

  • Quacking_Crow


  • wildone2k10

    Pls do more riddles

  • Chark BTW
    Chark BTW

    8:02 damn I thought it was something deep like self esteem but I guess age works too

  • Bread

    8:03 I’m proud of myself I got that shit in like 2 minutes. Good enough for me

  • Eliza Mace
    Eliza Mace


  • Skyler Munn
    Skyler Munn

    Monday for me.

  • Ziggy Willard
    Ziggy Willard

    Creag homes

  • Just Your Ordinary Depressed Pansexual
    Just Your Ordinary Depressed Pansexual

    8:18 anyone else think thanos 😂😂😂

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