Cardi B Loves Lil Kim's Sluttiness, Dating Black Guys, Latinos Using the N-Word
New York's own Cardi B sat down with VladTV following the release of her latest mixtape, Gangsta Bitch Music Volume 2. Here, she talks Lil Kim, not wanting to pay for features on her tape, her use of the n-word, and her dating preferences. "People having racial dating preferences is absurd," she says, before explaining that light-skinned women get preferential treatment in New York City strip clubs. Cardi B also talks how she views black and Hispanic people, and how those groups are treated in the United States as a whole. Watch above.

  • Duane Crooms
    Duane Crooms

    Black ppl shouldn’t use nigga . Please stop the bullshit

  • Peter Hedlöf
    Peter Hedlöf

    In shit it Will be written & in shit it Will be done ! Is shit flawless? Why hate when you can create ? Never be late for a date. Dubai Dubai & a cup of chai Will not Glow becuse its a blowhole.

  • MFA FR84
    MFA FR84

    MDR. Moche et débile en plus! Pauvre Offset ! Je le comprends quand il va voir ailleurs.... Peace

    • Haro

      Tu dit quoi petit garçon

  • MFA FR84
    MFA FR84

    Lol. She s not beautiful !!

  • Nia McSween
    Nia McSween

    She’s black 🤦🏾‍♀️

  • Thanos Prime
    Thanos Prime

    Did Vlad Spike her with a kilo of weed?

  • Malik Worrell
    Malik Worrell

    Someone shoot this bitch they only glorify her because she's a slut and she's promotes pure negativity to our youth and no I'm no square I'm just keeping it a bucc💯

  • Todd Adams
    Todd Adams

    She's miles deeper than people give her credit for...she thinks about things

  • pensmoni

    This bitch dumb af

  • Lady Yang
    Lady Yang

    What alot of poeple dont understand that cardi b is black and Spanish alot of dominances is mixed facts👌 she is a beautiful black Queen 👑👑👑👑i love her so much💞

  • Anthony Macaluso
    Anthony Macaluso

    She don’t write her own shit haha fuck outta here I don’t care about her or Nikki but Nikki mcees Cardin is a passing fad

  • N M
    N M

    The narrator sounds like Khan academy

  • Jason Culhane
    Jason Culhane

    It's ok to say the N word at any race if you got big tits, and black guys wanna have sex with you.

  • Classic_ Hustle
    Classic_ Hustle

    Just because Latinas are minorities don’t mean they can say the n word, being a minority don’t got nothing to do with the n word. Asians are minorities but u don’t see them using the n word.🙄

  • Lmao Bye
    Lmao Bye

    Y’all are literally tryna justify her reasons for saying the N -word when she literally told us in the video who she identifies with & it sure asf wasn’t the African American race

    • lanisha young
      lanisha young

      @Lmao Bye your right. People always wanna use a N word and pass it off like it's a hip hop word.

  • Mellow Joseph
    Mellow Joseph

    She is white she cant say it.

  • It’s Simply Jai’Lee
    It’s Simply Jai’Lee

    i hate how he acts like he doesnt understand what shes saying likeeeeeeee

  • Donnie Lee
    Donnie Lee

    New York Puerto Ricans say that they know they black she is a black woman

  • Jimbo Sleeze
    Jimbo Sleeze

  • Ambra Lumpkin
    Ambra Lumpkin

    She’s not black and shouldn’t say the N word 💯


      @brinatai bre she said , shes half latino and half black

    • brinatai bre
      brinatai bre

      @Ishtar Xx niki is black. They showed her family and they're black . Cardi b ain't black.

    • brinatai bre
      brinatai bre

      @RICH BLACK KID and having one parent being black does not make you black it makes you biracial. You may have black heritage but do not claim African descendant until you want to call people biggers.

    • brinatai bre
      brinatai bre

      @RICH BLACK KID first stop writing in all caps. Second if she wanted to be called African descendant then she would say she is not I'm latino.

    • brinatai bre
      brinatai bre

      @Cristina Banks all races live in those areas so your claim is stupid.

  • Lex352

    She doesn’t write all her stuff though

  • ThuggyMacho

    Sis said Mullatic 😂😂😂

  • ThuggyMacho

    This interview did not age well 😂😂😂

    • Tiffany Mitchell
      Tiffany Mitchell

      LMAOOOOO I literally just came back to this video to show someone how ridiculous she sounded claiming she wrote her music andddd her views on dating. She been a liar.

  • Jesse B.
    Jesse B.

    Yes we aee black and Hispanic as different! Like 100%

  • Laurie P
    Laurie P

    Cardi B don’t write her own bars!!! WTF? Vlad is so annoying! Cardi B is a Milli Vanilli rapper. 🤣😂

  • The Lord999
    The Lord999

    Dark complection? she talks about racism, and she is racist herself.. "I am not attaced to light skin?" just imagine a white singer says she is not attracted to black guys. she will be in jail maybe

  • leeroy trevino
    leeroy trevino

    B sounds fuckn stupid. In general. Even if she had a point! Crackheads from my hood could speak her type of "knowledge" .ja ja

  • Solo Alvarez
    Solo Alvarez

    Solo @LostBoy Big Saulte Lil Kim Cardi B Brooklyn To The Bronx

  • Jesse Navarro
    Jesse Navarro

    Vlad cusses?what the fuck Vlad?

  • Santiagos Know It All
    Santiagos Know It All

    This bitch ugly as fuk!!! An her music is wack!!! Shes part of this BS 69 cardi b an all the lil’s music genre

  • Brazilian WavEment
    Brazilian WavEment

    As a latino i admit we arent supposed to say the n word and i refuse it till I die even if my cousen that is the same age as me grew up as a brother of mine even then i refuse to say it.... fuck yall trying to get that pass yall on some goofy shit

  • Evelyn Velasquez
    Evelyn Velasquez

    She likes black man but can u pick a cute one

  • Evelyn Velasquez
    Evelyn Velasquez

    She's so cute and ppl underestimate her but she's very intelligent

  • Evelyn Velasquez
    Evelyn Velasquez

    I love her because she's so real

  • Sales Rep
    Sales Rep

    She likes BBC period

  • Sales Rep
    Sales Rep

    She's sticking up for black strippers being discriminated against. I'm done here 😂

  • Gunnel Gainey
    Gunnel Gainey

    This era of woman of smh

  • Hip Hop Fan
    Hip Hop Fan

    she look like fools sister from people under the stairs...

    • Hip Hop Fan
      Hip Hop Fan

      @Layla McBride 😂😂😂😂😂

    • Layla McBride
      Layla McBride


  • Flyguy

    She was definitely right about not having a vocabulary. She sounds borderline retarded. Still like her tho.

  • Leroy Maxwell II
    Leroy Maxwell II


  • Elizabeth Cummins
    Elizabeth Cummins

    She ugly

  • s law
    s law

    I like smart girl's that speak English pretty well regardless of there color.. lol

  • M

    I like how honest Cardi is

  • Carlos Largo
    Carlos Largo

    She was born in the US ? It seems to me that she came of the boat one year ago her english is terrible and nothing to do with New-York linguo as she mentionned.

  • Whitebrowpriest

    I 'like' it when how some people want to feel more comfortable about the way they think, feel and do things by putting blanket terms out there like "Everybody does it" or "Everyone feels this way". LMBO, who is she to say what everybody else is feeling, thinking, liking, wanting or doing? Sorry Cardi, but not "every" woman likes to feel slutty, or likes to talk and feel trashy. I'll give her a little bit of slack though, she is still very young and stupid. Perhaps she'll mature one day..... but not likely.

  • karriem abdullah
    karriem abdullah

    this the mind game they play on us she knows she African blood in her but a lot of Spanish people don't want to admit that so they say i;m Latino or PR or DR ect.the fact is the slave ship went to the Caribbean first most of them have African blood in them ppl want to be black when it;s convenient

  • All Will
    All Will

    I really love Cardi B she’s raw and honest. I met her once and she’s really is this way no filter that makes her beautiful!

  • Bobby London
    Bobby London

    The word she looking for is mulatto an also Spanish people sud not use the word nigga period

  • Jim Irving
    Jim Irving



    Look at him moving and keeping his hand over his Adams apple!! This is a dragman if I ever saw one!!y'all that think cardi is a fine ass chick n shit well ur a STR8 faggett.period point blank!!cardi was born a boy mark my words.

  • chelsea munjayi
    chelsea munjayi

    So this where kulture came from 🤔

  • Jay Gonzalez
    Jay Gonzalez

    And dunbasses saying that her parents are "sapiniard: yall are dumbfucks!! Her parents are from the islands of Dominican Republic nd Trinidad.

  • Jay Gonzalez
    Jay Gonzalez

    BLACK is not a ethnicity/race. Its called African American!! Yall dumbasses that say "oh she aint black" ,really didnt pay attention in school or dont mnow shit about DNA or ethnicities. And to make it clear,im not a fan of this bitch. I never understood how Black people dont like being called African Americans because they say their race is BLACK!! Yalls momma should have swallowed all u racist black dumb asses!

  • RC Fresh
    RC Fresh

    Not gonna lie..I assumed bodak yellow was ghost written but if not wow. Sexy & got flow.. can't hate on that

  • Reliable Ambition
    Reliable Ambition

    Cardi B is really open minded and is down to earth... Very in tune with reality. She makes sense and very fair when it comes to how you treat ppl.

  • jared seels
    jared seels

    Considered The Same To Them?????? Wow..You Rasict Asf Lady....Isnt The Interviewer White? Hahahah Dude Doesnt Care Shes Shitting On His Skin Color. Hahahha 👍

  • Gigi&Raj Productions
    Gigi&Raj Productions

    She’s ugly nothing against black ladies just her she’s not good looking ppl be blind

  • Carlos Wallace
    Carlos Wallace

    I like how she look at things

  • ToyBokz


  • Bad Guy
    Bad Guy

    She looks bored with this interview

  • Darkmente 01010110
    Darkmente 01010110

    This is so boring..

  • Saul Sanchez
    Saul Sanchez

    I lose 5 IQ points every time I listen to Cardi B speak.

  • Vnatu

    Your considerd Hispanic and their not considered the same!

    • Criss Tells
      Criss Tells

      You should go back to school or just buy yourself some books to learn that you are incorrect

    • Yuh Yes
      Yuh Yes

      @Vnatu it's a culture. Black and White is a race.

    • Vnatu

      @Christina CarinaTF u talking bout

    • Christina Carina
      Christina Carina

      Vnatu Hispanic not a race 😂

  • Ciara s
    Ciara s

    If cardi b used proper vocabulary people would understand her better and it would be hard to misconstrue what she’s saying which I definitely think happens a lot

  • coco. pebblezz
    coco. pebblezz

    OK regarding the N- word if people wanna say the word they need to know what it means and why it can be offensive

    • Storm Xmen-OYA
      Storm Xmen-OYA

      Criss Tells i agree. But they don't want afro-latina's to use it but they let us African Americans use it. But they don't understand if you didn't just move to America from Africa, you're not fully black. Most blacks are mixed with whites. Skin complexion doesn't count. Look at Khloe Kardashian's daughter True.... You can't tell True is mixed... Me fortunately I did my DNA genetics test. I am African and Native American (I even know the tribes I came from)... I'm not white at all... All I'm saying is nobody should use it and there shouldn't be hate in The African American community or Afro community... We're all black...

    • Criss Tells
      Criss Tells

      Chocolate. rxses it shouldn’t be used at all by anyone and there’s no justification for accepting a demeaning, degrading and devaluing term

    • Ciara s
      Ciara s

      After someone knows why it is offensive why would they want to continue to say it? Oh cus they racist they just tryna hide behind stupid excuses

    • coco. pebblezz
      coco. pebblezz

      @Thomas vanDyke i dont know cuz some pol are forgeting that we have come attached to the word and it is also a very popular word I definitely think it should be used less by certain people but eliminating the word completely is a whole different story, at least at this point

    • Thomas vanDyke
      Thomas vanDyke

      No one needs to say it period including black americans

  • Lil Mama
    Lil Mama

    She is fried. 🤯

  • Midnight Moore
    Midnight Moore

    Latino is not a race - it is a culture. Her confusion of the two is very common. Latinos come in all shades. It is very common for people to confuse the two - the same with race and nationality.

  • vatican 69
    vatican 69

    i thought she was a lesbo, there was an old video when nicki minaj looked more butchy talking about eatin cardis box lunch........


    @8:43 she show she doesn’t consider her black. “I like to date people different from me...”

    • Criss Tells
      Criss Tells

      DANCIHOLIC yet, black biracial people separate themselves with no issues but because she’s a celebrity you highlight it, why?

  • Keren Ekelot
    Keren Ekelot

    Oh I miss the days card b made sense message from 2019😂😂😂😂😅

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