Cardi B Loves Lil Kim's Sluttiness, Dating Black Guys, Latinos Using the N-Word
New York's own Cardi B sat down with VladTV following the release of her latest mixtape, Gangsta Bitch Music Volume 2. Here, she talks Lil Kim, not wanting to pay for features on her tape, her use of the n-word, and her dating preferences. "People having racial dating preferences is absurd," she says, before explaining that light-skinned women get preferential treatment in New York City strip clubs. Cardi B also talks how she views black and Hispanic people, and how those groups are treated in the United States as a whole. Watch above.

  • Joshua

    cardi b....dumb as they come...for an idiot like this to make millions in america is a travesty......

  • Miguel Diaz
    Miguel Diaz

    When she said of course she sounded so nice and innocent 😭

  • 4eva_Sasha

    Cardi seems as though she's going through things aduring this interview. She's very vacant, spaced out. All the best.

  • Joyce MUI
    Joyce MUI

    So after watching this we can agree that SHE AINT BLACK???

  • Kolby Long
    Kolby Long

    Learned a lot about hip hop and the art of writing and flow today thank you cardi and interview man

  • Hezel Robinson
    Hezel Robinson

    Cardi is so smart and people try to make her as dumb

    • MagicHDYT

      So smart to the point where shes taking a huge amount of money at the start of the deal and end up being in debt

  • FBI Agent
    FBI Agent

    Latinos or Hispanics can’t say the word point blank period

    • Sxul Sluy
      Sxul Sluy

      FBI Agent also Latinos aren’t all the same so some can say it but no one should say it

    • Sxul Sluy
      Sxul Sluy

      FBI Agent no one should say it

  • Jahmela duncan
    Jahmela duncan

    Oh so all minorities can say it ? Girl Cardi is dumb . Nicki is the queen 👸🏾

  • Nicklepickle 777
    Nicklepickle 777

    Why is trying to sound like that

  • Nicklepickle 777
    Nicklepickle 777

    She talks so stupid

  • Davah Cash
    Davah Cash

    Old patsy Bastard

  • Dedrick Bruno
    Dedrick Bruno

    I love cardi b lol

  • Davon P
    Davon P

    Did not know cardi b was well spoken plus she is very beautiful and prolly best woman rapper period

  • Honey

    Not all hispanics r black

  • NestorCaster

    The way of things... she’s hinting, with out articulating it in sophisticated detail or colorfully expression, how things are -- and how ppl- including herself- end up going for the way of things in this world, whether it through by hate(self-hate), prejudice, or outright racism. Another thing, Many ppl have a problem with Cardi B, and call her dumb... because the way she acts is exactly they way ppl whom they look down on, and feel superior to (whether you be Hood or from the Country Club) also behave. Moreover, it’s because of that same way that many ppl find Shameful or unsophisticated, or shouldn’t get you anywhere’, that she has gained So much popularity, wealth and overwhelmingly, ROCK SOLID status, as a hip hop and rap artist, which she actually formed her own voice, and is given a platform to speak it on, while many dont get that chance, or do and lose it(how-ever way they do)... those judgements they have for her ends up being jealousy for some, resentment for others, and preeminence for many more...

  • Brian Crowley WestSide, Hawaii
    Brian Crowley WestSide, Hawaii

    Cardi B Ain’t Even Close As Hot As Nicki ! And Talent Wise Nicki Get It By Far!!!! And Cardi Seems Retarded!!!!

  • Unknown Productions
    Unknown Productions

    Sorry but this is a black woman lol. Just light skin thats all. No different from Jennifer Lopez or Pitbull. Pitbull has black in him as well, just look at his face and his hair when he was younger. Fat Joe too. The only Latinos/Hispanics with no black in them are the ones that are not in the Caribbean like Argentinians, Mexicans, Peruvians, and some other countries in Central and South America, etc. Sure black people exist in those countries but they are a very small portion.

    • Joyce MUI
      Joyce MUI

      She’s not black she’s clearly saying it I like black men I like dating other races y’all like forcing black on her that’s y she claiming to be black now because of people like u

  • Mike Gee
    Mike Gee

    I don't think I've ever seen someone contradict themselves so many times in a interview...especially about colorism

  • Maddy Madd
    Maddy Madd

    Umm does anyone know about the Carribbeans and the Atlantic slave trade? DNA doesn't lie about that.

  • Jack Hughes
    Jack Hughes

    Vlad you really don’t know she had(probably still does) a ghost writer? And she said I went to school so I can put words together, doesn’t sound like it lol Sounds like she got here 4 years ago. Just a tip whites don’t look at all minorities the same. We can tell the difference between Asian, black and latino

  • Pulse Skillz
    Pulse Skillz

    Why here neck sit like that

  • Luis Ramirez
    Luis Ramirez

    Mulatic? Damn she's dumb!

  • Rational Lunatic
    Rational Lunatic

    All these fake hip hop heads in the comments that dont know who vlad is are straight lying about her not looking like she's mixed with black. Get the fuck out of here, you see that nose and that hair.

  • Chris Adams
    Chris Adams

    Hot af

  • Yirblueberry

    I love her but man why she 2 colors

  • Jay Khalizhev
    Jay Khalizhev

    Interviewer: asks cardi about her excessive use of a incredibly racist word that cause a lot of bad things Cardi:WHITE PEOPLE this WHITE PEOPLE that 🤦‍♂️and then pulls the victim and explains how white people see her as a black persons or some shit u can’t even u rest and it it’s so stupid

  • Lucky Ducky
    Lucky Ducky

    Should've asked her why she gets a pass for drugging and robbing men. Fuck this skank. Low morals.

  • Christopher-james :White
    Christopher-james :White

    No sister we are the majority

  • Duane Crooms
    Duane Crooms

    Black ppl shouldn’t use nigga . Please stop the bullshit

  • Peter Hedlöf
    Peter Hedlöf

    In shit it Will be written & in shit it Will be done ! Is shit flawless? Why hate when you can create ? Never be late for a date. Dubai Dubai & a cup of chai Will not Glow becuse its a blowhole.


    MDR. Moche et débile en plus! Pauvre Offset ! Je le comprends quand il va voir ailleurs.... Peace

    • Haro

      Tu dit quoi petit garçon


    Lol. She s not beautiful !!

  • Nia McSween
    Nia McSween

    She’s black 🤦🏾‍♀️

    • Joyce MUI
      Joyce MUI

      U look old enough to know black or not

    • Joyce MUI
      Joyce MUI

      Honey thank u at least someone noticed

    • Joyce MUI
      Joyce MUI

      She’s clearly saying in the video I like black men I like their RACE!!!! if she was black herself why would she say that? Y’all lost ash

    • Honey

      Nia McSween lol just because u think it’s not serious doesn’t mean it’s not. And I only wrote like 4 sentences. I was just explaining how she’s not black

    • Nia McSween
      Nia McSween

      Hanan ok it’s not that serious to be writing paragraphs 😂

  • Thanos Prime
    Thanos Prime

    Did Vlad Spike her with a kilo of weed?

  • Todd Adams
    Todd Adams

    She's miles deeper than people give her credit for...she thinks about things

  • pensmoni

    This bitch dumb af

  • Lady Yang
    Lady Yang

    What alot of poeple dont understand that cardi b is black and Spanish alot of dominances is mixed facts👌 she is a beautiful black Queen 👑👑👑👑i love her so much💞

    • Joyce MUI
      Joyce MUI

      She’s not black

  • Anthony Macaluso
    Anthony Macaluso

    She don’t write her own shit haha fuck outta here I don’t care about her or Nikki but Nikki mcees Cardin is a passing fad

  • N M
    N M

    The narrator sounds like Khan academy

  • Judith Paul
    Judith Paul

    Just because Latinas are minorities don’t mean they can say the n word, being a minority don’t got nothing to do with the n word. Asians are minorities but u don’t see them using the n word.🙄

  • Lmao Bye
    Lmao Bye

    Y’all are literally tryna justify her reasons for saying the N -word when she literally told us in the video who she identifies with & it sure asf wasn’t the African American race

    • Joyce MUI
      Joyce MUI

      People are stupid that’s y and it’s African Americans claiming her to be black the girl just said in the video I like black men and they race I like different culture I already know my culture now I want something else 🤦🏽‍♀️but people still forcing she’s black she’s black that’s what gives her power to insult y’all and use the N word

    • lanisha young
      lanisha young

      @Lmao Bye your right. People always wanna use a N word and pass it off like it's a hip hop word.

  • Mellow Joseph
    Mellow Joseph

    She is white she cant say it.

  • It’s Simply Jai’Lee
    It’s Simply Jai’Lee

    i hate how he acts like he doesnt understand what shes saying likeeeeeeee

  • Donnie Lee
    Donnie Lee

    New York Puerto Ricans say that they know they black she is a black woman

  • Jimbo Sleeze
    Jimbo Sleeze

  • Ambra Lumpkin
    Ambra Lumpkin

    She’s not black and shouldn’t say the N word 💯

    • Karstyn McDaniel
      Karstyn McDaniel

      She's really not

    • Terrance Smith
      Terrance Smith

      She's Dominican Trinidadian Afro Latino and Black she can say the N word whenever she wants y'all not gonna stop her

    • Grace Kitambala
      Grace Kitambala

      Jaylen HoopS no tf she ain’t 🤦🏾‍♀️

    • D'Angel Correa
      D'Angel Correa

      @brinatai bre cardi b is black and biracial does mean u are black. Look at obama, he is half black but considered black.


      @brinatai bre she said , shes half latino and half black

  • Lex352

    She doesn’t write all her stuff though

  • ThuggyMacho

    Sis said Mullatic 😂😂😂

  • ThuggyMacho

    This interview did not age well 😂😂😂

    • phantom page
      phantom page


    • Tiffany Mitchell
      Tiffany Mitchell

      LMAOOOOO I literally just came back to this video to show someone how ridiculous she sounded claiming she wrote her music andddd her views on dating. She been a liar.

  • hourfromnow B.
    hourfromnow B.

    Yes we aee black and Hispanic as different! Like 100%

  • Laurie P
    Laurie P

    Cardi B don’t write her own bars!!! WTF? Vlad is so annoying! Cardi B is a Milli Vanilli rapper. 🤣😂

  • The Lord999
    The Lord999

    Dark complection? she talks about racism, and she is racist herself.. "I am not attaced to light skin?" just imagine a white singer says she is not attracted to black guys. she will be in jail maybe

  • leeroy trevino
    leeroy trevino

    B sounds fuckn stupid. In general. Even if she had a point! Crackheads from my hood could speak her type of "knowledge" .ja ja

  • Solo Alvarez
    Solo Alvarez

    Solo @LostBoy Big Saulte Lil Kim Cardi B Brooklyn To The Bronx

  • Jesse Navarro
    Jesse Navarro

    Vlad cusses?what the fuck Vlad?

  • Santiagos Know It All
    Santiagos Know It All

    This bitch ugly as fuk!!! An her music is wack!!! Shes part of this BS 69 cardi b an all the lil’s music genre

  • Brazilian WavEment
    Brazilian WavEment

    As a latino i admit we arent supposed to say the n word and i refuse it till I die even if my cousen that is the same age as me grew up as a brother of mine even then i refuse to say it.... fuck yall trying to get that pass yall on some goofy shit

  • Evelyn Velasquez
    Evelyn Velasquez

    She likes black man but can u pick a cute one

  • Evelyn Velasquez
    Evelyn Velasquez

    She's so cute and ppl underestimate her but she's very intelligent

  • Evelyn Velasquez
    Evelyn Velasquez

    I love her because she's so real

  • Sales Rep
    Sales Rep

    She likes BBC period

  • Sales Rep
    Sales Rep

    She's sticking up for black strippers being discriminated against. I'm done here 😂

  • Gunnel Gainey
    Gunnel Gainey

    This era of woman of smh

  • Myster E
    Myster E

    she look like fools sister from people under the stairs...

    • Myster E
      Myster E

      @Layla McBride 😂😂😂😂😂

    • Layla McBride
      Layla McBride


  • Leroy Maxwell II
    Leroy Maxwell II


  • Elizabeth Cummins
    Elizabeth Cummins

    She ugly

  • s law
    s law

    I like smart girl's that speak English pretty well regardless of there color.. lol

  • M

    I like how honest Cardi is

  • Carlos Largo
    Carlos Largo

    She was born in the US ? It seems to me that she came of the boat one year ago her english is terrible and nothing to do with New-York linguo as she mentionned.

  • karriem abdullah
    karriem abdullah

    this the mind game they play on us she knows she African blood in her but a lot of Spanish people don't want to admit that so they say i;m Latino or PR or DR ect.the fact is the slave ship went to the Caribbean first most of them have African blood in them ppl want to be black when it;s convenient

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