Challenging Apple's New Mac Pro
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Apple’s new Mac Pro will max out at 28 CPU cores, but that’s projected to cost as much as a midrange sports car. Nothing a bare metal Hackintosh can’t fix…
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  • Swarnadip Ghosh
    Swarnadip Ghosh

    4:06 tp 4:09 plzz hear what linus is saying

  • Edi Albert
    Edi Albert

    Finally! I was waiting for you guys to make a proper build in a gen 1 Mac Pro case 😃 Very exciting!

  • Hetty

    Apple for sure hates you guys

  • whiteman withoutdark
    whiteman withoutdark

    who allowed pig in this channel ?

  • Lemon

    What is iMessage & Facetime? Something edible? Never used neither of above in my MBP 2015 till it died completely.

  • Quiz Reflex
    Quiz Reflex

    Where can i get my dial a anthony?

  • zanzabar halves
    zanzabar halves

    sponsor including the worst shotgun ever

  • Sjoer van der Ploeg
    Sjoer van der Ploeg

    I've done this since 10.4 and was probably the first to try and use TianoCore (booting from a floppy) to boot it the EFI way on a non-EFI AMD. Back then it was already fairly painless to setup using a VM with direct disk access to do the install and install the Chameleon bootloader. Later when Sandy Bridge was released it became dead easy using either Chameleon or Clover, even getting GPU's working. Now with the EFIvolution of Clover, it is equally simple. You just need to generate a correct smbios for your hardware to get iMessage etc working. The smbios info even has control over how the iGPU is used on supported CPU's like my 2600k (maximum VRAM differs between iMac and MacMini) and what power management features get activated at boot. So don't just stick with the VM base that, just seems to work... fix it properly.

  • Fuch Goog
    Fuch Goog

    Gee who would have fucking thought virtualization would have a big impact on performance....? lol

  • xXGhostIsHereXx

    I need my own Dial-A Anthony.

  • Travis Eugene Brown
    Travis Eugene Brown

    But can Minecraft Run????????

  • DragonTurtle9999

    Why hackintosh when you can Linux?

    • Алексей Гриднев
      Алексей Гриднев

      Well, if you want to do truly professional editing, Linux is out, Kdenlive is not at all the same as Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere... For pretty much anything else, I'd choose Linux as well 😀

  • Krystian Nona
    Krystian Nona

  • Paulo Borges
    Paulo Borges

    I have one Hack Pro (PC inside the MACPRO 2012 enclousure), and it`s beautifull. Visit the THE LASER HIVE site. He sells all you need for the adaptations.

  • Javier Mendoza
    Javier Mendoza

    what did you slide in at 4:07???

  • Chickensumo

    We love Anthony!

  • Jerome Ley
    Jerome Ley

    Imagine if you could ryzentosh using an epyc processor

  • Jeremy Lindemann
    Jeremy Lindemann

    I wonder if Linus and the LTT staff have to work hard to come up with project ideas that utilise Anthony's knowledge and experience. Anthony may be an occasionally under used resource. It's like, "What do we do with the LHC now that we have it?". "Uhh, ahh, gee, shit, uhhmm, OH I KNOW. Let's see if it can emulate particles from other universes".

  • Jeremy Lindemann
    Jeremy Lindemann

    Worked straight away. Lucky bastards. I got Mac OS (El Capitan I think?) to run on my i7 laptop but the 3d acceleration didn't work because of the optimus controller. Found that out the hard way. It may be a surmountable problem but after doing some reading it seemed quite beyond my level of expertise.

  • Edgar Hernandez
    Edgar Hernandez

    Thanks for being so serious in the disclaimer part at the beginning. Really shows the character you guys have behind the jokes. :D

  • Corey Stephan
    Corey Stephan

    Shouldn't the phone say dial-an-anthony?

  • Mario Contreras
    Mario Contreras

    Hackingtosh was useless for gaming looked awesome but no bueno for Games

    • Алексей Гриднев
      Алексей Гриднев

      So is a real Mac 😀


    R.I.P Apple™😜🔥😂😂😂😂😂

  • Matt Howell
    Matt Howell

    If you never fixed the imessage and stuff, its because you gotta spoof the serial and hardware id, as well as combine your mac address. Has to be a wifi connection

  • Tim Bowers
    Tim Bowers

    04:06 Six WHAT?!

  • Tommaso Chiti
    Tommaso Chiti

    How much is a personal Antony going to cost me?

    • Sjoer van der Ploeg
      Sjoer van der Ploeg

      There is no price on us.

  • Harry Samuels
    Harry Samuels

    When’s pat 2 coming

  • ShroudedWolf51

    Well... "much better to buy a mac". At least, until a few months in, when you have to replace some component and you are told that it's out of warranty and you have to buy a whole new mac.

    • padfrog193


  • John Nicolas
    John Nicolas

    Actually watching this on a self-made hackintosh in a Power Mac G5 Case :)

  • Aindre Reece-Sheerin
    Aindre Reece-Sheerin

    You guys are #Awesomesauce but you make the vids actually really entertaining too. Is there an email address for you please? Ah found one, I hope is active and emailed you

  • Pedro Gueiros
    Pedro Gueiros

    Stop reading

  • dbsill cockney
    dbsill cockney

    I like the big guy! You should put him on more often

  • awesomeferret

    Everybody ought to have an Anthony.

  • horse1066

    LMG: Shoots footage in 4K, zooms in on faces - >>>EVERYTHING IS BLURRED

    • Jamie Leeper
      Jamie Leeper

      Fair enough haha

    • horse1066

      Jamie Leeper I kinda remember hearing that, but I wasn’t going to double check just for a shitpost ;)

    • Jamie Leeper
      Jamie Leeper

      I think he actually shoots in 8k then cuts it down for VN-my

  • Giancarlo Zelaya
    Giancarlo Zelaya

    Anthony is AWESOME!!!

  • Bucknutty

    Dude is one ugly mofo

  • Devansh Jangid
    Devansh Jangid

    Hey Linus, care sharing any updates on this?? I mean you do have an Anthony, even if Apple has good(correction: good, as in, genius when it comes to fooling and robbing their customers) engineers and some of the worst hardware out there.

  • trumanhw


  • trumanhw

    *NO ONE is going to use 1.5TB of RAM. Apple would LITERALLY charge $100,000 for it!* *WHY NOT TEST A DUAL CPU MoBo ??*

    • Pcbms

      trumanhw Bullshit. They won’t and a lot of companies will buy the 1,5TB version. Dual Cpu is not needed because,the gpus are doing the most work.

  • Jason Eric Brown
    Jason Eric Brown

    Also, Apple is not using the W3175X, they’re using the W3275. Can you run benches on both so we know the full scope

  • Jason Eric Brown
    Jason Eric Brown

    Meed a new update on this insane build!!!!!

  • SuperSmay

    Can’t wait to see the maxed out real Mac Pro tests

  • TechnoDelta

    Did Anthony loose a little weight?

  • Mike

    "Six dicks" - Linus, 2019

  • Argentina3000

    damm those are serious technical skills that your guy, anthony has. where is the tutorial for DSDT-ing that gigabyte thing

  • Dukenukem

    iMessage and Facetime sign their messages with hardwareID of the mac they are running on (or iPhone/pad). Its just cheap trick from Apple to make Hackintosh even harder to build (and T2 chip will make almost sure of that). You will need to somehow inject the OS with the fake HardwareID of a real mac (preferably long dead, but compatible mac). Good luck with that. if you manage to pull that of please make tutorial how to do it( or post a link)

  • Andrew Harnaman
    Andrew Harnaman

    did Linus say six dicks ? @ 4:05 ?

  • Jerold Gubatcho
    Jerold Gubatcho

    The Ant. man. Coming through strong with the assist.

  • Rizlen Quadros
    Rizlen Quadros

    Linus dialed for Anthony like how the mayor did for the powerpuff girls

  • Andrew Knutson
    Andrew Knutson

    Did he even try to shotgun that correctly? Damn!

  • Reza Alhadar
    Reza Alhadar

    I bet you to hire a Apple Fanatic User to be work with LMG, maybe it will be much more fun video idea in future. INDONESIA

  • Brandon Medrano
    Brandon Medrano

    Yeah. Support to buy a new machine. Or support to pay more to fix it than it is to buy a new one

  • Goofball Gaming
    Goofball Gaming

    Anthony needs a cape and a phone booth, so he can change into his chewie outfit!

  • Zyzz

    That Anthony guy is a born natural.

  • Yusuf AKTAR
    Yusuf AKTAR

    1 b dislike from apple

  • ne0tic

    This will be so fun to watch!

  • Justin Xin
    Justin Xin

    Linus: “Before Apple does it” Me: So Linus secretly makes all of the decisions at Samsung?

  • kasper bennetsen
    kasper bennetsen

    Belle Delphine: Gamer girl bathwater Linus tech tips: Gamer Guy Coffee.

  • ne0tic

    I’m so excited for this!

  • Ded1cat3d

    I love Anthony. Like seriously!!! What a great dude!!! Needs a superhero logo after this!!!!

  • daniel pham
    daniel pham

    everytime anthony looks at the camera i get aroused

  • camco1989

    we should see more of anthony. he is the brain behind this all xD

  • Wolfman mann
    Wolfman mann

    Apple has become the Sham Wow guy.

  • Angelos Kangelos
    Angelos Kangelos

    What's with the frying pan on the wall, are you making pancakes when cameras are off?

  • RetroRenegades

    I know this is sorta unrelated at this price point.. well maybe not.. but as someone who was just searching for a laptop for college (settled with an HP for about 300 bucks), the prices of the cheapest Macbooks are so ridiculously overpriced it's hard to fathom. I guess I'll find a direct comparison then update this assertion later :P

  • JJC 133
    JJC 133

    Would much see you build an actual PC that would really compete with a high end Mac Pro.

  • Capitalist Cakes
    Capitalist Cakes

    Dam that’s fuckin sweet

  • ThexWITCHxMaster

    I want a $35,000 dollar build two...

  • Malc180s

    Do people not understand that Apple were referring to their own G5 as a cheese grater 15 years ago?!

  • Hunter Jacobs
    Hunter Jacobs

    Everyone knows Anthony runs the show

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