CHICKEN GIRLS | Season 4 | Ep. 6: “You\'re Invited”
Rooney's birthday party provokes a whirlwind of break-ups and make-ups.
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Rhyme and her friends - known by their 'ship name, "The Chicken Girls" - have been dancing together forever. But as they enter high school, everything begins to change. They’ll have to survive boy drama, mean girls, and new interests that threaten to tear the girls apart.

  • Lia Hershey
    Lia Hershey

    But....Spike he's so CUTE

  • Kayla boo
    Kayla boo

    Ryheme is so selfish

  • Ana Beatriz
    Ana Beatriz

    12:18 Music?

  • Mel Pea
    Mel Pea

    Spot the difference

  • Mel Pea
    Mel Pea

    How old is rhyme

  • Timmy T.
    Timmy T.

    I was waiting for Ezra & Rhyme to kiss at the end, omg.

  • Elena K
    Elena K

    You know the drill 1: Ryme 2: Rooney 3:Birdie 4:Kayla 5: Tk 6:Spike 7: Drake

  • Ash June
    Ash June

    12:33 song?

  • Ash June
    Ash June

    Are they really trying to say short nite instead of fortnite

  • Gabi Nobel
    Gabi Nobel

    I didn't know people shipped rhyme and Ezra I def don't

    • Gabi Nobel
      Gabi Nobel

      But I guess I didn't watch the whole video

  • Briana Isabel
    Briana Isabel

    I'm so angry with flash!

  • Ruby Royale Edits
    Ruby Royale Edits

    Soo many heartbreaks for rhyme ellie+robbie =😓 drake+rooney =😓 tk-rhyme=😭😭😭 flash-kayla=😓

  • Ruby Royale Edits
    Ruby Royale Edits


  • Joe Mcconnell
    Joe Mcconnell


  • Joe Mcconnell
    Joe Mcconnell

    Omg I love romance plZ make moee


    Where are the adults? Seriously?.....they just kiss😒😒😒

  • Charlotte Hughes
    Charlotte Hughes

    Whoelse thinks that they should bring asher into chicken girls and have him date annie (rhyme)

    • Kayla boo
      Kayla boo

      Not me

  • kamilaeddzam


  • Jane The Awesome One
    Jane The Awesome One

    WHERES TK!!!!!

  • Carlea Herring
    Carlea Herring

    Welp ig spikes not dead

  • JJ Niya
    JJ Niya

    I would of beat the crap out of Spike if I was Roony. I would not let anyone get away with hurting my best friend. 😡

  • Cake Pop Frosting
    Cake Pop Frosting

    The way Drake looks at rooney I don't know if its love. It just seems cringey to me

  • nickelodeon hdz
    nickelodeon hdz

    what's the song at 11:41??

  • Sun Sun
    Sun Sun

    Sooooooo CRINGY

  • Ingrid Alvarado
    Ingrid Alvarado

    “I don’t get why you’re so pissed” LMFAO

  • shanoya simpson
    shanoya simpson

    I miss TK 😥😣😮😐😑

  • shanoya simpson
    shanoya simpson

    They look perfect together 😍💕😍😍😍💕💕❤️❤️

  • Jessica Farah
    Jessica Farah

    Is it me or does flash look different

  • Hannah Rose
    Hannah Rose

    5:55: Dramatic Music, Montage Starts-*Why Is It Called A Quarter Deluxe?* STUPID BLOODY ADS

  • Jackie Potato
    Jackie Potato

    Im glad i see Birdy and Ronney together

  • Tee with Dee
    Tee with Dee

    stephanie and rooney should be together!

  • Glitspark Bratz
    Glitspark Bratz

    When birdie was telling spike off I’m like girl you tell him😂

  • Evie R
    Evie R

    Is it just me or did you also hear cussing

  • Purita Ducusin
    Purita Ducusin

    I’m soo glad birdies okay 👍

  • Smith Abigail
    Smith Abigail

    10:10 and this is why we have charles....

  • Smith Abigail
    Smith Abigail

    dylan looks sooo pretty

  • Ava Siegel
    Ava Siegel

    brat stepped up their game in season 4

  • Shelby Grobbe
    Shelby Grobbe

    Shortnite LMAO LOL

  • Ava Siegel
    Ava Siegel

    omg so much happened in episode 6

  • christine 24/7
    christine 24/7

    12:39 song - in the roses

  • Lucia Villaluz
    Lucia Villaluz


  • Veronica Lee
    Veronica Lee

    I love kayla😂💖

  • Leslie Montano
    Leslie Montano

    I was really hoping at the end scene ezrea and rhyme would kiss 😕

  • Rosmery Garcia
    Rosmery Garcia

    Flash deserves that and why would he like that ugly big nose girl kayla is verry preety

  • Irum Shahid
    Irum Shahid

    Chicken girls is the best!!!

  • Cupcake girl
    Cupcake girl

    Iam so sorry for what happened annie😣😢

  • Hanna Jovanov
    Hanna Jovanov


  • Haley Belle
    Haley Belle

    ok so i love rhyme but she’s kinda starting to aGgRaVaTe me. but i’m only at 5:28 but she might get less mad in a bit so oof. but i mean she does have a reason to be mad ig

  • shey. r
    shey. r

    Anyone know the song at 11:50 ?

  • Hope Wright
    Hope Wright

    I hated Ezra up until this episode

  • Kaia Wimes
    Kaia Wimes

    Re-watching this episode cuz I already watched the other ones. But why is no one talking about the Birdie and Spike situation? I mean THAT was dramatic

  • Malayja Browning
    Malayja Browning

    Is anyone gonna talk about how surprised they are that elle said pissed thought this was pg lol

    • Skye

      And Ezra said crappy the last episode

  • Ahlam Hussein
    Ahlam Hussein


  • Alliana Voinski
    Alliana Voinski

    The end of your like is who you are 1.rhyme 2.Ellie 3. Quinn 4.birdie 5.Rooney 6.kayla 7.Tk 8.Flash 9.Hamilton 0.Ace

  • amber heide
    amber heide

    Does TK ever come back😢😢😢

  • Khadija Albaqqali
    Khadija Albaqqali

    Sorry my internet isn't working

  • Sheren Princessa
    Sheren Princessa

    Ezra: Im not a bad guy Billie Eilish: Cuz I am the bad guy, duh

  • Jadalynn Capellan
    Jadalynn Capellan

    Kayla is like nu ah u do not break up with me I break up with u 😂

  • Emma Duh
    Emma Duh

    When Rhyme looked over and the color drained out of her face I thought she saw TK and I was about to DIE

  • Fernanda Martinez
    Fernanda Martinez

    yessi finally

  • Devin Lewis
    Devin Lewis


  • Devin Lewis
    Devin Lewis

    “I wanted to be there!”- Yeah yeah boy we know

  • Devin Lewis
    Devin Lewis

    Trying to make her cry during a stupid video? Stop It, Get Some HELP.

  • Devin Lewis
    Devin Lewis

    Blah blah blah- the clout the clout of my school surrounding chciken girls

  • Devin Lewis
    Devin Lewis

    Mads Lewis the type of girl to party too much when she tries to go and party a lot and it’s very annoying.

  • Hailey Martin
    Hailey Martin

    like this video if rhyme and t k should get back together

  • Ally star
    Ally star

    Is anyone else feeling to slap Flash soooooo fricken hard

  • Fluffy Burnside
    Fluffy Burnside


  • oohara1414

    shortnite WTf?

  • ChomziLand: Telemundo Africa
    ChomziLand: Telemundo Africa

    OK, the way Robbie and Ellie kiss is like they are about to have sex....

  • CookiesAre_ Master
    CookiesAre_ Master

    I like how her face and talking was like movement 6:19

  • Kayla 123
    Kayla 123

    Yess stooney!

  • Amandeep Jassi
    Amandeep Jassi

    ok wait.. this took me a while to understand but TK and Rhyme and the same age, but Rhyme and Birdie are in the same class but TK is birdies little brother so what is going on. please explain.

  • Gianna Does gacha
    Gianna Does gacha

    Am I the only one that ships Rooney and Stephanie

  • Tebaâ Marwa
    Tebaâ Marwa


  • Brooke Butler
    Brooke Butler

    Why TK is still in the intro when he is not in the episode

  • risacarisa

    13:18 am I the only one who always notices Ezra moving his hair back.. 😂

  • deleted account
    deleted account

    @2:44 my man tim be hitting the woah

  • Azaria Young - Mountain Ash MS (1421)
    Azaria Young - Mountain Ash MS (1421)

    Who like rymthe and ezra I dont

  • Brooke Me
    Brooke Me

    MAH FRICKIN SHIP JUST SAILED (; (Ryme and Ezrua) (I cant spell there names!)

  • Delauria Richardson
    Delauria Richardson

    Hey chicken girls love you guys so much by the way

  • Vanessa Liao
    Vanessa Liao

    One more like for Kayla dad to be better 👇🏻

  • Vanessa Liao
    Vanessa Liao

    One like for T.K to come back 👇🏻

  • yusra khan
    yusra khan

    this episode is a very GOOD epiode

  • Naomi Oyomire
    Naomi Oyomire

    I honestly think that rymthe is too judgemental she keeps on dragging along boys for the comfort that she is missing from tk, that is my opinion

  • Savita Zubery
    Savita Zubery

    Shortnite or fortnite cant tell a difference

  • Hafsa Kadri
    Hafsa Kadri

    Love u guys

  • Haifa Osman
    Haifa Osman

    is no one else missing the old Rhyme x T.k bond.....i'm still not over it and i really just wanna know if Hayden is going to be in Chicken Girls anymore....i don't wanna keep guessing, i would love for him to be in it but would understand the tension between Annie and Hayden....i guess Chicken Girls isn't gonna be the same anymore 😥😔😥

  • Elyssa Danella Sim
    Elyssa Danella Sim

    ghadddd i cried when birdieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Huong Pham
    Huong Pham

    Does anyone remember Hayden

  • Latonya Robinson
    Latonya Robinson

    I love this show

  • Vanessa Spagnolo
    Vanessa Spagnolo

    I cried😭

  • Angelina Marini
    Angelina Marini

    Are we not gonna talk about Stephanie and Rooney????

  • Alexa Bridget MSP
    Alexa Bridget MSP

    Isn't anyone else gonna say how hot spike is 😍😍

  • darcy kate
    darcy kate

    Anyone know the song that is playing around 12:25

  • Bff Squad
    Bff Squad

    This made me cry for some reason

  • xxNan Zernxx
    xxNan Zernxx


  • armando Gonzalez
    armando Gonzalez

    I was 10 on April 11th

  • Lise Roulph
    Lise Roulph

    I miss Tk so so much ! Hope you do too 🤗🤗

  • Riley Gamlin
    Riley Gamlin

    Wat happened to spike??????

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