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  • SuperZiya1977


  • Sema Zahraa
    Sema Zahraa

    BTS: lets all were pants and not tell Rm😂

  • Ra nd
    Ra nd

    Why there are little cmments about suga Like whyyyyyy I am crying

  • Naomi Rodgers
    Naomi Rodgers


  • Naomi Rodgers
    Naomi Rodgers

    Is it just me or is jimin looking like he a girl

  • Jude

    i was just watching boy in luv 😭

  • พัค จีมิน
    พัค จีมิน

    RM 0:57???!

  • Alessandro Vas
    Alessandro Vas

    Suga hermoso

  • minimi Polux
    minimi Polux

    so good :D

  • ikeydp ike
    ikeydp ike


  • Borahae Saranghe
    Borahae Saranghe

    Can y’all stop begging for likes with all that ‘Do you love * inserts member * ‘ comments ..?? 🙄🙄🙄 *First of all .. as much as the likes you get you are freaking creating a platform for all the solo stans , OT2,3,4,5,6 stans to just bark around saying they hate that certain member* And after thar you complain about the toxic RATS under the comments but you are the freakin idiot that made the original comment 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Hailey Sioson
    Hailey Sioson

    i want jimin to step on me skskjdks

  • Borahae Saranghe
    Borahae Saranghe

    *UGH LISTEN UP KIDS* If you love only 1 member .. sorry bae solo stans are never accepted in the fandom .. you love only 2 ? no entry You love 3 ? Access denied You love 4 ? Still no You love 5 ? No not today You love 6 ? Hate to break it down for you but your worse than a solo stan Love all members people or donot come anywhere near calling yourself ARMY

  • A Small Fetus that was born yesterday
    A Small Fetus that was born yesterday

    I learned the whole dance but you don't know how much I struggled on learning that dance step. 0:56 But I finally did it😊

  • Thelma Rosal
    Thelma Rosal

    Kookie steped V's foot sooooooo cute

  • Anne Nicole Coura
    Anne Nicole Coura

    que vacuo namjoon pqp

  • Frexczy 101
    Frexczy 101


  • Ana Cis Gestal
    Ana Cis Gestal


  • Atziry Covarrubias Martinez
    Atziry Covarrubias Martinez

    BTS y BLACK PINK ❤❤❤❤

  • Ninha Bezerra
    Ninha Bezerra

    ARMY??!! 🤩

  • An Nguyen
    An Nguyen


  • Aya Ala
    Aya Ala

    I love you (BTS) ♡♡♡

  • Anna Skiba
    Anna Skiba

    jungkook LOVE army

  • JB Army
    JB Army

    BTS keep going ! You have support in the whole world even in Haiti , Army love and support you et vous ne nous décevez jamais ! Purple uuu💜 #HaitianArmy

  • lovely doopey
    lovely doopey

    I don't know y, bt this is so funny to me..😂😂


    BTS- Boy With Luv Dance video tutorial on my channel

  • Pearlin the explorer Wolf
    Pearlin the explorer Wolf

    If you didn’t notice in the first jump someone was dabbing a belly was shown and a late jump and two boys forgot something when they were gathered together and jumping again belly shown then someone’s ribbon for shorts is not tied

  • Yassin Mourik
    Yassin Mourik

    Jimin lovr

  • Rasha k
    Rasha k

    I love how v is alwas special with his style 💜



  • {아이콘 없이 못살아용!}떠아
    {아이콘 없이 못살아용!}떠아

    이 영상 하루에 100×1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000번씩 볼 각>

  • Cang Huỳnh
    Cang Huỳnh

    I Love you Jimin

  • Z6XDIA s
    Z6XDIA s

    I see bts everyday somehow bc I live in theyre street, so uhm, I'm 21 same as jk, and I decided to move to korea bc of bts and I see them almost everyday lmao.

  • Hailey Sioson
    Hailey Sioson

    no one: literally no one: absolutely no one: beggars: dO YOU LIKE *_insert bts member_*

    • Borahae Saranghe
      Borahae Saranghe

      Hailey Sioson ikr 🤢

  • JKY Vendi
    JKY Vendi


  • Darshan kharat
    Darshan kharat

    jimin step on jin foot at 3.22

  • ItsFaria

    0:14 where did Jin go? 😂😂😂

  • Gaza Izra arroyan
    Gaza Izra arroyan

    Love you ARMI❤

  • Franchesca Aurelio
    Franchesca Aurelio


  • bts seventeen blackpink
    bts seventeen blackpink

    Jiminy is so sexy

  • Elif Beyaz
    Elif Beyaz

    I love you Kim Namjoon❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Kah An Lee
    Kah An Lee

    OMG!!😂😂😂Junkook legit stepped on jin's leg

  • 신나라

    김남준💜김석진💜민윤기💜정호석💜박지민💜김태형💜전정국💜 βŦŞ💜

  • xxZachary_ Gamingxx
    xxZachary_ Gamingxx

    Do you love me? Like=love Ignore=no This is my first time

  • 9Y8NG

    Appreciating all seven BTS, their choreography is so beautiful

    • j-hopes eyebros
      j-hopes eyebros


  • Da Duck
    Da Duck

    I think without the music my parents will think I’m watching porn again lol (IT NEVER HAPPENED)

  • Patrick Mitra
    Patrick Mitra


    • Gelo Rodenas
      Gelo Rodenas


  • {사랑 스러운}구름이
    {사랑 스러운}구름이

    한국인 없나여....

  • Yến Đặng
    Yến Đặng

    One tym.V,JIMIN,SUGA,JUNGKOOK,JIN.❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  • sarah i
    sarah i

    im just here for namjoons legs

  • Chocolate Universe
    Chocolate Universe

    *I'm literally so whipped for Park Jimin*

  • Lily's Potatoes
    Lily's Potatoes

    Omg Jimin is hot AF here

  • Dali Cordova
    Dali Cordova

    I never realized the tag on Jin’s shoes 😂😂😂

  • lorie alvarez
    lorie alvarez

    Legends 😍

  • vu nguyen dinh
    vu nguyen dinh

    0:40 suga and j-hope are ....... haha

  • Maria Theresa Latorre
    Maria Theresa Latorre

    0.36 jungkook 😐😐😐😐

  • vu nguyen dinh
    vu nguyen dinh

    love bts so much where"s army

  • Joan Fujii
    Joan Fujii

    Why jungkook step V's foot

  • bts dancing to different songs
    bts dancing to different songs

    I never survived jimim’s legs in this video they ended up being the death of me

  • bts dancing to different songs
    bts dancing to different songs

    The fact that this choreo fits PERFECTLY with call me maybe by carly rae jepsen got me SHOOK 😂 it’s on my channel if anyone wants to see

  • phong buithanh
    phong buithanh

    Hi các oppa ❤️❤️❤️💕❣️

  • Hea Nun
    Hea Nun


  • Nana Kim
    Nana Kim

    I'm so impressed with them.. Thanks for the the video

  • Vũ Lizero
    Vũ Lizero

    i love jungkook :333


    Looks like rm cant keep his hands in place at 0:08 hahahah. But jiminnnie is rockin it

  • thắng nguyễn
    thắng nguyễn


  • Jaelani Jae
    Jaelani Jae

    Do you love jungkook

  • puteri kamelia
    puteri kamelia


  • อากาเซ่ไทยเเลนด์ เมนเเบมเเบม
    อากาเซ่ไทยเเลนด์ เมนเเบมเเบม


  • Jimin has jams you egg
    Jimin has jams you egg

    *Do you love BTS?* Like- Yes Comment- Yes Because we all love them equally

  • faye atabilo
    faye atabilo

    Can't take my eyes off of Jimin 😍

  • Gwen BlackTanBoys
    Gwen BlackTanBoys

    Jungkook oppa's bunny smile made me smile

  • avakin silent death
    avakin silent death

    Jungkook you are so cute and Suga you are so handsome

  • Hien Thao
    Hien Thao

    So cute

  • Julie Anne Millar
    Julie Anne Millar

    My eyes are always searching for J-Hope 😍😍😍 his facial expressions while dancing make him standout ❤

  • Deepak deep
    Deepak deep

    How do you differentiate them they all look so same and cute

    • j-hopes eyebros
      j-hopes eyebros

      You just start racognise them after watching videos and see their different facial features

  • Lizzie Sophia
    Lizzie Sophia

    i’ve watched this video 7 times. every time i focus on a different member so i don’t miss anything

  • Prakruthi S Nayak
    Prakruthi S Nayak

    Hit like if u love jhope's way of dance.

  • Gabrielle Gozun
    Gabrielle Gozun

    Do you like Kim Taehyung❤

  • Julie Nyy
    Julie Nyy

    RM and Suga FG shirt 😯❤️❤️ 👇🏻

  • Tuti Suryati
    Tuti Suryati

    Do you love jungkook yes : like no : coment

  • Erin Kim
    Erin Kim

    3:03 Jimins foot step....

  • Phạm Nữ Đan Thuỳ
    Phạm Nữ Đan Thuỳ

    Tqw3errrhgdhffjf5,fhghrhdfghhg*ui,t,uúhuti.vdfgdCjhgdidduh.u.vd,ùhvh,d,uhuvfufuuffuffufuufiufhiuihufiurhiuh,grezi,u*rsiugnrysii.gnfrsnysrij.sherii.ghreai.ughearii. YkgnrrgdneAu khXgnd Fqwmsduwasyfuy,đưa,gyafsdgastxmFsdgfxmfnsAcxfnsaSXnlbh. P zở,okmoomkijnuhygtfmnbvcxrfvedcwsxzqazjjhjgdfgtrttr

  • UnicornKittycatsat Friends
    UnicornKittycatsat Friends

    Omg I think someone put there shoe on someone I forget the names

  • Janelle LovesBirds
    Janelle LovesBirds


  • via zaffron
    via zaffron

    jimins shoes😂😂

  • Rachel Laura Ng
    Rachel Laura Ng

    I see jungkook step in V foot.

  • SunnySidePancakes

    the screeching from the shoes made me sad

  • Van Cu Nguyen
    Van Cu Nguyen

    BTS are very good!

  • 미미

    한국인은 저 밖게 없나여 ㅠㅠ

  • Van Cu Nguyen
    Van Cu Nguyen

    300000000 like!

  • Sinath Khoiyang
    Sinath Khoiyang

    Jungkook you love rise

  • Sinath Khoiyang
    Sinath Khoiyang

    taehuyng you like lisa

  • Keerthi Nayak
    Keerthi Nayak

    Hit like if u love jhope's way of dance.

  • Nina Herlina
    Nina Herlina


  • Joryeth Marquez Garcia
    Joryeth Marquez Garcia

    나는 너를 대단히 사랑한다.

  • margi Cortez
    margi Cortez


  • 서민

    혹시 구독했는데 이 영상 가져가도 되나요?

  • Rudy Jun
    Rudy Jun

    0:36 Poor TaeTae

  • army kpop bts
    army kpop bts

    I love you

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