Complete MCU Recap: Everything You Need to Know Before Avengers: Infinity War
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Need to get caught up on anything in the MCU before the new Avengers? This video boils all 18 Marvel Studios movies down to 15 minutes.
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Written, narrated, and edited by Ryan Arey. (

  • Phillip Guinday
    Phillip Guinday

    I seriously don’t know what the avengers are plz fill me in!

    • -Unicorns- rule
      -Unicorns- rule

      Omg that used to be me until my friends filled me in and I became a marvel fan.. just watch captain America: the first avenger and iron man first

  • Todor Popov
    Todor Popov

    stop trying to make good edits please WHAAT

  • Davey

    Im 13 and I have seen EVERY one of the movies also who else watching after END Game

  • *•. ̧TEA ̧.•*
    *•. ̧TEA ̧.•*

    Let's take a shot everytime he says and he was behind it all along

  • anonymous oh yeah yeah commander
    anonymous oh yeah yeah commander

    Marvel: you have to binge watch all of our movies to set up ScreenCrush: I'm about to end this man's whole career

  • J

    What happened to the asgardians are the few reasons i will never see thanos action justified

  • Jonas Dorissaint
    Jonas Dorissaint

    That’s exactly how Kevin pitch the Infiniti Saga to Bob 11 years ago.


    The what thing is annoying as hell

  • Bijaya Adhikari
    Bijaya Adhikari

    13:02 Why was "Nepal" pronounced weirdly?

  • amelia22

    Wtf just happened?

  • Ardon P
    Ardon P

    Comedic and informational, beautiful.

  • Thị Bích Phương Bùi
    Thị Bích Phương Bùi

    this is very good

  • Joseph Ramthianghlima
    Joseph Ramthianghlima

    short but interesting

  • Not_ Qbopg
    Not_ Qbopg

    if you payed me one doller every time they used the "WHAT!" meme i will be the next Jeff Bezos

  • Zalint

    15:14 minutes of my life wasted

  • TheSteelBird ._.
    TheSteelBird ._.

    you talk way too fast

  • falz

    "And he has been behind everything all alon- *WHAT* "

  • John Ktejik
    John Ktejik


  • TheGamingllama

    Every 2 minutes :WHAT

  • Loki Laufeyson
    Loki Laufeyson

    In Thor (2011) you didn't mentioned that Loki killed Laufey

    • Yago LDT
      Yago LDT

      I missed the part where that's important

  • Who is Blue Pirate
    Who is Blue Pirate

    What background music is this???

  • demeraradove

    wait wait . wait wait wait , you are too funny ... I need a serious recap!!! thank you this is awesome I get to know what the whole big todo is about i less than 20 minutes

  • Teen Guide to WI
    Teen Guide to WI

    4:56 what was going with her mouth

  • Awakny

    Quick question 'cause I forgot the movie : Is Thor's father alive at the end of Thor I?

    • Sarah Thomas
      Sarah Thomas

      Awakny yah he’s alive until ragnarok

  • Hugh

    NORWEGIANS? MAAAn go fuck yourself!! Norway is a country 100 years old. They were under VIKING RULE.. ANd the vikings who ruled for a 1000 years were the DANISH.. THEY introduced Viking mythology to the north. STOP with all this norwegian bullshit

  • Alfie Morale
    Alfie Morale

    If I hear another damn what, I’m taking legal issues for being annoyed

  • GalaxyGamer 12
    GalaxyGamer 12

    I just came from endgame and there’s a mine stone in this now I’m like wtf

  • Discource

    That what thing is pissing me off

  • Mr Egg
    Mr Egg

    Ither is not an infinity stone

  • Nicolas Sol.
    Nicolas Sol.

    No one: Literally no one : They were behind it all allooong WHAT

  • muhammad x
    muhammad x

    Thanks for the effort that was awesome ♡♡♡

  • BPIYA Jennie
    BPIYA Jennie

    I wish history classes are like this.

  • Alex Savage317
    Alex Savage317

    Wait why is the hulk a glAdiator

  • Djsanborn San
    Djsanborn San

    The 9th doctor that means he regenerated



  • Edgar Terrazas
    Edgar Terrazas

    1:22 if u have seen civil war u know how the actually died

  • Atompunk Riot
    Atompunk Riot

    Lol Hulk gets a new face 😂😂

  • rulezzx_

    W H A T ?

  • Teen Guide to WI
    Teen Guide to WI

    I think I learned more in this video than 10 years of school.

  • Giselle Jackson
    Giselle Jackson

    when i first saw the ancient one i thought of one punch man

  • Kiran Khuttan
    Kiran Khuttan

    That "what" thing that shows up every time you say "has been all along".... IT IS SO ANNOYING! no offense

  • John Wick
    John Wick

    why would A F*cking Terrorist steal A Billionare's Heart?

  • Awesomecarbon3000 2nd blog channel
    Awesomecarbon3000 2nd blog channel

    12:24 : What the fu...

  • Sabre Hollowell
    Sabre Hollowell

    Yes! I couldn’t remember his name, so I kept calling him Bilbo too lol 😂

  • Hadjr Lili
    Hadjr Lili

    The Mean Girls reference omg hahaha

  • W M
    W M

    A slightly smaller version of Brock Lesner! 😂😂😂 I lost my shit on that one!

  • Elite 18
    Elite 18

    The intro sounds like red vs blue Intercom

  • QuadBump2000

    Nobody: Video: What?!

  • James Spidey Esquivel
    James Spidey Esquivel

    Scarlet witch and quicksilver are children of magneto, so they are mutants. They gained their powers during puberty not from a stone

  • James Spidey Esquivel
    James Spidey Esquivel

    Yondu aka Mary Poppins

  • James Spidey Esquivel
    James Spidey Esquivel

    Eric bana was the first mcu hulk

  • James Spidey Esquivel
    James Spidey Esquivel

    “Iron man” in the movie was dubbed in a newspaper headline. He didn’t come up with it himself

  • chepekusanagy


  • Rxpust

    I feel like I’m a marvel geek .

  • Hoodini TJ
    Hoodini TJ

    yea already seen all of it since 2008

  • It’s Zenora
    It’s Zenora

    My class when to see endgame last Monday and my ELA teacher played this before because “ if your not ready for endgame you fenna be endgame”

  • Lanah Nicole
    Lanah Nicole

    Who else is binge watching marvel videos 😂

  • Diya g Gupta
    Diya g Gupta

    How many genius are watching this after Endgame

  • Parker


  • Gaming Lynne
    Gaming Lynne

    So pretty much the point is *war war war*

  • Ethan Koeser
    Ethan Koeser

    If I had a dollar for every time this guy said (And was behind it all along) I would be as rich as Tony Stark

  • ꧁꧂Ꮆ Ꮛ Ꮼ Ꮧ Ꮆ Ꮛ꧁꧂
    ꧁꧂Ꮆ Ꮛ Ꮼ Ꮧ Ꮆ Ꮛ꧁꧂

    0:38 legit!

  • Mustafa Alles
    Mustafa Alles

    Colorful Ex-cons

  • Tyler Moody
    Tyler Moody

    9:13. And then I come after you like John Wick

  • The CrAzY family
    The CrAzY family


  • saranghoe

    And the guy who narrates, which is Ryan Arry was behind everything all along. Stan Lee : What?!

  • Asahi Kirigaya
    Asahi Kirigaya

    Is this the second channel of Gigguk?

  • Max1muslegend

    Already watched it but thanks

  • Srikrishna B.R
    Srikrishna B.R


  • javan Walcott
    javan Walcott

    Lol thanks for this

  • ZachPlayzTV

    1:49 there is so many of these WHAT clips in the vid

  • 5Metoo5

    All Along! WHAT!! 😂 😂 😂

  • Lagoz

    watched this after watching endgame.

  • Hyper Hektor
    Hyper Hektor

    where is part 2 ?

  • Qwertyuoip 123
    Qwertyuoip 123

    He travels to T- *Nepal* Nice save

  • Víctor Cortés
    Víctor Cortés

    So, you're saying all of this is the fault of ancient Norwegians?

  • Nastia 115
    Nastia 115


  • Antonio T
    Antonio T

    13:03 N E P A L

  • courf marius
    courf marius

    13:03 - why did he voiceover Nepal lol, I wonder if he said the wrong country in his original voiceover

  • Kay Vin
    Kay Vin

    The 'WHAT' in almost every minute is so annoying... should just skip it😑

  • Lilly B
    Lilly B

    So, the good guys tried to steal from the bad guys cause the bad guys are "bad" but really they are controlled by some evil mastermind that made them steal so then some of the bad guys are good guys and Loki is still deciding but dies. *sounds good*

  • Danny DeCheeto
    Danny DeCheeto


  • PyroPinnacle

    U’re a saint

  • Larcc

    0:14 Did he just said: "NORWAY"?????

  • Some random THOT on the internet
    Some random THOT on the internet

    Best quotes from every movie(In my opinion): •Iron Man:”The truth is..........I am Iron Man.” •The Incredible Hulk:”HULK...SMASH!” •Iron Man 2:”What is and always will greatest you.” •Captain America The First Avenger:”I can do this all day.” •Thor:"This drink I like it...ANOTHER!” •Avengers:”There was an bring together a group of remarkable see if we could become something more...and when they needed us, we could fight the battles...that they never could.” •Iron Man 3:”But the one thing you can’t take away.....I am Iron Man.” •Thor The Dark World:”I accept your surrender.” •Captain America The Winter Soldier:”Then finish it.......cause I’m with ya to the end of the line.” •Guardians of The Galaxy:”You said it yourself bitch...we’re the Guardians of the Galaxy.” •Guardians of The Galaxy 2:”Just some unspoken thing.” •Avengers Age of Ultron:”I’m the man who killed the Avengers.” •Ant-Man:”BUT I GOT THE VAN!” •Captain America Civil War:”That Shield doesn’t belong to don’t deserve father made that shield!” •Spider-Man Homecoming:”If you’re nothing without this suit you shouldn’t have it.” •Doctor Strange:”No!...I’ve come to bargain!” •Thor Ragnarok:”Asgard is not a place, it’s a people.” •Black Panther:”N’JADAKAAAA!....I HAVE NOT YIELDED....AND AS YOU CAN SEE....I AM NOT DEAD!” •Avengers Infinity War:”You should have gone for the heead...” •Ant-Man and the Wasp:”BUT DAMN DO I WANNA KISS YOU!” •Captain Marvel:”I don’t have to prove anything to you.” •Avengers Endgame:”AVENGERS..................assemble.”

  • Shiroko Kurobane
    Shiroko Kurobane

    Never use the *What?!* gif again.

  • brundain1

    Great video, only thing that made me have to dislike it was hearing Leia say "what!?" several hundred times. It was funny the first 2 times. Dont kill a joke like that.

  • EvanFingerstyle

    “Bucky, like Dave Chapelle, goes to Africa to clear his head.” Best line outta the WHOLE. DAMN. THING.

  • Zoe

    'good thing his mums dead right' OH SHIT

  • Karleng Padua jr.
    Karleng Padua jr.

    I thought captain marvel story after captain america story..

  • Turtlegamer58 1
    Turtlegamer58 1


  • Sejal Pandey
    Sejal Pandey

    I hate Avenger because I never watched any film of its franchise 😝😜😜😜😜😜should I watch? Help me now!

  • Dash of lynx Running with the flow
    Dash of lynx Running with the flow

    He sounds like a young Stan lee

  • Rohan Rajput
    Rohan Rajput

    You were ryan arry all along.... Whattt😂

  • Howard Lam
    Howard Lam

    Black Panther, Captain Marvel, Endgame. Enough said.

  • Blake Motley
    Blake Motley

    What was Thanos’ goal in the first avengers? Loki had 2 stones at once right? Why not give them to thanos and leave? Why bother attacking earth at all

  • Greg Ichikawa
    Greg Ichikawa

    We are all over the use of that Princess Leia Clip. Quite frankly its annoying and loud. If you would like us to sit though another one of your videos, Please STOOOOOP!!! LOL

  • M416

    If shuri was smarter than Tony Stark so she could kill Thanos in his first appearance at wakanda tho

  • asthrclogy

    going to see engame in two days with dad, never watched some of the movies, wish me luck :)

    • asthrclogy

      @Corey Goddard well, thank you

    • Corey Goddard
      Corey Goddard

      your local meme dealer iron man dies

  • Legendary Star32
    Legendary Star32

    This video felt a hell of a lot longer than 15 minutes.

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