Complete MCU Recap: Everything You Need to Know Before Avengers: Infinity War
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Need to get caught up on anything in the MCU before the new Avengers? This video boils all 18 Marvel Studios movies down to 15 minutes.
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Written, narrated, and edited by Ryan Arey. (

  • Jules & Jayne
    Jules & Jayne


  • Warriors Playground
    Warriors Playground

    Shuri is not smarter than Tony

  • Ashley Williams
    Ashley Williams

    What I learned is that there are way to many super heroes

  • hugzy14

    Seen so many of these. U do it the best

  • QT1017

    Man did you really called Hanuman a white gorilla.

  • Ahmed Shahriar
    Ahmed Shahriar

    no the princess of wakanda is not more intelligent then iron man. lets give iron man lots of vibranium and keep princess in a cave

  • Vicky Johnson
    Vicky Johnson

    wait what about endgame

  • Hazhar Shkak
    Hazhar Shkak

    You just fucked all avengers movie

  • Ranchy

    *W H A T*

  • Peridotfellow

    But where's Batman?

  • Dakota Spoo
    Dakota Spoo

    Ive seen all the movies but i needed a refresher

  • Josie Hendricks
    Josie Hendricks

    Well that was helpful

  • drunk pilates
    drunk pilates

    yells at odin until he falls asleep wtf lol...

  • Александър Божков
    Александър Божков

    Ultron know Thanos coming

  • paul walker
    paul walker

    And they brought up worship again and the super hero with execma and they take out the shield of captain America cause it’s the American flag and then they talk about terriost of course and they call Thor a dush and genicide is being brought up and the hulk is a dick and he is turned to someone else and then brain wash is brought up so gay and he’s in to rock and roll and likes this and hates that like wtf and the police lock the super heroes up like they are super they can escape but they want us to think no it’s a jail so it’s supposed to b safe and nothing bad will happen ur safe but u can’t expect them to always be there and care cause they don’t and won’t care they are human to they will make mistakes and they will care about themselves more than u and I’m sure it’s safe forever oh of course the ether can control reality and they r gonna blow the hell out of the earth and ptsd,!? They keep talking about government surveillance robots and war and then worship is brought up and then he makes a new body and it comes to life and whatever they r really wanting and doing this eventually this is how they want it the UN is blown up ? They r doing this to make it seem like normal like really super heroes in jail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They decide and put in whatever they want to people to think is fine and that’s how it is the government and then saying they live rent free and happy!!! A fire deamon is being mentioned wow what’s wrong with everyone they are evil they want bad things to be made normal or whatever but it’s not we have the Ten Commandments our Lord Jesus Christ is our Lord we shouldn’t ever worship anything but him! They r taking out the important things and putting bad no good things are being mentioned or recognized this is the world plan they will make it popular through movies first and then the world over if people stop putting their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and put it in humans or the government then our species is doomed we won’t prosper we will be miserable and the government will b allowed to do whatever they want to the people and it b ok the babies will grow up with this they will think that is normal it will b what they know and it will b ok and therefore it won’t be learned or knowed about anymore and that’s what they want they don’t want u to trust the Lord they want u to trust evil instead like y is it everything they do is always something that goes with the bad things that the Bible tells us about ???? We are being warned people!!! Don’t give them control! If u sign ur rights over to the government then that’s it they Own u!! They are pushing it really hard as well movies tv showes toys shirts business everything is going to be promoting this same thing and once everyone goes with it they start pushing this stuff on us forcing it to become the new normal and it’s just bad these things are bad and aren’t ment to be for our good yeah I know some stuff is or it seems like it is but it’s made the world and people in it start becoming bad people ignorant people like if they say it then it must be ok and we accept it but it’s not if they believed as much as most people trust them in us then they would teach honest real stuff that is actually good instead of what they tell us is good. Trust ur emotions trust ur gut feeling stop going with the crowd your feeling like that for a reason!! That is something else they want that to go away as well like believing stuff that is spiritual isn’t good or normal and if they make that spiritual awareness of people go away then people will stop caring about it and will stop thinking about how important and nesscary it is to us and for our well being and life. They are already in the process of brainwashing us into going with the type of government where rich get richer the suffering just suffer worse there is no help money is everything religion is not good or real and cameras are everywhere and they only bring good things but they bring bad as well very bad and it’s making the people believe they are good and they are the only good it’s them or nothing but it’s not true the Lord Jesus Christ is our only hope he wants us to prosper! We must put our trust faith humanity and just everything in him and only him! If we stop living for the Lord and start putting our Lord out of everything not mentioning it anymore not saying and expressing it becomes invisible and people quit believing in it and adapt or believe just how they want u to believe then u will be

  • oncontrold

    Kudo's to Ryan for an excellent commentary. Who's Ryan.. oh he was the narrator .. all along... WHAT !!??


    Watched it. But I have no idea what I just watched. Well, back to infinity wars, I'll probably like it anyways.

  • Turtle :D
    Turtle :D

    Stop with what thing it’s annoying

  • Matt Utley
    Matt Utley

    That white wolf joke had me rolling on the ground

  • Namrata Patil
    Namrata Patil

    Well summarised

  • Moonstone Edits
    Moonstone Edits

    Good thing his mums dead right! Yes...yes that is good

  • Motive Uz
    Motive Uz

    What!??? 🤣🤣🤣

  • Madeline Salguero
    Madeline Salguero

    This is soooo legit!!!

  • Jayden Belisle
    Jayden Belisle

    Oops, I watched Infinity War already. OOPS

  • Jessica okeke Okeke
    Jessica okeke Okeke

    Dude cmon homecoming came before black panther

  • PolBois

    These cringy memes and hashtags have enraged me. I can't stand this level of "humor".

  • I'm Batman
    I'm Batman

    The force as in... THE FORCE?

  • I'm Batman
    I'm Batman

    riiiiiight but what movie am I supposed to watch first? Also, what in the heck is EDITH?

  • manobal bajwa
    manobal bajwa

    Presenting the new australian anthem approved by every australian kid ... We are the criminals who are not parent worthy... Our kids would exile us as... We laughed when a boy cried for his mother when a boy cried and called moon his mother they cheered that the boy losses his right arm.... We are the criminals who would be hunted like dogs... and the boy would take their right arm And make you pay with tears of blood for my every single tear... Oh Australian criminal parents... You all are fucking DooOoooOooOoOoOoOOOOOOOOoooooomeddDddddddddd.. This is my curse to you as you rendered me familyless you would be abandoned by your children and live like exiles on your exile island.. And ostracized by your kids and I mean every single kid knows what you did....

  • Rational Evidence
    Rational Evidence

    Dude i was trying to get information to prep myself for a rewatch of infinity war before watching endgame and your dry humour and jokes were so legit i had to keep pausing to laugh so I wouldn't miss stuff.

  • Eternity Films
    Eternity Films

    Thank you my girlfriend hasn’t seen any of the Marvel movies and she said she’d watch my favourite with me which is Infinity War but you need all the other ones for Infinity War to make sense and that’s a lot of movies to watch this really helps

  • 3choBlast3r

    Holy shit this is confusing... bee ages since I watched these movies and I wanted to rewatch infinity ear so I can watch endgame properly but now I'm just confused and this has spiked a lot of movies i was planning to rewatch since I mostly forgot about the things that happened in them

  • Sanjay Mohanty
    Sanjay Mohanty

    Red skull is a superpowered Kim Jong Un with serious melanoma

  • Nathaniel Mao
    Nathaniel Mao

    And Scott kills the bad guy be shrinking so small physics don't MATTER hahaha haaa........ I such at jokes..



  • Rachel Greer
    Rachel Greer

    I can't be the only one who thought of this................ 0:36 "you got exxmmmaaaaaaa"

  • Sushant Gaikwad
    Sushant Gaikwad

    6:08 lol i just can't stop laughing coz of baby groot

  • hamsterlover and CreamPuff
    hamsterlover and CreamPuff

    I literally forgot it all because it was to fast for me also Thanos was behind it all .WHAT!

  • smileypc44

    How cute is baby groot, omg!!!

  • Nawang Rigsal
    Nawang Rigsal


  • Luke Mills
    Luke Mills

    "A super power Nazi with Eczema" 😂😂

  • LLSS 21
    LLSS 21

    Someone behind everything all along WHAT??????????

  • Bryan Jose
    Bryan Jose

    & Bilbo 😂

  • Patrick Chimombe
    Patrick Chimombe

    Bucky like Dave Chappelle goes to Africa to clear his mind. 😂😂

  • Alarr PG3D
    Alarr PG3D

    3:39 mind: *Jesus christ its brock lesnar O_O*

  • shassmiled


  • pubg gaming
    pubg gaming


  • Abe 1242
    Abe 1242

    Is that Sylvester Stallone at 6:30 ( I didn't see the movie)?

  • Rashid Faruqui
    Rashid Faruqui


  • Jayden

    Humans suck so bad literally everyone wants to destroy earth

  • flock of cheese
    flock of cheese

    as someone who hasn't seen any marvel movie at all i understand nothing

  • DazzleGazza

    Still super confused after watching this.

  • Chan 160138
    Chan 160138

    Maybe I should just give up this is way too complex for me lol (I mean this series

  • minecraft monday
    minecraft monday

    thak you for making me start watching the mcu

  • Andrei Blanca
    Andrei Blanca

    I stole the baby!

  • Mariam Sohrabi
    Mariam Sohrabi

    Thanos needs a therapist....

  • mahir kanani
    mahir kanani

    Hey star wars spoiler i haven't watched episode 8 yet

  • Kaush

    Very useful :)

  • Dicaprio

    9:27 he says Hawkeye instead of Captain America lol

  • YouTube Management team
    YouTube Management team

    We keep needing that “what”

  • jessey gloria
    jessey gloria

    wow wowowwoowowwo

  • Who is Blue Pirate
    Who is Blue Pirate

    which background music do u use bro i am a youtuber so i want to know

  • Phillip Guinday
    Phillip Guinday

    I seriously don’t know what the avengers are plz fill me in!

    • -Unicorns- rule
      -Unicorns- rule

      Omg that used to be me until my friends filled me in and I became a marvel fan.. just watch captain America: the first avenger and iron man first

  • Todor Popov
    Todor Popov

    stop trying to make good edits please WHAAT

  • Davey

    Im 13 and I have seen EVERY one of the movies also who else watching after END Game

  • ღтєαღ

    Let's take a shot everytime he says and he was behind it all along

  • anonymous oh yeah yeah commander
    anonymous oh yeah yeah commander

    Marvel: you have to binge watch all of our movies to set up ScreenCrush: I'm about to end this man's whole career

  • J

    What happened to the asgardians are the few reasons i will never see thanos action justified

  • Jo Do
    Jo Do

    That’s exactly how Kevin pitch the Infiniti Saga to Bob 11 years ago.


    The what thing is annoying as hell

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