Brent Rivera
300k likes and I'll meet Eva's new boyfriend hahah
I love you guys so much :) thanks for watching
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  • Brent Rivera
    Brent Rivera

    thanks for making me a part of your Saturday ❤️ there's a lot of hate in the world right now so hopefully this brings some light to your day :) love you all :)

    • Zay Cangas
      Zay Cangas

      Ask Eva on a date already not pierson

    • Cupcake Queen
      Cupcake Queen

      Brent Rivera luv you

    • Courtney Wood
      Courtney Wood

      Awww brentttt

    • Minah Fiesta
      Minah Fiesta

      I know you'r heart brent im so sorry the Eva have a new boyfriend💔

    • michelle parada
      michelle parada

      Brent Rivera help! Me 😐😐😐

  • Davrac QH
    Davrac QH

    Who thinks Brent misses Becker?

  • Afra Zhou
    Afra Zhou

    How bout kamey

  • Thomas Jackson
    Thomas Jackson

    1 million likes and Brent will really go out with Pierson

  • naomy cedillo
    naomy cedillo


  • Dane Plantenga
    Dane Plantenga

    Don’t lie else thinks that Pierson is kinda cute

  • Funny crazy Mexican Sisters
    Funny crazy Mexican Sisters


  • Scarlet Weller
    Scarlet Weller

    remember when Lexi said if this vid got 300k u would meet Eva boyfriends well it got 422k likes boi

  • Julianna D
    Julianna D

    wasn’t peirson dating Davie?

  • ange1x


  • Emmeline Thibaut
    Emmeline Thibaut


  • Galaxiie

    Brent: **is single** Also brent: AWW YOU GUYS ARE SOOOO CUTE

  • Danica Poulter
    Danica Poulter

    This video got more than 300 thousand likes! Brent should go meet Eva’s boyfriend

  • Mia Martinez
    Mia Martinez

    It got 4K likes Brent per pair for your meeting of the mestrous avas boyfriend dun dun duhhhh

  • West Side
    West Side

    I saw your eyes flash red and a bit of tears... When you huged Ava

  • Chloe King
    Chloe King


  • Michael Jones
    Michael Jones

    I guess Breva is over now brerson and later my is now the new couples

  • Zaiyaan-Faris Khan
    Zaiyaan-Faris Khan

    It got 422k

  • Jesse Li
    Jesse Li


  • Elisha Bulathwelage
    Elisha Bulathwelage

    Jeremy And Katie's Ship Name Is Jatie FYI I SHIP!

  • jean Charles bapriste
    jean Charles bapriste

    I hate Brayson

  • Eyla Andresen
    Eyla Andresen


  • sarajmc Brown
    sarajmc Brown

    how dare you eva :( this is how many people are mad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • LeahPuppy2010

    We haven’t seen Eva in any other vids sense this video 😢 where is Breva?!?!?

  • Jefte Kipa Lembi Lokombe
    Jefte Kipa Lembi Lokombe

    If you don’t like your friends ship Brierson then stop ship your friends especially Jeremy

  • Jefte Kipa Lembi Lokombe
    Jefte Kipa Lembi Lokombe

    I wanna be a doctor too because my mom is a doctor

  • Camila Leyva
    Camila Leyva


  • Trickzz

    It got 300,000 likes

  • Lukrecija Magelinskaite
    Lukrecija Magelinskaite


  • Anha A
    Anha A

    THIS VIDEO HAS MORE THEN 300k LIKES BRENT WHERE R U ? U were suppose to meet Eva's boyfriend 😂

  • Cara Moeremans
    Cara Moeremans

    I love sushi toooo!!!!

  • Vishnu Tanawade
    Vishnu Tanawade


  • Lavënder Playz
    Lavënder Playz

    oml when i saw the picture of eva and another person i swallowed my ice its feels so bad 😭

  • leonstorm121 yt
    leonstorm121 yt

    4:12 i think i ship brent and katie •_•

    • Anha A
      Anha A


  • Ashley Camille Luay
    Ashley Camille Luay

    Brent go ask pierson to be your girlfriend

  • irma kasatkina
    irma kasatkina

    Done and i followed you on smule thanks for having us

  • A2Z Roshan
    A2Z Roshan

    Breeeennnttt.....meeett hiimmm🥳🥳

  • Anna Guzik
    Anna Guzik

    Pieson is wrong i Am Best friend with my friend thats a boy👫👫

  • ambia khatun
    ambia khatun


  • max


  • Nashawn Ferguson
    Nashawn Ferguson


  • Dameian Johnson
    Dameian Johnson

    Friend Zone

  • Zahidur Rahman
    Zahidur Rahman


  • Jacklyn Chan
    Jacklyn Chan

    in VN-my

  • Jacklyn Chan
    Jacklyn Chan

    I like your picture Brant

  • Jacklyn Chan
    Jacklyn Chan

    I like your picture

  • Celjay Lacar
    Celjay Lacar


  • Munavlogz

    Brent dude if yu ever get this,which yu prbably wont listen all yu needed to do was ask the fucking q still time g she was waiting on yu now get away from yur rebound girl and go get the girlll,also yu said yud still be friends w her,where the hell is she in all the jason derulo vids,stop denying the shit we all know ans tsay it all to yur girl.

  • Kimberly

    Pierson and brent are dating🥰🥰🥰😍😍😍😍

  • weirdo._. kiara
    weirdo._. kiara

    LOL when I scroll down to the first 100 comments i see "omg when brent said "Ahhh it hurts" i got the wrong idea 😌😂" Im like "-_- bruh-"

  • Olivia's Dream City
    Olivia's Dream City

    To be honest I support breirson and breva I can’t choose

  • Chelsea Finch
    Chelsea Finch


  • Yazmine Thompson
    Yazmine Thompson

    Um guys do u see this? 5:22

  • Ezana Hailu
    Ezana Hailu

    Pierson was hyped

  • MEGA Popcorn
    MEGA Popcorn

    That post was so bad she was half naked with her “boyfriend”

  • Your Aniki /Jamir
    Your Aniki /Jamir

    Time to meet Eva's boyfriend

  • Amisha Rania Naidu
    Amisha Rania Naidu

    Done Btw I love you and your content is amazing

  • mohammed chaudhry
    mohammed chaudhry

    I think it’s funny how Pierson hasn’t been friends with Brent for that long but the know the most about him

  • Avery Sanchez
    Avery Sanchez

    Brent has to me him now

  • 999 Romell.ψ
    999 Romell.ψ

    5:22 so weird

  • Filicorn Unicorn
    Filicorn Unicorn

    Go Katermy!! Like this if you ship them

  • Tamara Sargus
    Tamara Sargus

    Are you really with Parson

  • Elijah Smith
    Elijah Smith

    Over three thousand likes

  • xsxft clxudssx ʕ•w•ʔ
    xsxft clxudssx ʕ•w•ʔ

    Spell i-c-u-p in capital letters.

  • Kittycorn Gaming
    Kittycorn Gaming

    Done :]

  • Shane Lueddeke
    Shane Lueddeke

    Love your videos

  • Sikha Jaisinghani
    Sikha Jaisinghani

    Brent is jealous of Eva for having a boyfriend.

  • Sponge bob Weird face head shape
    Sponge bob Weird face head shape

    Guys pause and click the number 5:22

  • Ian M.
    Ian M.


  • Catherine Nelson
    Catherine Nelson


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