Animated by the talented GrittySugar:
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Jesus said to love one another and that we should be servants to each other, so I would ask that you all do that in the comment section. That means more to me than anything. Thank you.

  • omegagamer clarence
    omegagamer clarence

    Oh my goah

  • Musicbeat Mb
    Musicbeat Mb

    I just realized buy mode 1 was playing as he talks

  • Ngakau Gordon
    Ngakau Gordon

    What the hell

  • Zero_Limits

    I thought he would make a pop tart or Swedish fish😂

  • Naima Durrani
    Naima Durrani

    How many heads dose he have 1:56

  • Dylan Garcia
    Dylan Garcia

    I feel bad for him at the end

  • BM Gaming
    BM Gaming

    This is from the same dude that made markipliers animations. I think

  • Super Channel
    Super Channel

    0:21 look at that face 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂🤣

  • ajilax

    0:39 *when you look at too much anime*

  • the village hidden in the games
    the village hidden in the games


  • Jeremy Elliott
    Jeremy Elliott

    Can someone translate what momo is saying in the outro?

  • Tristan BillyDillyAccount
    Tristan BillyDillyAccount

    I hate u hatter I'm coming for u

  • Nathan St. Louis
    Nathan St. Louis

    Convention you’re my favorite VN-my or and you’re the best I wish I can see you make more videos so it could be more interesting because you’re so funny you’re crazy and you make a lot of intros

  • Anthony Edward Stark
    Anthony Edward Stark

    Wellcome to the kitchen,....or..shud I say... *KeNsHIn* !? *leaves

  • Danity Williams
    Danity Williams

    0:19 me when I’m babysitting my bad little cousins

  • Ali- A's daughter
    Ali- A's daughter

    2:14 Damn Cory thiccc

  • Xavier Bejin
    Xavier Bejin

    1:48 momo is triggered in the background

  • Xavier Bejin
    Xavier Bejin

    1:45 Cory slices half the table

  • Xavier Bejin
    Xavier Bejin

    0:39 momo attaccs

  • A pinch of Salt
    A pinch of Salt

    1:31 NO DABS

  • Ernie Ellevera
    Ernie Ellevera

    1:36 Thumbnail.


    Have you noticed that these stories from SSS and the facts from Cooking with Kenshin actually makes a good bring up to the stories in SSS

  • Kkat the Gacha wolf 2019
    Kkat the Gacha wolf 2019

    Go MoMo

  • Damien Rodriguez
    Damien Rodriguez

    Gotta do more

  • Sips Tea
    Sips Tea

    Ten seconds into the video and I already know I’m gonna love it😂😂LITERALLY

  • Iyanna Bowers
    Iyanna Bowers

    Poor Cory with the Momo but um Cory 🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣 never Doge the glitter

  • Jeanette Lloyddd
    Jeanette Lloyddd

    0:47 How many times do I got to sit through that

  • bubble tea
    bubble tea

    next time please cook rolled ice-cream

  • Legendary Rasheed
    Legendary Rasheed

    Coryxkenshin make donuts for the next vid

  • Peggy Jones
    Peggy Jones

    This had me laughing so hard

  • avi denise
    avi denise

    The part that got me was when he Cut the table in half. 1:46.

  • raptors channel
    raptors channel

    Bro make more of these

  • Xluxyus 08 studios
    Xluxyus 08 studios

    What is Momos intro

  • Glenn Rose
    Glenn Rose


  • the boi you all hate :/
    the boi you all hate :/

    1:22 when u too dum to reed

  • the boi you all hate :/
    the boi you all hate :/

    When your little sister puts her favorate tv channel and you sit through it 0:47

    • the boi you all hate :/
      the boi you all hate :/

      Its complete :)

  • Evan Czyznikiewicz
    Evan Czyznikiewicz

    Every utensil 🍴 and a saw has blood on it

  • Sonic The hedgehog
    Sonic The hedgehog

    What's funny is the real life video of cooking with Kenshin is right next to this video

  • Destini Stamps
    Destini Stamps

    Because my name is Corey Kincheon I love you go to God

  • Destini Stamps
    Destini Stamps

    Because my name is Corey Kincheon I love you go to

  • susan tovey
    susan tovey

    momo's intro is fire

  • Daryl Dixon
    Daryl Dixon

    Bro that laugh at the start😂😂😂

  • ItsMattX

    0:07 *hehheuwuehehehhahhehehhehaeee*

  • Moses Lelea
    Moses Lelea


  • Hilda Sinclair
    Hilda Sinclair

    what song at the end

  • MeowMeow Smasher
    MeowMeow Smasher

    Rip cake


    Ever since this has got released, I can’t stop watching it!!! You did a great job!

  • son goku
    son goku

    Why is a freaking PlayStation 4 controller in the sink and why was there idk blood thing in the cameras ear 😂😂😂😂😂 ok I'ma stop

  • Mr nerd scrape
    Mr nerd scrape

    Cory gives up alot...

  • Khail Brown
    Khail Brown

    Cory! You get to be able and get a lot more fun 😂

  • Lauta Gago
    Lauta Gago

    Who's looking for corys comment?? 😃😃 Like if you did!

  • TaehyungLover KPOP
    TaehyungLover KPOP

    It looks like Markiplier’s animations

  • Ginger Trapanotto
    Ginger Trapanotto

    At 0:44 you can see naruto

  • Super Pen
    Super Pen

    Cory ur best boi u cook great

  • Aretha Sandy
    Aretha Sandy


  • Omar Cublawi
    Omar Cublawi

    0:55 so no ones gonna talk about why a ps4 controller is in the OVERLOADED SINK Like if u saw dat

    • Tristan BillyDillyAccount
      Tristan BillyDillyAccount

      Y is there a bloody knife and saw in the sink

  • Tobias Reid
    Tobias Reid

    1:31 Wait did Cory dab there....Ughghghg🤮

  • Khail Olsen
    Khail Olsen

    THICCCCC 2:12

  • OxOxii0nessi11 YouTub3
    OxOxii0nessi11 YouTub3

    This Cooking With Kenshin Animated made me LAUGH SO DANG HARD! LIKE: If you miss the show. REPLY: If you would want to see more.

  • Cynthia Athouriste
    Cynthia Athouriste

    More cooking with kenshin

  • Llama Pie
    Llama Pie

    When hulk try to pick an egg of an table 😂😂👌 1:45

  • Small Boi Leon
    Small Boi Leon

    0:26 *insert resident evil 4 sound*

  • SuperBoy Maker
    SuperBoy Maker

    0:43 is that naruto im the left hahaha lol

  • Bricilla kitty Guerra gamer
    Bricilla kitty Guerra gamer

    cory:dos the dance* SHUT UP THE FREAK DOWN Me:WOW you going make cake and you drop it when plant gets in to the eye* Cory:OWWWW burna the plant* HHAHAHA


    I see this in recommendations

  • ultimo pizza boi ii
    ultimo pizza boi ii

    S I T T H E F R E A K D O W N

  • BBC Bradford
    BBC Bradford

    U D*ck

  • theonezombie thatlikesnuggets
    theonezombie thatlikesnuggets

    I wonder what happens to the guy with the egg in the ear

  • Yoda Star Wars
    Yoda Star Wars


  • XxDriXXy_NuNUxX

    Who else loves MoMo

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