CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS "Ezra Miller As The Flash Cameo" Clip [HD]
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Barry Allen meets Barry Allen in the DCTV Crisis on Infinite Earths Crossover. Ezra Miller, The Flash in DCEU meets Grant Gustin, The Flash in DCTV.
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  • RedPenguin

    I mean as much as a dislike both franchises that’s a pretty sick scene

  • Willowy13

    I prefer Grant's suit. Ezra's look like an Iron Man reject.

  • Vince Larrick
    Vince Larrick

    DCEU Flash looks gay. Need to be replace, not Afleck and Cavil

  • Deadly_ Sparrow
    Deadly_ Sparrow


  • Conor Sullivan
    Conor Sullivan

    I love the way this is how DCEU Barry gets his idea of his superhero name😂 "The Flash.............? THE FLASHHHHHHHH"

  • Andrew Harnett
    Andrew Harnett

    That sane looks good the first meet together

  • Johnpaul Pepito
    Johnpaul Pepito

    *proceed to touch each other* Me: ha! GAY!

  • MarlouP 29
    MarlouP 29

    Yeah hellyeah

  • MinatoOnimaru

    Man this so reminds me that we still don't get the Snyder Cut. This cameo was awesome btw. Totally unexpected.

  • crimsonking440

    "I'm Barry Allen" x2 "NOOOOO WHAT DOES THAT MEAN!?!??" Best convo of the entire crossover.

  • Pan Pan
    Pan Pan

    i wonder what would happen if dceu superman meets arrowverse superman

  • Danny Gonzalez
    Danny Gonzalez

    How were they able to talk tho? If they’re from different universes and the multiverse ended how?

  • Stephanie Pinet
    Stephanie Pinet

    I will like too see thise but spider man and old spider man

  • L4D2Ellis

    I never watched the movies, and after seeing this I'm not sure I want to. Ezra seems completely stoned out of his mind.

  • craycrayhead

    This is from start to finish the biggest mindfuck

  • T K
    T K

    yow what series did this cameo happened?

  • Mujtaba Azim
    Mujtaba Azim

    This is the point he got inspired to fuck the already fucked up DCEU timeline and delete the past DCEU forever with The Flashpoint in The Flash solo movie.

  • Nikko Bais
    Nikko Bais

    i'm a marvel fan and I'm not gonna lie. they're onto something here

  • darnell lewis
    darnell lewis

    which episode of crisis?

  • Jalen Hooks
    Jalen Hooks

    Okay, hear me out. Let's just say this is going to be in the flashpoint movie. The best way I think they could do it is by showing ezra trying to figure out time travel using the speed force. Then he's going through random encounters for the first time in the speed force seeing different versions of himself. Then in the middle of his time travel shenanigans, he accidentally travels to this earth and sees Grant's flash. I feel that's the best way of doing it without having to explain how everything is connected since he has no clue a multiverse even exists, nor even knows how the speed force works yet

  • A'Kimie Gregory
    A'Kimie Gregory

    Ezras like Who's the Flash LOL

  • Josh Wessen
    Josh Wessen

    DC: Reality can be whatever I want Marvel: Sony’s being a dick

  • Captain Silver
    Captain Silver

    didn’t grant Gustin get mad when Ezra Miller flash came out

  • Anti Virace
    Anti Virace

    In the act of confusion who won? Who was more confused between the two? In any case I love the fact that they actually incorporated the Movie versions into the TV Series as well as Series to Series (Black Lightning, Smallville). Those moments were very nice surprises.

  • Nate Booker
    Nate Booker

    I hate the new Justice League flash I like the old Flash that's in the seasons

  • farscape1

    Sorry but Ezra looks like cos play, a really bad one at that.

  • raiden stark
    raiden stark

    In your face marvel That's the meaning of it's all connected

  • Cormac Huỳnh
    Cormac Huỳnh

    When JL is too trash you have to save DCEU on TV show

  • Brit Camp
    Brit Camp

    “Oh my God don’t do this to me I don’t know about the what?!” 😂 his face expression 😂

  • Samuraith Beyond
    Samuraith Beyond

    I'm wondering if this means Ezra Miller is being retained as the Flash for the future movies.

  • hizpanicGam3r

    I swear if grant gustin gets a cameo in the new flash movie

  • Stacey Vermilyea
    Stacey Vermilyea

    Now if only we can get a cameo from Jason Mamoa’s Aquaman I can die happy!

  • its Nef
    its Nef

    That scene didn’t make any sense

  • Priscilla C.
    Priscilla C.

    I feel like Ezra wanted a kiss so bad.

  • diana patiño
    diana patiño

    Cw didnt ask WB for the cameo.. WB did (confirmed.)

  • Arturo Cabral
    Arturo Cabral

    At least Marvel will never do something like this.

  • levi kirito123
    levi kirito123

    DCTVU is better than DCEU.

  • Cero One
    Cero One

    Clearly, Ezra Flash is less experience than Grant Flash Grant Flash knows a lot more than his speedster abilities n the multi verse but Ezra Flash doesn’t know much

  • Nich Collins
    Nich Collins

    Stop me if I'm crazy, but can we get scene in the flash movie or an episode of Grant's Flash training Ezra's Flash to use his powers and not be clumsy

  • Lol

    Just asking, does Joaquin joker include one of the infinite earths?

  • It's Gaming Time
    It's Gaming Time

    I hope this scene is in the flash movie

  • luishiji

    I never liked ezra AS THE FLASH, but having this love for his character and accepting to make this scene, makes me like him more as an actor..

  • Danny GT5
    Danny GT5

    Let's see if DC make better movies in the future. I'd like to see things like that.

    • Danny GT5
      Danny GT5

      @Andrew Martin When I say better movies, i mean justice league.

    • Andrew Martin
      Andrew Martin

      Man of steel Wonder woman Aquaman Shazam All great movies

  • ATG

    Love how both flashes have a fanboy moment over each others suits

  • Rodrigo Rojas
    Rodrigo Rojas

    Este es el mejor puto crossover de la historia de DC Cómics, sean o no buenos actores ambos, que para mí son geniales, ver juntos películas y series es el mejor regalo que DC pudo regalar a sus fans que vivirá en nuestra mente para siempre, nunca nadie hizo esto!

  • KrazyMonkey

    Nobody should debate Ezra Miller vs Grant Gustin, they're both awesome!! I hope we seem them together again, awesome chemistry

  • Doc Quandary
    Doc Quandary

    “NO!” Lol

  • Yun Xurious
    Yun Xurious

    i watch this scene before the series episode.. and i thought this must be fan made.. then i realise, i watch the spoiler.. i got sudden hype...

  • Ms. Nola
    Ms. Nola

    Love it

  • aznpanda510x

    I thought he was batfleck.......,.. kinda sad. My hype was off the chart

  • Arl Grmes
    Arl Grmes

    Marvel could top this is by getting Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, and Tom Holland in the same movie together. Like that'll ever happen though.

  • Joshua Bentley
    Joshua Bentley

    Proof the Grant is a WAY!!!! Better Barry Allen right there.

  • Shukri Khuzairi
    Shukri Khuzairi

    Can you suggest what app to watch this video with subtitles malay or subtitles for ios i will pay for it i a big fan of the flash😭

  • Izzat Radzii
    Izzat Radzii


  • Anonymous Anonymous
    Anonymous Anonymous

    This scene alone was better than the whole justice league film.

    • Syawn Darren
      Syawn Darren

      Anonymous Anonymous Facts.

  • Eddi Deko
    Eddi Deko

    woaow now what?

  • Kid Peligro
    Kid Peligro

    Can you imagine if they can also now bring in Gal Gadot's WW which is entirely possible since they can bring her as promotional material for WW 1984 in may? 🤔🤔🤔

  • Fellito

    After Lucifer, nothing can amaze me lol

  • pablo chiarelli
    pablo chiarelli

    Shitty cgi Flash meeting good cgi flash


    Me encanta. I love it.

  • Anigaka14 much sweet
    Anigaka14 much sweet

    *Insert pointing spider-man meme* LOL

  • TheProRebel 00
    TheProRebel 00

    Omg don't do this to me😂😂

  • Daniel D
    Daniel D

    Broooo! I thought this was fake when I saw a photo on Insta! This is DOOOPE


    Imagine if Cisco designs ezra's new suit! That would be awesome haha

  • Flash Legend
    Flash Legend

    Wow, i never would've imagined that dceu and the arrowverse are connected, in some capacity. That mean's, dceu was effected by the crisis. I wonder if it will be addressed some how, in The Flash movie.

  • Rio A.
    Rio A.

    why is it that DC only gets it right on tv c'mon!

  • Kristol Bethell
    Kristol Bethell

    Ezra Miller is just awful


    Never gonna watch it with Ezra Miller I’m only gonna watch it with Grant Gustin

  • Mr. Asshole
    Mr. Asshole

    I think they used this as the way to reboot the DCEU. Everyone is resurrected, but the events never happen. Kingdom Come Superman is no more, and that Joker killings his family and friends never occurred. Certain Earths are merged into one.

  • Christian Sorra
    Christian Sorra

    Ezra: Victor said this is possible so there's more to it ok ok

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