Cuco - Feelings
Cuco - Feelings (Official Video)
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Get carried away and tell me the things you feel
Just don’t look away the feeling here is so real
It’s just you and I floating away in space
Don’t worry about them they’ll all go away some day
And it's the truth
I gotta find my way back home
I'll look for you
The day that I'm alone
A knock on my door I wonder who it could be
The reflection of one it’s everyone here but me
Flew right by my eyes the essence of company
I’m lost in desire by now I can feel at ease
And it's the truth
I gotta find my way back home
I'll look for you
The day that I'm all alone
Music video by Cuco performing Feelings. © 2019 Cuco LLC, under exclusive license to Interscope Records

  • day barrios
    day barrios

    Cuco is Goooooooood and thicc💓

  • Dzel Nain
    Dzel Nain

    I thought Pink Guy was dead

  • Haellecks

    cuco just got a fucking stand lmao

  • Jorge Moreno
    Jorge Moreno

    No manches. Cuco eres fan de Zoé? They recorded Fin de semana at same location. Check out

  • gisel

    what if the shadowy people are actually ghosts and tge= died and we are watching this in the after death way and thats how we loo doing randmon things and there is always those ppl near us @jenny im scared and also high help

  • Sarah Leath
    Sarah Leath

    Cuco x cafetacuva

  • V a l e r i a Olivera
    V a l e r i a Olivera

    Jajaja no sé pero me recuerda mis domingos en casa estoy en plan gato xD

  • ultra catfart
    ultra catfart

    Cuco x boy Pablo

  • Chris Jovel
    Chris Jovel

    I love you cuco!!! I’m a big fan bra !!

  • Gaby Hernandez
    Gaby Hernandez

    watching this while high. AMAZING

  • QuAn

    I wanna trip off what he trips off nowwwwwww😤

  • Lisa Guller
    Lisa Guller

    The b a s s at the end 2:43 is the most amazing sound I've ever heard please cuco release some tabs

  • ClaudiaDoberman

    I laughed when the dude covered his eyes .

  • denisse rodf
    denisse rodf

    I gotta from my way back home🎶❤

  • Linn Dragmire
    Linn Dragmire

    Zoé- Fin de semana

  • Alex Ate a Taco
    Alex Ate a Taco

    When your mom doesn’t let you go outside with your friends.

  • The Kinky Alpaca
    The Kinky Alpaca

    if i was gay

  • Keishawn Begay
    Keishawn Begay

    VEVO finally noticed him YES!!!

  • Ricardo .L
    Ricardo .L

    Who's going over a heartbreak? You're not alone

  • Marisol Guillen
    Marisol Guillen

    am i the only one that thinks this sounds like talent show by wiz kalifa?? love cuco tho 😍

  • Denise Garcia
    Denise Garcia

    Bro is it weird that I’m like in loveeee with him 😉🤪😘🥰🥰🥰

  • Lil Pepe
    Lil Pepe

    you guys realize this is just talent show by snoop dogg right

  • Miguel R
    Miguel R

    As a 21 year old i can say it gives me such Nostalgia to an Era my Eyes have Never Seen.

  • MEZA Meza
    MEZA Meza

    There's an very similar house in Ajusco, Mexico city (has a labyrinth). im wondering if this video was recorded there.

  • Brandon Staats
    Brandon Staats

    Cuco and joji need to make a song together

  • david Sánchez Fernández
    david Sánchez Fernández

    Un genio mexicano!!!

  • Rory McDermott
    Rory McDermott

    all of Cuco's music videos are like drugged up fever dreams and they work

  • Diego Montiel
    Diego Montiel

    Its like house music but better

  • grace rodriguez
    grace rodriguez

    This whole time I thought my phone was lagging

  • Udopia Records
    Udopia Records

    This video is too damn dope man, wtf me and Cuco need to link up already

  • cronohiki

    Saludos Cuco

  • CSerial

    Me minding my own damn business while listening to Cuco casually cause he's G: My friends: Omfg why you sad?! Me: >:L

  • Luiz Lupus
    Luiz Lupus

    She's bealtiful, manx

  • Miguel Garcia
    Miguel Garcia

    I love you cuco, your songs have helped me, when I have a girlfriend, when we brake up, when I am sad, with your songs I feel that I'm alive, I feel that someone understands everything I feel, my dream is to go to one of your concerts, so my name is Miguel and I understand english ;), not 100% but if I understand, ahre

  • Alexnadra Rangel
    Alexnadra Rangel



    I LOVE THIS SONG, and I was just at his concert last night! ❤️

  • 𝒃𝒆𝒍

    I don't know how to describe the feeling of this song. It's too great.

  • Martin R
    Martin R

    I’m getting BeeGees, Barry White, and Stranger Things vibes. I love it.

  • hi human
    hi human

    1:25 he really said boi



  • Pope Abibe
    Pope Abibe

    this was posted the day I broke up with my ex, what a fitting coincidence *sigh*

  • nancy luna
    nancy luna

    highly suggest this mans videos when on acid or shrooms great time in there

  • ThisIsEthan_80 8
    ThisIsEthan_80 8

    0:26 Windows 10 notification


    im faded beyond imagination and this music video killed me

  • Yuni Ramos
    Yuni Ramos

    I love you cuco all your songs put me in the right mood 💞💞🔥

  • Jgamesl

    Does anybody feels like Pink Floyd vibes with the guitar?

  • Jas Velazquez
    Jas Velazquez

    Blessed my acid trip ❤️


    buenísimo este tema , lo escuche en el vídeo del Primera Sound y me gusto al instante!

  • cAn'T rELaTe
    cAn'T rELaTe

    His fans should be called the cucarachas.

  • sumbitch_121x

    me when I don’t sleep in 3 days

  • Luis Chavez
    Luis Chavez

    cuco + LSD = the more best night

  • cincoseñoritas

    Possibly my favorite song. Only Becasue it sounds like Charlie’s angels lmao. But I love you so much my fave artist for sure

    • cincoseñoritas

      Obvi it’s not but it just reminds me of it 😂😊😊


    cuco my aunt's friends cousin says she knew you from when you were a small artist. I think she lives in Texas.

  • Alannys Sury
    Alannys Sury


  • Oasis noami Moreno hernandez
    Oasis noami Moreno hernandez

    Cuco and Rex orange County 😏

  • hoodies and flowers
    hoodies and flowers

    i heard this song in a dream i have no idea why tho

  • Maria Garcia
    Maria Garcia

    Who’s better cuco or joji

    • Maria Garcia
      Maria Garcia

      I think cuco

  • Maria Garcia
    Maria Garcia

    :O he got aliens epicly chill cuco aliens stalking him

  • Maria Garcia
    Maria Garcia

    Area 51 aliens

  • afreshreaction


  • Steve Gutierrez
    Steve Gutierrez

    Cuco eres el mejor que hiciste mi hermano Dya ❤️

  • Dr. Phil
    Dr. Phil

    cuco x joji x rex orange x boy pablo Can just any of those artists/bands collab?,

  • BigBaby Brent
    BigBaby Brent

    looks like Juno if she never left her house

  • C S
    C S

    I realllllly love this song

  • Volt Phonic
    Volt Phonic

    good waves!. ora a Cristo por las sombras de tus sueños.

  • • Cinnxmxntyler •
    • Cinnxmxntyler •

    This song basically summed up my summer: doing nothing, eating, feeling high, being lonely, and listening to Cuco 24/7

  • Paquita Lopez
    Paquita Lopez


  • Cassandra Aguiniga
    Cassandra Aguiniga

    Now knowing that he's having trouble with sobriety, this music video is much more deeper. Get well soon Cuco ❤🧠.

  • Tlachichuca JRL13
    Tlachichuca JRL13

    0:24 how my moring routines be like in area 51...

  • Mystic Caezar
    Mystic Caezar

    i already love your music ! keep going !

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