Dance Moms: Jill Blames Ashlee for Their Failed Prank (Season 6 Flashback) | Lifetime
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The moms' pajama prank they try to pull on Abby fails, and Jill feels like Ashlee is taking advantage of that in this clip from Season 6, Episode 10, "Abby Lee Horror Story". #DanceMoms #AbbyLeeMiller
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    New episodes Tuesdays at 9/8c!

    • Minnie Saavedra
      Minnie Saavedra

      Please see my mom was Hi can I please send the picture to the new girl Please see if you I would Hi can

    • Emily molina
      Emily molina

      Chanell Toma oh ok thanks

    • Chanell Toma
      Chanell Toma

      Emily molina I think this channel

    • smia last factory
      smia last factory

      im really exited

    • Emily molina
      Emily molina

      What channel??

  • Misty Kat
    Misty Kat

    Honestly, Jill is such a brat! Shes just jelly that Brynn is better than Kendall

  • hootdoogs

    what is jill trying to get at here? how on earth was ashlee supposed to make sure all the girls where in the class dancing when they can’t be on camera without their mums? usually i’m not a big ashlee fan but this time jill took it too far. it was all out of ashlee’s control and the mums should’ve included ashlee.

  • Rebecca Logan
    Rebecca Logan

    Thank you jill 😂❤️, love youuuu

  • x.multifandoms. x
    x.multifandoms. x

    Actully its not just you and brynn the girls were their the moms wernet so Plus iys boring just ashlee

  • Fixxer Upper
    Fixxer Upper

    The producers lied! They saw the girls but told Abby that they left them at school. it’s their fault.

  • WorldWideHandsome

    Jill and jess always need something to argue about with Ashley.

  • Shalewa fawehinmi
    Shalewa fawehinmi

    I hated jill more from this

  • Morgan

    I usually never agree with Ashlee but I definitely do here

  • Sarah Löfqvist
    Sarah Löfqvist

    Jill is really stupid here

  • Sarah Löfqvist
    Sarah Löfqvist


  • Madina B
    Madina B

    I really know kill can't be talking because she was way worse when she was new

  • Favillo Kids
    Favillo Kids

    Why are they so mean to Ashley she did NOTHING to them

  • Justina Joel
    Justina Joel


  • Girly Productions
    Girly Productions

    I feel like the only moms that r actually smart r Nia’s mom and in some of them Ashlee. I honestly can’t stand Jill. She gets on my nerves so easily.

  • Kailee Fox
    Kailee Fox

    The thing is they said the girls aren't allowed on camera well go back to the start that are on camera. Oh I forgot they did not use there brains when filming it

  • Jadyn Prado
    Jadyn Prado

    Talk to the hand Ashley

  • Charleigh Misfeldt
    Charleigh Misfeldt

    I hate brynn and Ashley so much because no one can talk about kennel and everyone else I hate both of them the reason why I hate Brynn is she is such a big fat liar

  • Ryan Crane
    Ryan Crane

    Yup don’t have no clue

  • 笨拙Wolf Lover
    笨拙Wolf Lover

    Holly is si wholesome

  • Piano Life
    Piano Life

    Okay now I don't like both Jill and Ashlee.

  • Jacqueline Luis
    Jacqueline Luis

    Honestly if Jill was in Ashlees position she would react the same! Jill is such a rude woman tbh!

  • The crazy cousins !
    The crazy cousins !


  • Meredyth Costa
    Meredyth Costa

    Since when can they not film without their moms? I never thought that was a thing. They should have just had a permanent release! That’s what I have (as a minor) at all the local stations so my mother doesn’t have to be there every single time!

  • Unicorn Fam
    Unicorn Fam

    Omg when new moms come on ALDC I hate when they think there all that and think they know what they’re talking about so sweetie this is ALDC so shut up

    • Keely Andrews
      Keely Andrews

      the producers of the show told ashlee that only brynn could be on camera so what are you referring to her thinking she knows??

  • Nicoline diuweyum Ngam
    Nicoline diuweyum Ngam

    Take the L to the moms that were late

  • no No
    no No

    The more i listen to it the more it shoulds like ahslee is a amy from amys bakeing company from kitchen nightmares LOL

  • Kasen Giordano
    Kasen Giordano

    I feel bad for Ashlee

  • Itz Panda animates
    Itz Panda animates

    Omg wait whatt.... if you didn’t notice kalani was there and her mom wasn’t but she ended up on camera

  • Nelson Garcia
    Nelson Garcia

    Ashley should be the bigger person and not act like she dose not talk about people

  • AnimeWerido ;-;
    AnimeWerido ;-;

    Honestly I’m on alshee’s side cuz Jill can’t just blame it on her cuz alshee didn’t know anything about the prank!

  • Lizzy queen b
    Lizzy queen b

    I'm not Ashley's biggest fan but she's right it wasn't her fault it was the moms fault 😕😕

  • Issy Pecanac
    Issy Pecanac

    If they are not aloud on camera without there mothers then how were they on before

  • Ariam

    The producer said they weren’t allowed on camera without there mother yet they were still on camera 😂😂

  • Sun Noh
    Sun Noh

    Jill is a jerk why does she always blam stuff on ashlee?? Ashlee is a good mom and brynn is a good dancer. Jill doesn't have to make ashlee cry at all. Jill is the one that makes ashlee cry so what's the point!! JILL YOU JERK YOU JILL CRYBABY!!!

  • Yara T
    Yara T

    “Oooohh,go away and cry” -Jill

  • mia padovano
    mia padovano

    abby: we’ve lost a whole day of rehearsal *misses like 20 mins*

  • Brooklyn Williams
    Brooklyn Williams

    once again jill blames ashlee for something she did

  • Brittany Cortijo
    Brittany Cortijo

    Abby: *not listening to the producers* they were sitting in the dressing rooms doing nothing! This isn’t meant to be offensive

  • Spllashh

    The first time I’ve agreed with Ashlee

  • Emilee Marquez
    Emilee Marquez

    Ik hate is a strong word but I hate Jill

  • Maryam Gill
    Maryam Gill

    I hate Jill so much, she is a witch!!!

  • Summer Bucket lists
    Summer Bucket lists

    Just kick brynn out already my gosh she’s annoying

  • Ahira Tsuchiya
    Ahira Tsuchiya

    Abby be spilling the true tea

  • Jocelyn Vasquez
    Jocelyn Vasquez

    Now I see were Brynn gets her behavior from

  • kalis A.
    kalis A.

    The most dumbest -prank- ever you all just happen to -all- wake up "late"

  • Katie Teper
    Katie Teper

    I fell bad for Ashlee.

  • queeny _81737
    queeny _81737

    What just happened

  • Gerlibys Tovar
    Gerlibys Tovar

    I love dance moms

  • Tatiana Fallah
    Tatiana Fallah

    Jill would’ve done the same thing to get Kendall ahead


    What part of NO PARENT NO TV APPEARANCE you do not understand?

    • anahi velasco
      anahi velasco

      Because She's is stupid Jill who thinks her kid is the top better and deserves everything and no, Kendall is good but not as good as others dancers


      @Hi it's Alexa it may have been because they need parental permission to do so

    • Hi it's Alexa
      Hi it's Alexa

      It’s because it never has been like that before so they shook

  • Kaylee London
    Kaylee London

    Jill bugs me

  • Captain Kiwi
    Captain Kiwi

    Why is Jill blaming Ashlee it’s her fault and the mom’s fault that they decided to do that I still can’t believe Holly was in this

    • Bambi Moon
      Bambi Moon

      If I remembrer, Kalani could dance because Kira had given Melissa the right to decide for her kid. Or something like that.

    • Captain Kiwi
      Captain Kiwi

      Mariah Williams yeah you have a good point

    • Mariah Williams
      Mariah Williams

      But now that I think about it. I think that was production trying to stir the pot low key 🧐 because when Kehlani’s mom has to go home and leave her daughter, Kehlani was still be recorded. Dancing and all

    • Mariah Williams
      Mariah Williams

      Well Holly has always been vocal about standing together against Abby when she is in the wrong. But at least her and the other moms sat back and just took their punishment. Jill was the only one causing a hissy fit at Ashlee when it was productions rule. As a NEW mom, she especially has no power to change that

  • Grace and Tay SSO Family
    Grace and Tay SSO Family

    Is it just me or do they look like the moms are wearing pajamas?

  • Jayla Bacarac
    Jayla Bacarac

    Ashley just wants what she can't get - PERIODTTTTTTTT

  • hey hi
    hey hi

    Anyone notice that Holly had curlers in her hair but then they were out.

  • keyla flores
    keyla flores

    I hate kendall and jill now

  • Andrea Ramos
    Andrea Ramos

    The moms took it way to far this time

  • SunnyKip Denny
    SunnyKip Denny

    Jill needs to pull her head in!! Prank failed so she’s going to blame Ashlee!!

  • ii_ Sunflower
    ii_ Sunflower

    “The moms are so crazy, they need to stop the bad behavior” SAYS ABBY LEE MILLER!!

  • Carley C
    Carley C

    Why are they blaming Ashlee because the girls couldn't dance because they weren't allowed on camera so why blaming Ashlee she couldn't do anything.

  • Jesziah Bonefont Jr.
    Jesziah Bonefont Jr.

    Normally I’m not Ashlee’s biggest fan but I gotta agree with her here.

    • Mariahh Borck
      Mariahh Borck

      Jesziah Bonefont Jr. I know I’ve have ever liked Jill

    • Lydia Brooke
      Lydia Brooke

      Jesziah Bonefont Jr. me too that prank was so dumb Abby doesn’t even care and it’s not Ashlee and Brynns fault that they were on time

    • Kawaii Girly_gamer
      Kawaii Girly_gamer

      Jesziah Bonefont Jr. me too

  • Olivia Ritchie
    Olivia Ritchie

    wow Ashlee using this to say that there the only commited ones

  • gandalf the grey
    gandalf the grey

    I fuc*ing hate this show, but I cant stop watching it.

  • Deion Sean
    Deion Sean

    2:38 no she didnt

  • Deion Sean
    Deion Sean

    Ashlee just walked in

  • Sophia Gallardo
    Sophia Gallardo

    If jill and Kendall were the only ones she wouldn't have had the other girls dance

  • Lexie Mott
    Lexie Mott

    Jill is so dumb

  • whyh8_nunu

    The crazy thing is jill kept asking Ashlee why didnt she put the other girls in there it doesn't really matter cuz the other girls are not her children and like production said if the kids wanted to dance they needed their mothers to be there with them and Jill has no right to blame Ashlee for anything because those are not ashlee's kids

  • Alhour Baker
    Alhour Baker

    Why does jill blame ashlee? The girls were not allowed on camera because the moms weren’t here why is ashlee the problem? Brynn was the only one there with her mother and she had a solo why wouldn’t she work on it? Why should she just sit there and wait for them to come? JILL IS A FREAKING BULLY WHY US WRONG WITH HER

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