Daymare 1998 Review - Old School Survival Horror
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DAYMARE: 1998 is a third-person survival horror game that recreates the mood of iconic titles from the '90s, with a fresh storyline. An incident that turns a small town into a deadly zone, three characters to play with and little time to find the truth, before its mutated citizens abruptly end your mission.

  • Destroyman

    Fighter of the nightmare!

  • Efi Depe
    Efi Depe

    forgot to mention that the ORIGINAL leon dub actor is in this game, and sadly he past away.

  • Minato Namikaze
    Minato Namikaze

    the worst RE rip off

  • David Nurliawan
    David Nurliawan

    yup the reload mech is annoying can't stand it and ditch the game since lol

  • Personal Persona
    Personal Persona

    Definitely not buying this, unless it drops in price A LOT. Because Im still waiting for RE3make to drop in price....a LOT. Thanks for another excellent review video, for an interesting game that no one else seemed to give a fuck about enough to review.

  • RoRo 80
    RoRo 80

    it is $9 on steam now.

  • Ruby of Blue
    Ruby of Blue

    Calling this game's clunkiness a "calling back" to classic survival horror games is a giant insult to those games.

  • Jay Dowg
    Jay Dowg

    PSA: Console version has A LOT of bugs and game breaking glitches. Also we dont get the Mercenaries style minigame.

  • Horsedik. Mpeg
    Horsedik. Mpeg

    I attempted to play this on my Xbox... needless to say Microsoft refunded my digital copy due to extreme lag and trash frame rates.

  • Rivershield

    I actually like the magazine mechanic simply because it's realistic. The way weapons are reload in video games are totally retarded, which is fine for most games, but survival horrors benefit from having real hazards and inconveniences. That said, the way it was applied could have beem better. But the idea itself is good in my opinion, and should not be disregarded.

  • ItsBiox

    How come some people hate it? I saw gamingbolt shit this game so bad in their review the other day and was wandering is it true then got to play it yesterday and honestly it isn't that bad the charm in this game is the clunkiness of the gameplay brings me back to old school resident evil vibe

    • Jay Dowg
      Jay Dowg

      Its the bugs and glitches. The game is a technical mess.

  • Murada

    This dude whines like someones girlfriend. Drop your balls son... survival horror games are more fun when they're hard.

  • The Funk
    The Funk

    This game is just not good. Awful controls and annoying mechanics. Bullet sponge tactics.


    Is this game worth getting?

    • Jay Dowg
      Jay Dowg

      On pc maybe on console NO. Its riddled with bugs and game breaking glitches.

  • The Last Diclonious
    The Last Diclonious

    If I remember correctly, RE:Outbreak made you have a magazine in you inventory to reload pistols or else you had to reload each bullet by hand. You could also move and shoot in the second one

  • BoltGaming

    Are you that stupid to not understand that a Glock and Berreta use 9mm bullets?

  • Anthony Perez
    Anthony Perez

    A lil cheesy but I'm enjoying it so far

  • FC Montalvo
    FC Montalvo

    05:03 literally Kendo's shop frol RE2 lol

  • marvelousmarvin71

    Original re survival horror is not popular these day because millenial snowflakes fucking suck. Just about everything was better in the 90s.

  • BloodFistEternal

    The old school games are better than the new crap we’ve been getting lately 😆

  • FrostFire 1987
    FrostFire 1987


    • FrostFire 1987
      FrostFire 1987

      sorry, caps by accident

  • ObscureMix

    Something I didn’t know, Paul Hadded (Leon Kennedy’s voice actor on the original Resident Evil 2) collaborated on this game. R.I.P.

    • Darek Baird
      Darek Baird

      Really? Who did he voice or what did he do?

  • Ghost4180

    I just started it today but I love it so far

  • The Cheeseburger_666
    The Cheeseburger_666

    I don't care what people say, i'm buying this. Survival Horror is supposed to be fun. Not to be taken seriously.

  • dexm2010

    2:12 to 2:16 Well, why wouldn't it?

    • Darek Baird
      Darek Baird

      I was wondering that too...they both use 9mm don't they?

  • Master M
    Master M

    Even if this game played and looked like crap, I was still going to support it, they deserve the recognition. Your review does give me hope that it’s better than the standard I was placing on it

  • JakeDaSassMastr

    coming here because this comes to consoles tonight. in the original resident evils I would combine the ammo with the guns in the menu. I feel like its safer and a faster, at least in RE

    • The Funk
      The Funk

      @JakeDaSassMastr suit yourself

    • JakeDaSassMastr

      @The Funk ive played just about the entire game now and its far from trash

    • The Funk
      The Funk

      Lol cause doing that paused the game. Not in this trash.

  • enigma2274

    Thankfully I haven’t allowed reviews to affect my purchases since probably 2012, and even then, not often. If I did, I’d buy very few games if any. I’m highly looking forward to this now that it’s coming to PS4 soon. I wonder if anything has been added or tweaked by now. Resident Evil is my all time favorite franchise, and after loving RE2 and RE3 Remakes so much, this game looks built for people just like me. I’m literally replaying RE5 as I watch this...for I think, the 11th time solo (also beat it 3 times local and once online co op). Yes the graphics aren’t as good here, though the PS4 trailer looks far better than this video...I actually thought it looked fairly close to the new remakes. Anyway I just cant wait. And yeah, I do still watch reviews at times to get info and whatnot, though I normally wait so as to avoid spoilers. Thanks for the video.

  • TheMatbrown

    I wish someone would bring back 3rd person survival horror ? After they remade resident evil I thought it would just be a matter of time before they did 2, 3. Maybe a five game package, 0, Resident Evil, 2, 3, and of course Cody Veronica. I can't be the only one who would pay to play those games with upgraded graphics?

  • S.Rhodie

    All this review is *this game is hard so its shit* hahaha

    • S.Rhodie

      @The Funk aw shut the fuck up lol

    • The Funk
      The Funk

      You do realize it's not real difficulty, but cheap and artificial because of clunky controls and bad game mechanics? The game itself is bad.

  • Alejandro Gallardo
    Alejandro Gallardo

    so pretty much..u can tell the love for RE that they have but...i dont think this guys understand its functionality, how and why does it work..but u know its a fan and amateur game so its oka its understandable

  • Cross 41790
    Cross 41790

    Hopefully for the ps4 release they have made changes. I'm looking forward to pick this one up.

  • Anthony Provenzano
    Anthony Provenzano

    No lie, aside from the final boss being a glitch disappointment, the rest of the game was great. I wish they had more monstrous enemies that didn't just come back as uncommon foes later on, but all in all, this is the type of mid-range title that used to make my day in the PS1 - PS2 era. Can't wait to see hat they put out next.

  • HealingChurchPotluck

    Just so people know, this game was announced before the re 2 remake

  • rage and cage review tv
    rage and cage review tv

    Only PS4 are you fucking kidding me

  • JJJ John
    JJJ John

    Hows this a throwback to 90s survival horror? it looks like re2 and re3 remake and every other game of this generation.... just with slightly cheaper graphics and overall everything looks generic

  • Poop Casual
    Poop Casual

    This review is much harsher than Resident Evil 3

  • Mike Jones
    Mike Jones

    resident evil ripoff lol

  • J

    Hah 3:42 was that an Silent Hill 2 reference? The old chainsaw in the wood in the middle of nowhere, wire fence, single track trail lookin ass.

  • Daniel Scherdien
    Daniel Scherdien

    I haven't played it yet, so my opinion is based strictly on what I've seen, but this game looks like the case where the devs should have waited and polished more some details before releasing. It looks to be way too clunky and stiff at times. I don't know much about game developing but seems like a remarkable job for such a small team, nevertheless.

  • GENOCIDE2099

    cool. this is available on GOG.


    There's nothing "Old School" about this trash, games like Alisa and the Puppet combo/Chilla's art videogames are "Old School" Survival Horror games.

  • Jay Dowg
    Jay Dowg

    The fact this is coming to ps4 the same month as RE3 is surely a joke..

  • Jareth Anstey
    Jareth Anstey

    "zombies grab onto you like complete dick heads"... made me laugh way harder than it should really.

  • J Rena
    J Rena

    To tell if the zombies are fake they should remove shadows for them

  • peposo7

    11:30 - Maybe because of curiosity(or revenge fantasy); but it became boring really quick.

  • peposo7

    Actually, managing bullets & mags does make sense. Almost every time he says "I don't remember doing this" on a 20 year old game, I say: "thank God". Now, I'm waiting for a 1st person version of this. Being able to stabilize aiming by breathing, having opponents react differently when being shot on certain spots, and maybe even use stealth tactics.

  • Warlord 108
    Warlord 108

    Hiy the like and it switched from 5.9k to 6k and I feel very satisified. Good day.

  • Birch Mahogany
    Birch Mahogany

    Hopefully they tweaked the bugs and issues a bit for the console release. I plan on getting this as a show of support.

  • Fy4

    This game surpassed my expectations !! Every RE fan needs to play this game , it is solid horror experience and brings so much nostalgia !!

  • KingTeDdY

    If I remember correctly, the magazine mechanic was somewhat in Resident Evil Outbreak but it was different. Using pre-prepared magazines made the reloading animation quicker.

  • rhys oneill
    rhys oneill

    Hey gman I noticed you done the rest of the turok series, but left out turok evolution would be awesome if you could review it.

  • pokerbob05

    Seeing old game footage from back in the day gives me an incredible boner

  • MySplatterhouse

    "Resi" like and will have a physical release, I'm sold.

  • Peter Bauers
    Peter Bauers

    The ammo BS and the movement speed are a no for me

  • Aran Erem
    Aran Erem

    The game looks good

  • Deluros

    I get it with games like the RE 2 remake and this game in particular, but i hate how modern zombie games in general handle the combat. If you cant shoot a zombie in the head once and have them go down, whats really the point of guns? Its just an excuse for the player to waste ammo where a knife would do pretty much the same damage with unlimited uses. Games like the re 2 remake and this, I can understand their trying to emulate the old style where EVERYTHING, not just the Zeds, was hard to kill. But most aren't doing that.

  • Portal Freak
    Portal Freak

    Just realized this was made by the dudes behind Hatred. Huh.

    • The Funk
      The Funk

      No wonder it's bad

  • Jeremy McClintock
    Jeremy McClintock

    1998 my Something birth year


    So basically Discont RE2 Remake

  • Michael S
    Michael S

    Is this really a throwback? This is like a 360 era shooter. I mean I guess it's a throwback technically, but old school? Nah. Old school is like ps1 era to me

  • Dz3ngara

    Your reviews are shitty to be honest you bitch about every single thing It gets repetetive

  • samuraiboy497

    Why do people like god of war not for kratos he is a unlikable selfish asshole in the series sept 4 but we like him because the gameplay is fucking awesome and he makes us feel bad ass that’s why

  • samuraiboy497

    See that’s the problem with this new gaming generation people are so obsessed with graphics and visuals take it from kh 3 if the gameplay is crap it’s not gonna work is that so hard to understand

  • simon roy
    simon roy

    It seems interesting ... Not the game of the year, but it seems ok ^^

  • Anders L
    Anders L

    The inventory system is the sole reason I skipped this one.

  • Todd The Sweaty Nerd Guy
    Todd The Sweaty Nerd Guy

    @GmanLives Are you Australian? I only ask because I like to support local talent when I can. Not trying to be rude. Really enjoying your videos.

    • Todd The Sweaty Nerd Guy
      Todd The Sweaty Nerd Guy

      After watching your review of the newest Blair Witch game, where you mention how much the game cost in Australian $. I'm going to guess you are, which is very cool.

  • R3d D0t
    R3d D0t

    The reload mechanics sort of remind me of resident evil outbreak. A variation of this is something I think would work really well in a survival horror game- you have a few magazines for a given gun, at least the ones which take detachable magazines, and must reload your magazines manually while the game is still going on, prompting the player to reload magazines in relatively safe areas and to be economical about how they use their ammunition. This would give a rather realistic and scary feeling to the game.

  • bioshock 69
    bioshock 69

    I dont understand how devs can think bullet spongers' type games are fun there horrible and get tedious and boring very quickly

    • The Funk
      The Funk

      Yup another reason the game sucks

  • bioshock 69
    bioshock 69

    would of played this if it was in first person view and with out the puzzles and better controls mechanic's

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