Daymare 1998 Review - Old School Survival Horror
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DAYMARE: 1998 is a third-person survival horror game that recreates the mood of iconic titles from the '90s, with a fresh storyline. An incident that turns a small town into a deadly zone, three characters to play with and little time to find the truth, before its mutated citizens abruptly end your mission.

  • SoUtH MeMpHiS
    SoUtH MeMpHiS

    Needs Holiday themed content and patches.

  • Burrito  Warrior
    Burrito Warrior

    A fire watch man that hallucinates, Lmao

  • J K
    J K

    Gman is the best, most thorough, unbiased game review channel on VN-my

  • J K
    J K

    This looks awesome while Res 2 remake sucks ass

  • JustinHit

    11:23 You want skimpy outfits for 3 men? /r/suddenlygay

  • Stewart Damien
    Stewart Damien

    Was actually about to buy the game until a watched this review.

  • KarmaPT

    1998, uses today's Gen gear so fuckin stupid

  • LightTrack


  • Sprax

    There is NOTHING nostalgic about the controls

  • Abynax Tech
    Abynax Tech

    its like a copy of re2 remake

  • Anna Zero
    Anna Zero

    To be fair to the beard. Most games make beards look like the pube beard used in jackass. Maybe the other issue here is they were too accurate in their goals? Plus who don't love crazy rag dolls? But yes, I may give this one a chance it does not sound like a lot of the problems can't be fixed with a tweak or two.

  • ravenjehuty

    "Resident Evil: Outbreak" and "Outbreak - File 2" (the more superior Resident Evil Games imo) had a system where if you have a gun and a box of ammo and had to reload, instead of reloading a magazine your character would instead pull out the current magazine and fill it with the box of ammo before slapping it back in. it took longer to reload and was more inconvenient but it was also somewhat realistic. Then when you found a Magazine for your weapon and ammo type you could then refill the magazine with the box of ammo manually and reload faster using those magazines. I think if this game used that mechanic it might have been more tolerable.

  • bloodrunsclear

    This sort of reminds me of classic Dead Space...which is now nostalgic in and of itself

  • Yoobi

    Resident Evil Outbreak, I think also had you use clips for handguns and if you didn't have one, you manually loaded bullets one by one.

  • Donatien Chikatilo
    Donatien Chikatilo

    Looks like a master piece... of shit.

  • J Dawg
    J Dawg

    Looks absolutely fucking terrible, generic and boring. It’s just a really low quality version of resi 2 remake without a single redeeming quality

  • Igo Dreamer
    Igo Dreamer

    Nice video, man

  • Sullieduser611

    Oi ya forgot to mention the decent voice acting ya dickhead

  • That Latin Dude
    That Latin Dude

    "Why do I have to load ammo? Why can't this play like every other game?" You're starting to sound like a game journalist.


      It’s healthy to question stupid design choices that look great on paper but are, in the end, stupid design choices.

  • Keylanos Lokj
    Keylanos Lokj

    crappy game. too boring, not too worked on, small variety of enemies and environments and game mechanics. just not interesting

  • Jay Santana5538
    Jay Santana5538

    Kinda how RE biohazard was , with having to shoot the bosses so many times

  • John Mirra
    John Mirra

    I dunno bro, that anal inventory management is my jam. Pretty immersive.

  • Beast of the Far East
    Beast of the Far East

    I should just replay RE2 Remake

  • Deivydas HD
    Deivydas HD

    You can play as the Hitman in this game?

  • crypto

    Admit it GMan, how much were you paid for this glowing review? The game is a mess. Old GMan would’ve destroyed this game

    • GmanLives

      "glowing review"? What the fuck are you smoking?

  • Hugh Egg
    Hugh Egg

    I refunded this game it was so damn clunky. not in the way of classic survival games, but in an unfinished not optimized way.

  • Makros the Black
    Makros the Black

    Nice 2001 Space Odyssey easter egg there.

  • Ace of Hearts
    Ace of Hearts

    No old school tank controls and no fixed camera angle. Should be called daymare 2005 instead

  • Tobias Schmidt
    Tobias Schmidt

    You do understand why these pitchforks must be kept up, right? You're not that much of an indifferent opportunist that you would saw at the base of the tree you're sitting on, right? I hope not.

  • SrtEight

    This game looks fire it’s just rough around the edges.

  • pentalway

    Paul Haddad, the voice actor for Leon in the original Resident Evil 2, did a couple of lines in this game. :)

  • OXY

    Do a review about Medal of Honor 2010.

  • baron75mk3

    I HATED resident evil 2 remake (yes i know im in the minority lol) , but this looks interesting to me , im sold think i'll give it a try , cant be any worse than the steaming pile of ass that remake was

  • TI6ER 812
    TI6ER 812

    Bruh this game deserves great recognition yeah it’s not the best but it’s great for 10 people on low budget I mean the whole game is interesting

  • CanadianCCP

    Did they spend 3 minutes working on the faces for their main characters?

  • Daniel Thomas
    Daniel Thomas

    I appreciate the jiggly fat zombie man boobs. If you need me, "I'll be in my office".

  • Speedsonic75 OddTristan12123
    Speedsonic75 OddTristan12123

    You sound like Modest Pelican Gaming.

  • Ass Bergers
    Ass Bergers

    Please review freedom fighters

  • Mr Nelsonius
    Mr Nelsonius

    Gman you should review Hunt Showdown. I haven’t really liked an online shooter in several years but Hunt’s really got me hooked. It feels like tense (like really tense) survival horror even though it’s PvP and PvE. Anyway, think you’ll enjoy it if you spend some time with it. There’s nothing else quite like it

  • Shark Boy
    Shark Boy

    I have such mixed feelings on this title. At first I hated it and then I though it was okay. But after I've finished it...It just isn't that good of a game.

  • peenr man
    peenr man

    "fps" *Only talking about 3rd person horror games*

    • GmanLives


  • Minh Hoang Nguyen
    Minh Hoang Nguyen

    The only game i have played that has the “repack magazine” functionality is arma 3; sp glad another game has this too.

  • Puss Blaster 20XX
    Puss Blaster 20XX

    I already told these devs this game needed to ditch the magazine inventory and tone down the puzzles from the demo. But Gman wanted to be a nice boy and not call them out before.

  • Hal Borunda
    Hal Borunda

    Hey sonny jim, how about pariah for the og xbox?

  • SmartDrug

    As a pilot, @11:04 t=664, those gauges are just laughable.

  • Wayfarin Stranger
    Wayfarin Stranger

    This game was garbage

  • Gabz87

    I am more than happy to buy it with all of its shortcomings. This is a labour of passion. I hope that if the game will have enough success the developer might be able to make more games like this!

  • That Ben Guy
    That Ben Guy

    Its not old school though. The camera angle is wrong

  • Tristan George
    Tristan George

    I want that mag reload mechanic in more games.

  • Manny Calavera
    Manny Calavera

    I will give it a try.

  • Stephen King
    Stephen King

    Sincerly the best indie project I have ever seen. I'm glad I could support them. I'll buy it again for ps4 and then play it to the end since I don't like PC games

  • David D.
    David D.

    This game has some hilarious lines in broken English.

  • Jamal Mason
    Jamal Mason

    Why is nobody mentioning in their videos that this started as an RE2 remake and isn't just a blatant rip off?

  • MrSammy

    🙂 looks alrite for a walkthru? is it easy enuf for us casualers? 😃

    • MrSammy

      @George Rome 😃 ok thanks

    • George Rome
      George Rome

      @MrSammy try easy mode, it has auto aim.

    • MrSammy

      @George Rome 😰 ok!

    • George Rome
      George Rome


  • Al Yeska
    Al Yeska

    whAT SYSTEM?!

  • some rando asshat on the internet
    some rando asshat on the internet

    3:09 das rite


    Why are you Australian?

  • SpyengoEen

    I love that "Randy Pitchford or Todd Howard are not involved" is a criteria now for a game's quality xD I absolutely agree btw.

  • Mufasa Fasgan M ́dick
    Mufasa Fasgan M ́dick

    boy never played escape from tarkov

  • Amber Clad
    Amber Clad

    g-man finds his girlfriend's g-spot and uses g-mail to tell his buddies

  • SundayRoast

    Special Forces Soldier, doesn't even know how to hold a pistol properly. For a moment I thought that they just used pre-bought canned animations, because it really shouldn't be that hard to search "how to properly shoot a pistol" and spend 15 minutes looking how to do it proper.

  • Amber Clad
    Amber Clad


  • Code Name Noob
    Code Name Noob

    Looks like RE2's ugly cousin

  • MrVercettti89

    It doesn’t look like an old game , it looks like a resi 4 rip off , they should have used fixed camera angles for pure nostalgia

  • Julio Marez
    Julio Marez

    Scarface the world is yours review

  • xXxLYnXxXx

    i met the devs last year at gamescom... very nice people ... and as far i can tell, very nice game

  • Valve Timing
    Valve Timing

    Daycare 1998 baby claire doesn't like iron priest he touches everything in his sight with iron grips

  • crazymiles14

    Repent of your sins and trust in Jesus Christ alone and call on his name and you will be saved, he loves you and is God and died and resurrected for you he will judge all of mankind, believe on him and he will save you and give you eternal life, trust in him now while you still can

  • PAUL anime fan
    PAUL anime fan

    "This game is not for everyone." ok copy that.

  • God of Warhammer
    God of Warhammer

    Do Area 51 next

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