DDG - Hold Up (Official Video) ft. Queen Naija
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  • suzie Langoya
    suzie Langoya

    HOLD UP 🥰

  • Zz Gang
    Zz Gang

    This how many people fw this song

  • Glendora Living positive with Lupus
    Glendora Living positive with Lupus

    Wow it’s already been that long

  • DaeToria Patterson
    DaeToria Patterson

    Me can i get a dollar Mom no Me why not Mom because i said so Me no fair Mom get out my face Me okkk😂😂

    • DaeToria Patterson
      DaeToria Patterson

      U wish

  • DaeToria Patterson
    DaeToria Patterson

    You are so messy like that why tee tee don't like you cause you do to much

    • DaeToria Patterson
      DaeToria Patterson

      Girl you are so funny

  • DaeToria Patterson
    DaeToria Patterson

    You are so messy like that why tee tee don't like you cause you do to much

  • Taylor H
    Taylor H

    Who still here October??🥶??

  • Javaughn Chambers
    Javaughn Chambers

    i just wanna hold up

  • Andraya Quarles
    Andraya Quarles

    Hold up

  • Henry Weiss
    Henry Weiss

    Queen can sing


    Bro this junk go hard-------------------->


    This my junk

  • nai nai
    nai nai

    wow i never knew how good this song was

  • Yk Joshua
    Yk Joshua

    Who still here in 2019🗣️❤️

    • Aleeyah Sistos
      Aleeyah Sistos

      Yk Joshua meeeee!!!

  • priced0ut family
    priced0ut family

    If feel like dis bout Chris

  • TJ Boss
    TJ Boss

    Peroid't queen

  • TheOnly_najae

    Queen got a little more thiccer but its ok, cuz she is still a beautiful queen

  • CBG TV
    CBG TV

    The song hit harder when you actually go through this shit #OnRepeat

  • Ashlynn Brazyy
    Ashlynn Brazyy

    This ain it

  • Amia Johnson
    Amia Johnson

    Queen really can sing ! #Detroit

  • Shavonne Proctor
    Shavonne Proctor

    ddg i that your girl

  • Shazayah Symonette
    Shazayah Symonette

    Love Queen naija

  • Daniella Labardy
    Daniella Labardy

    I love u DDG

  • Javaughn Chambers
    Javaughn Chambers

    Baby hold up

    • Javaughn Chambers
      Javaughn Chambers

      Weh hold up

  • Abigail McDonald
    Abigail McDonald

    yall wish queen happy birthday!!!! happy b day queen

  • Clout Ez
    Clout Ez

    Me kinda missin my ex: My ex: I miss you, I want you back. Me: Woah Woah Woah Woah...... take a step back with that smooooooke ITS A LIL TO LATE, WOAH WOAH HOLD UPPP 2:11

  • Laurel Iloani
    Laurel Iloani

    Still listening till now.

  • Vanshaun Brown
    Vanshaun Brown

    A ddg a

  • Tashana Devine
    Tashana Devine

    Hi queen 👑

  • Jasmine Montano
    Jasmine Montano

    You suck your trash ugly dummy bitch

  • Cordarro Watson
    Cordarro Watson

    Queen and ddg need to make one more song hold up is good. And both of you put your man or girl that was my favorite part queen and king of sing rap both of you are the best at music

  • Aderonke Whitaker
    Aderonke Whitaker


    • Aderonke Whitaker
      Aderonke Whitaker


  • Aderonke Whitaker
    Aderonke Whitaker

    Clar mad mad

  • Jaslyn Tejada-Torres
    Jaslyn Tejada-Torres

    I love you I listen to you everyday

  • Ilhan D
    Ilhan D

    Is everyone gonna forget queens colorist comments?

  • Candace S.
    Candace S.

    Queen is dressed like Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

  • Ariel Ringo
    Ariel Ringo

    Clarence love making his appearances 😂😂

  • Vanessa Waits
    Vanessa Waits


  • speedbolt


  • Tay Mills
    Tay Mills

    They do look like a good couple but ddg is so damn fine

  • Sweet Justice
    Sweet Justice

    This song hitsss🔥🔥💞💞

  • iistormbuilds

    Follow my Instagram: next._up._itzz._donald

  • Pippi LongStockin
    Pippi LongStockin

    All her songs about being a hoe... dude a real deal sucks for marrying a bitch like that

  • Shayna’s Life
    Shayna’s Life

    11 million views ☺️

  • James Holland
    James Holland

    Cj so. Cool CJ so cool in bed with you someplace by. The emergency days so cool OK play pool I will smacks CJ so. Ddg

  • tajay Morris
    tajay Morris

    hottest yn

  • cool kids anlgel
    cool kids anlgel

    This my song

  • kayla t.
    kayla t.

    My fav part about the song says "ur new ne** gone have to wait til I'm finished

  • breanna bates
    breanna bates

    That was Lit

  • béé káy wayz
    béé káy wayz

    I never knew he song this

  • II GotSkillzYT
    II GotSkillzYT

    Queen nija with Clarence

  • crystal crystal
    crystal crystal

    Love you and Kennedy so much and Queen

  • crystal crystal
    crystal crystal

    This song is the best song ever in 2019 and

  • Betty Gballou
    Betty Gballou

    I just don’t understand the story 🤯

  • kaila Brianna
    kaila Brianna

    Clarence su😂😂😂😂😂 with them damn faces😂

  • Darlyne Prophete
    Darlyne Prophete

    I can't stop listening to this song it is so fire god bless you 😍😍😍😍🥰🙏🏽

  • joce;yn wallace
    joce;yn wallace

    Me:mom this song came out in 2019 :mom on for real: : me in 20 years mom remember this song like if you love them

    • Candace S.
      Candace S.

      why yo colons look like that?

  • julian campbell
    julian campbell

    yo ddg

  • aj

    This is my shit

  • Melody Monsivais
    Melody Monsivais

    I like this song i listen to this song evry day this song is good its hit me deep

  • Antonio Kilpatrick
    Antonio Kilpatrick


  • Esther Akinde
    Esther Akinde

    Go Queen yasss 😍😍😊😊😁😄😃😀😀🤗

  • Adore Andrea
    Adore Andrea

    when clarence looked shit killed me

  • sabirah ajouhaar
    sabirah ajouhaar

    Faaav ❤❤

  • Mick Delima
    Mick Delima

    If you still listening in October like and comment “DDG shit”

  • Megan Ervin
    Megan Ervin

    yo is she talking abt chris

  • Aaliyah Daley
    Aaliyah Daley

    Hold up!!!

  • Zaira Gonzalez
    Zaira Gonzalez

    Happy birthday DDG ! 🤩❤️

  • JENNIFER Gonzalez
    JENNIFER Gonzalez


  • Arielle Kent
    Arielle Kent

    Woah woah waoh hold up so let me get this straight queen with ddg now

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