DeHaven on His Connect Setting Him Up, Getting Shot in the Back in Front of Jay Z (Part 4)
DeHaven opened up to VladTV about his connect setting him up over $15,000 and being shot in front of Jay-Z. He explained that Jay didn't believe that DeHaven was shot at first, but they quickly made their way into a cab and booked it to the hospital. DeHaven also spoke about the shooters wanting him dead and not getting away with the drugs, which you can hear more about above.

  • Dick Dastardly
    Dick Dastardly

    Just call it crack.

  • uknowmysteez

    FOH VLOD !!

  • Team HMOA
    Team HMOA

    What amount of money would you kill someone for Vlad? Lol always asking they was going to kill over basically 10 or 15 grand. Yeah many have been killed for far less

  • Siasam’s Game
    Siasam’s Game

    I’m high af and his hat got me going stupid

  • martin king
    martin king

    thi nigga trying sound too good man...talkin bout how he cared for jay more than his life....som1 lying!

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    "i cancelled his ass" -TK Kirkland

  • Locaine Coke
    Locaine Coke

    Everybody act like they put Jay before they self when shit popped off gtfoh, if you was putting Jay before yaself why you talk to the government?

  • Brandon Epps
    Brandon Epps

    sound lyke gay z set a lot of associates up for death. who'd take a bullet for shawn carter? dude's a weak illuminati mess w/ that bytch beyonce. how gay z gon not believe one of his boys got shot. dude's a fake wanksta.

  • Squire Williams
    Squire Williams

    What's worse than the digital light belt buckles a digital snap back 🤷🏾‍♂️😭😂

  • STRGHTWY Production
    STRGHTWY Production

    so he saved his life and now Jay dont fuck with him? somethings wrong here.

  • Prince Poku
    Prince Poku

    All this stuff makes Jay-z more real to me as a rapper. Perhaps there is exaggeration but everything he raps about is real. He was right there through it all.

  • Revolutionary Gnosis
    Revolutionary Gnosis

    Dam Vlad is police. Estimating street value with kop logic and shit.

  • Bust down wit cece
    Bust down wit cece

    yooooo vlad the police

  • Francois Nel
    Francois Nel

    8+ years passed since he started part 1? What happened....

  • Atmospheric Pressure
    Atmospheric Pressure

    Thats it. Vlad gets no more real dudes to interview.

  • Khalil Henley
    Khalil Henley

    Is this nigga hat lighting up🤔

  • Dat Nigga Cutty
    Dat Nigga Cutty

    Jay-Z set D up wow

  • 9th gate dim
    9th gate dim

    Nigga was snitching cought with another key u hot ass nigga

  • 9th gate dim
    9th gate dim

    Who's the Spanish guy he mentioned from Marcy projects that Jay was rolling with

    • Dee Hive
      Dee Hive


  • eli wol
    eli wol

    You get shot and you are working how yuh are going to get another man out safe? That’s bullshit, I am not suggesting you leave him behind, but self preservation is job 1. That’s like saying I had this banging woman ready to have sex with me, but my first thought was how can I get is so Jay-z do her first. The logic doesn’t make sense because it’s BS.

  • TA Wit Da Beatz
    TA Wit Da Beatz

    That hat go hard tho

  • DeShaun TheGamer
    DeShaun TheGamer

    That hat 🧢 tough asf

  • Eddieohh !!
    Eddieohh !!

    That gut feeling

  • Les Jones
    Les Jones

    His hat is making me dizzy as fuck. I am listening to him and trying to read his Billboard HAT simultaneously.

  • Kevin Lee
    Kevin Lee

    Vlad ain't sold no dope

  • brooklyn pologod75
    brooklyn pologod75

    Dam jay aint look out for him

  • sincere carter
    sincere carter

    L😎L'z you Flagged a Taxi in a good Year!

  • Brandan Hundley
    Brandan Hundley

    Damn he had that same shirt on in part 3

  • Ben G
    Ben G

    Is this nicca hat talking 🕵🏾‍♂ 🤦🏾‍♂😂🤣😅

  • Shah Ijaz
    Shah Ijaz

    Vlad's interview style is annoying. His demeanor and annoying questions and way of asking them is like a typical white detective. Culture vulture.

  • TrichsRUs

    Vlad whole line of questioning is suspect. NONE of these mofos would share business with this fool in the street, but look at what niggaz do for attention. Informants used to wear they just invite you on camera.


    50 Feeds his niggas

  • Luciano Mate
    Luciano Mate

    Federal agent vlad is at it again this time rapper Jay z

  • White Rob
    White Rob

    Gd it vlad .. 10gs !!! Lol smh.

  • abdul fattah
    abdul fattah

    Shit get funky in December

  • Taye Eddings
    Taye Eddings

    Damn the way he be talking bout Jay Z he would take s bullet for dude and I bet Jay wouldn't even help bruh out if he needed a buck smfh

  • Michael M.
    Michael M.

    This guy could pass for Camron older brother

  • Sun Yaye
    Sun Yaye

    Man .... This shit is Sad .. Vlad the boys fr fr ....

  • Terry Terry
    Terry Terry

    Vlad he told u what he did with that dope. Give it too jay. He said give it too jay. Take that n told home go get my mom

  • J X
    J X

    Vlad really is the Pied Piper of gangsters.

  • Only1k

    So nobody going to mention the hat 😂🤦🏽‍♂️

    • Eternal Kloth Garden Gangsta
      Eternal Kloth Garden Gangsta

      Dat hat 🔥

  • Boigny Flynn
    Boigny Flynn

    But you know who got you shot? The connect set you up..DJ Vlad that's called leading the witness

  • Delshawn Stevens
    Delshawn Stevens

    His hat hard just now noticing it

  • Forrest Smith
    Forrest Smith

    Really VLADIMIR c'mon Man you really trying to play my man! Its crazy because you probably asked HIM to do this interview

  • Quam'e Shabazz
    Quam'e Shabazz

    He still has it? Hmmmm.....snitching on himself or what?

  • CoollikeDat 007
    CoollikeDat 007

    5:02 that ok though.. Vlad is 12 frfr

  • ryu med
    ryu med

    Wait..He got caught by police with a half a week ago.. he a free man? “The one that got me shot” 🤔 “it was all good just a week ago..funny what 7 days could change a stand up nigga now you dropping names”

  • John Cox
    John Cox

    Damn that what jay was talking bout on that song with jeezy seen it all

    • Dimonte Johnson
      Dimonte Johnson

      Nah. Different Situation

  • Train Violently
    Train Violently

    Did he talk about the 99 bricks yet??

    • White Rob
      White Rob

      Right... i need a explanation. Hov said he had A1 credit and got more crack.

  • Richard Newborn
    Richard Newborn

    Vlad this is an ultimate reach! Why you exploiting this fool as a pawn since you can't afford Jay?

  • Hospital Administrator
    Hospital Administrator

    😂😂😂 this nigga dehaven is a narcissist. You was not worried about jay, nigga foh

  • Average Gamer
    Average Gamer

    Not sure if this particular interview is the correct one for me to make this post; However, all these niggas doing is just proving HOV really is that nigga. You other fools need to listen, listen to the entire series of interviews and listen how Dehaven contridicting himself.

  • The World
    The World

    Support black businesses! #fucknike #fuckgucci

  • Cadmar DaWeirdo
    Cadmar DaWeirdo

    I like how he was honest because most niggas flip they story around like they retaliated every time somethin happened. Hold up, why da fuck is Vlad asking questions about how much the coke cost and who shot who? Learn from Ar-Ab situation if yall wanna stay free. Free Da Guys by da way💯

  • Sweet Dee
    Sweet Dee


    • Myadeedus

      We need evidence!

  • im ugly
    im ugly

    go easy ar ab being sentence in a week. Be well.

  • been famous
    been famous

    That hat hard too drip-it

  • Dj Kevy Kev
    Dj Kevy Kev

    Drug game is a demonic game

  • Skin Deep
    Skin Deep

    So wait... he’s known for just knowing Jay-Z and selling drugs?? And what does he mean he has thinks the shooters shot him?? Did they use a silent gun on him??

  • Johnnie Hall
    Johnnie Hall

    You got a gut feeling but you on vlad

  • John Davis
    John Davis

    Listening to you for myself, you are a fucking RAT. Sorry ass nigga.

  • Stiff Jabzz
    Stiff Jabzz

    Vlad kill me with his ok......sigh!

  • hRdLNE _CEO
    hRdLNE _CEO


  • The Chosen One
    The Chosen One

    How you get rob and set up by the plug🤣🤣🤣

  • Old Head New York
    Old Head New York

    450 grams in his pants was the baggy jeans era! All u young fuckboys can't do that wearing them skinny jeans!

  • Trey Slaton
    Trey Slaton

    If I was jay z I would be mad as hell them white people gon be looking at em funny now Lol

    • Jay O
      Jay O

      he run wit em so he prolly not worried,,,the lady running his rocnation company, desiree perez, is a well-known fed snitch,,,,the miss connecticut usa desiree-- thats her yeah! +++jay said he only respect the feds!

  • Twan Design
    Twan Design

    Fuck Dehaven for caving, made men ain't supposed to make statements

  • Enaah the Virgo
    Enaah the Virgo

    If this ain't so Brooklyn 🤣😂🤣 he wasn't getting shit nah!! 😂🤣

  • Elois McMillan
    Elois McMillan

    Somebody tell dehaven I’m tryna smash 👀

  • Rx_harpo Harpo
    Rx_harpo Harpo

    Man this dude hat lol

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