DeHaven on Jay Z's Role in His Drug Operation (Part 3)
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DeHaven opened up to VladTV about having $100,000 by the time he was 17 and hiding the money everywhere so he could have it if he ever got in trouble. He went on to speak about spending some of it on a car and some jewelry, but DeHaven says he socked most of it away.
During the conversation, DeHaven also spoke about moving to Trenton, NJ because the Marcy Projects were getting too violent. He went on to detail Jay-Z moving to NJ with him and involving Jay in his business, which you can hear more about above.

  • Mark Marsh
    Mark Marsh

    Are there ANY "Rappers" who WEREN'T crack dealers?

  • Knox Vegas
    Knox Vegas

    Vlad Damn officer Foley

  • Mister 219
    Mister 219

    Jay said on song( No Hook)"fuk Dehaven for Cave'n.. Made men dont speak... We aint suppose to make statements!"🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Terence Scott
    Terence Scott

    Why is this even news? Jay was some little young street dealer back then, he wasn’t Fat Cat, lmao. A whole bunch of little dudes hustled at some point back then, crack had the whole city locked. Jay like 50 now, he ain’t been “street” for decades 😂😂

  • Lionel Diego
    Lionel Diego

    Mann!!! STFKUP!!!

  • Kalico Jones
    Kalico Jones

    Did he say “I had the necessity car and jewelry” Jewelry, a necessity?

  • JBOM9000

    You can tell he’s working hard to not say to Much.,. But still give respect.

  • Oh Boy
    Oh Boy

    That hat is dumb as hell

    • CAIN LEE
      CAIN LEE

      Give him a break he was in jail when the belt buckles came out LOL

  • Proud Brother
    Proud Brother

    Vlad; So did Jay actually bag up the coke before distributing??

  • Jesus Lopez
    Jesus Lopez

    Bro I've watched alot of glads interviews, he is literally sounding like a fed!!!😂😂 that's why I respect the law. Because they smarter than 90% of the people I've done time with. Respect this dude but I saw in his eyes he knows jay z ain't ever ate that soup. He knows, he knows 😂😂😭😭

  • Christopher Waring
    Christopher Waring

    All needs to be careful about these interviews because they can be police when you talk you talk be be careful.

  • I-AM-ON

    Just asking, where's Emory Jones "who was in the Caravan"?

  • DeHaven Kennedy
    DeHaven Kennedy

    Jay is one of my favorite rapper and its trips me out cause my name is DeHaven.

  • X Cardenas
    X Cardenas

    That’s true save ur money

  • Brother Hasan
    Brother Hasan

    Why did he think that hat was a good idea..

    • Brother Hasan
      Brother Hasan

      @CAIN LEE i could more easily accept that

    • CAIN LEE
      CAIN LEE

      he should've had it saying, The World is Yours going across the Hat lol

  • jerdarius brown
    jerdarius brown

    “So here you go from coke to crack,selling in large quantities” Vlad is a federal agent ,convince me other wise

  • Madd City
    Madd City

    We’re the only race that praise drug dealers, murders etc.... We need to get our shit together..

    • CAIN LEE
      CAIN LEE

      No we're not they got a hole mob Museum out here in Vegas nice try

  • Saul Gallegos
    Saul Gallegos

    Damn Vlad just tell him to put the cuffs on already. Lol

  • Iwon Again
    Iwon Again

    Why is he struggling between 50 and 60% so like they was about even or Jay was probably a little bit more

    • CAIN LEE
      CAIN LEE

      He was in charge but everybody look to J plain and simple

  • Antonio Villanueva
    Antonio Villanueva

    So...Jay was middle management...never the owner

  • Wally

    Jewelry was a necessity for this guy 🤣

  • LIVE AMMO johnson
    LIVE AMMO johnson

    That's it 😑

  • Julius Caesar
    Julius Caesar

    Just say it.....he's a loser crack dealer.

  • Juelz Romeo Glenn
    Juelz Romeo Glenn

    Trenton is just as bad as Marcy back then

  • Terrance Poteat
    Terrance Poteat

    Vlad should’ve asked him how he felt about Jay Z’s executive of ROC NATION being a DEA INFORMANT

  • Why Doesitmatter
    Why Doesitmatter

    VLAD is the police why do ppl answer these type of questions

  • marcus orr
    marcus orr

    Vlad a real undercover .. homie was real wise in answering his questions though.

  • dwayne carter
    dwayne carter

    No biggie but the one time I took him I got shot.... hmmm jay was smarter than you thought.

  • David Hollingsworth
    David Hollingsworth

    Baby money..compared to Karlton Hines..that was the real Hustler in his neighborhood.

  • Pharoah 1
    Pharoah 1

    Too much talking 😼

  • cordaro key
    cordaro key

    Lol naw

  • Famousm MF1
    Famousm MF1

    Vlad always wants someone to snitch

  • The Zelly Show
    The Zelly Show

    I like how he wasn't so quicc to speak when asked questions.... But I wouldn't speak about nothin to this guy period fucc y'all need to speak to Vlad for he don't give a fucc about y'all just tryin get information 💯💯💯

    • CAIN LEE
      CAIN LEE

      now you see people hate Jay for he moves but you wonder why he don't fuck with this guy cuz of how he talk to damn much

  • Dee Fee
    Dee Fee

    Vlad should have to read participants their Miranda rights before interviews stop self snitching don't talk to Agents

  • Jim kΩ¡n
    Jim kΩ¡n

    Damn vlad always w the incriminating questions. I feel like everyone should just stop fucking w him no more interviews

  • 13 Percenter
    13 Percenter

    VLADS A FUCKIN MARK!!!!! "was he actually on the corner selling" WHST TYPE OF BUSTER ASS QUESTION IS THAT?

  • Restless Mind
    Restless Mind

    And this was necessary to bring up? I don't think so.

  • Demond Nellum
    Demond Nellum

    Fuck Roc Nation Team 🐀🖕🖕🖕🖕

    • CAIN LEE
      CAIN LEE

      Fuck yo tea.... Well since you don't have a team I can't say fuck your team fuck you then

  • Free Way
    Free Way

    All this is statue of limitations


    fucking cry baby

  • RaNdom Memes
    RaNdom Memes

    Nobody His necklace: l l l l ✝️

  • roger8654

    The feds should use Vlad to interrogate drug dealers. Vlad's good at getting confessions

  • Bruce Lee Roy
    Bruce Lee Roy

    This guy is a real one.

  • Xxxx Big Rich
    Xxxx Big Rich

    Vlad getting a little too personal 🎤🎙🎤

  • able76

    This Brother and Klein are very wise. I admire how they utilize their words when referencing Jay and their life experiences as a sign of respect.

  • Jimmy F
    Jimmy F

    And I’m high asl or is dis nigga hat spellin out shit?

  • Dj Air Alert
    Dj Air Alert

    I don’t like Vlad’s voice, even his vocal tone sounds copish, he was born to be an interrogator. 👮🏻‍♀️

  • R Hartlage
    R Hartlage

    So lemme get this right.. You bought the bottle of beer at around 11:15?

  • swizie lift
    swizie lift

    Trenton oh he was out here in jersey i heard jay was in Trenton

  • Get money
    Get money

    So basically Jay Z was his lieutenant.

  • youknowasuprite

    Watching these clips of DeHaven have me thinking 🤔 💭 hmmmm this guy is more interesting and charismatic than Jay and I can see how Jay low-key May have wanted to be him....just my opinion 🤷‍♀️

  • Bruce On Spruce
    Bruce On Spruce

    Vlad that sounds like questions the Fed asks.

  • Miami u u miami
    Miami u u miami

    I come from the ole school

  • Ocho Sieta
    Ocho Sieta

    Jay was a pack boy actn like he was meech

  • broadwayjoeclub

    Vlad want Jay to be a fraud so bad

  • MiNuSx31

    I see a doc trying to bring Jay-z down in 2020-2021...

  • David Jones
    David Jones

    Why the views 444

  • Lamont King
    Lamont King

    Ja Rule?

  • Lewis Brooks
    Lewis Brooks

    "What's up to my Miami and St. Thomas connects, I never mention your name I promise respect.... Death before dishonor correct, yep That's what you promised me, since the bama league.... Along with, if we stay strong, We can get paper longer than Pippens arms..... Plead the fifth when it comes to the fam, I'm like a dog I never speak but I understand!"

  • T Francis
    T Francis

    Is this a fed interview wtf

  • Kevin Lee
    Kevin Lee

    Jay should have put him on his roc nation team

    • CAIN LEE
      CAIN LEE

      You should put him on your team

  • Bmusik

    This shit sound like a federal interview

  • 1MaineTV

    Snitching stop it y’all this shit was 30yrs ago jay already rapped about it and no one can get in trouble for it smh learn the law dumb ass

  • Marcus Thorpe
    Marcus Thorpe

    Jay Z ain't never sold no dope, I don't know why anyone can't see that, his boy tried to cover for him, but it ain't working. He rode the Drug rap wave, and made it, nothing to be ashamed of, don't understand why ride the narrative till the end, especially when you sooo successful now...

  • Whitney's World89
    Whitney's World89

    Vlad be asking police questions

  • EaST CoAsT MaCHete
    EaST CoAsT MaCHete

    Why is everyone on jay z nuts . Majority of these people never been the presence of Jay z you dont know how a person really is.

  • dial up russell
    dial up russell

    400,000 something in cash im out

  • Brandan Hundley
    Brandan Hundley

    Damn he had that same shirt on in part 2

  • sincere carter
    sincere carter

    so thats you who shot his brother in his eyes ... ~its so soulless | (my niggax vlad ~okay on the beat)!!🤓〽️

  • LocsNShoes

    He is definitely doing this for clout. This is probably why Jay and Co. don't mess with him. He talks too much. Smh

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