DeHaven on Jay Z's Role in His Drug Operation (Part 3)
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DeHaven opened up to VladTV about having $100,000 by the time he was 17 and hiding the money everywhere so he could have it if he ever got in trouble. He went on to speak about spending some of it on a car and some jewelry, but DeHaven says he socked most of it away.
During the conversation, DeHaven also spoke about moving to Trenton, NJ because the Marcy Projects were getting too violent. He went on to detail Jay-Z moving to NJ with him and involving Jay in his business, which you can hear more about above.

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    David Jones

    Why the views 444

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    Ja Rule?

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    Lewis Brooks

    "What's up to my Miami and St. Thomas connects, I never mention your name I promise respect.... Death before dishonor correct, yep That's what you promised me, since the bama league.... Along with, if we stay strong, We can get paper longer than Pippens arms..... Plead the fifth when it comes to the fam, I'm like a dog I never speak but I understand!"

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    Tabi Francis

    Is this a fed interview wtf

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    Jay should have put him on his roc nation team

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    This shit sound like a federal interview

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    Snitching stop it y’all this shit was 30yrs ago jay already rapped about it and no one can get in trouble for it smh learn the law dumb ass

  • Marcus Thorpe
    Marcus Thorpe

    Jay Z ain't never sold no dope, I don't know why anyone can't see that, his boy tried to cover for him, but it ain't working. He rode the Drug rap wave, and made it, nothing to be ashamed of, don't understand why ride the narrative till the end, especially when you sooo successful now...

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    Whitney Hunter

    Vlad be asking police questions

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    EaST CoAsT MaCHete

    Why is everyone on jay z nuts . Majority of these people never been the presence of Jay z you dont know how a person really is.

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    400,000 something in cash im out

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    Damn he had that same shirt on in part 2

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    so thats you who shot his brother in his eyes ... ~its so soulless | (my niggax vlad ~okay on the beat)!!🤓〽️

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    He is definitely doing this for clout. This is probably why Jay and Co. don't mess with him. He talks too much. Smh

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    Bro this is what we call (Fat Mouthin’) here in Milwaukee. It’s a form of snitchin... it’s some shit you just don’t fuckin’ talk about, especially when the person you know has become a public figure. It’s against the street code to discuss the specifics of street situations. If you got a beef with Jay you should wait it out until you can take it up with him personally. This is how Vlad participate in getting people to incriminate themselves & other people, and if nothing else cause more tension & beef between individuals... This Dehaven should of never spoke in detail on the Internet in regards to Jay or any of his other affiliates... #TellinIsReal #TheseWhiteFolksListening #TheyGonnaFindSomeReasonToLockHimUpAgain #TalkinCanGetYouHurtOrInJailToo #TellVladToTakeItAllDown

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    This mfer Vlad the feds

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    Them niggas was getting different type of money in the 80s and early 90s mf’s went from Nino too Pookie out here🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️😂😂😂

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    This niggas hat is blowing me 😂

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    So many questions asking about another man...damn vlad be a man not a gossiping female. Ask about the guy you interviewing

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    Fed question

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    SMH, if you ever want to have a relationship with JAY-Z this isn’t the way to do it!

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    Vlad got niggas on first 48

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    Vlad tryna make Jay lose that NFL hookup 😂

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    this interview was a whole load of nothing.

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    I think jay was that guy

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    FACTS: The judge THANKED Vlad TV for their interview on AB-AR!! right be he sentenced him to OVER 20 years!! Stop doing interviews with this clown or else your shit wil be played in court!!


    This interview is more an interrogation or being in federal court questioned by the prosecutor

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    What’s bugging me out is how easy these guys share their stories with a stranger! Is it me? I couldn’t do this for any reason

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      World Newz

      SingPray Luv I completely agree but most ppl want to just be seen feel special in some way. Especially for older street niggas who used to be like celebrities in they hood ppl are on social media right now tryna be famous for less.

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    DJ Huncho Panda Gang Empire

    "Dehaven introduce me to the game, Spanish Jose introduced me to cane" -Jay-Z

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    Vlad tryna get jay booked

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    Vlad be asking for the dirt ...what's they name? An they was where? What he got on? Who got the crack? How much he got?

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    Robert House

    “Fuck Dehaven for cavin’. That’s why we don’t speak. Made men ain’t ‘posed to make statements” Welp. It all make sense now.

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    vlad a cop

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    MasterCipher Supreme

    DeHaven reminds me of DMX a lot.

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    Emory jones was the bro dmv shiit

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    Did yall see his hat?

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    The reall jayz was getting kilos 1000 st thomas,put jayz dame on,was in eastern shore md va baltimore bk

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    My ig headache!i love this guy ,dmv started the roc ask emory and dehaven #dmvboomin3

  • Dr. Joseph Grant III
    Dr. Joseph Grant III

    Normalized violence literally erodes childhoods worldwide

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    Let Jay tell his business bruh. If you wanna tell your business just tell yours. You know what platform you on..🤦🏽‍♂️

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    This a Jayz interview without Jayz

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    This mf vlad a damn informant 💯

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    Jay Z a snake and y'all here defending him. Smh

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      How lol


    At 2:34 he doesn’t want to lie and say he wasn’t lmao.

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    Jay had 60% say nah 50% say. There was four of us. Jay has his crew and he’s a boss. Sound like jay was big brother and due was the runner. No disrespect it’s just how I hear it. I’m thinking it was really 70/10/10/10 in a jays favor. Why my man is speaking real carefully.

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    C3 Films - CHUCK CASH COW

    STOP FUCKING TALKING TO VLAD!!! Jesus!! These idiots incriminating themselves left and right

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    Police ass interview

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    Vlad da police like a mufucka....smh

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    Why even do this interview smh clout a hella drug #freeAr-AB

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    Vlad is really a fuck nigga

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    So he went bought large quantities with you 🤦🏾‍♂️ VLAD YOU ARE THE MF LAWS FRFR

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    "I was in a S_Class "you was just in class" they knew i was gona blow like a meth lab!" walk up in the club wit my Ice 💎 on me & python 👈😎 Jay-Z

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    Forrest Smith

    All he doing is reminiscing. The cops can hear the same shit on all Jay Z albums!

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    100k at 17 is easy if u n the game and serious about your hustle And not tricking On bitches Or doing drugs That's super easy..

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    Officer Vladimir

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    On a uptown block he got his size sprayed up.

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    Statue of limitations is up on that stuff he can talk about it now.. got to know ur rights

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    This man is intelligent look how he pauses before answering without say errrrm or asking vlad to repeat

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    Michael Jay

    It was all good just a week ago.. Vol 2. "Funny what 7 days can change, u was a stand up nigga but now u sit down and aim.. Used have a firm grip but now u droppin names"- jayz

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    Desmond D J Johnson

    Vlad seems to be an undercover DEA agent slash investigator


    Vlad the feds.. wtf kinda questions you asking about jay z

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    Inspired Ones Vlog

    Sifting through these interviews to find out if they spoke about the 92 bricks. We know everything else 😂😂😂

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    Cohen Davis

    So why we speaking on this now? Jay Z like almost 50 years old. Why we implicating a billionare on crack deals he did more than 30 years ago.

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      Cohen Davis

      @Hassan Karim Abdul I may tell bum ass stories but only to your mom's on Friday nights after she done at the strip club. Stay in your lane Pocahontas.

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      Hassan Karim Abdul

      Same way Jay z told it on records he can do that same fool same way you tell your bum ass stories that mad old to other folks stop hating

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    Just like the sauce money interview or anyone in the roc-a-fella circle Vlad isn't interviewing the person he's interviewing jay-z. It would be okay but we're probably missing good stories and different perspective on things. Instead of listening and following up he's too busy focusing on Jay at every turn

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    i am not subbed to dj cop i gotta find a way to stop seeing this garbage.


    Jay Z Was Really Trappin’

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