Devotion | Gameplay & Walkthrough Part 1 | FULL GAME (No Commentary)
Devotion Walkthrough Part 1 and until the last part will include the full Devotion Gameplay on PC. This Devotion Gameplay is recorded in 1080p HD on PC and will include the full game & all endings.
Enjoy the Let's Play, First Look & Playthrough of 'Devotion'!
Devotion is a first-person atmospheric horror game depicting the life of a family shadowed by religious belief. Explore a 1980s Taiwan apartment complex lost in time gradually shift into a hellish nightmare. Delve into the vows each member of the family has made, and witness their devotion.
Walkthrough Final Part 1. This is "My Devotion" gameplay that covers the Full Game in English with no Commentary up until the Ending.
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  • Verociel

    Full Playlist of the First Game "Detention" made by the Developer here - ( )

  • hydroids

    Oh, Bother

  • Dreamcatcher13


  • Rafay Alvi
    Rafay Alvi

    what is the translation of the writing at 31:25??

  • Zoli

    People of Taiwan! Any thoughts about this game?

  • Stella T
    Stella T

    I am a postgraduate student in the field of Religious Literature and Art. This year I am going to write my final paper titled “The use of religious art as a mean for producing terror in horror videogames”. My purpose will be to show why videogames use religious art to create fear in players. Why in general religious art, can create fear in people. My problem is that, even though I love videogames, I don’t have much knowledge when it comes to horror videogames. So I would deeply appreciate it if you could point out to me horror videogames that include aspects of religious art (of every religion) in order for me to pick 3 of them to examine in my paper. Thank you all so much

    • carmen a. gonzalez rios
      carmen a. gonzalez rios

      Silent hill series in general speciallybthe first and third installment uses religious themes in general and the video game Rule of rose although it isn’t religious has something akin to a cult

    • am k
      am k

      There is a video talking how bloodborne (not neceserily a horror game) uses the inversion of common religious elements to create unease and fear in players

  • FlamingAtheist

    Shame china had to be such titwanks and got it removed from the steam store

  • Mystii gacha
    Mystii gacha

    whats the song at the end? Its so beautiful

  • Taumpy Tears
    Taumpy Tears

    10:21 Is that a Rothko print? oooooooooo , faaaancy

  • Harmeet Singh
    Harmeet Singh

    super eyepatch wolf told me about this game

  • Ivory Mantis
    Ivory Mantis

    Down with Xi Jinping. Down with the CCP.

  • amaterasu the sun goddess
    amaterasu the sun goddess

    whats the song at 32:39

  • An Thái
    An Thái

    I'm a Vietnamese. I played this game. Honestly it's a masterpiece!

  • Jackmerious Tacktheritrix
    Jackmerious Tacktheritrix

    1:21:14 what's the song??

  • Strength Over Benches (SOB)
    Strength Over Benches (SOB)

    This game made me sad =( ... good game but very sad.

  • I'll be hella skinny so rain won't hit me
    I'll be hella skinny so rain won't hit me

    To me it's kinda boring that you actually skipped some details and scary parts

  • kmo951

    YATZEE brought me here

  • anastasiagirl1342

    Thank you for uploading this.


    what a haunting story. this game became one of my favorites. i couldn't get this story out of my head for the past 10 months and i still can't. it's these type of stories that i'm very passionate about

  • Berk Akipek
    Berk Akipek

    why sound vanishes sometimes. is it for copyright issues.

  • Ivan M
    Ivan M

    What about the competition? Did she lose?


    It made me cry at the end, what a wonderful was so sad

  • Chien Tran
    Chien Tran

    Hi, do you have a full save of this game, i have stuck in bug

  • Brenda Cervantes
    Brenda Cervantes

    I'm theorizing that every weird encounter is Mei Shin's spirit haunting her father.

    • Syno Nymous
      Syno Nymous

      weirdly it looks like itrs his wife... same clothinng, same height. didn't get that part at all

  • Wilson Master
    Wilson Master

    34:06 the game is ending!

  • ايهاب عماد كاظم مفتن جبر
    ايهاب عماد كاظم مفتن جبر

    4:26 her face movies wow

  • Adityo Wahyu
    Adityo Wahyu

    Whinnies the Puh

  • Stigma

    Well, wanted to play this fore a long time, but since it's completely banned I might as well watch this non-commentary walkthrough

  • Crazy King Of Spades
    Crazy King Of Spades

    I am so glad that people managed to preserve this game in some way. There's no telling when (if ever) this game will come back.

  • Flauros

    lol looks like somebody googled the answer at 1:35:31 ... then found the answer at 1:41:26

  • Rattle Snake
    Rattle Snake


  • Invisible

    7 jumpscares and the rest is just story telling wow

  • Onur Öztemir
    Onur Öztemir

    unutma 4

  • Erik Sulzbach
    Erik Sulzbach

    I remember the winner the poo controversy

  • SonicShot55

    The Silent Hills grief will be with us forever.

    • carmen a. gonzalez rios
      carmen a. gonzalez rios

      This is the closest thing that comes to Pt on a graphic, emotional and story telling level yet it was removed from the plataforma due a rather silly controversy, maybe pt and games similar were never meant to be


    Not scary enough. Btw, why this game was took out from steam?

    • John Noriel Vergara
      John Noriel Vergara

      The Fulu Hidden Easter Egg has contains of insulting look a like of Chinese President of "Winnie the Pooh"


      @John Noriel Vergara what does the easter egg contain..

    • John Noriel Vergara
      John Noriel Vergara

      They remove that Devotion Game on Steam because of Talisman Paper (Fulu) Hidden Easter Egg..

  • jambingoo

    I havea weak heart and I cant handle jump scares, can someone leme know if i should still watch this?

    • Renato R. Romero Valencia
      Renato R. Romero Valencia

      There are certainly a couple of them and some tense parts. Maybe I won't watch it if I was you.

  • Alex Q
    Alex Q

    One of the, if not, the best written horror games in recent years! It's not full of poetic complexity like Layers of Fear 2 where the premise and storyline has certain similarities (family, fame and desperation) but damn, does it hit hard enough to leave an impact and a sense of deep sadness by the time you're done as stories like these DO happen in real life and this game manages to capture the feel of it in its entirety as a game itself.

  • Zak Weedon
    Zak Weedon

    This game looked a mei shin

  • when you pull out your dick and she pulls out hers
    when you pull out your dick and she pulls out hers

    Shouldnt have been pulled from steam, wanted to play it but i guess just being able to see what the story was is lucky enough

  • Do Not Scan Me Senpai
    Do Not Scan Me Senpai

    Remove the part one stuff.. cuz there aint part two

  • Гальванизированный Труп
    Гальванизированный Труп

    overrated game

  • Bamulas


  • born to be gamer
    born to be gamer

    only two hour nah SKIP it if its 20 hour yes

  • Tiffie

    horror not so much in the game itself but in how common this actually happens in Taiwan

  • ni ben
    ni ben

    Nice playthrough! Love the mysterious Eastern atmosphere in this game!

  • Alexander Coleman
    Alexander Coleman

    I want to watch the playthrough, but it keep stopping at 6:19

    • An indescribable loser
      An indescribable loser

      It stopped right at that moment for me too, i wonder why that is... It did play later on though

    • aoiconoclast

      weird, i had that too. for me putting it on 360p made it play properly from there!

  • Suicide Ink
    Suicide Ink

    you missed sooo much

  • Jarrell Johnson
    Jarrell Johnson

    I wasn’t expecting the first jump scare but I had a feeling something was gonna happen 5:58

  • Toh Summer
    Toh Summer

    ........i grew up in a house that look almost like this, with the same floor pattern,almost the same kitchen arrangement,bookshelf,i miss my childhood T_T

    • Silent_Stalker

      Your childhood misses you.

  • I am a Stranger to Myself
    I am a Stranger to Myself


  • I am a Stranger to Myself
    I am a Stranger to Myself

    I kinda "jolted" when the doll first appeared. It actually didn't give me time to be scared. lol

  • Laine Farris
    Laine Farris

    I'm so mad this game was taken off of steam >…

    • Silent_Stalker

      The Chinese government forced the company to remove it off of steam, steam didn’t remove it.

  • Paschan TOPs
    Paschan TOPs

    Looooooooooooool at 00:56 how you nod with your head LMFAO!!!

  • Chris Automato
    Chris Automato

    Oh thank god no commentary Jesus Christ on a Pogo stick I love you for this

  • David Hang
    David Hang

    1:40:06 - 1:42:06 pls look at the TV it's changed. Pls it's fking changeeeeeeedddddd, dunno why but that frustrated the hell out of me, great play through tho

  • Frasier M
    Frasier M

    That 6:00 ...

  • Iakov Fomin
    Iakov Fomin

    Whoever done this walk through severely lacks awareness of his/hers surrounding when in the game

  • 666

    Speed x2 is best

  • Mikkel D.
    Mikkel D.

    2:10:45 oh my god

  • Mushy Mush
    Mushy Mush

    Wish people would understand that there are different forms of horror. Just because this doesn't follow traditional norms of horror in now mainstream media, doesn't mean that this isn't horror at all. It's emotional horror. "What if I was in the characters place" kind of horror. It's story driven and emotionally heavy. The visuals and story itself are enough to evoke a different kind of fear. This is a pretty amazing game.

    • William Do
      William Do

      Exactly like "PT", "Layers of Fear" and "What Remains of Edith Finch ?"

    • Cristopher Guzman
      Cristopher Guzman

      It scares the shit out of me, tho

    • Kỳ Lê
      Kỳ Lê

      Yes, my entire feeling while watching the near-end is "ew disgusting". Imagine your father, or anyone, because you are sick, believe that pull out his/her tounge could make you better. Unbearable. And that is just a bit of this story. Take it slowly, chewing it carefully. Disgusting, and sad 'cause all of those is from Du Feng Yu's love for Mei Shin.

  • Stupid Is My Job
    Stupid Is My Job

    Why did you make a playthrough series when you're literally the worst at playing this game? [Edit: Sorry for sounding like an asshole, I just got tired of the player missing a ton of shit while also trying to backtrack every chance they got (very rarely finding anything, I might add) and flipped. This'll probably be the only playthrough of yours that I'll watch, and for that reason and others, I definitely don't want to watch a playthrough you do of Portal or something. :) Anyways, sorry.]

  • 化学


  • Dirk Diggler
    Dirk Diggler

    Xi Jinping looks like Pooh bear. Come arrest me pinkos

    • Thot Destroyer
      Thot Destroyer

      *pulls game from steam*

    • coming down with a case of sleepy bitch disease
      coming down with a case of sleepy bitch disease


  • Thekatswhiskers

    That was lovely and creepy at the same time. Thank you for playing.

  • Levi

    2:08:31 you're welcome

  • Mashiris

    The audio goes off in some parts of the video 😕

  • clown thot
    clown thot

    damn... when you realize why the bathroom door was locked for much of the game :(

    • William Do
      William Do

      Because Mei Shin died in there due to starvation and dehydratation during that ritual

  • Santosh Prasad
    Santosh Prasad

    This game has touch my heart so awesome game is this .

  • Doug Dillydome
    Doug Dillydome

    So we just gonna ignore the demon at 17:43 ... alright cool (:

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