Doja Cat - Cyber Sex (Official Video)
Hot Pink out now!
Director: Jack Begert
Executive Producer: Sam Canter
Commissioner: Sam Houston
Producer: Geenah Krisht
Production Company: Psycho Films

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#HotPink #DojaCat #CyberSex

  • Chialogical

    One does not simply dislike this video..... tf is wrong with you??

  • Moonshine

    Usually when the video is sexy it Ain’t a good son but for Doja cat things are different.

  • Ely Andrade
    Ely Andrade

    This song is like Ariana Grande and Nikki Minga smashed up

  • Aditya Rathod
    Aditya Rathod

    Nicki Minaj - Cyber Sex

  • DADDY Gaming
    DADDY Gaming

    SEND NUDES Just joking I dont wanna make an apology comment

  • LC Hood Nitarianatf
    LC Hood Nitarianatf

    Ive said this b4 n ill say it again she nicki and riri all in one and notice both have been fairly quiet since doja came out think on that

  • HollyWood Yinny_xx
    HollyWood Yinny_xx

    My boyfriend is obsessed with her but honestly 😭 some of her music is trash but she is gorgeous

  • spicy eggroll
    spicy eggroll

    This song is about live cam porn but it doesn’t feel like a porn video

  • Saresa Lee
    Saresa Lee

    Imvu's new bop

  • David White
    David White

    This shit fire.

  • Sobea Rey
    Sobea Rey

    The real fans know this is about her tinychat days 😭👏🏽👏🏽

  • Jasmine Janae
    Jasmine Janae

    This shit slaps bitch 😍


    So catchy

  • MusicMAAD

    This is Super Bass addictive

  • Marypaz

    tu eres genial 💜💜💜

  • Sweetie Gacha life
    Sweetie Gacha life

    * Accidentally FINDS DADS SEARCH HISTORY * * sees cyber sex and clicks it * " WHAT THE HELL? OH MY GOSH MY DAD IS A PORNSTAR? AHHHHHH OMG A VAGINA DAD!!!! "

  • Kre8ive M. Bld
    Kre8ive M. Bld

    what cha know about that COmputer Love..... LOve ya Doj

  • ice in my hair cause i'm cold b*ch
    ice in my hair cause i'm cold b*ch

    she always has those rare authentic looking outfits and them videos of aesthetic looking quality

  • Adam Snee
    Adam Snee

    Sorry but, "you're a creep, I saw you on dateline". We just gonna leave that there?

  • CreatveMnds


  • Brioney Bleck
    Brioney Bleck

    Omgggg my baby Love u Doja

  • cherry cheli
    cherry cheli


  • will Byers
    will Byers

    Ralph breaks the internet More like D O J A B R E A K S T H E I N T E R N E T.

  • sugah Baby
    sugah Baby

    I bet you her password was Pussy 😭

  • Queen Hoe
    Queen Hoe

    Jeffree star

  • rocket grunt
    rocket grunt

    Kids have always liked terrible pop music but this is a new level of cringe/bad

    • ppo ppom
      ppo ppom

      you listen to green day

    • rocket grunt
      rocket grunt

      @I need food oh totally...go listen to the dwarves

    • I need food
      I need food

      rocket grunt bet you listen to billie eilish

    • I need food
      I need food

      rocket grunt ok boomer

    • Susanna Briones
      Susanna Briones

      Ok boomer

  • ZWHMalokin

    i dont even ... subscribed

  • ok ok
    ok ok

    "This is dope but can you show your feet?" Looool XD

  • mY tEa iS SugAr FrEe
    mY tEa iS SugAr FrEe

    “Toes n Soles”

  • Alex Muray
    Alex Muray

    If I had her body I would be a ho

  • Jay08

    That girl is sexy!

  • Mayumi Queano
    Mayumi Queano

    Someone said Doja’s the hood Katy Perry and i’ve been laughing ever since 😂 i love how her music’s never the same for each drop like damn sis keep us guessinnn

    • Susanna Briones
      Susanna Briones

      Omg yes

  • Manoj Manoj
    Manoj Manoj

    She looks like ariana grande at first

  • Ivy Ochoa
    Ivy Ochoa

    To die between her thighs would be what its like to die happy 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Cheyenne C
    Cheyenne C

    I wish I had her body lmaooo I'm so jealous

  • Mɑŋŋɥ PG3D
    Mɑŋŋɥ PG3D

    Whoa is this the next bornhub

  • David Green
    David Green

    wow she played with that cat with her middle finger till it got cramp up🤑classic she's funny

  • Music and Affection
    Music and Affection

    Tryna get over my porn addiction so I just watch doja now

  • moon love
    moon love

    i laughed more more than i should at that Sangsung joke🗿

  • Uchiha Dilini
    Uchiha Dilini


    • I need food
      I need food

      Uchiha Dilini stfu

  • meme tingz
    meme tingz

    So are we gonna ignore the fact that she has a charger head on her neck

  • Piggy Piggy
    Piggy Piggy

    Literally the hottest girl on earth

  • Beastquist

    This song turned my 0 into a 1

  • Jimin's Double Chin
    Jimin's Double Chin

    I love doja but I’m so focused on the chats in the beginning of the video omg “this is pretty dope but can you show your feet?” IM SO DEAD OMGGG

  • messiah crosland
    messiah crosland

    On this song she reminds me of nicki

  • ariela azaire
    ariela azaire

    Make it pop in your face like a samsung 😂😭

  • Azkabab

    I admire that Doja hasn't had any plastic surgery on her body and I hope she never does. She looks stunning

  • Tafari Boozer
    Tafari Boozer

    Doja Cat thick, but she dates a guy called Johnny Utah that looks like Paul Dano, when he played in the movie Taking lives. Lol.

  • Weeb

    We just not gonna talk about this the same person who made mooo

  • EverythingsPurple

    I just had cyber sex 🤤🤤

  • Rodrigo Estrada
    Rodrigo Estrada

    Johnny Utah is most having a good time right now i think

  • Karen The grilled cheese
    Karen The grilled cheese

    Doja creates the kind of music and music videos that kinda make me wanna post my lewds on insta

  • Rafael Vazquez
    Rafael Vazquez

    She probably played imvu

  • Rafael Vazquez
    Rafael Vazquez

    Why can't you just marry me. I'm a chubby 20 year old who'll give you all his love and attention 😭😤

  • Emma Kenchington
    Emma Kenchington

    Doja reply to my messages,I can't take this rejection we are good together 😩

  • typical girl
    typical girl

    The way she be making her lyrics and videos they are all sexual were she talks about her body and getting eaten out and how her body is all this and that she is practically naked watch her recent videos and listen to the lyrics like why can't she just make music not sexualizing herself or being practically naked then I will call her a artist when she puts some clothes on and sings about other stuff than sex and her body like damn

    • ppo ppom
      ppo ppom

      @typical girl sex isn't bad. stop acting like embracing your sexuality is something to be ashamed of. she IS A real artist. she isn't stooping low, just doing what she loves. also I can respond to whatever comments I choose to.

    • typical girl
      typical girl

      @ppo ppom not spreading hate just wish she wouldn't stoop so low to be like other celebs that sexualize their songs and videos she should have self respect with her body the day she makes music talking about real stuff in life and she actually puts some clothes on I can call her a real artist again but till then no and I am not trying to criticize her and I am not spreading hate. this is my opinion if u don't like it then don't say anything I am entitled to my opinion I am my own person and I can write in the comment section just like anyone else

    • ppo ppom
      ppo ppom

      @typical girl if you already knew, what's the point of your first comment? don't like her new stuff? then don't listen to her, no one is forcing you. you're the only one spreading hate here

    • typical girl
      typical girl

      @ppo ppom ik she does but her recent music is all sexualized and peer nudness and I like her old stuff I ain't hating it's the fact that ever since she become more know she talks about nose sexual things

    • ppo ppom
      ppo ppom

      she does. she has music that isn't sexualized, people just focus on the sexually explicit stuff because people love excuses to criticise women for doing what they love.

  • ShaniceS

    She went off on her ENTIRE album

  • Marvin Hashipala
    Marvin Hashipala

    She sounds and act like Nicki when she was younger, but just a little bit off

  • Park Bom
    Park Bom

    She can do both nicki and cardi b

  • Helena Santacruz
    Helena Santacruz

    She’s fucking perfect

  • Shawn Smith
    Shawn Smith

    Kind of sounds like Nicki

  • one wing
    one wing

    I fink you feeky!

  • Andressa Thayna
    Andressa Thayna

    Caralho, eu tô apaixonada por uma mulher

  • Liam

    the comments in the doja cat chat room 0:16 sksksksk

  • Matt Loggia
    Matt Loggia

    Soooo new generation nicki minaj??

  • demonbaby

    i’m getting hella cam vibes is that what she was going for or am i dumb

  • No U
    No U

    Is no one paying attention at the time on the video? Lol

  • San Sib
    San Sib

    This is my "post Grindr hook up" theme song

  • Xhxpexedits Yoll
    Xhxpexedits Yoll

    The fact that she posted this during no nut November is 💀

  • Emily Rearden
    Emily Rearden

    she's adorable :)

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