Don Toliver - Cardigan [Official Music Video]
Don Toliver
Don Toliver - Cardigan starring Draya Michele
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  • vanessa


  • mimiforever64

    idk why but this music video reminds me of JT'S cry me a river music video lol

  • armyblink


  • Im Blacky
    Im Blacky


  • audio and sky
    audio and sky

    that's it, im making a slowed down edit

  • The originator
    The originator

    Did anyone else realise how spotty the model's face was under the makeup? Anyway, it doesn't take away from her beauty. not at all.

  • Moonlight Moonlight
    Moonlight Moonlight

    No I’m not from tiktok . I swear

  • lole man
    lole man

    dam this dude is a genius!


    tik tok ???

  • eclispe69

    Who noticed she grabbed da key to a door with no lock YOU GOTTA THINK ITS A DEEPER MESSAGE BROTHAA

  • اريد صديقه أرمله لو مطلقه تعرف الرومنسية
    اريد صديقه أرمله لو مطلقه تعرف الرومنسية


  • Savage Jordann
    Savage Jordann

    Moment, slowed perfección 💓💓

  • VJ Forever
    VJ Forever


  • Cactus Jack
    Cactus Jack

    Why she looked like she jumped out a ja rule video in 0’6

  • kammeinn

    imagine sleeping on don toliver

  • Marcos Romero
    Marcos Romero

    How has nobody mentioned the promethazine she mixed in that jug of milk

  • 123 456
    123 456


  • hana stalteri
    hana stalteri

    It sounds like after party

  • Jamal Brickz
    Jamal Brickz

    This that lowrider/g body music lol

  • Track Market
    Track Market

    T the coldest with the tune. Credits to the engineers too mane

  • Derek Andrews
    Derek Andrews


  • Fosc

    By far by favorite music video. So much going on

  • Fosc

    This song go hard. Don deserves more clout

  • Sacha Allard
    Sacha Allard

    Damn I don't like the mix at all... Bass has little energy and the vocals have a very airy reverby annoying tone to them. The outro is ayt though but that's thanks to the piano and keys.

    • Šta God
      Šta God

      did anyone asked?

  • itsmeisla

    this song is so good and i heard it on tiktok like its a bomb i love it ;)

  • Ricky Bobby
    Ricky Bobby

    Draya Michelle

  • Nupur Tv
    Nupur Tv

    love u dr

  • Anime Boy
    Anime Boy

    What is this girl name

    • Cringe 2k19
      Cringe 2k19

      Draya Michele

    • Cringe 2k19
      Cringe 2k19

      Draya Michele

  • Tariq Brown
    Tariq Brown

    The girl in the video name is draya michele

  • SweatYY_LiteSkin

    favorite artist out rn🔥💯

  • Essa

    wouldn't she want the viewfinder facing her?

  • Geronimo Zamudio
    Geronimo Zamudio

    This guy needs to be up there with the goats

  • Sara el
    Sara el

    2:08 this part starts hitting so diff

  • Nathalie Polfliet
    Nathalie Polfliet

    Im’ hope the Version Deluxe never dropped.

  • Joel Omoyajowo
    Joel Omoyajowo

    His good


    Why does he sound like ynw melly

  • Thorn Sal
    Thorn Sal

    Bout time he's actually blowing up. Been listening to him for like years dude have a different swag

  • Guilherme Brandão Ykemoto
    Guilherme Brandão Ykemoto

    Don this song is very good bro!

  • Ömer

    this guy has a signature voice

  • Pepito_Omega _
    Pepito_Omega _

    When this song was celebrity we can talk of we are first ❤️👌🏼🇨🇵

  • Jean Samba Sow
    Jean Samba Sow

    Travis Scott just created a new version of himself tho

  • Eugenio Bandini
    Eugenio Bandini

    The 1.7k dislikes are the people who couldn’t use their mom’s credit card to buy her only fans

  • Black lives matter chapaka and Bismarck Womyete
    Black lives matter chapaka and Bismarck Womyete

    What the videos about : a girl going through a a rich mans stuff to prove girls are baddies Me a girl a in a relationship: WTF WTF

  • Raphaël Baume
    Raphaël Baume

    Je pourrai s regarder cette femme pendant des heurs 😓

  • Pedro Henrick
    Pedro Henrick

    Brasil helo kkkk

  • JAY- II
    JAY- II

    I was today old that I found out that don toliver is 26 years old.....

  • anass ta
    anass ta

    maskey ?

  • Anna Oop
    Anna Oop


  • Princewill Ifeanyi Onyejeni
    Princewill Ifeanyi Onyejeni

    I don't know why they are sleeping on my bro like he's lit.

  • Pfleshette R Billups
    Pfleshette R Billups

    Hop up in my Jeep and put yo pride to the side

  • Tariq Brown
    Tariq Brown

    Don so underrated 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Tariq Brown
    Tariq Brown

    Lit ass 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Karl JIMENEZ
    Karl JIMENEZ

    his voice is like if nba youngboy was into pop

  • aruneinhuhn


  • Ramses Vera
    Ramses Vera

    Look mom i can fly


    I'm sorry, but did the girl really just go inside his house, put something in the milk, have some wine, play pool, and film herself whilst he was out lol

  • Gavin Hall
    Gavin Hall

    Whats her @

    • Aysia Luwana
      Aysia Luwana

      @drayamichelle On Instagram

  • Hakuji Akaza
    Hakuji Akaza

    The song is lit ofc but what is tje name of the girl 😂

  • Lxzycloud._ Jayy
    Lxzycloud._ Jayy

    Da fuk did she do to the milk tho

  • belldam akayuki
    belldam akayuki

    So good.... Like a new flavour of 6lack whatever genre that is.... Love it DO keep it up x

  • be humble d00d
    be humble d00d

    Majority: TikTok and eddison Me: So no naz3nt fans here?

  • Sasuke Uichiwa
    Sasuke Uichiwa

    fyi this man never uses cuss words in his music

  • Emilly Almeida
    Emilly Almeida


  • Hi-itsRyan

    Is it me or he sounds just like ynw melly

  • Henrique Oliveira
    Henrique Oliveira

    This song is perfect, his voice then

  • Ethan Hodges
    Ethan Hodges

    Don toliver & Jack Harlow should do a collaboration two very underground artist rn

  • Katie Rawnsley
    Katie Rawnsley

    the kids bro the kids

  • Rajabhaksha Bhaksha
    Rajabhaksha Bhaksha


  • Daian Manuel
    Daian Manuel

    Esta rrrrrre cheto amigo!! Saludos desde E S C O B A R (Buenos Aires 🇦🇷)

  • AyoPluto

    Man, this song is soo addicting.

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